we'll never meet again

george devalier headcanons

Gilbert lives.
Vash accepts Roderich and Gilbert’s relationship.
Tino and Berwald find each other.
Mathias and Lukas make it out okay.
Sadik moves on for the better.
Yao realizes he deserves better, and Ivan learns to accept it.
Feliks and Toris are reunited.
Eduard is there for Raivis when the lights go on again.
Lili and Elizaveta live a long and happy life together.
Kiku and Heracles are doing well wherever they are.
Francis and Matthew are able to bond without a war in the way.
Roma lets his grandsons be themselves, and is proud of who they’ve become.
Lovino finally tells Antonio he loves him.

George deValier is happy. 

                                           …Don’t know where…

                                          …Don’t know when…

  • Bill : We'll...
  • Dipper : No
  • Bill : Meet Again...
  • Dipper: Nope
  • Bill : Don't Know Where...
  • Dipper : Neither do I
  • Bill : Don't Know When...
  • Dipper : How about never
  • Bill : But I Know We'll Meet Again...
  • Dipper : I hope not
  • Bill : Some Sunny Day
  • Dipper : I doubt it
  • Bill : You're a real downer Pine Tree
  • Dipper : I know

If you were to look at me now, 
what would you think 
about me, living without you?

I can't believe we'll never meet again. 
I haven't told you anything yet. 
I haven't told you anything yet.

I drew the whole thing to Utada Hikaru’s Sakura Nagashi and I cried LOTS in the process. It got really emotionally exhausting and I still want to change a lot of things but doing that would just take even longer…

darling-wendy  asked:

i was going through your liveblog of dbz and it inspired me to rewatch the episodes, and it struck me how these people don't communicate with each other. like at all. bulma didn't visit krillin and roshi for 5 years. future trunks never met chichi in the future. goku didn't see any of his friends for 5 years after the end of the buu saga. and lol the first thing tien said after they defeated cell and brought everyone back to life is "we'll probably never meet again". what gives...

Yeah, I don’t know what is up with that! 

Maybe the only thing that brings them together are common enemies.  Outside of fighting and training, they don’t have much in common.  Besides, Goku is kind of a little shit to everyone…

  • Sherlock: John...there's something I should say. I've meant to say always and then never have. Since it's unlikely we'll ever meet again, I might as well say it now.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: It was the cat.

Don’t say ‘can’t’.

Say 'will’.

Don’t say 'was’.

Say 'is’.

Don’t say 'later’.

Say 'Now.’

Don’t say goodbye.

Say see you later.