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Ace attor…nay?? We’re here to save the day!!!

Made some new Ace Attorney buttons (& a special heart shaped Miles/Feenie button!) for Anime North 2017! The ones I used to print were from 2014 and suuuper old and I didn’t like having them in circulation, despite how well they sold. so now it’s time for a redraw! I didn’t have enough time so I chose the characters that were the most liked! See y’all at AN *WINKS


The stages of saying ❝I love you❞ (Magnus Version)


Woah! Commissions!

Prices might change because I don’t know what I’m doing!

All commissions will be in colour (so no Line arts or sketches)

In regards to comics! The price will vary depending on how many pages/panels you want. For comics I’m going to ask for only undertale related commissions to make it easier for me.

What I’ll draw:

Anything basically!

If you want me to draw your oc send as many references as you have available

Just message me with your request and if I have any problems with it I’ll let you know.

BE SPECIFIC PLEASE! as much as I like having freedom to draw what I want, it would make it a lot easier to make something you’ll like if I have direction.

Payment through PayPal only please in Canadian currency!

Just message me here on Tumblr, or email me at whotheheckyisbecky@gmail.com

So, I hadn’t really intended to address the matter but I’m receiving a lot of asks and pm’s about it + it’s in the press here so i might as well just get it out of the way real quickly. 
Two metastases (new tumors created by the main one) have been found in my dad’s liver and it’s shitty but that’s just the way it is. I’d rather not discuss it and while i really am super appreciative of all your support and kindness I would rather not receive asks or stuff about it. I’m finishing up final exams and shit and i just need to focus on the things that i actually have control over (like my grades). 
so thank you all and i hope this answered your questions. 

saw this post a earlier today and got rly inspired by a few of the prompts, so here’s my sleepy shitpost - tier first entry: a selfie together. Sans really doesn’t like to have his picture taken, so Frisk has to take increasingly sneaky measures to capture their “#relationshipgoals” pictures.

anonymous asked:

What 3 actors would you cast as villains on Sherlock (and what would their characters be like)?

Robert Downey Jr as a cocky American detective who claims to be better and–inexplicably–more British than Sherlock.

Jared Harris as Mycroft’s long lost evil twin, Yourcroft, the memory of whom Mycroft turned into a goldfish.

Michael Caine as the jellyfish from the Lion’s Mane.

alt er love

hey!! so i used to be @february22 but tumblr temporarily deactivated my blog and i?? felt this was a good time to just start over?? so yeah it’d be super helpful if you could maybe promo me by reblogging this to let others know!! i’m a lit blog and i tend to post (or will post) about aftg, soc, pjo, etc. thanks!!