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Because They’re There.

Maybe the weirdness of humans isn’t in our squishiness or our resilience or our strange cultural quirks. Maybe the overriding ‘alienness’ of humans when compared to other species is our undying curiosity and drive to go further when we don’t need to. Other aliens explore and expand when it is required. There is no more space here so we must find more there. But humans will go out and explore an ocean just to see what’s there.

Zing (not their real name, but they were adapting to it as the only one the majority of their crewmates were able to pronounce) trudged into the communal area of the hive. Sub-Hive 9hXGsse was unimaginatively named and unimaginatively staffed and unimaginatively run. Often referred to as the loneliest system in space it was mainly manned and suited for outcasts of various species.

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“It’s over. For real this time”.

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My laptop is racist and the second emoji isn’t shown so i’m gonna guess which one is, wish me luck! 

🐝- Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them!

Oh, alright.

@kentandwayne besides being amazing, she loves my beautiful and tiny son Jason. WE ARE LATINOS AND LATINOS STAY TOGETHER BYE. Also, she’s really an amazing human being, cannot believe I get the chance to text her. Wow.

@kellyabbotts WHAT THE HELL CAN I SAY ABOUT HIRA? Jesus, let me think. Smart, like really smart (I feel super dumb when I talk to her like wth). She has a good taste for tv shows (guess who watched black sails because she watched it? *clears throat* me) and, DC FAN <3 

@nickoflahertys I JUST MET HER BUT WOW, SHE’S JUST 

1)A. 2)MA. 3)ZING.

We would protect our sons and @ fight everyone lmao. Incredibly we share the same bday month (HOW COOL IS THAT?) Anthony Stark Ultimate Protecter™

🥀- Have you ever had your heart broken?


Lovely Asks!

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Which one of the kids is dominating in bed? Was it Wlliam or Nate? I forgot. What about the girls?

I love you, anon. This ask… I was out shopping with my mom so I couldn’t reply immediately, but I did text @dust2dust34 to make sure we were on the same page about everything. Unsurprisingly, given how much we talk about this, we were. So, are you ready? This might get long. 

Let’s talk about sex. 

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F: ‘When we decided to stay in Starling – I mean, Star City, I was excited.
        I thought it meant a new beginning. And now, we’ve only been back a week –
John’s still mad at you; Thea’s gone Pit-crazy;
         I’ve spent the last two days putting people out of work.’

O: ‘If you think that we made a mistake – we didn’t. 
      Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. 
We said that we were going to do things differently. 
     We just need….time, to figure out how.’

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You seriously don't have blankets on the floor newspapers or even a doggie bed in your dogs pen? Fucking cruel.

There is a totally a blanket in my dog’s pen – both dogs’ pens actually. It was just squished and you can’t really see it (I’m assuming you’re referring to my post when Gatsby moved his pen around).

Newspapers? Umm, for what? Light reading? To catch up on current events? Gatsby is 100% potty trained. He is able to “hold it” for at least 8 hours. (Also, in that post, he was only going to be alone for about 4 hours since corgdad was scheduled to come home later that day.) Letting an adult, housebroken dog “hold it” for 8 hours is not cruel; ask any veterinarian. They are completely capable of doing it without any major negative effects on their health. (And he gets to go potty literally within my first 20 seconds of coming home.)

Let’s see…what else is in my dogs’ pens. A fresh bowl of water and at least 4 toys that they can play with while we’re gone. (Toys that I know will not be shredded and/or pose a choking hazard.) We leave the radio on for them so it doesn’t feel too “lonely,” and we leave fans on for them when the weather is warm. On colder days, they get an extra blanket. (Zing!)

We take care of out dogs better than we take care of ourselves. Gatsby sleeps on our bed at night, with his own pillow and blanket, and Scout sleeps in her crate with her own bed and blanket. They have dog seat belts in both of our cars, they have the biggest section in our pantry for their food and treats, they have all the toys they could ever play with (they’d probably disagree with me though – MOAR TOYS, said the dogs), a lot of our weekends consist of activities that involve them, we have a camera set up at home so we can check in on them while we’re at work, I work my work schedule around sometimes to accommodate their various obedience/agility classes, we have health insurance for them, and we spend a considerable amount on their food and supplements to ensure that they’re getting the best food out there and to help keep them healthy.

So, I’m sorry, Anon, but I do not agree that I am ducking* cruel. Good day to you.

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I just love what Marc said about Olicity being completly organic (which he has said a thousand times but was even more direct in this one) but stated what everybody has been saying is that if EBR didn't play this role Felicity would've been gone after 1x03.

The Night Spidey Fell [Spideypool Drabble]

Anonymous said: If you’re still taking Spideypool prompts, how about Deadpool holding Spiderman and begging him not to die (ala Peter and Gwen)?

Forgive me, I’m a little rusty so it’s mostly dialogue. (I also realize some new Deadpool fans might not be aware of Wade’s thought boxes/inner voices. The [dialogue] is his white thought box and the <dialogue> is the yellow thought box.)

“Peter no!” Wade shouted, torso spinning around just in time to see Peter lose his grip as he dodged a bullet. Wade flicked his wrist, sword slicing through his opponent’s wrist thus disarming him.


[Not the time.]

It really wasn’t. Wade didn’t even take the time to kill the guy he was fighting, just knocked him out and started running to Peter. Peter who was also Spider-man, who was stronger than him, who was younger than him, and who wasn’t wearing his suit or his web slingers.

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This is a beautiful zing we did to Don Jorge for the beautiful work he did with the movie The Book of Life and especially in compensation for what lived in the expo where I came and stole his backpack D;!
Don jorge’re with you
Viva Mexico !!

Este es un hermoso zing que le hicimos a don jorge por el hermoso trabajo que hizo con la pelicula The book of life y sobre todo en compensación por lo que vivio en la expo donde se presento y le robaron su mochila D;!
Don jorge estamos con usted
Viva Mexico !!