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My Own Private Gym - Part 5

(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4)

During the entire ride back to her place, Kara had been trying not to cry. She felt like she didn’t have the right to do that in Lena’s car, it was a weird thing to think, but she couldn’t explain her thought process even if she tried.

Fishing her cellphone out of her bag, Kara shot Alex a text message saying, ‘Please, wake up. I’m flying over, I need to talk something over with you.’

After being dropped off at her apartment building, Kara bolted up the stairs and changed into her Supergirl suit so she could fly over to Alex’s place. 

Getting into her sister’s apartment through an open window, she called softly, “Alex?” Her voice already starting to break.

“Hey,” Alex yawned, walking out of her bedroom still wearing her pajamas, rubbing the sleep off her eyes. “What’s u-” Before Alex could finish her question, she felt Kara pulling her into a tight hug. 

The moment Alex felt Kara start sobbing, she frowned, but instead of asking what was wrong, she just held her sister, rubbing small gentle circles on her back and whispering reassurances that everything would be okay.

A few minutes later, Kara had calmed down enough to talk. “Please don’t get angry at me…” she started, making Alex increasingly confused, “..I-I think I like Lena.” 

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  • Still Alive…

I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth yet.  I’ve just haven’t bothered to pick up a brush in the past few days.  Just a short break to play some Skyrim and get reacquainted with my fixed computer.  Still, I have at least something to share.  These three Silurid were not painted by myself.  I bought these from a fellow Malifaux player after expressing an interest in buying a few of the lagoon monsters.  He had a surplus, pro painted, and said he’d sell them to me for $25.  Considering that they’re $20 unpainted, I happily paid the price.  They look fantastic, and the purple fins work well with my purple base scheme for my crew.  All I have to do now is break out the painters tape and paint their bases in my wonderful “vein purple.”

The rest of the malifaux crew has been base coated.  Should be painted up soon enough.  Keep an eye on the blog folks.  I’ll be back.