we would make the most beautiful kids

  • Lauren: You kidding? You’re the most beautiful woman in most rooms… [Camila jumps up and kisses her, Lauren breaks the kiss] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What’s going on? You and I just made out! You and I are making out?
  • Camila: Well, not anymore.
  • Lauren: But we don’t do that.
  • Camila: I know, I just thought it would be fun.
  • Lauren: How drunk are you?
  • Camila: Drunk enough to know that I want to do this. Not so drunk that you should feel guilty about taking advantage.
  • Lauren: [thinks] That’s the perfect amount!
Got7 Kinks

Anon your request got eaten but I know you requested this, along with Block B I think?, so damn long ago and I’m sorry for the wait but here you go. I talk a lot of shit in this just saying, read with caution.

Jackson: Thighs, Dark Skin, Sweat; Jackson’s the only one I know for sure, and that’s why he has the most and he’s first up here. I don’t really think he has a kink for dark skin, but I know he love love loves him some beautiful tan girls. We all know he loves thighs, he makes sure to tell the fandom every single day. Thick thighs would get this boy so fucking horny, he’d love to just squeeze at them and bite and suck and leave really dark marks. He said, somewhere, that he likes girls who sweat and workout once, and what better place to do that than in this kids bedroom. He’s a steamy, hot, slow, loud sweaty sex kinda guy. Plus I’m just going to casually slip in the daddy kink down here. Jackson is so daddy af it’s not even fucking funny, plus it’s fun to call guys daddy so.

Mark: Biting, Bondage, Hickies; I literally only chose biting for Mark because his mouth is just so god damn pretty. I fucking can’t with his perfect teeth okay and whether he has a biting kink or not, who fucking wouldn’t want those pearly whites all over their fucking body? If you don’t you’re crazy. He’d be such a tease too, knowing you like the biting as much as he does and he’d slowly bite your bottom lip, slowly tug on your nipples, just slowly bite every god damn fucking thing he can while you’re tied up to his bed and helpless. Can you imagine him just fucking biting onto your shoulder when he comes? Fuck. He’s the jealous type who wouldn’t let you leave the house unless every fucking inch of your skin was covered in bright purple bruises, just so no man talks to you.

Youngjae: Bondage, Whining, Slut Shaming; Uhhh this is like the best combination of fucking kinks I swear okay. Bondage, you know tying your hands up, or your legs up, handcuffing you. I also feel like blindfolding would be included in that, but it’s iffy af. On to whining, I can just see him getting so worked up with your high pitched whines, and that could easily bring him to the edge, no problems. He’d do extra little things like twist your nipples and maybe spank the side of your thigh so you’d whimper even louder. We all know what slut shaming is right? We should but I’ll explain anyway. It’s simply shaming a woman for being a slut. I’m not meaning slut shaming in a bad way at all, nor would Youngjae use it in a bad way, little sentences like ‘That’s right slut, suck my cock,’ or ‘You little slut you couldn’t even wait five minutes for me?’ Would give him the extra push to come, there’s a little dominance in there as well.

Jin Young: Daddy; I feel like he would rather have a mommy kink, but I don’t even know if that’s a thing so we’ll go with daddy. Everyone knows how the daddy kink works, and with Jinyoung it would definitely come with all the perks. Calling him daddy outside of the bedroom, letting him pamper you like a baby all the time, bending you over his lap and spanking you, just everything you know. He’s so sweet so he’d probably feel bad afterwards and make it up to you by fucking you really slow and lovingly. Baby girl and Princess are his favorite nicknames for you.

BamBam: Orgasm-denial, Teasing; Whoo alright here we go. Bam Bam is fucking bae, just wanted to throw that out there first. He’s such a little fucking tease as well and ugh. He’d ghost his fingers and lips all over your body, loving the way you’d squirm under his light touches. As for orgasm denial, this lovely fuck fuck would happily pound into you and pull out just when you’re about to come. Then start fucking you really fast again and instead of pulling out, just slow the pace of his thrusts down. Your whines and whimpers would go straight to his cock and he would quickly fuck you both to release.

JaeBum: Dominace, Hair Pulling, Spanking; Alright another hella good combination of kinks so le go. Dominance my lord he’d be so god damn dominant and if you disagree I’ll fukkin fight you. I can see him not letting you touch him, and when you tried he’d grab your arms and slam them down to the mattress, punishing you(not really) with a sharp, deep ass thrust that makes you squeak. If you couldn’t keep your hands off, that’s when he’d flip you over and hold your head to the bed with his hand curled into your hair. He’d fuck you hard and fast from behind, pull on your hair a little bit, spank your ass and groan at the way it blooms red. He’s the full package okay, get with this one if you down with rough shit.

Sorry about Youngjae’s essay but also not really.

Admin B
Free! as parents.


“Come on kid it’s like one in the morning.” He would he a good dad but hate being on the night shift.


He would be a really good father. Making his kid happy would be his goal.


“Rei, can you put our child down for one moment?” “No… Look at what we made! They are the most beautiful thing in the world!” He would be so happy and so proud.


He would be a child himself, Pretending to be a monster and chasing his kid down the hall would be his signature move when it came to playtime. 

Gou/ Kou: 

She would probably spoil that child rotten but teach them to be kind and loving. Lots of hugs and kisses as well!


“Babe! How do you get it to stop crying!?” He would get pretty upset when it would start crying.


He would want to teach the kid new things and show them the world!




“Hey honey look what I can do!” “ Momotarou!!” The gif kinda explains it.


He would never really hold the baby because he would be scared to drop them but little things like the child holding his thumb or finger is worth it.


“Haiya baby.” He would be quiet and gentle, all the while smiling like a happy dork.



We named our girl Ayana

well, her mother did, really

I just nodded and said,

“Yes dear, Ayana’s a perfectly lovely name.”

but we named her Ayana

because we struggled long and hard

to find the perfect name

that no kids would be able to make fun of

because when I was a boy

the other kids laughed and pointed their fingers at me

and said, “Max is mundane. Max is mundane.

How does it feel to be mundane, Max?”

and we didn’t want our beautiful, little girl

to have to put up

with that kind of shit

We named our girl Ayana

but Ayana’s not his name

We named our girl Ayana

because it means beautiful flower in Swahili

at least that’s what we were told

and how could you possibly look

at this precious, little child

and not see the most beautiful flower

she was unbelievable, she was

with a gentle face filled with wisdom and soul

and eyes so clean and pure

they could pierce right down to the bottom of your soul

She was far and away
the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen

in a lifetime of seeing beautiful things

and just looking at her

made me believe in God again

after being an atheist for most of my life

We named our girl Ayana

but Ayana’s not his name

We named our girl Ayana

because we wanted something unique

that could be distinctly hers

I mean, we knew she was going to be amazing

she was going to be special

how could she not be?

So she needed a name

as original as she was going to be

and damn if she didn’t exceed our wildest expectations

of how cool and interesting a person could be

She was unbelievably smart and funny

and interested in weird and cool things

and could talk your ear off

about the things that caught her fancy

Ayana was perfect

Ayana couldn’t have been better

Ayana was always ready

to teach us something new

We named our girl Ayana

But Ayana’s not his name

We named our girl Ayana

but, you want to know the truth?

Our kids are not possessions

that we can mold and shape and form

into the people we imagine them to be

We get to hand them our DNA

and a little bit of our wisdom

but after that they’re on their own

We don’t get to choose their lovers and friends and teachers

We don’t get to choose their politics and preferences

We don’t get to choose their fantasies and daydreams and nightmares

We don’t get to chose what food they like and what music they listen to

We don’t  get to choose their home and we don’t get to choose their religion

We don’t get to choose their gender

and, as much as we might like to

we don’t get to choose

their name

We named our girl Ayana

but Ayana’s not his name

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