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Well here goes

1. Invisible Monsters - Chuck Palahniuk

2. No One Belongs Here More Than You - Miranda July

3. At The Gates of The Animal Kingdom - Amy Hempel

4. Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth - Warsan Shire

5. Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

6. Blue Like Jazz - Donald Miller

7. Emma - Jane Austen

8. Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

9. Siddhartha - Hermann Hesse

10. The entire Harry Potter series (if I had to pick one, then HBP)

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Some time later there was a little stirring coming from the small bundle of towel and a twitchy nose. With a little work and a confused squeak he managed to wiggle his head out of the towel and look around. “H-how? C-Captain?” He said with a squeaky hiccup after noticing who’s lap he’d been in.

      The man had remained where he had sat originally, although whether he had dozed off or not, he was unsure. In either case, it had been a while, and he grunted drowsily when he first noticed the towel shifting. Blue eyes blinked and focused on the Toon, one dark eyebrow raising.

       “Y’ better have a good explanation for takin’ a nap out in the pouring rain, Mouse.”


First, the pan must be hot.

Stainless if possible.  If not, non-stick will do.  Either way there needs to be a generous amount of oil.  I know it seems like a lot, but trust me on this.  Too little and you’ll ruin it.  One never wants to ruin comfort.

Just wait for it.  Wait until the air shimmers above the pan, until it feels like your open hand can float over it.  When the oil goes it in needs to run like water.  It needs to run for its life.  If it doesn’t, it’s not hot enough.  Coat the bottom of the pan.  Then get your eggs.  You can crack them like 阿媽 does.  Watch.  One in each hand, see?  That’s my 功夫.  你看我的功夫多厲害!

That’s such a good sound, the sizzle of the eggs.  That’s comforting too.  If the pan isn’t hot enough you won’t get the sound out of it.  No one else will tell you how to do this, 妹妹 .  懂嗎?  They don’t teach this in culinary school.  Who teaches how to fry eggs like this in culinary school?

Wait for it again.  Watch the edges crisp up until they’re brown.  Won’t take too long, but you can hold a small conversation, a little back and forth.  If the heat isn’t high enough you won’t get the crispiness you want.  You’ll wait too long.  Then it gets awkward, talking too much.  Knowing too much.  Look at the eggs now, 妹妹, the edges are ready but the insides aren’t, but here’s the secret.  Fold right now, then flip.  If you wait longer the yolk will set and your 包 will be too big.

Flipping is always the hard part, because that’s when the yolk sac is prone to breaking.  Bad luck if it does, but if you laugh enough you can chase it off.  Don’t get fancy here, simple is best.  You have enough time to congratulate yourself and get a plate.  Turn off the fire, it’s done.  Get it on the plate quickly so it won’t overcook.  Put your sauces on it.  Soy sauce, garlic sauce, hot sauce.  No ketchup, 天啊!

The first crunch is so good, isn’t it?  Brings you straight back home.  You ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed and you have time for it, make yourself some eggs.  Just like I taught you.

Mel had stood rough-eyed and bleary as she made her eggs, thinking about how wondrous it was that two small things could make her feel better.  Later, as the seas rose and the air became slow death, she tried to figure out how many eggs it would take to comfort what was left of the earth’s population.

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I think I actually worded it wrong my fault dawg but a lot of the content that tends to come out of the mchanzo fandom is super gross?? And you've shown to be reasonable and understanding in the past so I'll feel like you get me but most of the(pt1)

Hoo boy okay this is gonna be a bit messy I guess but I’ll do the best I can

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01. Nuregami ( Okami - u r here)
02. Gabriella ( Drakengard 3 - @incaendiurn )
03. Two  ( Drakengard 3 - @bliissade )
04. Kazegami  ( Okami - @awildgale )
05. Hazama  ( Blazblue - @serpentsredemption )
06. Yonah ( NieR - No longer active )
07. Asriel Dreemurr ( Undertale - No longer active )
08. Schrödinger ( Hellsing - No longer active ) 
09. Zer0 ( Borderlands 2 - No longer active )
10. Valerie ( Pokemon - No longer active )


01. Mikhail ( Drakengard 3 )
02. Angel ( Drakengard )
03. Kabegami ( Okami )
04. Gekigami ( Okami )


01. Accord ( Drakengard 3 )
02. Senna ( Bleach: Memories of Nobody )

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What are you going to school for? Also good luck! We are all rooting for you.

Thank you! I’m getting my Master’s in Library Science so I can become a children’s librarian - I figure it would be a good job to support myself while I write and try to get published as it combines my love of books, libraries, and children. I’m nervous about the technology, but I’ve also started work as a Library Clerk and I’m really loving it! And all the librarians I’ve talked to have assured me that the true ob experience comes from actually being in a Library. So, I really lucked out with this job =) 

Actually, on that note, I was doing paging slips today in the children’s section, and a grandmother came in with her grandchildren and they were asking me for all sorts of help and advice, and I loved every minute of it. It makes me feel positive that this is a good fit for me =) 

      SEMI-HIATUS NOTICE.    so i’m headed to college in two days  ❪ august 16th ❫  & will be uber busy with move-in,  ❪ terrible jet-lag ❫,  as well as some other stuff the school is putting on the first week before classes, & then, ofc, with the classes themselves.   i’m a freshman, so i don’t know what how my days are gonna look, nor when i can be on here to get replies done & posted.   as much fun as this site is, as well as it being a stress-reliever for me,  school needs to come first,  so i expect my activity to drop significantly as i focus on my studies.  ❪ & loosing all my icons   stuff didn’t help either so i’ll probably be gone even longer cause i have to remake everything ❫.   so i’ll put a semi-hiatus notice on the sidebar on my blog so that people know i haven’t abandoned this blog   ❪ the queue will continue to run, so i’ll at least be present on the dash ❫    that replies will be slow coming.   that said, i do have a skype   ❪ mutuals can ask for it ! ❫,   the im,  &  my inbox so if you do wanna chat, feel free to hmu !!    just know i may not reply immediately.

@emilociraptor ooh i see what you mean. i personally don’t really think we’re gonna see john and sherlock get married and that the reason we weren’t shown the ceremony was because the marriage is insignificant and will be ending soon (not necessarily because we will see a johnlock one later). 

but yeah, if you think that we weren’t shown the proposal/ceremony because we will see The Real Thing then what i think about not being shown the birth doesnt make that much sense. although they are different situations and mofftiss might not be consistent with the idea of “fix-its” for both marriedlock and parentlock. I hope this makes sense kadfgld

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((*of course he'd be scared about this. She wrapped an arm around him gently rubbing his back and placing her chin on top of his head* You can do this. I know you can. If you can do it with Vivi, you can do it with Arthur. *she placed a kiss on top of his head* Remember what you told me way back when too. You have something important to take care of here, and promised to look out for. You won't disappear or lose your strength, because you have people here worth fighting for and protecting.))


He pulled her close, he held her body against his. 

He pulled his hand out of her’s, only to hold it again, this time with his locket held between their hands, his other arm gripped around her waist, holding onto her like it his life depended on it.

He had a feeling it would.

Let go.


He felt it, oh god did he feel it. It felt like fire, but it HURT, burned and ached as only his own internal wrath could. It was the same burning he felt when he regurgitated his ectoplasm, the same pain he felt when he went into his true form, the same endless, painful searing that could make even lava feel icy. 

He screamed, his grip on his anchor and dana’s hand clamping down, feeling the beginnings of easily a dozen new scars fighting, trying to trace up the locket’s surface. His mind was rejecting it, every fiber of his being was rejecting it…

But he fought on. 

His grip increased again as it got worse, him feeling his human-like disguise slipping away, his skull peeking through his flesh as the pain got worse and worse.

He clamped his fingers down so hard he could have sworn he felt skin break, smelt a small amount of blood in the air as he held onto her for dear life. 

She was here, he had to keep going.

It hurts, IT HURTS! 

Stay focused, think about how free you’ll be! 


If you have to hate him, hate King Arthur, he’s worse!


I can’t keep doing this, if it stays the same, if I’m just running in place, making excuses-


I’ve killed so many people. 

I’ve killed so many and I still call myself king. 

I killed an Arthur that wasn’t even mine. 

I do that every time I see someone that looks like him. 

I don’t have to. 


You’re not your vengeance. 

You’re not your hate. 

You’re not your fire, or your crimes, or your death. 

You don’t have to let him dictate who you are.

I’m Mallew. 

I’m not Lewis, not my father’s son, not my murderer’s victim or Vivi’s ex.

I’m Mallew. I accepted who I am. I CHANGED who I am.




I can do it again.

He collapsed, hand sliding off from over Dana’s, his locket hitting the floor. His flesh was translucent, his irises incredibly dull, barely discernible, even in the darkness of their sockets. His locket was dented, scratched-up as always, not beating and with a few more scars now, rending this way and that, a cross-hatch that almost looked like…

It had tried to tear itself apart. 

Thankfully, it didn’t succeed. 

The spirit swiveled a lone, tired iris back to look up at Dana, his voice barely above a whisper, barely audible at all:

“Thank you.”

With that, he dissolved his physical form, a small wisp of magenta flame appearing in his place, immediately floating over to and entering his anchor. 

He would need a good, long time to heal, reform…but thankfully, contingency plans were in place for these kind of things. 

Duet was more than capable of handling his meetings, his armies more than strong enough to keep things afloat until he came back, and his people…

They’d be alright…

And maybe he would be too.