we'd have too much to drink

anonymous asked:

Is this Louis club photoshoot what we get for celebrating the meet and greet handholding pic too much? I had a weird feeling we'd get some sort of smackdown. Harry goes on a roadtrip with Jeff, Xander and Justin, Louis goes clubbing with the lads and gets photographed drinking and smoking with girls. Both done very publicly. *sigh*

No not at all. Look I’m a naturally optimistic person but I am also extremely realistic. I truly think we are way past the point of retribution for actions. Any time in the past year we have had Club Louis it has served a bigger purpose in what we can now see is the babygate narrative. And they have kept Harry so far away from all of it.

I do think Louis going out last night and to Sandys stag-do was purposeful and will play into the narrative. But I definitely don’t think it was payback for holding fans in a meet and greet picture that could have been shut down.

This next part really has nothing to do with your question but I need to get it off my chest.

When is the last time we saw Harry “party”? Lottie’s birthday, his birthday and then nothing since then that I can remember with the exception of two times in the Asian leg of OTRA. This is Harry who was constantly seen out in LA, Harry who puked on the side of the road. So do you really think Harry doesn’t go out anymore? No, he still does. Do you really think Harry stopped drinking? Because I don’t, at all.

And the reverse is true with Louis. Before February how often did we see him go out? Hardly ever. Did he go out? Yes, more than we ever saw. Between February and babygate clubbing Louis was relentlessly shoved down our throats. Since the babygate story broke have we seen Louis out at all (with the exception of Lottie’s party)? No not really.

So what’s the truth for both of them? They both go out, they both drink, they both stay home. And sometimes they go out together, sometimes they go out with friends alone and guess what sometimes they go out with friends together. Just like everyone else in the world. What we are shown is a sensationalized and over aggressive view of reality.

I’m so over people blaming one of them for going out when the other isn’t there. When they go out and we see it, they are doing their fooking jobs. We see what we are meant to see. I feel like if people kept that in mind a lot more people would have fewer doubts.