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Kana has much to learn and Nina will later have consequences to face

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EB: merry christmas to you too!!

TG: dont forget hanukkah 

EB: and a happy hanukkah!

My Own Private Gym - Part 5

(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4)

During the entire ride back to her place, Kara had been trying not to cry. She felt like she didn’t have the right to do that in Lena’s car, it was a weird thing to think, but she couldn’t explain her thought process even if she tried.

Fishing her cellphone out of her bag, Kara shot Alex a text message saying, ‘Please, wake up. I’m flying over, I need to talk something over with you.’

After being dropped off at her apartment building, Kara bolted up the stairs and changed into her Supergirl suit so she could fly over to Alex’s place. 

Getting into her sister’s apartment through an open window, she called softly, “Alex?” Her voice already starting to break.

“Hey,” Alex yawned, walking out of her bedroom still wearing her pajamas, rubbing the sleep off her eyes. “What’s u-” Before Alex could finish her question, she felt Kara pulling her into a tight hug. 

The moment Alex felt Kara start sobbing, she frowned, but instead of asking what was wrong, she just held her sister, rubbing small gentle circles on her back and whispering reassurances that everything would be okay.

A few minutes later, Kara had calmed down enough to talk. “Please don’t get angry at me…” she started, making Alex increasingly confused, “..I-I think I like Lena.” 

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  • white ppl: colin kaepernick? fuck that guy. he RUINS the good name of football and america itself!!!
  • same white ppl: josh brown won't play because of domestic violence allegations? look that's his personal life :// we can't judge what goes on at home & who knows if it's even true :// it's not our place to get mad at him ://

What if the next episode is just Steven attempting to get Eyeball to rocket him back to the moon base but it turns out directing someone from inside a bubble in zero gravity is really difficult


…i might be making an antagonist house >>

[for anyone interested, i found the ladybug suit in this video… it’s the description.]

Things to See to: Self Para

This wasn’t easy. It was Beacon Hills.  It was more of a home than Will had ever had. He let out a slow breath as he shut the door of his car, his eyes going to the door of the apartment that he’d lived in for so many months.  He could feel his gaze growing misty, could feel his throat tightening. He’d said his goodbyes the day before, had sought out everyone who had made an impact on his life. 

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 #NiUnaMenos: Argentina against femicides

One woman is murdered every 30 hours in Argentina and today (June 3rd) we raised our voices against the institutionalized misogyny we suffer every day. More than 200 thousand people that gathered around the Congress, making this the biggest feminist manifestation this country has ever seen.

#NiUnaMenos movement made it to more than 100 cities in the country and even to Chile and Uruguay. And it all started with a message in Twitter by a angered journalist who was tired of covering news about women being murdered

These are the five mayor claims this manifestation has:

1) The implementation, with every needed resources, of the National Plan to Prevent, Assist and Erradicate violence against women as established in the number 26.485 law

2) Guarantee to the victim access to the Justice. Every police station must have professionals receiving the women’s reports of violence. The civil and penal causes must be unified in one. Victims must have all the trial money covered by the goverment

3) Make a Oficial Registry for all the victims of violence against women. Make official and up to date stadistics about femicides. Only knowing the dimension of what’s happening accurate public policies can be made

4) Guarantee a non sexist Integral Sexual Education in all educational levels to educate in the equality for a life free of discrimination and misogynist violence.

5) Guarantee the protection of the victims of violence. Implement the electronic monitoring of the victimizer to assure the restraining order the Justice made upon them is not violated.

*All pictures have a caption with translation and explanation.

Sixth Time Lucky (2/?)

Summary: In which Gavin has a crush on the newest member of the Fake AH Crew, yet somehow manages to find himself faking relationships with every single other person instead.

(Five times Gavin had to pretend to love someone in the crew and one time he didn’t have to pretend.)

Part 1  AO3

warnings: some harassment, discussion of drinks being spiked (doesn’t actually happen)

3. Jack

“He’s in St Scholastica’s hospital, two blocks away from the bank,” Geoff says, the second he puts down the phone. And then, “Fuck, fuck, okay. Fuck.”

Things go wrong on heists. It’s a given. Usually they’re prepared, back up plans upon back up plans to get everyone out of dodge if the police show up unexpectedly, or something doesn’t go the way they want it to.

Usually, though, things don’t go this spectacularly wrong.

This time, it’s Gavin’s fault.

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One of the first things Bokuto notices about Akaashi is how expressive his face is.

At the early practices he seems nervous, small frown in place and cautious glances around at the senpai and the other first years. This settles into determination; the strong set of his jaw, mouth a serious line and brows lowered. He still fidgets with his hands when he stands still, but Bokuto comes to learn that’s more a habit than an outward expression of worry.

When they win, Akaashi is eyes wide, face split into a grin. When they lose, one match before the quarter-finals of interhigh, Akaashi looks like his world has ended, watching from the bench as the third years cry. Bokuto particularly remembers the way he’d looked when they’d first announced the new starting lineup - it was obvious that Akaashi would make the cut, already playing in some matches as an alternate setter, but there’s a sharp smile on his face, a fire in his eyes that says he won’t be beaten, joy and pride in the curve of his cheeks. Vice Captain suits him, and he meets Bokuto’s eyes without apprehension, with confidence and certainty. They’re going to win.

Bokuto will admit that, by the time Akaashi reaches his second year, he spends most of their practices looking exasperated. Now the third years aren’t there to act as a buffer, Bokuto’s mood swings are more apparent, and it’s Akaashi, as his setter and vice captain, who ends up dealing with the bulk of him. The team continues to grow stronger around him, though, and Akaashi has never once said that he was stupid, or letting their team down. He just nods to Bokuto, eyes serious, and continues. Even when he’s at his most exasperated, rolling his eyes at something every other minute, eyebrows arched, there’s still a spark of fondness in his eyes; for the team they’re building together, Bokuto thinks.

They’ve paused for a drink one day when Akaashi looks across and meets Bokuto’s eyes. His eyebrows are furrowed inquisitively, and there’s a strange half-smile playing around one corner of his mouth.

“You spend a lot of time looking at me, Bokuto-san.”

Bokuto’s own face is pretty red, but Akaashi is smiling properly now, so maybe that’s okay.

Why Sam didn’t give the Samulet back earlier:

I’ve seen a fair few people who think the Samulet reveal was a product of shoddy writing rather than natural development. Some viewers are disappointed that the discovery was accidental, placing emphasis on its function rather than its symbolism. 

Yet others think there were times in past seasons that it could have been brought back and wasn’t, so this reveal seems to be too little too late. Plenty of people are confused or angry that–if Sam had it this whole time–why wouldn’t he have given it back?

I can’t address the first two concerns, but I want to talk about the other two, because I don’t see any inconsistency there. 

I think it’s perfectly realistic that Sam wouldn’t have returned the Amulet before–not because he doesn’t value it or Dean, which is clearly not the case, but for one (or perhaps both) of these reasons.

  • He doesn’t think he deserves to ask Dean to take back that emblem of their brotherhood after the events of the show.
  • Even if he did think highly enough of their relationship that he tried to return it, he just doesn’t believe Dean would want to wear it.

I wanted to address these points one by one with a season-by-season breakdown of Sam’s mental state (and keep in mind that I explain things as Sam admitted to thinking they were, which doesn’t always match up to how they really were). It got long, so I put it under a cut. Detailed breakdown below:

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