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friends are infinities in human form. if we ever become the reason for a friendship, or a heightened one, then goodness, thank god, we did our job. /// to the family that was created on our set, between the cast and crew, thank you for giving us the ability to make mistakes and to grow. i felt so safe in that bay window. 

         you’re gonna meet the world now, and I think you’ll love it.


aghgahg sorry I haven’t been posting anything I’ve just been drawing my new children 5050000000500 times and this is probably wayyyyyyyyyyyyy less than even 1/10 of the pics but eh too lazy to post them all right now;; also there’s a metric ton of angst

Mostly been conspiring collabing with @teamun lately, aaaaaaaand not really discussing any of this with anyone else so if you have any questions about mi babies feel free to ask cause there’s a giant load of info I should probably share but I have no clue where to start! :D

last one is a meme by @croxovergoddess because I am a meme

A Short Break

Hey, guys!

We’re taking a short break from the heavy Kickstarter & Steam push. Projection wise, both Greenlight and our KS should be healthy and steady for the next few days, so it can’t hurt to take some time to regain some energy.

It will hopefully allow you guys some breathing room and let our minds refresh and think of ways to end the Kickstarter campaign with some stretch goals being met. (We want to pay the artist more!) We will still answer mail Monday and Thursday, and if you need to talk about things related to the lore, you can click down below to discuss it in our subreddit!

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All Good Things, A Colepaldi Fic, Ch 9
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Chapter 9: Jenna is drunk and makes a call she is sure to regret later and Peter is determined to help her out, no matter if it makes him look ridiculous.

This is my regularly scheduled reminder, that for any of my Johnlockers who grew up watching Yu-Gi-Oh! (the original one) the fandom’s having something of a renaissance since the new movie, where minor spoilers it turns out that we were right all along:

You know that Johnlock feel you’ve been anticipating - of thinking that something was gay since the beginning, maybe right from the first moment you started to understand your identity, then it finished with nothing happening and you were somewhat crushed though had always doubted any confirmation really happening, then after years there’s finally new content and it’s perfect, and you realise you never really knew a character as well as you thought you did until this moment, and it’s gay as all hell and the Straights™ are annoyed and confused, while you and the fandom cry and hold each other because you were correct and weren’t mad or bad for thinking it was queer.

That feel. 

The Evolution Of Choo Sarang

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Why Sam didn’t give the Samulet back earlier:

I’ve seen a fair few people who think the Samulet reveal was a product of shoddy writing rather than natural development. Some viewers are disappointed that the discovery was accidental, placing emphasis on its function rather than its symbolism. 

Yet others think there were times in past seasons that it could have been brought back and wasn’t, so this reveal seems to be too little too late. Plenty of people are confused or angry that–if Sam had it this whole time–why wouldn’t he have given it back?

I can’t address the first two concerns, but I want to talk about the other two, because I don’t see any inconsistency there. 

I think it’s perfectly realistic that Sam wouldn’t have returned the Amulet before–not because he doesn’t value it or Dean, which is clearly not the case, but for one (or perhaps both) of these reasons.

  • He doesn’t think he deserves to ask Dean to take back that emblem of their brotherhood after the events of the show.
  • Even if he did think highly enough of their relationship that he tried to return it, he just doesn’t believe Dean would want to wear it.

I wanted to address these points one by one with a season-by-season breakdown of Sam’s mental state (and keep in mind that I explain things as Sam admitted to thinking they were, which doesn’t always match up to how they really were). It got long, so I put it under a cut. Detailed breakdown below:

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you know, just little wicdiv 11 things

So Laura is Persephone. Persephone is brought to the Underworld by Hades. Luci is the one who brings Laura in contact with the gods. hmmmm

Inanna is, not at ALL subtly, strapped to a cross before Baphomet kills him. Straight up Jesus imagery. hmmmmm

Both Inanna and Persephone have a Descent Into the Underworld myth. HMMMMMMM

Would you like to tell us something, Gillen?