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Hi do you still take requests? If so can you please do a drabble with the picking flowers for a graveyard AU for BBRae with Raven going to the graveyard and BB demanding to come with?:)

“I’d be fine with the pansies, even the gladiolas, but do you have to pick the roses? I mean, I spend a lot of time making them bloom. It’s not easy keeping them happy in this spot you know.”

Raven felt her heart practically jump up in her chest, and she turned around to see someone hanging on the white, picket fence behind her. She swallowed her fear and tried not to let him see the embarrassment in her eyes. A second skipped by and he stepped closer to her, leaning on the fence and looking into her stare from behind deep green eyes. He gripped one of the slats of the fence and hummed. 

“He better be cute.” He paused for a moment, thinking, and pushed his dark, auburn hair out of his eyes. “Or she. Whatever happens to float your boat. I’m not here to judge.”

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Final Scene

The actress stands, arms outstretched,
her song for the hero trailing from her lips,
then almost by will alone pulls them back,
to her chest, to her breaking heart.
The lights dim, the orchestra hushes.
The audience collectively sighs, shifts,
then applauds enthusiatically, their thrall
broken into shards of sound propelled
by slapping hands.

And after they are packed away
in their luxurious vehicles, feeling
stirred and deep and worthy patrons,
she stands there still, grief-locked
knees trembling and eyes appealing.
But no one is there. Velvet curtains
sway, scenery ropes creak, and the
lady pleads to the air, a silent prayer.

i think new college of fl would be a good fit for me but i also feel like its gonna be filled with a bunch of white ppl who dont shower and appropriate cultures as “art”

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May I ask why you don't want kids?

There are quite a few reasons. I do not want to be pregnant because that seems like a very unpleasant process and is also expensive when it comes to hospital bills. And I know that you can adopt children, however I just don’t want kids. They are so much responsibility and when you have them, most of the time you have to give up a lot of yourself to care for them. Sometimes children also come to hate their parents even if they try their hardest to be good parents and I do not need people hating me, especially a person that  raised. I could go on but I feel like that’s a sufficient amount. I currently do not want kids and do not see a future with me having children. If I just have animals I will be perfectly content. 

there’s a Freddie Gray solidarity protest next Saturday in Houston and I’m really torn between wanting to go or just promoting it but sitting it out. I HAVE to keep myself out of trouble first and foremost. I don’t think I’d do anything to agitate police but it’s going to be hot so I honestly don’t know what my attitude will be like the day of, especially after hours of marching and definitely if the infamous Officer Peach Skoal starts running his mouth at us.

I want to go. I want to help. if anything, maybe I’ll drop cases of cold water and snacks off.

Why Harry being ghost a good thing

This is the google trends of the last 90 days. As you can see, Harry is still being heavily searched, way more than the others, even when nothing interesting happens with One Direction. There were only 3 times in the last 90 days where another member (Louis) was as popular as Harry. The first peak is on February 15th, the day of that vine where people thought Louis said he was gay. The second peak is on March 22th, the day of the Elounor break up. The third peak is on March 31st, about the Naughty Boy drama.

IDK if Harry being ghost and OT3 fan service is meant to do that or if it’s something else but they really need to raise the profile of the other boys. No one knows who they are, to 99% of people, One Direction is Harry Styles. And Harry also really needs a break.

But what bad timing that plat has because now i’m stuck between wanting to draw Jack with a butt for a face and Markiplier complimenting him on his good looks, 
OR actually drawing something genuinely nice since he did get to the golden youtuber lvl.

“I think Holland is one of the best actors we have and we love seeing what else she can play. She’s funny, she can play heavy drama, she’s great in horror stuff too. She’s going to have a lot to do this season, but it’s very much secret. All I can say that the cold open of the season premiere is all about Lydia.” - Jeff Davis (x)