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big carry on fandom groupchat!

hello everyone!

@thegreatlawn​ recently made a post about making a big groupchat for the whole fandom, and even tho there are some smaller groupchats with some of us, there still wasn’t a big one where everyone could join in (as far as we know).

so we put our hands together and finally created one! the groupchat is on discord, which is an app you can download on either your phone or computer. if you don’t like to download apps, discord is also accessible through a normal webbrowser (discordapp.com).

everyone in the fandom can join, just message either me or @thegreatlawn for an invite and we’ll send you a link! the link will take you to the website, where you can create an account. after that, you can just open the app/browser, and you’ll be in the chat.

in the chat, there’ll be different channels, where u can start different conversations, or just if it gets too spammy (what it might get if a lot of people join), you can just carry on (ha) your conversation with someone in one of the other channels. there are also voice channels if you like to actually talk to each other, but we won’t really be using them. you’re free to use them, though!

please always be friendly to each other, this is a chat for friends. discourses are definitely allowed, but try to keep them civil.

if you have any questions about the chat, you can always contact @thegreatlawn​ or me and we’ll be happy to answer them :D. once again, the chat is for everyone in the fandom, don’t be scared to come ask for an invite! (the invites only work for 30 minutes, so if it doesn’t work anymore, just ask a new one).

RIP Carrie Fisher

You were an inspiration to so many women. You provided us with humour and were refreshingly honest about the struggles you had faced and conquered.  Thank you for not shying away from speaking out against bullies and letting us know that we could fight against those who tried to shame us.  Thank you for also speaking up about mental health and not being afraid to put yourself on the line to help others.

On top of all that, you also brought us one of the most iconic female movie characters of all time….someone that every little girl could aspire to be. Thank you for giving us someone to identify with and letting us know that we didn’t have to depend on anyone to save us other than ourselves! To this day, I still use the phrase “scruffy-looking nerf herder” as an insult when men try to out-nerd me or belittle me. 

We’ll miss you, Space Momma!

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Snowbaz Swimming AU

i know its been literal months but i got a few requests to continue so ive decided to revive this fic

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4


Simon chapter again! (i think im going to alternate): simon’s first swim lesson with baz

Words: 1.1k 

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So I’ve honestly had this drawing of Jonathan with his hair slicked back sitting on my computer for like a month because I had a couple other sketches that were going to go with it that I never got around to, so I said fuck it

The best part about this was that when I read the ask for the first time I could hear my dad watching Grease in the basement