This really stood out to me, because you could make the argument that Steven possessed those watermelons. He speaks of it very innocently (being “in” a watermelon), but it does have darker implications about his powers. 

It’s especially interesting considering that Rose led armies of plant soldiers. We’ve been guessing we’ll learn something dark soon about Rose as a military leader, and it’s interesting to see Steven taking up that military leader role, and sacrificing the lives of his subjects, even if they’re just watermelons. 

He’s becoming more like Rose and it might also mean facing a lot of her demons. 

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Random fabulous people being silly on Call My Bluff in the 70s.

Don’t say ‘can’t’.

Say 'will’.

Don’t say 'was’.

Say 'is’.

Don’t say 'later’.

Say 'Now.’

Don’t say goodbye.

Say see you later.

Imagine Angie telling little Tony Stark that the Tony’s are in his honour. Imagine 5 year old Tony sitting on Angie’s lap being all happy because Auntie Angie made this party just for me. Imagine Peggy telling Angie you need to stop this child is spoiled enough, but still taking pictures for Angie. Imagine Tony falling asleep on Angie’s lap but as her category draws closer she gets more anxious and Peggy grabs Tony so she can continue fidgeting without waking him up. 

Nice But Unexpected- Part 2

Hi again! i have finished uni and can work solely on fics! woo! on the downside…i turn 19 on sunday, and i am not dealing with this well at all. You know, no disney princess was ever older than 19? (elsa doesnt count because i dont have magical ice powers) you know what that means though? i’m not a disney princess, this was hard to take. really really hard. So i will ignore my impending old age and write apparently. and probably drink a lot too.

anyway, thank you for the lovely messages on chapter 4 of pet goldfish!! i read and loved them all, especially those of you who genuinely seemed to like the chapter despite the lack of Rinn - you are good people. (and yes chapter 38 was a little salute to jane eyre ;) i love that book)

Sorry, for the ranting. So this is a second part of Nice But Unexpected which was supposed to be a one shot but clearly i’m shit at keeping with one shots. so this will probably go on to three maybe four parts? i was thinking of getting Rae and Finn to Knebworth? maybe.

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It hadn’t been easy. Trying to talk to Rae is like trying to rewind a cassette with your fingertips; painful and it gets you nowhere. He had been trying though. Ever since that night he’d stayed with her after Archie stood her up, he’d been trying. Too bad Rae was having none of it. She consistently rebuffed his woeful attempts at conversation, choosing to favour Archie’s boring history lessons and incomprehensible quotes instead. Finn didn’t understand that at all, Archie had fucking stood her up and they acted as if they were best mates.

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Josh McDermitt’s interview on WGN, March 25, 2015.


Do you ever get lonely… even when you’re around people…?

I never would’ve expected that this guy…

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…would end up being one of the (sadly very) few bright spots in season 2 for me.


I drew this like 3 days ago I promise I’m not just jumping on a bandwagon omg

also I’ve gotten too deep in to transboy!Jay and accidentally drew his chest bump slightly too big this time and just went with it and decided that it’s because he was going to buy a binder but a certain red ninja just gave away all their money so now he can’t afford one


The Lady and the Chauffeur meme

One Kiss