we'll miss you lucy

There once was a girl named Lucy

…who had a heart of gold. She was always happy, never angry. Caring and thoughtful. Driven. She had tons of friends and family that loved her. She had a line of boys wanting to date her…talented, smart, funny, beautiful–who wouldn’t want to? She started her own business and was trying to make a name for herself and her practice, which was going to be easy because she was so talented at her craft. The future bode well for this young darling.

Today I received a text message from a mutual friend. One I never thought I’d read concerning someone I know in their mid-twenties: Lucy passed away this afternoon, January 5th, 2012. Cancer was caught too late and had spread. “Tragedy” is an understatement, considering who this world just lost.

The last time I saw her, she popped a few vertebrae for me and stretched my banged-up ankle. Even though she wasn’t covered by my insurance, I still went to see her. We’d gone to college together and had a handful of mutual friends. Plus she was brilliant with her sports medicine and chiropractic services. On that last visit, we actually made light of the situation I’d once put myself in a year or so before: I had asked her out to dinner and she’d declined. But… to date it was still one of the classiest rejections I’ve ever been a part of…and I’ve been involved in a fair share. It was a good visit. :)

My prayers go out to her family and her massive network of friends and sorority sisters. Lucy–you’ll be deeply missed. Thank you for everything.