we yello

Omg that end scene with Kara and Mon-El. He grew so much throughout this episode and we saw some WinMon bro moments. Thank you private Winn of the SS Karamel for teaching our boy the right way.

And lol Mon was just like Yello we are dating so kudos for us. My whole family was dying from that.

Let’s not forget the Sanvers moment. That was touching what Maggie did. We don’t need Alex drinking herself under or worse with the way she drinking. Maggie just held her without question and comforted her in her darkest hour.

Bamf Alex is on the way. I mean she is always badass but it looks like the next episode is dedicated to just being pure badass. Holy moly I can’t wait to see that episode. Alex ain’t taking no sh!t!

That was a good episode, and next week looks like it’s gonna be killer.