we're all proud of you regardless :)


HAPPY BLACKOUT DAY! I am very proud to be a resilient, beautiful, bisexual, intelligent, and creative black woman. It’s time to embrace every part of ourselves and cherish ourselves regardless the color that appears on our skin. Love yourself for who you are. Fuck society’s ignorant stereotypes. Let’s prove them wrong!! Let’s make a fucking difference in the world we live in! We belong! We matter! We’re human beings too! let’s celebrate this day to the fullest!! ALL OF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE YOUUU! 💖🌿💖🌿💖☀️💖☀️💖

We're almost there Team D!

I just wanted to say that regardless of the outcome this Sunday or next, that I am so honored to have met all of you. Beth would be proud of how relentless we are, and how no matter how dark it’s gotten we never lost hope. No matter what happens, we have, will and have always been there for each other. That won’t ever change. 

No one can take what we’ve accomplished, or how we feel away from us. We are allowed to feel hope, and pain and sorrow, and we are certainly allowed to mourn the loss of a character that meant so much to us all. We are allowed to mourn or praise or critique a show and its writers that may have let us all down. But we are willing to give them the chance to prove that this hope that we’ve held on to was for a reason. I hope we are right, from the bottom of my heart I do. But remember there is the possibility of us being let down, and I wanted to make sure you all know I’ll be here to talk to anyone who needs it. But I have my moonshine ready for when our girl comes back. I know she’s alive!

xoxo Demon xoxo