we would make the most beautiful kids


I remember all the promises we’ve made together—all the good things you’ve said that I thought would last forever. We were like kids writing our futures without knowing how time could change us—how the world will try to always make us reminisce the past. How the people around us will try to mold us into something we didn’t want.


It was the different type of love. I don’t know if fate is real or if destiny confuses us about what we feel. But I always imagine you with me, and my heart beating with yours in symphony. It was the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. The most wonderful feeling I couldn’t get tired of.


There’s always something that goes in between. Pedestrians passing by— every time the traffic lights signal us to stop. When you were walking fast yet caught up behind someone who is walking slowly enough. When you already want to do the things you love, but you saw something that puts a doubt in your heart. When you thought you already found someone who you can’t enjoy living without.


I choose you over anything else, hoping that you’ll also end up picking me over everybody else. Yet I put a finger on your lips telling you to stop spreading all the sugar coated lies. I point to your chest, hoping for you to be honest. Darling I think I couldn’t take it anymore, if you continue to pretend that you still love me more.


Believe when I say that everything will be okay, even if it will take a lot of time for me to heal. In the end I will surely learn from all of this things. I will still carry the love I have somewhere inside me. Not for you, but for—each and every—broken part of me. This is how I should let go of you. One by one, I’ll remove my fingertips away from holding your hands. One by one I’ll let go of you so you can rest and breathe. Day by day, letting go will ease the pain.

And until my hands stop bleeding, my soul will suddenly appreciate the wonderful life I’m living. In the end my heart will learn how to love myself more—and will finally consider it as my home.

—  ma.c.a // I should stop holding on you

Dear Lauren,

I write and read Camren fics not to satiate my wet dreams (I have other sources for that), instead, I write about a “connection” that goes beyond the physical which I think is inspiring.

I do get why you think Camren fics and shippers are obsessed with their wet dream version of you or Camren, there are hundreds of smut and delusions floating around. And it must suck to read that about yourself. I’m not dismissing your struggles dealing with this shit daily. And it’s your right to be angry and feel objectified and lash out. Us fans do overstep our boundaries constantly, whether we mean to or not. It must be hard balancing your private and public life. You’re human and you have needs and limitations, I get it.

But please don’t put everything in one blanket term, and dismiss the representation your key demographics are clamoring for. This community needs this, and while I get why you get so angry (because you feel invaded and sexualized), please also try to understand that some people have witnessed something pure and special and they latched on to it because they felt represented and inspired, not because they wanna sexualize you. It’s just an unfortunate factor that sex usually comes with the package, but if you look at the bigger picture, instead of fighting it and attacking it, you can help kids who’ve been searching for something that would appropriately represent them find themselves through you.

And I know it is not your personal responsibility to be the “representation” most of these kids wanted and connected with the most, but as you have said before, you must have been put where you are for a reason.

I know Camren has been the bane of your existence, and I know that some fans have boxed you into something you are not (you’re bisexual who’s free to love anyone you like, despite what some crazy ass shippers would like to imagine) and that’s why I get why you get so mad. But for every bad things we encounter, we can turn shit around and make it into something beautiful? Maybe it’s time to let go of the grudge connected to Camren, and use it as a tool to be the voice of underrepresented girls?

It’s just a suggestion, though.

After all, it’s you who decides. Not me. Period.


  • Lauren: You kidding? You’re the most beautiful woman in most rooms… [Camila jumps up and kisses her, Lauren breaks the kiss] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What’s going on? You and I just made out! You and I are making out?
  • Camila: Well, not anymore.
  • Lauren: But we don’t do that.
  • Camila: I know, I just thought it would be fun.
  • Lauren: How drunk are you?
  • Camila: Drunk enough to know that I want to do this. Not so drunk that you should feel guilty about taking advantage.
  • Lauren: [thinks] That’s the perfect amount!
Submitted opinion

Is incest really taboo. Society makes it so but let’s dig deeper into this thought.

If a husband and wife have children should they not be the ones to teach them about sex. I think it should start when children are very young. A lot of people think it is “taboo” for a mother and father to walk around the house nude in front of their young children. Why? Nudity behind closed doors in a families home should not be treated as a bad thing. When married couples have sex most lock the door. I say leave the door open, there is nothing wrong with couples having sex it is natural. Of course you teach your children at a young age that what we do in the home is private.

Now let’s take it a huge step forward. And here is where most of society goes nuts. I believe as your kids hit puberty, their first sexual experience should be with their parents. Should not a sons first sexual experience be with his mother, the one women who will love him more than anyone in his life. She can show him how to satisfy a women. She can teach him how to be sensual and how special sex is when you do it with someone you truly love.

Now for a couple with a daughter who hits puberty, should her father that loves her more than anyone else be the one to deflower her with intimacy and love. I’m not talking about raping your daughter the second she hits puberty that is for sickos. I’m talking about consensual loving intimate sex between a father and daughter with mom right by her side. Leading up to the moment kissing and hugging, true love between a father mother and their daughter. For no man who takes a girls virginity will be more loving and respectful then her father. Most girls lose their virginity to some boy who will dump her right after which will devastate her. Why put her through that? Now of course for fathers who are well endowed you must take that into account, and wait until your daughters are a little more formed. Taking your thick 8” and shoving into your 11 12y old daughter could hurt her badly. So any caring loving father would need to wait. However loving, holding, caressing and suckling on her sweet peach, while telling her how beautiful she is and how much you love her, will make that night of deflowering her very special.

I would rather we teach are kids about sex than some 5th grade teacher putting a condom on a cucumber.

So I’ve said my piece and of course I expect some on here like most of society will call me names and spew their hate. But I’m a big boy I can take it.

Please post ANON

Pancakes and Kids?

Request: Could you do a imagine of being Izzy’s best friend since childhood so Max has grown up around you and one early morning he comes into your and Alec’s shared room (you’ve been dating for over a year) demanding pancakes which you agree to not but not before telling Alec that you’re kids better not try to pull this crap which makes him get all fluffy and sentimental thinking about your future???

Pairing: ReaderXAlec

Word count: 1.1k

Authors Note: Hi, thank you so much for this request it was so fun to write! I absolutely adore Max he is the cutest!

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*GIF is not mine*

Y/n’s POV

You had lived in the institute for little over 4 years, so you knew every single hiding place. Where on earth was Max you thought to yourself. He had gone to hide about half an hour ago and you were starting to worry.

Then suddenly out of nowhere a little Shadowhunter jumped out in front of you, in the cutest dinosaur pajamas.

“ Boo!!” Max’s little scream made you laugh.

“Oh! No! You scared me!” You say dramatically putting you hand over your heart before scooping Max up into your arms. He was light as a feather but according to your boyfriend of 2 years, Alec, Max was the heaviest thing in the world.

“ Its time for bed Mr” you say as you carry him to his room. When you arrive to his door, your turn the light on with your elbow and walk to his bed. You pull his duvet from the bed and gently lay Max down, he had fallen asleep as you were carrying him. He must of been tired from hide and seek all day, you knew you were.

You turn his night light on and just as you are about to leave and turn his main light off you hear a small sleepy voice.

“ Nanite Y/N ” followed by soft snores.

“ Goodnight Max” you whisper, afraid to wake him.

It was only 9 pm so you decided that you would go see your best friend Izzy. She had asked you to come along when you had finished hide and seek.

You finally made it to her door, and you knocked whilst walking in.

“Hey Izzy” you say softly. Walking over to her bed.

“Hey Y/N” she smiled as she saw you.

“ You said to visit” You giggle at how strange that sounded.

“ I did indeed” she laughs “ I just wanted to know if you wanted to baby sit Max with Alec tomorrow because me, mother and father are going to Idris for something” she says looking at her hands.

“ Of course anything for you Izzy your my Parabati, I love you” you give her a reassuring smile holding her hand.

“ Thank you Y/N” she grins pulling you into a hug.

“ I better get going you know how grumpy Alec gets when he’s tired” i sigh pulling away.

“ Yeah go deal with Mr No Fun” she laughs. You giggle whilst heading to the door.

“ Goodnight Izzy” You say turning at her doorway, she smiled back in return. Then you head back to yours and Alec’s room.

You push the heavy oak door open to be greeted with a freshly out the shower Alec towel drying his hair, it was still wet. He had gray sweat pants and a plain navy blue t-shirt on. His face lit up as you entered the room.

“Hey” He says softly as you close the door, still facing him as you do so.

“Hey” you smile back, you hadn’t seen him all day because he and Jace had gone out on a mission with Clary.

“ How have you been?” He asks walking towards you. Finally reaching you and pulling you into a hug. He smelt like soap and his aftershave which made you snuggle deeper into his chest.

“Okay, I played hide and seek all day with Max” You mutter into his arm. Alec’s head was resting on top of yours and he moved to kiss it.

“ You know, you spend more time with Max than you do with me” he chuckled, the sound was comforting, he rarely laughed since Clary had got here.

You pull your head away to look up at your gigantic boyfriend, he had a goofy, boyish smile plastered on his which made you melt a little inside.

“I like Max more, that’s why” you say as serious as you could whist pulling away, only to be grabbed by Alec’s huge hands. He had picked you up and thrown you over his shoulder. He began to walk over to the bed and you were kicking and squealing for him to put you down.

Suddenly you were flopped on to your bed and Alec was hovering over you.

“ We both know I’m your favorite” he grinned, before pressing his lips to yours, you kiss back slowly, savoring the moment.

He then pulls away, and heads over to the bathroom.

“ where are you going?” You say quickly.

“ To brush my teeth” Alec smirks through your en suite bathroom’s doorway.

“ ugh!” You whine, flopping back on the bed. But then decide to put your pajamas on.

As Alec left the bathroom you bumped his shoulder giving him a playful smile. Then you went to brush your teeth.

After, you headed straight to bed. Alec was already snoring under the covers, you just roll your eyes.

After slipping under the duvet and turning the lights off, you laid down. You were suddenly pulled across the bed, so that your back was to Alec’s front and you had two strong arms around you.

“ I love you Y/N” he whispers and kisses your neck, which made you blush.

“ I love you too Alec” you whisper, a smile spread across your face. Then you drift off into a deep slumber.

Suddenly something jumps on top of you. You spring to life only to find Max spread across you and Alec, the light seeping in through the curtains indicated it was morning.

“ Max?” You say groggily, still half asleep.

“ Y/N! You’re awake!” Max says jumping off of you poking Alec in the face, making him groan.

“What” Alec whines, stretching his arms.

“ Can Y/N make me pancakes for breakfast?” He asks with puppy eyes. I couldn’t refuse, he still had his dinosaur pajamas on.

“ Of course, you go get dressed then wait for us in the kitchen” you yawn out.

“ Yeyy!!” Max yells jumping of the bed and running out of the room.

“ I’m telling you now our kids better not wake me up this early for pancakes because I’m not doing it” you sigh, closing your eyes again. Suddenly you felt Alec straddle you and pull your eyelid open.

“ What?!” You sigh.

“ So we are having kids then?” He says with the cutest smile on his face.

“ Well, I would like to have kids, don’t you?” You question with a worried expression.

“ Our kids would be so brave, It would be a pleasure to have kids with you Y/N” he grins. Bending down to peck you lips. After pulling away he just stared at your face whilst rubbing his thumb against your cheek bone. 

“Your so beautiful” he states making you blush like mad.

“Your even more beautiful when your embarrassed” he chuckles.

“I hope our children look like you, they would be the most angelic people on this earth” he says softly, whilst kissing your neck.

“That’s so sweet, but do you not realize how hot you are?” I question. He looks up and grins. For the second time this morning he pressed his lips to yours, you kissed back instantly, after a few minuets Alec pulls away, catching your breath as he pressed his forehead against yours.

“ Y/N?” He whispers after a couple of seconds.

“ Alec?” You whisper back.

“ Would you like to get married one day?” He says softly, looking you in the eye.

“ Yes. One day” you say back just loud enough for him to hear.

“ To me?” He questions, frowning.

“ Of course to you, you idiot” you say pushing him off you, what a way to ruin the moment Alec. You quickly peck his lips and head to the kitchen to make them damn pancakes.

Got7 Kinks

Anon your request got eaten but I know you requested this, along with Block B I think?, so damn long ago and I’m sorry for the wait but here you go. I talk a lot of shit in this just saying, read with caution.

Jackson: Thighs, Dark Skin, Sweat; Jackson’s the only one I know for sure, and that’s why he has the most and he’s first up here. I don’t really think he has a kink for dark skin, but I know he love love loves him some beautiful tan girls. We all know he loves thighs, he makes sure to tell the fandom every single day. Thick thighs would get this boy so fucking horny, he’d love to just squeeze at them and bite and suck and leave really dark marks. He said, somewhere, that he likes girls who sweat and workout once, and what better place to do that than in this kids bedroom. He’s a steamy, hot, slow, loud sweaty sex kinda guy. Plus I’m just going to casually slip in the daddy kink down here. Jackson is so daddy af it’s not even fucking funny, plus it’s fun to call guys daddy so.

Mark: Biting, Bondage, Hickies; I literally only chose biting for Mark because his mouth is just so god damn pretty. I fucking can’t with his perfect teeth okay and whether he has a biting kink or not, who fucking wouldn’t want those pearly whites all over their fucking body? If you don’t you’re crazy. He’d be such a tease too, knowing you like the biting as much as he does and he’d slowly bite your bottom lip, slowly tug on your nipples, just slowly bite every god damn fucking thing he can while you’re tied up to his bed and helpless. Can you imagine him just fucking biting onto your shoulder when he comes? Fuck. He’s the jealous type who wouldn’t let you leave the house unless every fucking inch of your skin was covered in bright purple bruises, just so no man talks to you.

Youngjae: Bondage, Whining, Slut Shaming; Uhhh this is like the best combination of fucking kinks I swear okay. Bondage, you know tying your hands up, or your legs up, handcuffing you. I also feel like blindfolding would be included in that, but it’s iffy af. On to whining, I can just see him getting so worked up with your high pitched whines, and that could easily bring him to the edge, no problems. He’d do extra little things like twist your nipples and maybe spank the side of your thigh so you’d whimper even louder. We all know what slut shaming is right? We should but I’ll explain anyway. It’s simply shaming a woman for being a slut. I’m not meaning slut shaming in a bad way at all, nor would Youngjae use it in a bad way, little sentences like ‘That’s right slut, suck my cock,’ or ‘You little slut you couldn’t even wait five minutes for me?’ Would give him the extra push to come, there’s a little dominance in there as well.

Jin Young: Daddy; I feel like he would rather have a mommy kink, but I don’t even know if that’s a thing so we’ll go with daddy. Everyone knows how the daddy kink works, and with Jinyoung it would definitely come with all the perks. Calling him daddy outside of the bedroom, letting him pamper you like a baby all the time, bending you over his lap and spanking you, just everything you know. He’s so sweet so he’d probably feel bad afterwards and make it up to you by fucking you really slow and lovingly. Baby girl and Princess are his favorite nicknames for you.

BamBam: Orgasm-denial, Teasing; Whoo alright here we go. Bam Bam is fucking bae, just wanted to throw that out there first. He’s such a little fucking tease as well and ugh. He’d ghost his fingers and lips all over your body, loving the way you’d squirm under his light touches. As for orgasm denial, this lovely fuck fuck would happily pound into you and pull out just when you’re about to come. Then start fucking you really fast again and instead of pulling out, just slow the pace of his thrusts down. Your whines and whimpers would go straight to his cock and he would quickly fuck you both to release.

JaeBum: Dominace, Hair Pulling, Spanking; Alright another hella good combination of kinks so le go. Dominance my lord he’d be so god damn dominant and if you disagree I’ll fukkin fight you. I can see him not letting you touch him, and when you tried he’d grab your arms and slam them down to the mattress, punishing you(not really) with a sharp, deep ass thrust that makes you squeak. If you couldn’t keep your hands off, that’s when he’d flip you over and hold your head to the bed with his hand curled into your hair. He’d fuck you hard and fast from behind, pull on your hair a little bit, spank your ass and groan at the way it blooms red. He’s the full package okay, get with this one if you down with rough shit.

Sorry about Youngjae’s essay but also not really.

Admin B
  • Aubrey: are You kidding? You’re the most beautiful woman i know…
  • [stacie kisses her passionately, aubrey breaks the kiss]
  • Aubrey: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What’s going on? You and I just made out! You and I are making out?
  • Stacie: Well, not anymore.
  • Aubrey: But we don’t do that.
  • Stacie: I know, I just thought it would be fun.
  • Aubrey: How drunk are you?
  • Stacie: Drunk enough to know that I want to do this. Not so drunk that you should feel guilty about taking advantage.
  • Aubrey: [thinks] That’s the perfect amount!
It's all about Barbie - Chapter 3 (Trixya)- Djoodi

A/N: Hey guys! I’m back back back again :) And I’m sorry that it took some time for me to get this one done, but school is back so I don’t really have a lot of time to write! But I’m so happy to see that people left some really positive feedback! <3 

If you haven’t read chapters 1 and 2 they are here: chapter 1; chapter 2! And I created a sideblog (but I suck so bad at using tumblr so I’m already sorry for my mistakes lol)! 

Also, VicThirteen was the nicest person™ and helped me as a beta! Thank you so much <3 

Hope you guys enjoy it! :)

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Fast Cars and Freedom - Part 3

Word Count: 4250

Warnings: Language, maybe, nudity, loss of virginity teen sex (both Dean and Reader are virgins)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader (Y/N Singer)

Catch up here - Fast Cars and Freedom

Italics indicate flashbacks

It was Y/N’s birthday weekend and as a surprise, I planned a special getaway. I knew she had no clue and I was pretty proud of myself that I could still pull something like this off after twenty years together. I had already packed a bag and dropped the kids off with Sam and his wife Jess this morning.

“You ready yet kid?” I yelled up the stairs.

“Keep your pants on Winchester!” she retorted as she came strolling into view looking as beautiful as she was that weekend nineteen years ago.

“No kids and a weekend away? Not a chance. I hereby declare this ‘no pants weekend!’” I shouted, throwing my hands in the air in victory.

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themasquewewear  asked:

Siiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. *groaaaannnss* I need new reading material. Fics, or books. Suggestions, pretty please? O.O

Oh my darling, you have come to the right place!

Originally posted by timetravelersloth

An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon is the sci-fi tale of a queer black autistic intersex woman on a generation-ship where the set-up is sickeningly reminiscent of the plantation South - abusive, racist whites in charge and everyone else enslaved and abused. There’s plenty of triggering content - the book opens with an amputation, and there’s violence of all kinds, including sexual - but it’s really beautiful. Aster, the main character, discovers a link between the suicide of her mother and the death of the ship’s current leader, one that leads her to uncovering the secrets behind the ship’s workings and destination. Feminist and queer in all the ways - there’s even a gray-aro ace character! - it’s about oppression and revolution and family, race and gender and religion. Absolutely compulsory reading.

Ask Baba Yaga by Taisia Kitaiskaia is a collection of excerpts from a kind of agony aunt column written by Baba Yaga, the witch of Russian mythology, the kind of thing where people write in ‘how do I get over my ex?’ etc and get answers from a woman who regularly eats heroes and lives in a house with chicken legs. Glorious and wild and fierce.

The Black Tides of Heaven by JY Lang is the first novella of the Tensorate series. Set in a world where children choose their own gender when they reach adulthood and mages alter their bodies to be in line with that decision, it follows the stories of the tyrannical Protector’s two youngest children; one of whom is gifted with prophecy, the other who defects from the Protectorate entirely. There’s magic and queerness everywhere, and traces the beginning, building revolution. Awesome.

River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey is another novella, again full of queerness (non-binary character!). It’s set in an America where Congress decided to import hippos for farming meat (something that was apparently considered in real life), the feral hippo problem is now very much a Problem, and a small group of assorted criminals are sent in (on their own tamed riding hippos) to get the ferals out of this one area. It’s fun and fast and I loved the diverse cast. I’m reading the sequel right now.

An Accident of Stars by Foz Meadows is what happens when you ask a queer feminist to write a portal fantasy. The world our white Australian protagonist jumps into is one where poly and queerness of all descriptions abound, with matriarchies and body-sculpting magic for transpeople and a corrupt king who needs overthrowing. One of our other POV characters is aromantic; almost no one is white. Book one is great; book two is fucking amazing. You have to read this one just to get to the sequel.

In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan is YA fantasy wherein a viciously smart and sarcastic bisexual boy gets whisked to magic school, and is Very Unimpressed. It’s laugh-out-loud hilarious and fucking heartbreaking by turns, and it flips or tears apart dozens of traditional fantasy tropes, most notably the glorification of warriors and war. It was originally published for free on the author’s blog, but it’s been edited and massively expanded for traditional publication and I didn’t think it was possible, but it got even better.

The Traitor Son cycle by Miles Cameron is - superficially, in the beginning - a fairly traditional swords-and-fantasy, surrounding the exploits of a mercenary company hired by a convent to clear the local area of monsters. Except bit by bit, book by book, the plot spirals outward, gets bigger and bigger until the fate of multiple worlds is involved. The series also gradually gets more queer characters as it goes along, and there’s a lot of different representations of female strength; everything from women knights to the power of women as healers and chatelaines. It’s very, very heavy on the actual mechanics of medieval style combat - the author is a re-enactor, so he knows what he’s talking about - but I encourage everyone to force their way through book one (I loved it, but not everyone does) to get to the increasingly awesome rest of the series. 

The Alpennia Series by Heather Rose Jones is set in the fictional European country of Alpennia, and is kind of a cross between historical regency romance - except all the sex is fade-to-black - and historical fantasy. The main characters of book one are a female duelist and a woman who can see magic as it is cast/worked, who get thrown together when the latter’s godfather bequeaths the former’s service to her in his will. Along with all his fortune. I think book one is the weakest, but the series just gets better and better as it goes along. Each book is a lesbian romance, and the characters of book one gradually gather around them a circle of female intellectuals and alchemists and magic-workers, and it’s just so ridiculously cool and sweet.

The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie is about Cassandra, a young Asian woman from a family who breeds and trains Reckoners, genetically-engineered sea-monsters who protect ships in a post-environmental-collapse world. Except on her first trip out, her Reckoner is killed by pirates and the ship she’s guarding goes down, and she’s taken by the pirates to train the Reckoner pup they’ve somehow managed to get their hands on. It’s the first book of a duet, there’s a lesbian romance, and it’s unbelievably good.

Summer in Orcus by T Kingfisher is a weird, beautiful book about a young girl who meets Baba Yaga and wishes for an adventure. She gets sent to another world in the process, where she meets were-houses and talking birds and women who used to be dragons, and it all seems like it should be childish and silly, but it isn’t, it’s deep and heart-wrenching and the ending is a punch to the gut. It’s beautiful. I would read it to my kids, if I had any; as it is I want to give a copy to every kid I know. And most of the adults too.

The Art of Starving by Sam J Miller is a magical realism YA about a young man with anorexia, who believes (perhaps not incorrectly) that his starving himself is giving him superpowers. It would be really easy to make a mess with that premise, but I think Miller handles it perfectly, and it’s a very, very good book. Not to mention we don’t talk about male eating disorders nearly often enough. And of course, the main character is gay, which complicates everything even more.

The Eternal Sky trilogy by Elizabeth Bear is my counter to the trainwreck that is Tiger’s Daughter; epic fantasy set in an Asian-inspired world, beautiful and queer and awesome in scope and beauty. We have a wombless sorceress and the rightful heir of this world’s Ghengis Khan, we have a plague of demons and a holy order who work magic through reading and writing, there are humanoid tigers and a sky that reflects what power holds the land beneath it. It’s EPIC, and the first book of a new series set in this world is out on Tuesday!

The Heartstrikers series by Rachel Aaron is a self-published urban fantasy series set in the future after magic has returned to the world and all its spirits have woken up; it follows the adventures of Julian, the world’s only ‘nice’ dragon, whom his mother kicks out of the mountain in disgust after binding him from his (feathered!) dragon form, to prove himself worthy of the Heartstriker name or die. Book one is good; book two is AMAZING, and book three had me screaming. This series twists and turns so much and I simply adore the dragons in it, and the Mortal Spirits! AHHH. So many insanely cool concepts and so much great world-building!

The Dragon’s Legacy by Deborah A Wolf is so good I can’t even talk about it. It’s like this book was written for me. I love it I love it I LOVE IT. I can only read a page of it a day because it’s so good I can’t bear more than that at once, I’d explode if I tried to read it faster. 

And, as usual: everything by Catherynne Valente, Andrea K. Host, and the Kushiel sequence by Jaqueline Carey. I’m not even going to write up descriptors for them this time, I’ve recced them so often at this point!


Property of John Winchester

Pairing: JohnxReader
Word count: 2,112
Warnings: Smut, Daddy!kink, spanking, jealousy, anal, oral, NSFW gifs
Request: Anonymous. Can I please, when you get the time, get some just really good, rough, dirty John smut. I’ve been watching a lot of JDM movies and shows and just ugh. Like throw in any kinks you want, I just need some john or jeffrey whichever you prefer.
Challenge entry: @roxy-davenport ’s SPNHalloweenWritingChallenge

John Winchester was the only man you ever had eyes for. At first, he was a bit hesitant because of the age difference, but that was soon pushed aside. You worked for him and Mary when you were a teenager. You had babysat the boys from the time you were 14, until you were 17. You were 5 years older than Dean, so John lumped you in now as being ‘Dean’s age’.

At 25, you’d finally landed your man. After ten years of crushing on him, at that. As a teenager, you never thought it would happen. He was older, and married. As you got older, your mind would run away from you, of course, but again- same issues. The summer after your sophomore year of college, you’d come home to find out that Mary had been killed in a drunk driving accident. You felt terrible, as she was such a nice person, always smiling, and you weren’t there to help the boys through it.

Now, you woke up in his arms every morning. You loved how his scruff felt between your thighs, the way his strong hands gripped your hips, how his deep voice would whisper dirty things in your ear when you couldn’t fuck him, and the way he looked at you like you were the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

He told you early in he didn’t want anymore kids. That stage of life was over. You had no problems with that, as you had no desire for children, either. “Morning, gorgeous.” His voice was still heavy from sleep.

Smiling, you stretched slightly, your ass rubbing against his morning wood. “How about we make it a good morning?” You teased.

“You mean like this?” His large, warm hand slid down your stomach, his middle finger slipping into your folds. “So wet for me.” He groaned. Taking his hand, he cupped your inner thigh, opening your legs. John rolled his hips, his cock slipping through your slit. Finally, he thrust into you.

Your arm went behind you, your hand gripping the short hairs on the back of his head as he lazily rolled his hips. Morning sex was the only time it wasn’t about making each other cum. Your focus was each other. Being one. His lips brushed the back of your neck and over your shoulder. “John.” You breathed, your tone full of love. Turning your head, your lips met his.

He broke the kiss to watch your face as the bliss took over. Your eyes closed, your lips parted slightly as you panted, a small whimper escaping now and then. “Mine.” He groaned, his own eyes closing.

“Yours.” You nodded.

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Free! as parents.


“Come on kid it’s like one in the morning.” He would he a good dad but hate being on the night shift.


He would be a really good father. Making his kid happy would be his goal.


“Rei, can you put our child down for one moment?” “No… Look at what we made! They are the most beautiful thing in the world!” He would be so happy and so proud.


He would be a child himself, Pretending to be a monster and chasing his kid down the hall would be his signature move when it came to playtime. 

Gou/ Kou: 

She would probably spoil that child rotten but teach them to be kind and loving. Lots of hugs and kisses as well!


“Babe! How do you get it to stop crying!?” He would get pretty upset when it would start crying.


He would want to teach the kid new things and show them the world!




“Hey honey look what I can do!” “ Momotarou!!” The gif kinda explains it.


He would never really hold the baby because he would be scared to drop them but little things like the child holding his thumb or finger is worth it.


“Haiya baby.” He would be quiet and gentle, all the while smiling like a happy dork.

I don’t entirely get the debate over whether you should compliment little girls on their appearance or their intelligence.

Like, firstly, intelligence and beauty are advantages, not virtues or skills. I happen to be relatively intelligent and fairly adorable, IMO, but those are gifts I was given at birth. They’re wonderful gifts, but it’s weird to be praised just because someone else gave you an awesome gift. You might as well praise me for being born in America and not, idk, Honduras. I’m glad to possess these qualities, but if you’re going to sincerely praise people for something, it should be for something that actually reflects on them, and not merely their circumstances. Little kids need to be encouraged and complimented for things they have control over! For their kindness, for their bravery, for their words, for their actions! And while it’s fine and good if they can also appreciate their surroundings or their heritage or their stats or whatever, they should never ever think that playing the game with a powerful or fortunate character is synonymous with playing the game well.

And secondly, not every little kid has the same qualities. They’re smart enough to know that not all of them are equally smart! They know they’re not all equally cute! And what’s more, they know they’re not all equally kind or brave or generous or inventive or hardworking! You shouldn’t be complimenting them all the same way! If they’re studious but easily frustrated, you tell them that you think they could accomplish more if they developed more patience, but that you really admire their work ethic. If they’re always drawing butterflies on their homework, you tell them that actually doing the homework would make it easier for them to buy art supplies later in life, which is important, because their drawings are great, and you really admire the effort they’ve put into creating such pretty things. If they’re mean to other kids but really frikin’ good at basketball, you tell them that their behavior is unacceptable and is going to make it impossible for the other kids to work with them if they don’t shape up, and that would be a shame, because they’ve clearly put lots of effort into this skill, and their passion for it is really impressive.

I do think it’s possible to compliment kids for their accomplishments too much, and I do worry that this happens to little boys sometimes. To bring it back to gender, I worry that we often compliment boys only for their actions and accomplishments, and girls only for their inherent advantages, like beauty or intelligence. I think probably most little girls need to be reminded more often that they should take pride in their actions more than their gifts, and little boys need to be reminded more often that even if they mess up or don’t Achieve Spectacular Things, they’re still valuable, and they’ve been given many valuable gifts (like their intelligence or their appearance or their talents or their opposable thumbs), and that that’s pretty cool, too.

At a minimum, all the kids you run into are going to be human, and humans are pretty darn cool, just by virtue of their humanity. They also always have the capacity to be better humans tomorrow than they are today, in one way or another. These things are true of every kid.

But replacing “you’re so pretty!” with “you’re so smart!” is just… lazy, honestly. People deserve more thoughtful feedback, regardless of gender and regardless of age.

anonymous asked:

Any head cannons for Damian's art?

Hm maybe not headcanons exactly, but there is some stuff I want to talk about. 

So to start out, every shot we get of Damian’s room in the Manor, whether he’s in there or not, includes his easel. Examples:

(n52 B&R #2)

(n52 B&R #18)

(n52 B&R annual #2)

So I think we can go ahead and assume that it’s something that’s important to him. I’ve seen Damian work in two different media– pencils and what I assume are oil paints. 

The drawings are my favorite, even though they started out with the super-disturbing horror sketches from B&R #5

….yeah I don’t like those so much

But the takeaway is that Damian uses art to work through emotion– in this case, a bunch of pent up and very scary aggression.

Okay moving on

These are my favorite. (B&R #18)

There are two things I want to point out here. First off, the labeling. I don’t know why the labeling charms me so much, but it really does– maybe because that seems like such a childish thing to do? My little brother does something similar. You can also track his growing attatchment to Titus through the dog Dog Titus in the bottom crop. 

The other thing is subject choice: figure studies and botanical/zoological diagrams. The first panel in the lower section has Alfred, Bruce, and Titus (all the other full-time residents of the Manor), which leads me to believe that they’re observational studies– he drew them while he was looking at them. I would guess that neither Alfred nor Bruce knew they were being used as models. 

And the Wayne graves on the next page look like a continuation of the same theme to me. He’s still counting them as residents. Even though their names are already clearly legible on the stones, he still has them labeled as “Grandfather and Grandmother Wayne,” words that emphasize relation and identification. Family words. Feel me?

I like that a lot.

What I like even more are the plant and animal studies, because they come across as scientific– the three angles of firefly look a lot like a diagram you would find in an entomology textbook (also cool because fireflies, like the water distortion in the bottom corner of the first page, are a hope motif in this series).

I really, really enjoy the image of Damian dragging his sketchbook around the Manor grounds looking for plants and animals to study. I think it’s a great combination of formality and childishness, the two things that contradictorily define Damian a lot of the time, because he’s a little kid that tries really hard to act like a grown up. This works for me.

I would also like y’all to notice 1) the amount of plants Damian draws and 2) the amount of houseplants he has in his room. Conclusion? Give this child a garden.

Anyway. With the exception of the portrait Damian finished for Alfred and Bruce

(n52 B&R #40)

His paintings fall along the same general lines, although they’re more landscape based than animal/plant oriented.

(R:SoB #4)

Notice that even though the landscape he’s looking at is sunny, his painting shows a lightning storm. This is a flashback scene from his time in the League, so I would assume the modification is something like the horror sketches from earlier– a reflection of inner conflict. 

There’s a similar bit from B&R #0 (also a flashback)

that’s a little harder to make out, but based on the colors he’s using, I think he’s probably painting the sunset behind him. 

So I think we can say that Damian enjoys natural beauty. That seems to be his favorite subject choice. I don’t think we’ve ever seen cityscapes, which would be the natural pick in Gotham, and most of his sketches are focussed around the Manor, which is fifteen miles outside the city limits. I would also argue that means art is a relaxation tool for Damian, since the Manor is his home, the place he would naturally be the calmest. 

Things to consider:

  • Damian drawing all the other kids when they come through the house (shhh don’t tell)
  • “Father look at this cool bug I found”
  • Damian dragging Alfred all around the plant store because plants are awesome and he needs time?? To decide which one he wants?? He has to look at all of them first
  • In the first B&R annual, Damian found out the Martha Wayne liked to paint too, and I bet that made him really happy

anonymous asked:

Bts reaction to their girlfriend having the name Batgirl and she cosplays as her for kids? Ty!

(I assume you mean having the same name as the character, Betty/Barbara)

Jin didn’t really get it until you told him how much the kids loved it. It made him want to try cosplaying sometime.

“Of course my Jagi would be good with kids.” “Does this mean we can cosplay as Mario and Peach sometime? You’d be the most beautiful princess.”

Suga is glad you have something to do while he’s not there, but he might be a little surprised by it. He’d definitely admire your hand made cosplay. 

“I didn’t realize you were this big of a nerd, baby.” “Did you make this yourself? Wait, you can sew too??”

J-Hope is very excited that you make kids happy, now you’re both balls of sunshine. You didn’t ask him to be, but he’s now you’re biggest cheerleader for cosplaying.

“If you every want to do more cosplays and I will help however I can!” “Can I take pictures next time you wear it? What?! You just look so pretty!”

Rap Monster probably noticed the name thing before he even knew you cosplayed as her. Whenever you repaired an old cosplay or made anew one he’d hang around and watch you work.

“Darling, why are you so cute?” “Let me know if you want help. What do you mean you don’t trust my sewing skills?”

Jimin low-key wants you to show him your costume. He doesn’t want to embarrass you though so before he asks, he stalks your sns for pictures.

“Jagi? Can I…would you mind showing me your costume?” “Come here and take selcas with me for Twitter. Everyone needs to see how cute you are.”

doesn’t understand how you can be this cute and you’re good with kids? Clearly you’re perfect for him.

“Can you cosplay for me sometime?” *you show him* “You look so cute! Now I know why kids love you~”

Jungkook is trying not to loose his mind over you basically being a superhero. It makes him want to try cosplaying too.

“That’s like, insanely cool???” “This is gonna sound weird but…would you show me how you made this? I want to try it…”

I do not allow reposting or translations of any of my work.

anonymous asked:

hey will jaime live till the end of the series or will he be killed?

Hi anon, thanks for the question.

To begin, I obviously do not possess the power of foresight, so all I can ever do is to make a more or less educated guess (as is the case for anyone other than D&D and GRRM, if he ever stopped posting pictures on Twitter with ridiculous hats instead of finishing the friggin’ remaining novels *sigh*).

However, there is that one thing I can say for certain, I believe, Jaime will die *at some point*. That is, unless it turns out that Jaime is a superhuman creature meant to outlive everyone, become the Lion of Night and win the boss fight against the Others with his magical, golden mane. Thereby bring back the Light after the Long Night, shake it up with the Maiden-Made-of-Light and Wench-of-his-heart and then they live forever in the pantheon they will create, bringing forth the Godly Braime Bunch™.

… I quite like that scenario right now…


Where was I? I got distracted by glorious lion manes and the Braime Bunch™.

Back on target – Jaime’s death and my more or less educated guess on the potential outcome of that mix.

Well, I belong to the faction of the fandom that tries (and will for as long as I have might in my body and mind) to stay clear of the Valonqar Disease™. By which I mean to give the fair warning to anyone favoring that theory, you will not see approval of it in this post. It is no theory I share in, so if that is what you believe it to be, that is your more or less educated guess, not mine, and therefore you will not find pro arguments in this post. Though, of that I am most certain, there are plenty of people being quite verbose about that theory, so I believe I can safely leave it aside and instead talk about what I take to be my most educated guesses.

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bonjour, do yall still remember me?

i have been inactive since i finished writing Procreation cause like.. law school.. but i’ve obviously been checking the tag every other day and seeing your beautiful fanarts, gifs and discussions THIS TAG IS MY LIFE

with that being said, i dont know if we have new peeps here but i just wanna say that i have come been abroad this ship since season 2 now which makes this my 3rd hiatus (wow would you believe it????) and i cannot believe i am still here, shipping these two crazy kids as hard as possible as my main, principal, central, primary and preeminent ship

just wanted to remind both the oldies and the newbies that this has literally been the most peaceful fandom i’ve ever been in, and i’m aware that its not really common to like every single person who posts on a fandom tag but I DO, there has been zero fandom drama within kabby fam, everyone is so respectful, amazing, talented, and lively and I am not ashamed to say I have found my best friend in this fandom 2 years ago and she is the most precious human being ever walked on this earth wink wink @charmingly-evil (shameless bff promotion - go read Public Affairs!)

thank you to every single one of you for being here, not just to support these two hot ass individuals we call marcus and abby, but also being here for each other as a community and helping us create this safe space that we are lucky to call ours

with that being said, can you direct me towards the newest fics ;)

How I Became The Help: My Au Pair Story

Brace yourselves. This is the story of how I made a slow descent into madness. 

I met the Maline* family the third day I arrived in France. I had already skyped the mother twice the week prior and had fallen in love with her vivacious spirit. Marie*, we will call her. She was warm and sunny. She had long auburn curls and an infectious smile. I could just tell she was the most popular mom in the neighborhood. She already had two babysitters, but she was looking for a live-in english tutor. She assured me that my  *sole* responsibility was to help them with their english homework and babysit them every now again. Weekends were completely mine and I received weekly pay on top of free housing, a phone, and money for transportation. Who would turn down a deal like that? 

The Warm Welcome

Three months ago, Marie picked up my mother and me from our hotel promptly at noon. Her energy was through the roof. She was excited to meet us and my energy quickly matched hers. Their home was something of Martha Stewart perfection. Every room was immaculate, carefully constructed to allude the perfect balance between elegance and modesty. 

Hugging the entire back of the house were 5 shuttered French doors, which on this first visit were completely open to allow in the sun’s natural light. In the backyard were two little boys, ages 6 and 9, bonding over soccer with their father. In the living room was the eldest daughter, age 12, intensely focused, practicing the drums for an upcoming recital. 

What I loved most about my surroundings were the decorative artifacts in every corner of the house. Congolese masks in the office, Russian dolls in the den, Japanese art above the oven. They were trying to make a statement, for sure. “Not only are we well traveled, but we fully embrace other cultures within our home!” Honestly I dug it.  It was a nice touch to an otherwise vanilla home. 

After having a 5 course meal complete with red wine AND Champagne, Marie asked me when I was planning to move home. HOME. Whether this was a result of broken english or not, I took this as a sign that she already saw me as one of the family. I looked over to my mother & had an Orphan Annie moment. 

I moved in a couple days later, believing fully that this was the best gift I could have received in my move.

I was wrong. 

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17-reactions  asked:

how would hoshi/woozi/scoups/mingyu react if you could sing and dance fairly well?

S.Coups: Oh my goodness, Seungcheol would love this! I can really see him coming and back hugging you when you’re singing to yourself while making breakfast in the morning. He would snuggle his face into your neck and whisper ‘You’re a beautiful singer, baby’ in his morning voice (please give me a moment to breATHE) I can also see him wanting to practice any new choreography with you because ‘you motivate him’ (but it’s actually just because he loves watching you dance)

Hoshi: He would adore it if you could dance! Whenever he was sorting out the choreography for a new performance, he would come to you for advice on it. He might also make you do some moves he was thinking of adding in. When you did it, he would clap so enthusiastically for you and shower you in compliments like ‘oh my god sweetie you’re better at dancing than i am!!’ (omg he is adorable) He would love having you help him create new dances because you’re his muse!

Woozi: Jihoon would definitely come to you to check his songs over if he knew you had a singing talent. When writing lyrics, he would make you sing along with him to check that they were perfect (but mainly it was just an excuse to sing with you because he loves your voice) I can also see you recording a cover together!! He would invite you into the studio one day and you would record a cover of your favourite song and he would produce it and everything!! Whenever he is away from you, he would listen to it to remind him of you. (boyfriend goals right here)

Mingyu: So, Mingyu is greasy as hell so he would probably be like ‘Wow, baby, your voice is almost as beautiful as you!’ and you would just internally groan because of how cheesy his comments are. But in all seriousness, he would just love to hear you sing and when you’re just laying around cuddling each other, he would randomly break the silence and be like ‘babe, sing for me’ and he would like mAKE you even if you were embarrassed. and he would be all like ‘our kids are gonna have the most beautiful lullabies sang to them when we have them’ and you would be a blushing mess of couRSE (iM GETTING CARRIED AWAY HERE HOLD ME BACK)