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It’s Miraculous Monday and we’re celebrating reaching 10K FOLLOWERS! We’ve also got a shiny FAQ up and running and we’re ready to answer your questions! (preferably not on anon)

Let’s get on with the show! Send us your questions and come talk to us!

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Welcome folks- to the first official Miraculous Monday!

We’re going to try to answer as many questions as we can to make your Monday a little brighter, so come at our ask box! Come talk to us about the show, ZAG, what you want to see from us, and anything under the sun! We’re ready.

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RIP Carrie Fisher

You were an inspiration to so many women. You provided us with humour and were refreshingly honest about the struggles you had faced and conquered.  Thank you for not shying away from speaking out against bullies and letting us know that we could fight against those who tried to shame us.  Thank you for also speaking up about mental health and not being afraid to put yourself on the line to help others.

On top of all that, you also brought us one of the most iconic female movie characters of all time….someone that every little girl could aspire to be. Thank you for giving us someone to identify with and letting us know that we didn’t have to depend on anyone to save us other than ourselves! To this day, I still use the phrase “scruffy-looking nerf herder” as an insult when men try to out-nerd me or belittle me. 

We’ll miss you, Space Momma!

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We'll miss you Tree

At around 6:30 EST I will be doing a live stream in memory of @coldlovetree

My Patreon will be in a “Donate” button so you can help Sai get over her grief. (Help her with school expenses and food so she doesn’t have to worry to much)

I’ll be coloring a comic for Tree and possibly doing some Patreon requests if the live stream doesn’t run on long enough.

Please, please, please try to show up and please reblog this post.

I want to help in any way I can.

Thank you all so much.