Just a short little trailer (well…more like a teaser trailer) to lokidiabolus new The Red series (AO3 | tumblr ). I’m trying to experiment with making au videos and Misha’s works are great inspiration for it ^_^ hope you enjoy! (:

Summary: Thomas wasn’t a huge fan of fairy tales, dogs or red colour. He just thought red is lively and it can spice up his wardrobe a little. But his new crimson hoodie started everything


today was weird

Okay, so. Not to beat a dead horse and I might’ve missed some of this discussion earlier, but here are my thoughts on the Vine as everything stands now.

I don’t think it was set up, I definitely don’t think Louis said “I’m gay it’s unfortunate,” and I hear the birthday conversation when I listen to it. 

But I think it caught hold so fast last night, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive, that they took it and turned to their advantage. After see all the articles (and the fucking Facebook trend, Jesus) and the tone they’re taking - here’s what happened, fans are talking about it, basically, from what I’ve read - it’s just being presented factually. No one is saying anything either way, media-wise. 

They’re just putting the thoughts in people’s heads, and because of the interpretation of the Vine, they have a “reason” to talk about it. 

So I think the Yahoo article was probably published on the request, or with the encouragement, of someone at 1DHQ who’s part of this whole process. The more I think about it, the more I think that a story like this wouldn’t run without permission.

Again, I don’t think it was purposeful, but I think they’re using fandom discussion to their advantage. And fuck, it’s working, Louis had barely been seeded or discussed before and now his sexuality is trending on some people’s Facebooks.