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where are you planning to post your Inferno au? Is it going to be on tumblr, pixiv or somewhere else? Also, is it going to be free or....? I'm just so excited to read it but i cant afford to pay for anything so I got lowkey worried.

It is mainly going to be on Tumblr, and I want to post it online because I really want feedback while working on it from you guys, I don’t know how else I’ll have the energy to pull through such a long term project ^ ^; However, my end goal is to print it as a physical copy, perhaps over a year from now, so I’m doing my best to make it printable quality. This means that part of my potential income will hinge on people being willing to read this from me, so I will be HEAVILY watermarking it, to the point where it WILL disrupt the reading experience, and I’ll only upload really shitty quality too ^ ^;

I am considering using Patreon to give an option for patrons to see wips/art progress/possibly access to higher resolution and less watermarked versions, but we’ll see.

Also like…I understand that people might not have money to support me. My work has always been available to view for free, and I don’t think I’ve been that particularly demanding of an artist either, I’m grateful for any notes and comments I get and all I ask is that people not actively hurt me by stealing my art. I want to do my best to keep producing content that is accessible to anyone, and all I hope to get in return is some interaction ^ ^; It’s why i’ve currently opted to just put a tip jar on my blog so people who can and want to can help me out financially without any obligation.

That being said, please also understand that I don’t have income, and my ability to work on this comic and other art is going to rely on me being able to support myself in some way. I know most people take art and other creative works for granted, and again I do see where you’re coming from and I’m more than understanding of your situation but…please also consider how sending asks phrased this way only reinforces my belief that my art is not worth any money and that I’ll never be able to make a living out of it ^ ^;

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so

Someone added the tag ‘silly homorobos’ to one of the comics and the image of Zenyatta taking selfies with Genji immediately hit me xD

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Big sister knows what’s up Prompto.
You can’t keep secrets from the queen. In which our young Incubi Prompto is trying to hide is affections for a certain prince, but Luna knows better! Luna sees all…I wanted an excuse to draw horns last night, it started off with Luna solely, but then I added Prompto shortly after hahaha! Colorful horns are colorful! 


folkin around // panic! at the disco

AA meets AvAc!

I really like the idea of AA!Steve being rlly indulgent towards AvAc!Tony, letting him ramble on about his ideas and just listening to+showing genuine interest in him… and AvAc!Tony is so thrilled at the idea of a Steve who’s like, openly sweet and nice to him that he kind of latches onto him

meanwhile AvAc!Steve is both jealous and realizing that he should maybe be nicer to his crush lol

(AA!Tony is just kinda chill about the situation. He trusts his Steve. :> )

sitting in a middle seat on this flight.. trying to figure out if I want to get out my 3ds and play zelda or not…. but the dude next to me is playing sonic on his iPad so I think I should

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Eleanor will be back by the end of February, heads up

Honestly, with how prevalent her name has been as of late, I am not surprised. They are as subtle as a brick to the face. However, I have some thoughts:

a) they’d only consider it if babygate is minutes from being over… imagine El popping up and saying “you want me to me this babies mama, get a pap test.”

b) she’d be absolutely fucking stupid to get herself involved in this because it makes her look like an idiot doormat, and it would be the shittest most duct-tape repair job of a fractured closet ever, so I doubt any of them would be dumb enough to do it. Think about it, if this is true then Louis has cheated on El with pool girl but also with Bri, then partied all the time with randoms, then got Bri pregnant, then cheated on Bri with Tamara, then the pregnancy came to light, then dated another girl (Danielle) for a year, and now two years later…what?! Louis has realized El is the girl of his dreams all along?

c) if this does become a thing, can’t wait to see who all becomes entwined with this “love story” through the ages (will Oli the Uber driver return?)

Either way, stay tuned.