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Imagine taking pictures of yourself streaming the music video and the album, as proof of you supporting Seventeen’s comeback, and sending them to bestriend!Woozi.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What She Means: Do you think Sandy every tried to contact Soda after she left? Like damn hoes never get cold but how could you just leave this GREAT guy who just lost his parents and whose brother just got wrapped up in some murder charges?? Did Soda ever wait for the postman to see if Sandy finally answered one of his letters? Do you think he ever ran to answer the phone absolutely thrilled by the thought of hearing her voice again?

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Just passing by to say hello and give some hugs. Can't wait for the epilogue of the fic and I have a question. What's in the horizon for you in the fic field? Or will you focus in the patreon story? Love ya!

hey there!

here’s a rundown of what I’ve got on the story horizon for after the Epilogue is finished (so close guys, so close). the first three are fics, and the rest are original stories which will go up on patreon and then I’ll refine for publishing. Of course, if you’d like to support my fic writing in any way, think about joining the patreon, I might be posting some exclusive sneak peeks of things over there.

from ruins flowers bloom - ranya - canon divergent from Raven’s POV - in progress chapters 1-7 posted -  Raven Reyes is just trying to survive the ground and save her people. Having lost the one she loved and nearly lost her life she feels like a hollow ruin of the person she once was. By her side, never letting her give up, reminding her that beautiful things flourish in adversity, is Anya. This isn’t what she asked for, this isn’t what she wanted… but maybe, just maybe, it’s what she needs.

letters (write me your love) - lexaven - modern!au - not yet posted - title is still tentative - Nothing says long messy breakup quite like a separation. Six months of no contact and Raven leaves Lexa with a stack of letters detailing all the things she never found a way to say out loud. Love isn’t always enough, but maybe it’s enough for a second chance.

untitled - team mvp (anya/lincoln/niylah) - ot4!verse - in the planning stages - this will follow Anya and Niylah and Lincoln through the journey their relationship took and how they ended up together. This will be a companion piece to and four makes home. So we’ll be seeing our girls plus a few other new characters.

four letter words - patreon only story - original story - Theo, Sophia, and Lacey never imagined how entwined their lives really were until they find themselves in the middle of an unsolved murder that tears apart everything they once knew.

I also have 2 other original stories in various stages of planning that I’ll be working on for the patreon after four letter words is finished, and another story I’m co-writing with @morethanfaqs that we’re hammering out the details for before we start to write.

Dumbapples and LOVELESS
  • Why the hell they exist
  • Why Angeal Hewley is a very important character
  • Why Genesis is 99.9% going to die
  • LOVELESS act 4 and act 5 interpretation
  • SE is planing a more Sephiroth centered compilation title?
  • Adding the exchange between Zack and Cloud to Zack’s death scene wasn’t about Cloud or Zack, but actually about Sephiroth and Angeal.
  • Remake speculations

Ok yeah, I know LOVELESS doesn’t have an official interpretation and everyone are free to think of it whatever they want, but I just have to say..

Ok kidding, I actually didn’t see ANY theories about LOVELESS, since I’m guessing everyone trust Hojo about it being pure drivel, and well.. Genesis pretty much just made the whole thing look like a joke…

It’s not though..

But in order to understand why we had to suffer through an entire game of Genesis quoting that dumb poem we first need to talk about….


Because they’re kinda important apparently.

So Exactly like Angeal says here,

So ofcourse there’s a reason why he suddenly starts rambling on about dumbapples in the middle of Wutai mission. (specially considering this is one of the first scenes we see)

In story, From Angeal’s point of view, I think it’s pretty telling why he felt like talking about something that seems like has absolutely nothing to do with Zack or the situation there. Genesis deserted in Wutai, Zack is taking his place on this mission, obviously Genesis is on Angeal’s mind even if he doesn’t say it, and he’s thinking about their friendship and about what the hell is going on and what it means Genesis betrayed them like that. 

Angeal is telling Zack about his friendship with Genesis, but since Zack doesn’t know enough to make any connections there yet, it’s more like Angeal is affirming something to himself or is trying to tell Zack what will happen if they run into him here and maybe even about his own true objective on this mission (to help his friend).

And I’m sure there were lots of people, who just like Zack, scratched their head at that story and were like “Ooo k…whatever Angeal.. I don’t really get it, but ok…” and never really thought of it again.

But Crisis Core is kinda built in a way that the player is supposed to be like Zack, you know, just screaming at everyone “Huh?? What the hell do you mean?? What the hell is going on??? Why no one explains anything to me??” and towards the end with more information gradually revealed throughout the game, just like Zack, we are finally supposed to be able to put all the pieces together (if you were really paying attention that is).. Only I guess almost no one does, because it’s kinda hard to see anything through all those tears and hunky men.. (took me awhile too, damn you Zack and your gorgeous face and tragic life story!)

Anyway, it seems like the dumbapples in Crisis Core are kinda telling us about the friendship between Sephiroth, Angeal and Genesis, or more precisely about Genesis’s friendship with Sephiroth and Angeal. (since he’s the focus in CC)

And yeah I know the popular opinion and even official sources make it seem like the 3 of them were really close friends and everyone for some reason just accept it, but..

Notice that in all cases we’re always told about a friendship but we’re not actually shown a friendship in the game, we are shown something completely different. And that happens to be important.

And I think the dumbapples were put there to kinda tell you what was really going on beneath the surface.

And ofcourse I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s lovey dovey ASG headcanons or put holes in anyone’s ship, I just think it’s important to understand the nature of the 1st class trio’s friendship in order to understand the ending of Crisis Core better (and CC in general) and what it means for the future of FFVII.

So forget all the happy lies fanon has taught you for a sec, and lets look at what the game hints at. And I’m sure to some this is not something new, because it should be pretty obvious if you pay attention to things, but I just gotta cover this before I get to LOVELESS.

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I will, eventually, but lately I haven’t been enjoying my art? I want to fix it, so perhaps after I answer the asks in my inbox I’ll reboot. I don’t even feel like drawing right now, so unfortunately the asks have to wait. Again, I’m sorry!

I almost can’t believe that tomorrow we get to see Captain Cold back on The Flash

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Shout out to all the 17 year olds who have done a fuck load of research on the EU Referendum but still have no choice but to sit by and listen to those around tell you how “we need to leave, we’ll be fine” because you are considered too immature and naive to vote in such an important decision because you are just 1 year too young. You can donate blood, learn to drive, drink alcohol, have sex, get married or even join the army, but have a say in your future? “Don’t be ridiculous, you’re too young to understand any of that!”

almatorranfamily replied to your postEeep, I’ve just submitted the summary and excerpt…

SAME ABOUT THE SUBMISSION PAGE OMG,,, for some reason I know most of the fics of the guessing game already but i can’t wait to see what other people came up with T^T

*shrugs* you know mine already :’D and I have an idea of yours but nothing concrete yet. But…. yesssss…. I need to read all those summaries…. I’m really excited to see what kind of stories we’ll be having in july! :D

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I feel kinda frustrated that it's been said or implied that Rey's parentage is either obvious in TFA or not a big deal because I feel like that means she's a random, since it's not explicitly stated who her parents are so it comes off as not being anyone important. BUT THEN why the set up with the whole waiting for her family, and needing to go back to Jakku because of it etc etc. Like??? Obviously her family/parentage IS important or otherwise it wouldn't have been made a 'mystery'

Yeah, this is why I feel like ReySky and ReyRando are the only two options that are possible at this point. ReyRando for the reasons you stated, but also ReySky because, I mean…it’s kind of not a “big deal” if people already walked out assuming that was the answer, you know?

“Oh yeah, she’s Luke’s. Can’t wait for the next movie to finally tell us that!”

This is why I feel like leaving the answer open-ended the way they did in TFA was a mistake. There’s a part of me that feels like Lucasfilm intended for the answer to be plain to us, but apparently it wasn’t clear enough since it’s still such a hardcore bloodbath of a debate over a year later. (Which may have also been the goal; imply an obvious answer, but hold it back at the last second to keep us guessing.) And yet, we have Lucasfilm letting Daisy tell us the answer was obvious. I mean, I’m glad that narrowed it down to two options, but it’s still a pretty large contrast considering how much things change if Rey is a random versus her being a Skywalker.

Wait Horace’s Odes 1.3 is the most adorable thing. Sometimes I forget that all these amazing Latin poets aren’t living in isolation from eachother, then here comes Horace all, “Hey, my friend Vergil’s about sail on a ship and the sea can be really dangerous, so please just make sure he gets there safely, okay?” And then 2000+ years later we still have this poem. “Ship, I pray, you should keep the half of my soul safe.” So cute!!

I’m a little bit confused at the response wicdiv #15 is getting

is it just me that thought hazel/amaterasu was portrayed as clearly in the wrong? yes she’s kind, and nice, and well-meaning, and very pretty, but still a cultural appropriating mess. she’s so desperate to have her last two years on earth mean something that she willfully ignores criticism by someone she used to respect - she leaves cassandra stranded in hiroshima and flees to a shrine to pray, like everything cass said just flew right over her head. she likes to see herself as kind (the praying) but when it comes down to it, she doesn’t really care who she’s hurting as long as it makes her feel good/like she has a “purpose”.

i think there is a discussion to be had @ whether this was a story worth telling - white person is nice but racist, wow, groundbreaking - but gillen has said many times wicdiv is a story about problematic people doing problematic things, so i don’t think the point of this issue was to excuse hazel/amaterasu of any of her problematic behavior.

no one in the office reacted when elliot grabbed mr. robot by the collar. 

the bartender didn’t even once acknowledge mr. robot when him and elliot were at the bar.

all those theories of mr. robot being a figment of elliot’s imagination are becoming more and more probable.


ok ok wait before you call me crazy

Look at the first picture. It’s really not Sherlock’s usual style of deductions, he doesn’t usually have this sort of very deconstructed thinking. Or at least that’s not how we see it. It’s usually one deduction at a time, written once. Example in ASiB :

It’s one clear deduction, and a simple one. We see the clue, it makes sense. But here in TEH when Sherlock deduces Mary, it’s all kind of fuzzy. All the deductions are written multiple times, he seems to try to make sense out of it under our eyes: in the first screencap, the 12 is supposed to be “size 12″ but that’ll only appear later, it doesn’t make sense yet. Same with “Cat”, “Bakes” “Bread”, “Own”. It’s not assembled yet. What I think is that Sherlock’s mind is a bit muddled at the moment, and it has reasons to be: psychologically, he just came back in London, came back to his best friend, who didn’t react the way he thought he would. Physically, he just got hit 3 times. 

So now look at the second screencap. Sherlock’s trying to assemble all the words in his mind. He put Cat with Lover, Secret with Tattoo. But the words are still floating alone although they have been paired with another. Maybe he’s hesitating, maybe he’s just trying to put them with the ones that make the most sense. I mean, “secret, and “tattoo”? Secret tattoo. Done.

Keep in mind that Sherlock didn’t deduce Mary correctly, as we saw in HLV.

So these little words floating around Mary? Maybe they’re not assembled the right way. Maybe Mary’s got a secret tattoo, it’d make sense considering her past. A secret lover could just as well be possible, though, if you heard of that theory in which the baby’s not John’s, but David’s. 

But if it turns out that this is not true, I still think the writers were playing with us, foreshadowing HLV with these little “secret” deductions, just like with they were with the “liar” deduction:

We’ll see how that turns out in S4, but if it’s proved that Mary has indeed an affair with David, it would have been foreshadowed since that very moment.

Some analysis. FT 488

Ok. I just finished reading the chapter.

And I’m calm. I really am. I expected to be suffering again but I believed that over the weeked I thought a little bit about some possibilities. 

-Ok, first of all. Calm down guys. Gajeel can’t die. I’m sure he’s not dead. Mashima just wants to see us suffering a little. Remember Gajeel is needed to defeat Acnologia. We just have to wait a little for his comeback. 

-Then, I think Acnologia said that because he couldn’t feel Gajeel’s presence in the “real world”. Again, that doesn’t mean he’s dead.

-I’m curious about August when he looked at Natsu.

Maybe he knows something about being Zeref’s brother..? Or about E.N.D? How much do the Spprigans know about all that? 

-Mest is an idiot. 

-I’m still believing that the countdown is for Gildart’s arrival to fight against August (?) Or maybe the revival of Mavis? 

-Finally. About Gajevy. Can you see how strong Levy has become? I mean, she freaking destroyed the rock with her foot! 

Last and most importantly. After this chapter. Wall have seen Gajeel and Levy together since I don’t remember when.  I strongly believe that they were already in a relationship. Why? 

“Iron”. Why would she be wearing a shirt like that if not? And also, even if it’s his worst memory, Gajeel “crucified” her again just to save her (imagine the pain he had to go through in order to do this). 

“What it means to love”. And I don’t think that only as a friend…

A future, a family, happiness. “A future WITH YOU”. He was already thinking about a future with Levy. “The most terrifying thing”. 

Think a little guys. All that they both said wasn’t something that only friends would say. Mashima wanted to imply there a “deeper” feeling. And for me it only means that they were already a couple. Maybe they just started their relationship but they were a couple anyways. 

AND LEVY ISN’T PREGNANT. Mashima likes to give children when a couple is already married, not before. Look at Alzack and Bisca. 

So now, the real and important question is… 


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