we'll be okay

                                                                 the basics —-

         Klaus, Kol, Katherine and Kai —- all legends in their own right. The four of them are some of the most notorious members of the supernatural community – all with a history of bloodshed and violence that put most to shame.

          Four psychopaths – that all prefer their crimes committed solo rather than on a team. Some do this because of their self-seeking nature – and some are this way because there’s no way they’d ever trust someone enough to help

             But recently – all four of these volatile creatures have reluctantly come together to work toward a single cause – a cause that is completely unknown to everyone but them.

                                    Why are they all together?

            What reasons do they all have to work amongst enemies and strangers alike? Or better yet, what might happen to the poor souls who get in their way?

                                                                 the rules —-

                                           1. Don’t be a dick. Pretty self explanatory.
                                2. Be active. It isn’t fun for anyone if you aren’t active.
                                [ This means posting in the tag at least once a week. ]
                                    3. takes place in Mystic Falls in an AU season 6 
                                    4. No OOC drama, but IC drama is encouraged
                                                             5. No godmodding.
                                                      6. tracking the tag v: team k

                                                                the players —-

                                         Klaus Mikaelson [ bastionoftemperance​.
                                                      Kol Mikaelson [ OPEN. ]
                                             Katherine Pierce [ wickedfatality​. ]
                                                        Kai Parker [ OPEN. ]

                         *all other canon characters are OPEN and ACCEPTED.

                                                 to join, contact wickedfatality.

Silent tears are the absolute worst. Letting go is so hard, but I’m convinced it’s for the best. I’m turning a new page and I know everything is going to be okay. God’s hand is over all of this and He will strengthen me. I don’t know why I’m posting this, it’s 4:30am and I’m a bit delirious, but I have faith in God and in myself that I will overcome this. “"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”“ Jeremiah 29:11 I will praise you in this storm.

My fellow Raura shippers, I love you guys so much. I can always count on you guys to fangirl with when it comes to small Raura things. We get hate but oh well. Forget them. Ignore them. Don’t let them get to you and take time to get to know some of the nice non-Raura shippers because they’re really kind. Just like you and me. 

I know many are upset about the whole Ross kissing someone who isn’t Laura, but it’s alright. You have to take into consideration how Ross would feel seeing all of this. Our purpose is to ship, not hate. Now, Ross and Laura are cute, okay? That won’t change. So, now I leave you with a few things. 

According to Ross himself, our favorite Raura picture:

And a few more of my personal faves:

Cute Laura, yes you are.

Look of love. 

Ross, you’re adorable.

Raura selfie. 

Just continue to ship, guys. It’s all good. 

The sun peaks through the blinds and spills across the bed.
White sheets splayed our motionless bodies.
Your legs are tangled around mine.
Reminding me of how we got lost in ourselves last night.
I trace the blue lines on your wrist, thinking about the stars that are flowing inside of you.
My eyes outline the sharpness of your jawline to the thick lashes on your eyelid.
I hear your soft sigh being carried, filling up the silence in the room.
The morning is meant for a new start, a day to forget yesterday’s mistakes.
And we did forget.
The bitterness of last night’s fight became another part of the past.
As I quietly lean forward to kiss your forehead. Your sleepy smile gives me reassurance that we’ll be okay.
—  we’ll be okay

I know a lot of you are picking apart 7x01, which is great because I love seeing everyone’s thoughts and reactions, but to those who are saying they aren’t going to continue watching: give it time. We’ve had story lines before that we seemed weary of initially and then we ended up loving them once the dots were connected.  From what I hear, 7x02 is going to help a lot because while it won’t answer all of our questions, it should give us a little bit more clarity into what’s going on.  I love all of you guys and I just wish for the fandom to keep the faith. As I said before, we’ve been skeptical of some of AWM’s story lines before and we have ended up finding the end result to be amazing.  Just hang in there fandom!