Little Boxes

Madame Abby Griffin, head of Hogwarts’ hospital, meets the new Defense Against The Dark Arts professor, Marcus Kane. Fireworks ensue when she realizes that they’re of a different mind on some key points, particularly one which affects her daughter, Clarke. Despite this, she and Marcus are drawn to one another. Over time, he proves to be very good with kids, and she influences him to think more progressively.

Over the years, they reach an understanding, and fight to improve relations between the Hogwarts Houses.

A Kabby fic dedicated to @ravensluna and my beautiful friend, Andi, who isn’t on Tumblr. @ravensluna made some beautiful art to go with the story! Check out her art at @bloodofstarsart

  • Prompt: Abby (Pomfrey), Kane (DatD) kid keeps injuring themselves and Abby thinks that Kane is a bad teacher. Then they chaperone an event together and she realizes that he’s amazing with kids.

“Hold him still, please!” Abby opens her patient’s mouth in order to pour a valerian tincture down his throat. He’s a Second Year named Nathan Miller who was rushed to the medical wing after stepping in front of a Tickling Hex intended for his best friend. Had the hex come from any other witch, poor Mr. Miller would have stopped giggling and rolling by now, but Abby knew the assailant all too well– well enough to recognize that without intervention, young Miller will be in for hours of torment. Her daughter, Clarke, has proven to be one of the most powerful witches in First Year and, when especially motivated, Clarke’s magic packs a wallop.

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3rd year Ace Hinata and his setter BF like to stay after practice for some extra one-on-one tosses ( ̄︶ ̄;)  

I was bored and this happened 



As for myself, I have little knowledge of these deep matters; but I need it not. This I know, and it is enough, that as my friend Aragorn succoured me and my people, so I will aid him when he calls. I will go.


continuing my OH GOD TFTBL IS ENDING THIS MONTH meltdown with some more caravan fam. the colors were pulled from their dialogue subtitles!! also some ~mood music, as this came on while i was finishing it up and i’ve got no chill