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how about an anastasia yoi au?

- Dreamworks Anastasia au, obviously. Also who knows what country this is taking place in BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT WE’RE CONCERNED WITH RIGHT NOW OK.
- Yuuri is part of a royal family, Victor is the kitchen boy that befriends him. 
- When Yuuri’s family is attacked, Victor helps Yuuri and Mari escape. Yuuri has some form of accident and forgets his childhood. 
- Dimitri = Victor. Vlaad = Chris. Con men with hearts of gold, of course. 
I mean, Victor and Dimitri already have similar-ish hair and Victor would look great in Dimitri’s clothes. 

- Mostly I just enjoy imagining Victor and Chris watching people audition as “Anastasia” and encountering this:

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

- But lbr, Victor and Chris are kind of like “well this isn’t right for THIS con, but i like your style” bc both of them would totally do something like that. 
- Mari wants to find Yuuri. Hence why the con begins!
- Yuuri finding an adorable poodle puppy on his adventures. 
- Chris sees Yuuri is just LOVES him because Yuuri is adorable and perfect. Victor also is like - ok, how is someone so beautiful - but is pretty tough on Yuuri when “prepping” him to be the brother Mari is trying to find. 
- They spend lots of time together traveling and obviously slowly fall in love. 
- Yuuri and Victor practice waltzing on the boat. It’s just as wonderful as the Anastasia scene is. 
- Again, tell me you don’t picture Yuuri and Victor dancing while Chris looks on exactly like this:

- Also, Victor saves Yuuri when he’s sleep walking on the boat and almost jumps off the ship due Rasputin’s curse. Pulls him close in the pouring rain, holds Yuuri after. Just. Because. 
- When the get to where Mari is, they meet Phichit, who is a close friend of Mari’s. 
- Phichit is wonderful and loves Yuuri. He’s convinced Yuuri is Mari’s lost brother and does everything in his power to help Yuuri. 
- When Mari does realize Yuuri is her lost brother and Yuuri regains some of his memories, Victor simultaneously realizes how much he’s come to love Yuuri.
- Cue Victor realizing that Yuuri actually IS Yuuri and that he helped him escape all those years ago.
- Yuuri remembers how he and Mari escaped, remembers that it was Victor who got them through the secret passage. 
-Cue them rushing to one another, confessing their love, etc. It’s beautiful. 

P.S. if you don’t think “at the beginning’ is the perfect Victuuri theme song, you are wrong and I will fight you. <3


Hey, guys! So, uhh, anyone else playing this awesome game? It’s called: Otogi: Spirit Agents. If you guys do, we’d love to welcome you to join our guild! To unlock the guild feature, you must first be level 10 or higher. Joining a guild will help you defeat stronger brutes and daemons. It’ll also increase your chances in acquiring limited time daemons during events by sending the other guild members requests for help in defeating such daemons. We only have 4 members at the moment which is pretty sad (and I’m the leader which is even sadder lol). If you guys aren’t playing this game yet, I assure you it won’t disappoint! I’ve only been playing for a month, but I’m already addicted. I’m blaming my lil bro for pulling me in this hell.

Our guild’s name is Ignis Fatuus. If you guys are interested in joining us, just search for it in the guild feature! I’m using Sessho Seki as my helper. ^_^

Please please please join us.

I knew this was going to happen. I just thought we’d have more time.
—  I thought I was prepared…

ok i’ve seen the finale now. 

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, yourcolorlessgarden​! My response to your birthday gift to me. The moment I heard this song was the second it reminded me of NozoEli. Sorry it took me so long, but I wanted to make this a lot more special to you. Thank you for being here–for being real, faithful. Je t'aime.

All fanart belong to their respective owners. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

What About A Root Prequel?

Since the introduction of Samantha Groves aka Root on POI, the writers had been dropping little nuggets, bits of info, about the character. I’m sure if POI were to have another 2 seasons, they’d probably have some Root flashbacks since they never did one for her. Sadly, it’s not meant to be.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant, though, if they made a prequel of Root’s character, featuring her background and what happened that propelled her to becoming who she was by the time we saw her on POI - a hacker-killer-for-hire? The last nugget about Root was revealed in 5.10 when she confided in Shaw that she had been hiding since she was 12. What happened there? All these factors spell development for a series. Judging by what the writers have given us in Root’s character on POI, her story is rich, 3-dimensional, mysterious, deep. A recipe for drama, humour, action and thrills!

Also, I’ve always been curious to know how she found out about The Machine/Harold. This journey could be the prequel’s finale when it ties back to Root’s introduction to POI in 1.23 “Firewall.” 

Furthermore, when asked if she would be interested in a Root spin-off recently, Amy Acker actually suggested a prequel instead, which she’d be very interested in (according to fans at the Supanova event). Even Amy sees a lot more potential stories in the character she’s played for the last 4 years. There you go. We already have the actor who’d be on board! :)

So, come on, Jonah Nolan. Root’s your character. You created her. You can have your former POI writers (Denise Thé, Amanda Segel, etc…) to develop & produce it! They all had a hand in writing and developing the Root character on POI. Seems like a no-brainer to me when it’s obvious there’s so much about the Root character that hasn’t been revealed. I mean, Root is a - HACKER & KILLER-FOR-HIRE, who’s been hiding since she was 12! She’s not in the system! So she would have to be living in disguise - meaning, countless cover identities!. Why? What happened in her life? Sounds so much like those superhero comics, doesn’t it? Just picture Root in different cover identities spread across the series. It’d be so cool, dangerous, hilarious, FUN! This could be pitched to Netflix. Oh yeah, forget about the broadcast networks. They’re still stuck in the misogynistic world of testosterone-filled programmes, still thinking that’s what viewers want. And those crazy 22-24-episode obligations! Too fucking long! Either the streaming platforms or cable would be ideal. 8-13 episodes per season.

I know it’s wishful thinking, but hey, when there’s a potentially good story, why not, right? Just look at all the spin-offs, sequels, prequels, reboots on TV and in film today. Even those that don’t deserve to have spin-offs or sequels/prequels  are being developed and picked up, ffs!

Anyway, here are some nuggets dropped on POI about Root but never elaborated or expanded which could be in the prequel….

Harold: What I made. It’s just a machine. A system.

Harold: What happened to you?

It’d be such a waste for a character like Root’s to not have an expanded life beyond POI, though. Just saying.

Did you know that the Bernie Sanders campaign office in Flint, MI is a water distribution site? 

Come visit us at 600 Harrison between 9 am and 9 pm, we’ll be more than happy to help out!

Petition to have Dean wear...

…the “dead guy”-robe for an entire episode, which also happens to feature a scene in which we see Dean dancing through the bunker like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” to “Old Time Rock and Roll”. After all, as we know since 11x04 “Baby” “everything is a Bob Seger song” to him. ;)

"Hey There, Delilah" - Hidekane edition.
  • Hide: [plays guitar]
  • Hide: Hey there, Kaneki, just your old bud, Hideyoshi. I'm a thousand miles away, but boy, tonight you look so happy, yes you do. The Chateau can't shine as bright as you. I swear it's true.
  • Hide: Hey there, Kaneki, don't you worry about the distance. I'm right there if you get lonely. Give this song another listen. Close your eyes. Listen to my voice, it's my disguise. I'm by your side.
  • Hide: Oh it's what you do to me! Oh it's what you do to me. Oh it's what you do to me! Oh it's what you do to me. What you do to me.
  • Hide: Hey there, Kaneki, I know times are getting hard, but just believe me, boy, someday we will never be split apart. We'll have it good. We'll have the life we knew we would. My word is good.
  • Hide: Hey there, Kaneki, I've got so much left to say. If every simple song I wrote to you would take your breath away, I'd write it all. Even more in love with me you'd fall. We'd have it all.
  • Hide: Oh it's what you do to me! Oh it's what you do to me. Oh it's what you do to me! Oh it's what you do to me.
  • Hide: A thousand miles seems pretty far, but they've got planes and trains and cars. I'd walk to you if I had no other way. Our friends would all make fun of us, and we'll just laugh along because we know that none of them have felt this way.
  • Hide: Kaneki, I can promise you, that by the time that we get through, the world will never ever be the same, and you're to blame!
  • Hide: Hey there, Kaneki, you be good and don't you miss me. Three whole years and now you forgot me, and your new name has you go by Sasaki. You're living life in irony. You began working for the CCG. Hey there, Kaneki, here's from me. Hideyoshi.
  • Hide: Oh it's what you do to me! Oh it's what you do to me. Oh it's what you do to me! Oh it's what you do to me. What you do to me.

anonymous asked:

my friend and i are loving your apollo and klapollo headcanons so much if you have more we'd love to read them

haha look at me answering this ask fifteen years late

Here’s one I have about Apollo and Phoenix!! (Developed pre-AA6, not that that really has any bearing on anything, just a matter of interest.) I’ve always been extremely salty about Capcom’s writing in terms of Phoenix’s treatment of Apollo (i.e. what a meanie), so I was always really determined that Phoenix secretly did respect Apollo a great deal despite all the ribbing and even thinking he was initially unreliable (which is something I take issue with because PHOENIX you were so much more shaky than Apollo when you were green), so I fixed it with headcanon!!

  • So basically Apollo is like, convinced that Phoenix just kinda doesn’t care about him or respect him, cos Phoenix is always kinda putting him down and teasing
  • and Pollo’s pretty downhearted about this cos he respects Nick a whole lot as a lawyer and he just wants to be beLIEVED IN
  • but then one day a potential client is in talking to Phoenix and mentions something about Apollo, like makes fun of him or calls him useless or something nasty like that as kind of a joke
  • and Phoenix just fucking goes off at them??
  • and he starts ranting about how good Apollo is at what he does, and how much he’s improved, and how much he cares and how much he tries and just what an amazing person and lawyer he is and you better shut the fuck up about Apollo Justice
  • and the client is like whoa?? calm down??
  • but Phoenix has like, smoke coming out of his ears, and he tells the client to just leave, because I will not have you insulting my junior partner, and I will not take your case.
  • and the client is like um wow okay and goes to leave and Phoenix turns to watch them go (and he’s all angry dad with his arms crossed and his weirdo eyebrows all scrunchy)
  • and Apollo’s just standing in the doorway
  • completely shocked and probably about to cry
  • and he’s holding a bunch of papers really tight to his chest and says really quietly “Mr. Wright I got the documents you needed” and then he just. Flees
  • and Phoenix is like oh shit I have ruined my Cool Aloof Persona
  • what do I do he probably thinks I’m WEIRD ugh now he knows I think he’s cool it’s ruined forever
  • but Apollo doesn’t stop smiling all day
  • because his hero actually does believe in him
  • and all the jokes and teasing really were just that
  • Clay gets several missed calls after astronaut training that are just Apollo sniffling and going “Clay Phoenix Wright thinks I’m cool”

So today my friend was complaining of having to spend too much time with her boyfriend next year as they’ll both be at the same school.


a one time thing (and other untruths) (23/24)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

“She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: I submitted my grad school app and finished this fic so it’s been a pretty good week, I’d say? One chapter after this, then the epilogue. Probably be posting that stuff within the next couple of days? Endings are a Big Deal so I might sorta stare at it for a bit and move around commas and parentheses before posting, so I dunno when, exactly, it’ll be up. But I hope you guys like this chapter, at least. (Side note: I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time researching baby development, reading articles like ‘your baby at 6 weeks’ and whatever, but I know there are possibly, probably some inaccuracies and I apologize.)

(Shout out to swallowedsong for looking over this and stuff.)

Wanna catch up?

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            She thinks she forgot this part.

            No, scratch that. She didn’t forget.

            It’s just that last time, she was so worried about everything else when it came to having a newborn that his not sleeping through the night was hardly the largest of her concerns.

            And boy does Aidan hate sleep.

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Horikashi Week is coming! This event is dedicated to everyone’s favorite drama club nerds, and we hope you’ll help us celebrate their relationship by creating all kinds of fanworks (fic, art, graphics, gifsets, fanmixes, videos, etc):

  • June 1st –> Summer

  • June 2nd –> Fight

  • June 3rd –> Star

  • June 4th –> Touch

  • June 5th –> Excuses

  • June 6th –> Teamwork

  • June 7th –> AU (Alternate Universe) / Free Day

Interested? Please take a look at our more detailed info post here to learn more! Additionally, feel free to send us any questions you have, follow the blog, and reblog/share this post to spread the word. We hope that you’ll participate!

7 minutes (6/?)

“we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you” 

Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch. 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, (extra) / FF

A/N: I wanted to write something before the Memorial Day Weekend, and well, here’s 2000 words of some good stuff for you to enjoy until next week. :)

Perched on his lap, Emma can’t help but take in how ridiculously sexy he looks with his hair mussed from her fingers and his eyes burning with desire, for her. It feels a bit like one of her fantasies coming to life and she can’t quite believe this is all actually (finally) happening.

“Do you know how many times I wished we were doing this instead of watching TV on this couch?”

Killian’s hands tighten around her hips, holding her steady as he leans forward to press his mouth against her neck, a pained groan escaping his lips and vibrating against her skin.

“Emma, love, don’t tell me things like that.”

His lips are warm against her throat as he kisses a path to her shoulder, his fingers pushing the fabric of her sweatshirt aside so he can suck a mark into the soft skin above her collarbone. She can’t help her body’s response to his attention, heat pooling between her legs as she tightens her knees around his waist, her hands weaving back into his hair to hold him in place.

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rav-enclaw-deactivated20161111  asked:

I see a lot of people asking "could I still be a ravenclaw even if I blah blah blah??" on this blog and I just want to tell everyone that your Hogwarts house does not only depend on how you are as a person but also on what you value in other people! And ravenclaw isn't just "the smart house". We're smart and creative and accepting and lots of other things, and smart doesn't always mean scoring all A's or knowing the answer to every question or riddle. Smart can mean a lot of (continuing)

(cntd) things and there’s so many different kinds of smart. 

“Welcome to the Jackson.”

The Jackson is decades-old, famous luxury casino. It's been handed down through the patriarchy of Jackson boys, and currently, it's run by Elliot Jackson.

The casino is a treasure of the Eastern hemisphere. It's full of the wealthy and famous, visited by celebrities and the occasional royalty, all looking for a bit of good fun.

It's also hiding a deadly secret - the Jackson is the biggest drug cartel in Europe.

It's a Casino Cartel, and in this gamble, the stakes are very, very high.

characters story ♠ rules ♠ apply (accepting oc’s!)


Okay so I know I’m super late to the party but exams have honestly taken over my entire life. Anyway, melodrama aside, hi!

I am Swen!

External image

I’m Emily, I’m 17 and I live in England. I’ve been in this fandom for a very long time so chances are you may have seen me around (though we probably haven’t spoken cos I’m rubbish at balancing socialising and school–and starting conversations oops) I love all the typical tv series and femslash pairings but Swan Queen is very, very special to me. I don’t really know where my life’s headed but I’m really interested in History so it’s looking like my subject of choice for University, we’ll see!

I love Swan Queen!

I started watching Once Upon A Time when the pilot first aired in 2011 and Swan Queen has been everything to me since then! (No, but really, how do I break free? haha) When I first started watching I was 13 ew and I was pretty new to shipping and femslash and all of this crazy fandom stuff and it was a period of time where I was struggling a bit because I was figuring out my sexuality. Despite the fact Swan Queen isn’t canon, it helped me sooo much in feeling comfortable with being a lesbian because everyone was just so normal about it all and I didn’t feel like the only gay person around. I don’t know if this is sounding really cliché or pretty lame but I spend most of my time cackling over the irony of Swan Queen making me comfortable in myself when the writers haven’t gone there..yet. So, I guess I have my own special lil reason for appreciating Swan Queen, like a lot of us do! And I’ll always be super grateful for their characters even if things seem kinda sucky plot-wise. At the end of the day, I don’t really mind that I’ve spent 4 years of my life obsessing over them because it makes me realise how much I’ve changed myself!

I love Swen!

I’m in so many various fandoms because I watch everything, but I’ll never be as involved with them as I am with Swen. Swen has such a wonderful community feeling and everyone is so skilled I am constantly in awe! Sometimes I feel a bit guilty because I don’t contribute artistically but if you follow me on twitter you’ll know every other tweet of mine is just SQ or JMO/Lana centric (and I can definitely see Athritis in my future with the amount of voting/trending/liking I’ve done with this fandom, haha) There is absolutely nothing that has the power to cheer me up more than Swan Queen fanvids or fanfics, literally nothing. I appreciate everyone’s talent in this fandom so much bc it’s such a wonderful escape from school and stress so thank you Swen!!!! Love ya!

Definitely Unexpected (8/?)

Definitely Unexpected, a CS/Frozen Jewel AU

A/N: Hey look, an update! Had to do some adulting in the last few weeks, but through a series of airport layovers and some very late nights, this came to be! Thank you for being patient and sticking with this labor of love. I promise I won’t abandon it, and hopefully the updates will start coming sooner! Darlings @liamjcnes, @initiala, @kat2609, @clockadile, @lifeinahole27, @spartanguard, @lenfaz, this one’s for you :) Eternal gratitude to betas, @the-captains-ayebrows and @lovemelikeapirate.

Cover art by the beautiful tropical fish that is @liamjcnes

Definitely Unexpected

Summary:  Emma Swan, self-described “loner, loser, and complicated wreck” takes a much needed vacation from her New York City life by doing a home exchange with Liam Jones, a charming bartender from Brighton, England.  She could have never anticipated that what, or whom, she would find on her summer vacation was exactly what she had always been missing. (The Holiday AU, summer style)

Ch. 1, Ch.2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7 | Also on Ao3

Chapter 8:

Emma gently roused to a symphony like she had never heard, certainly not at such an early hour. A chorus of seabirds and a gentle lapping of water against the hull was quite possibly the most pleasing sound she could have possibly woken up to. Thin streams of daylight crept in through the porthole windows. A delicate smile grew across her lips as she lay on her side, shamelessly staring at her sleeping bedmate.

Killian’s dark lashes lay peacefully against his tan cheeks. One of his arms was shoved firmly beneath his head under the pillow, the other lay haphazardly over his exposed stomach. The blanket only barely offered him a modicum of modesty, draped deliciously low across his hips. His sculpted chest rose and fell with slow, peaceful breaths. Emma wasn’t sure she had ever woken to a more beautiful sight.

Her willpower finally snapped when the temptation to reach out and trace his scruff-covered jaw became too much. As her fingers drew down his face, Killian inhaled deeply, and his lips curved up slightly at the corners. He craned his neck, nestling his cheek firmly into Emma’s hand.

“Just can’t keep your hands off me, can you, lass?” Killian cheeked, without even opening his eyes.

“Just admiring the view,” Emma sighed. An appreciation of aesthetic beauty was in no way weakness of character, so she couldn’t be blamed for acknowledging it.

Killian turned his body in Emma’s direction and cracked his eyes open. He met Emma’s more closely than he anticipated, their noses almost brushing. “The view’s pretty nice from here, too,” he replied with a lopsided grin.

“I can see why you like it out here,” Emma returned, dodging the obvious compliment. “Not a bad way to wake up,” she added with a nod towards the porthole indicating the peaceful morning harbor atmosphere.

“Aye, it’s unlike anything else,” Killian sighed dreamily. “Nothing starts your day off right like filling your lungs with salt air before breakfast.”

“Speaking of breakfast…” Emma trailed off. She wasn’t one for making demands, she prided herself on being self-sufficient. But she was famished and had no intention of leaving Killian’s boat just yet.

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Alternative end to recall short
  • Winston: Torbjörn we'd love for you to return to overw--
  • Torbjorn, who is having sex with his hot wife: GÖ AWAY WINSTÖN IM HAVING SEX WITH MY HÖT WIFE