I’ve been so stressed these past 3 weeks that I haven’t really been able to animate anything. So meanwhile I’ve been sketching my secret comic pages! Here are the very first 3 pages of Timtale! (I think you can see why I’ve been postponing the first 2 pages for ages).

These pages are ‘only’ sketches. …But I haven’t decided if I want to clean and color them or not… It would be awesome to see this in colors, but it’d take much more time than leaving the whole comic like this.

Why Harry being ghost a good thing

This is the google trends of the last 90 days. As you can see, Harry is still being heavily searched, way more than the others, even when nothing interesting happens with One Direction. There were only 3 times in the last 90 days where another member (Louis) was as popular as Harry. The first peak is on February 15th, the day of that vine where people thought Louis said he was gay. The second peak is on March 22th, the day of the Elounor break up. The third peak is on March 31st, about the Naughty Boy drama.

IDK if Harry being ghost and OT3 fan service is meant to do that or if it’s something else but they really need to raise the profile of the other boys. No one knows who they are, to 99% of people, One Direction is Harry Styles. And Harry also really needs a break.

But what bad timing that plat has because now i’m stuck between wanting to draw Jack with a butt for a face and Markiplier complimenting him on his good looks, 
OR actually drawing something genuinely nice since he did get to the golden youtuber lvl.

Reblog this post with your face tag and I'll draw you!

Heyyyyyyyy could you guys do me a huuuge favor and reblog this post with your face tag if you’re okay with me drawing you bc i have a bunch of pages in my sketchbook to fill up for school and I need more practice drawing faces

The music mogul is keen for the Night Changes hitmakers to work on projects outside of the group

This is the article where Simon says that it’s fine for the boys to pursue solo projects as long as they stay in the band. So that’s a possible tweak on diggingandfluff‘s theory. 

I still kind of stand by this post, although perhaps it is likely that a deal has already been struck between Sony/Modest/Zayn regarding a Little Mix album release, big drawn out Zerrie breakup (which will benefit both of them since Zayn will need to get his own name out there), and Zayn’s non-1D project. In that case the “cheating” scandal and leave from tour were likely part of the plan.