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Guys I just received a message from the Other Side

Maul said he’s okay now. He and his brothers are together again and they’re happy. Munching cookies, cuddling and having tickle fights. As I speak, the three of them are wrapped up in blankets and Mother Talzin is singing lullabies to them.


some will solace icons!!

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Day two of adventuring!

Today was an egg day. We got Slow Pete the Togepi (named after a dwarf prince) and Richard the Mareep (named bc they are both floofy!) from eggs. Aside from those, we got Rocky the Onyx in a trade, Slow Pete the Slowpoke (named after a dwarf fisherman), Zorion the Zubat (an elf assassin) and Sayelen the Nidoran (a qunari lady from our ship). Richard and Sayelen have found their ways into our team.

We also lost our first member, Natalain the Bellsprout. We almost lost him to a Goldeen that critted on Peck. We made it through that, but we were trying to catch a Pineco, but it used Self-Destruct and we lost them both. :((( Poor Natalain, you were so young, and also our only grass type.

Mostly we’ve been leveling, wandering about. We dropped Rocky and Larry into Daycare. Managed to beat the second gym. The Scyther was a pain.

Badges: 2. Pokemon lost: 1.

I love everything about you, Emma. I love the way I can recognize your footsteps in the hallway outside my room even when I didn’t know you were coming. No one else walks or breathes or moves like you do. I love the way you gasp when you’re asleep, like your dreams have surprised you. I love the way when we stand together on the beach our shadows blend into one person. I love the way you can write on my skin with your fingers and I can understand it better than I could understand someone else shouting in my ear. I didn’t want to love you like this. It’s the worst idea in the world that I love you like this. But I can’t stop. Believe me, I’ve tried.
—  Julian Blackthorn (‘Lady Midnight’ by Cassandra Clare)