we would make the most beautiful kids


I remember all the promises we’ve made together—all the good things you’ve said that I thought would last forever. We were like kids writing our futures without knowing how time could change us—how the world will try to always make us reminisce the past. How the people around us will try to mold us into something we didn’t want.


It was the different type of love. I don’t know if fate is real or if destiny confuses us about what we feel. But I always imagine you with me, and my heart beating with yours in symphony. It was the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. The most wonderful feeling I couldn’t get tired of.


There’s always something that goes in between. Pedestrians passing by— every time the traffic lights signal us to stop. When you were walking fast yet caught up behind someone who is walking slowly enough. When you already want to do the things you love, but you saw something that puts a doubt in your heart. When you thought you already found someone who you can’t enjoy living without.


I choose you over anything else, hoping that you’ll also end up picking me over everybody else. Yet I put a finger on your lips telling you to stop spreading all the sugar coated lies. I point to your chest, hoping for you to be honest. Darling I think I couldn’t take it anymore, if you continue to pretend that you still love me more.


Believe when I say that everything will be okay, even if it will take a lot of time for me to heal. In the end I will surely learn from all of this things. I will still carry the love I have somewhere inside me. Not for you, but for—each and every—broken part of me. This is how I should let go of you. One by one, I’ll remove my fingertips away from holding your hands. One by one I’ll let go of you so you can rest and breathe. Day by day, letting go will ease the pain.

And until my hands stop bleeding, my soul will suddenly appreciate the wonderful life I’m living. In the end my heart will learn how to love myself more—and will finally consider it as my home.

—  ma.c.a // I should stop holding on you
  • Lauren: You kidding? You’re the most beautiful woman in most rooms… [Camila jumps up and kisses her, Lauren breaks the kiss] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What’s going on? You and I just made out! You and I are making out?
  • Camila: Well, not anymore.
  • Lauren: But we don’t do that.
  • Camila: I know, I just thought it would be fun.
  • Lauren: How drunk are you?
  • Camila: Drunk enough to know that I want to do this. Not so drunk that you should feel guilty about taking advantage.
  • Lauren: [thinks] That’s the perfect amount!
It's all about Barbie - Chapter 3 (Trixya)- Djoodi

A/N: Hey guys! I’m back back back again :) And I’m sorry that it took some time for me to get this one done, but school is back so I don’t really have a lot of time to write! But I’m so happy to see that people left some really positive feedback! <3 

If you haven’t read chapters 1 and 2 they are here: chapter 1; chapter 2! And I created a sideblog (but I suck so bad at using tumblr so I’m already sorry for my mistakes lol)! 

Also, VicThirteen was the nicest person™ and helped me as a beta! Thank you so much <3 

Hope you guys enjoy it! :)

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Got7 Kinks

Anon your request got eaten but I know you requested this, along with Block B I think?, so damn long ago and I’m sorry for the wait but here you go. I talk a lot of shit in this just saying, read with caution.

Jackson: Thighs, Dark Skin, Sweat; Jackson’s the only one I know for sure, and that’s why he has the most and he’s first up here. I don’t really think he has a kink for dark skin, but I know he love love loves him some beautiful tan girls. We all know he loves thighs, he makes sure to tell the fandom every single day. Thick thighs would get this boy so fucking horny, he’d love to just squeeze at them and bite and suck and leave really dark marks. He said, somewhere, that he likes girls who sweat and workout once, and what better place to do that than in this kids bedroom. He’s a steamy, hot, slow, loud sweaty sex kinda guy. Plus I’m just going to casually slip in the daddy kink down here. Jackson is so daddy af it’s not even fucking funny, plus it’s fun to call guys daddy so.

Mark: Biting, Bondage, Hickies; I literally only chose biting for Mark because his mouth is just so god damn pretty. I fucking can’t with his perfect teeth okay and whether he has a biting kink or not, who fucking wouldn’t want those pearly whites all over their fucking body? If you don’t you’re crazy. He’d be such a tease too, knowing you like the biting as much as he does and he’d slowly bite your bottom lip, slowly tug on your nipples, just slowly bite every god damn fucking thing he can while you’re tied up to his bed and helpless. Can you imagine him just fucking biting onto your shoulder when he comes? Fuck. He’s the jealous type who wouldn’t let you leave the house unless every fucking inch of your skin was covered in bright purple bruises, just so no man talks to you.

Youngjae: Bondage, Whining, Slut Shaming; Uhhh this is like the best combination of fucking kinks I swear okay. Bondage, you know tying your hands up, or your legs up, handcuffing you. I also feel like blindfolding would be included in that, but it’s iffy af. On to whining, I can just see him getting so worked up with your high pitched whines, and that could easily bring him to the edge, no problems. He’d do extra little things like twist your nipples and maybe spank the side of your thigh so you’d whimper even louder. We all know what slut shaming is right? We should but I’ll explain anyway. It’s simply shaming a woman for being a slut. I’m not meaning slut shaming in a bad way at all, nor would Youngjae use it in a bad way, little sentences like ‘That’s right slut, suck my cock,’ or ‘You little slut you couldn’t even wait five minutes for me?’ Would give him the extra push to come, there’s a little dominance in there as well.

Jin Young: Daddy; I feel like he would rather have a mommy kink, but I don’t even know if that’s a thing so we’ll go with daddy. Everyone knows how the daddy kink works, and with Jinyoung it would definitely come with all the perks. Calling him daddy outside of the bedroom, letting him pamper you like a baby all the time, bending you over his lap and spanking you, just everything you know. He’s so sweet so he’d probably feel bad afterwards and make it up to you by fucking you really slow and lovingly. Baby girl and Princess are his favorite nicknames for you.

BamBam: Orgasm-denial, Teasing; Whoo alright here we go. Bam Bam is fucking bae, just wanted to throw that out there first. He’s such a little fucking tease as well and ugh. He’d ghost his fingers and lips all over your body, loving the way you’d squirm under his light touches. As for orgasm denial, this lovely fuck fuck would happily pound into you and pull out just when you’re about to come. Then start fucking you really fast again and instead of pulling out, just slow the pace of his thrusts down. Your whines and whimpers would go straight to his cock and he would quickly fuck you both to release.

JaeBum: Dominace, Hair Pulling, Spanking; Alright another hella good combination of kinks so le go. Dominance my lord he’d be so god damn dominant and if you disagree I’ll fukkin fight you. I can see him not letting you touch him, and when you tried he’d grab your arms and slam them down to the mattress, punishing you(not really) with a sharp, deep ass thrust that makes you squeak. If you couldn’t keep your hands off, that’s when he’d flip you over and hold your head to the bed with his hand curled into your hair. He’d fuck you hard and fast from behind, pull on your hair a little bit, spank your ass and groan at the way it blooms red. He’s the full package okay, get with this one if you down with rough shit.

Sorry about Youngjae’s essay but also not really.

Admin B
  • Aubrey: are You kidding? You’re the most beautiful woman i know…
  • [stacie kisses her passionately, aubrey breaks the kiss]
  • Aubrey: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What’s going on? You and I just made out! You and I are making out?
  • Stacie: Well, not anymore.
  • Aubrey: But we don’t do that.
  • Stacie: I know, I just thought it would be fun.
  • Aubrey: How drunk are you?
  • Stacie: Drunk enough to know that I want to do this. Not so drunk that you should feel guilty about taking advantage.
  • Aubrey: [thinks] That’s the perfect amount!

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Bts reaction to their girlfriend having the name Batgirl and she cosplays as her for kids? Ty!

(I assume you mean having the same name as the character, Betty/Barbara)

Jin didn’t really get it until you told him how much the kids loved it. It made him want to try cosplaying sometime.

“Of course my Jagi would be good with kids.” “Does this mean we can cosplay as Mario and Peach sometime? You’d be the most beautiful princess.”

Suga is glad you have something to do while he’s not there, but he might be a little surprised by it. He’d definitely admire your hand made cosplay. 

“I didn’t realize you were this big of a nerd, baby.” “Did you make this yourself? Wait, you can sew too??”

J-Hope is very excited that you make kids happy, now you’re both balls of sunshine. You didn’t ask him to be, but he’s now you’re biggest cheerleader for cosplaying.

“If you every want to do more cosplays and I will help however I can!” “Can I take pictures next time you wear it? What?! You just look so pretty!”

Rap Monster probably noticed the name thing before he even knew you cosplayed as her. Whenever you repaired an old cosplay or made anew one he’d hang around and watch you work.

“Darling, why are you so cute?” “Let me know if you want help. What do you mean you don’t trust my sewing skills?”

Jimin low-key wants you to show him your costume. He doesn’t want to embarrass you though so before he asks, he stalks your sns for pictures.

“Jagi? Can I…would you mind showing me your costume?” “Come here and take selcas with me for Twitter. Everyone needs to see how cute you are.”

doesn’t understand how you can be this cute and you’re good with kids? Clearly you’re perfect for him.

“Can you cosplay for me sometime?” *you show him* “You look so cute! Now I know why kids love you~”

Jungkook is trying not to loose his mind over you basically being a superhero. It makes him want to try cosplaying too.

“That’s like, insanely cool???” “This is gonna sound weird but…would you show me how you made this? I want to try it…”

I do not allow reposting or translations of any of my work.

Pancakes and Kids?

Request: Could you do a imagine of being Izzy’s best friend since childhood so Max has grown up around you and one early morning he comes into your and Alec’s shared room (you’ve been dating for over a year) demanding pancakes which you agree to not but not before telling Alec that you’re kids better not try to pull this crap which makes him get all fluffy and sentimental thinking about your future???

Pairing: ReaderXAlec

Word count: 1.1k

Authors Note: Hi, thank you so much for this request it was so fun to write! I absolutely adore Max he is the cutest!

Originally posted by shadowhuntersbestmoments

*GIF is not mine*

Y/n’s POV

You had lived in the institute for little over 4 years, so you knew every single hiding place. Where on earth was Max you thought to yourself. He had gone to hide about half an hour ago and you were starting to worry.

Then suddenly out of nowhere a little Shadowhunter jumped out in front of you, in the cutest dinosaur pajamas.

“ Boo!!” Max’s little scream made you laugh.

“Oh! No! You scared me!” You say dramatically putting you hand over your heart before scooping Max up into your arms. He was light as a feather but according to your boyfriend of 2 years, Alec, Max was the heaviest thing in the world.

“ Its time for bed Mr” you say as you carry him to his room. When you arrive to his door, your turn the light on with your elbow and walk to his bed. You pull his duvet from the bed and gently lay Max down, he had fallen asleep as you were carrying him. He must of been tired from hide and seek all day, you knew you were.

You turn his night light on and just as you are about to leave and turn his main light off you hear a small sleepy voice.

“ Nanite Y/N ” followed by soft snores.

“ Goodnight Max” you whisper, afraid to wake him.

It was only 9 pm so you decided that you would go see your best friend Izzy. She had asked you to come along when you had finished hide and seek.

You finally made it to her door, and you knocked whilst walking in.

“Hey Izzy” you say softly. Walking over to her bed.

“Hey Y/N” she smiled as she saw you.

“ You said to visit” You giggle at how strange that sounded.

“ I did indeed” she laughs “ I just wanted to know if you wanted to baby sit Max with Alec tomorrow because me, mother and father are going to Idris for something” she says looking at her hands.

“ Of course anything for you Izzy your my Parabati, I love you” you give her a reassuring smile holding her hand.

“ Thank you Y/N” she grins pulling you into a hug.

“ I better get going you know how grumpy Alec gets when he’s tired” i sigh pulling away.

“ Yeah go deal with Mr No Fun” she laughs. You giggle whilst heading to the door.

“ Goodnight Izzy” You say turning at her doorway, she smiled back in return. Then you head back to yours and Alec’s room.

You push the heavy oak door open to be greeted with a freshly out the shower Alec towel drying his hair, it was still wet. He had gray sweat pants and a plain navy blue t-shirt on. His face lit up as you entered the room.

“Hey” He says softly as you close the door, still facing him as you do so.

“Hey” you smile back, you hadn’t seen him all day because he and Jace had gone out on a mission with Clary.

“ How have you been?” He asks walking towards you. Finally reaching you and pulling you into a hug. He smelt like soap and his aftershave which made you snuggle deeper into his chest.

“Okay, I played hide and seek all day with Max” You mutter into his arm. Alec’s head was resting on top of yours and he moved to kiss it.

“ You know, you spend more time with Max than you do with me” he chuckled, the sound was comforting, he rarely laughed since Clary had got here.

You pull your head away to look up at your gigantic boyfriend, he had a goofy, boyish smile plastered on his which made you melt a little inside.

“I like Max more, that’s why” you say as serious as you could whist pulling away, only to be grabbed by Alec’s huge hands. He had picked you up and thrown you over his shoulder. He began to walk over to the bed and you were kicking and squealing for him to put you down.

Suddenly you were flopped on to your bed and Alec was hovering over you.

“ We both know I’m your favorite” he grinned, before pressing his lips to yours, you kiss back slowly, savoring the moment.

He then pulls away, and heads over to the bathroom.

“ where are you going?” You say quickly.

“ To brush my teeth” Alec smirks through your en suite bathroom’s doorway.

“ ugh!” You whine, flopping back on the bed. But then decide to put your pajamas on.

As Alec left the bathroom you bumped his shoulder giving him a playful smile. Then you went to brush your teeth.

After, you headed straight to bed. Alec was already snoring under the covers, you just roll your eyes.

After slipping under the duvet and turning the lights off, you laid down. You were suddenly pulled across the bed, so that your back was to Alec’s front and you had two strong arms around you.

“ I love you Y/N” he whispers and kisses your neck, which made you blush.

“ I love you too Alec” you whisper, a smile spread across your face. Then you drift off into a deep slumber.

Suddenly something jumps on top of you. You spring to life only to find Max spread across you and Alec, the light seeping in through the curtains indicated it was morning.

“ Max?” You say groggily, still half asleep.

“ Y/N! You’re awake!” Max says jumping off of you poking Alec in the face, making him groan.

“What” Alec whines, stretching his arms.

“ Can Y/N make me pancakes for breakfast?” He asks with puppy eyes. I couldn’t refuse, he still had his dinosaur pajamas on.

“ Of course, you go get dressed then wait for us in the kitchen” you yawn out.

“ Yeyy!!” Max yells jumping of the bed and running out of the room.

“ I’m telling you now our kids better not wake me up this early for pancakes because I’m not doing it” you sigh, closing your eyes again. Suddenly you felt Alec straddle you and pull your eyelid open.

“ What?!” You sigh.

“ So we are having kids then?” He says with the cutest smile on his face.

“ Well, I would like to have kids, don’t you?” You question with a worried expression.

“ Our kids would be so brave, It would be a pleasure to have kids with you Y/N” he grins. Bending down to peck you lips. After pulling away he just stared at your face whilst rubbing his thumb against your cheek bone. 

“Your so beautiful” he states making you blush like mad.

“Your even more beautiful when your embarrassed” he chuckles.

“I hope our children look like you, they would be the most angelic people on this earth” he says softly, whilst kissing your neck.

“That’s so sweet, but do you not realize how hot you are?” I question. He looks up and grins. For the second time this morning he pressed his lips to yours, you kissed back instantly, after a few minuets Alec pulls away, catching your breath as he pressed his forehead against yours.

“ Y/N?” He whispers after a couple of seconds.

“ Alec?” You whisper back.

“ Would you like to get married one day?” He says softly, looking you in the eye.

“ Yes. One day” you say back just loud enough for him to hear.

“ To me?” He questions, frowning.

“ Of course to you, you idiot” you say pushing him off you, what a way to ruin the moment Alec. You quickly peck his lips and head to the kitchen to make them damn pancakes.

Free! as parents.


“Come on kid it’s like one in the morning.” He would he a good dad but hate being on the night shift.


He would be a really good father. Making his kid happy would be his goal.


“Rei, can you put our child down for one moment?” “No… Look at what we made! They are the most beautiful thing in the world!” He would be so happy and so proud.


He would be a child himself, Pretending to be a monster and chasing his kid down the hall would be his signature move when it came to playtime. 

Gou/ Kou: 

She would probably spoil that child rotten but teach them to be kind and loving. Lots of hugs and kisses as well!


“Babe! How do you get it to stop crying!?” He would get pretty upset when it would start crying.


He would want to teach the kid new things and show them the world!




“Hey honey look what I can do!” “ Momotarou!!” The gif kinda explains it.


He would never really hold the baby because he would be scared to drop them but little things like the child holding his thumb or finger is worth it.


“Haiya baby.” He would be quiet and gentle, all the while smiling like a happy dork.

The Hamilcharacters as John Mulaney Quotes
  • Alexander Hamilton: I’m an idiot, and I’ve shovelled through life rather nicely so far, so I don’t feel like I deserve good treatment.
  • Aaron Burr: I have a lot of stories about being a kid because it was the last time I was interesting.
  • Eliza Schuyler: I really set out to do this traditional-looking and traditional-sounding multi-cam sitcom, but then make the world as elastic as an animated should would be. Make the world as surreal as we wanted it to be.
  • George Washington: I don’t look older. I just look worse.
  • Angelica Schuyler: Comfort is everything. You start doing something and you want it to be perfect right away, but most babies are born ugly and then they shake it out and you get beautiful toddlers.
  • Thomas Jefferson: All my money is in a savings account. My dad has explained the stock market to me maybe seventy-five times. I still don’t understand it.
  • Marquis de Lafayette: If you’re comparing the badness of two words and you won’t even say of one the words, that’s the worse word.
  • Philip Hamilton: It’s nice when you’re nervous and everybody’s like, “Yeah, you should be nervous” because a lot of times you’re anxious and people say, “Relax. Shut up.” And that just feels like, “Well, I guess I’m also crazy.”
  • John Laurens: Hi, I’m very gay, and I’d like a few dollars.
  • Hercules Mulligan: Why do people shush animals? They’ve never spoken.
  • James Madison: I like when things are crazy. Something good comes out of exhaustion.
  • King George III: I kind of thought, wouldn’t it be funny to take a swing at the weird side of mainstream?
  • Peggy Schuyler: I plan to join the SNL band as a maraca player and stand behind saxophonist Lenny Pickett. That way, they will at least cut to me before commercial breaks. I’ll be sure to look right into the camera.
  • Maria Reynolds: I am very small, and I have no money. You can imagine the kind of stress I’m under.
  • James Reynolds: You know how you lie to your parents?
  • Charles Lee: It is 100% easier not to do things than to do them, and so much more fun not to do them. In terms of instant relief, cancelling plans is like heroin.
  • Samuel Seabury: I like making fun of myself a lot. I like being made fun of, too. I’ve always enjoyed it. There’s just something really, really funny about someone tearing into me.
Property of John Winchester

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Pairing: JohnxReader
Word count: 2,112
Warnings: Smut, Daddy!kink, spanking, jealousy, anal, oral, NSFW gifs
Request: Anonymous. Can I please, when you get the time, get some just really good, rough, dirty John smut. I’ve been watching a lot of JDM movies and shows and just ugh. Like throw in any kinks you want, I just need some john or jeffrey whichever you prefer.
Challenge entry: @roxy-davenport ’s SPNHalloweenWritingChallenge

John Winchester was the only man you ever had eyes for. At first, he was a bit hesitant because of the age difference, but that was soon pushed aside. You worked for him and Mary when you were a teenager. You had babysat the boys from the time you were 14, until you were 17. You were 5 years older than Dean, so John lumped you in now as being ‘Dean’s age’.

At 25, you’d finally landed your man. After ten years of crushing on him, at that. As a teenager, you never thought it would happen. He was older, and married. As you got older, your mind would run away from you, of course, but again- same issues. The summer after your sophomore year of college, you’d come home to find out that Mary had been killed in a drunk driving accident. You felt terrible, as she was such a nice person, always smiling, and you weren’t there to help the boys through it.

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anonymous asked:

Any head cannons for Damian's art?

Hm maybe not headcanons exactly, but there is some stuff I want to talk about. 

So to start out, every shot we get of Damian’s room in the Manor, whether he’s in there or not, includes his easel. Examples:

(n52 B&R #2)

(n52 B&R #18)

(n52 B&R annual #2)

So I think we can go ahead and assume that it’s something that’s important to him. I’ve seen Damian work in two different media– pencils and what I assume are oil paints. 

The drawings are my favorite, even though they started out with the super-disturbing horror sketches from B&R #5

….yeah I don’t like those so much

But the takeaway is that Damian uses art to work through emotion– in this case, a bunch of pent up and very scary aggression.

Okay moving on

These are my favorite. (B&R #18)

There are two things I want to point out here. First off, the labeling. I don’t know why the labeling charms me so much, but it really does– maybe because that seems like such a childish thing to do? My little brother does something similar. You can also track his growing attatchment to Titus through the dog Dog Titus in the bottom crop. 

The other thing is subject choice: figure studies and botanical/zoological diagrams. The first panel in the lower section has Alfred, Bruce, and Titus (all the other full-time residents of the Manor), which leads me to believe that they’re observational studies– he drew them while he was looking at them. I would guess that neither Alfred nor Bruce knew they were being used as models. 

And the Wayne graves on the next page look like a continuation of the same theme to me. He’s still counting them as residents. Even though their names are already clearly legible on the stones, he still has them labeled as “Grandfather and Grandmother Wayne,” words that emphasize relation and identification. Family words. Feel me?

I like that a lot.

What I like even more are the plant and animal studies, because they come across as scientific– the three angles of firefly look a lot like a diagram you would find in an entomology textbook (also cool because fireflies, like the water distortion in the bottom corner of the first page, are a hope motif in this series).

I really, really enjoy the image of Damian dragging his sketchbook around the Manor grounds looking for plants and animals to study. I think it’s a great combination of formality and childishness, the two things that contradictorily define Damian a lot of the time, because he’s a little kid that tries really hard to act like a grown up. This works for me.

I would also like y’all to notice 1) the amount of plants Damian draws and 2) the amount of houseplants he has in his room. Conclusion? Give this child a garden.

Anyway. With the exception of the portrait Damian finished for Alfred and Bruce

(n52 B&R #40)

His paintings fall along the same general lines, although they’re more landscape based than animal/plant oriented.

(R:SoB #4)

Notice that even though the landscape he’s looking at is sunny, his painting shows a lightning storm. This is a flashback scene from his time in the League, so I would assume the modification is something like the horror sketches from earlier– a reflection of inner conflict. 

There’s a similar bit from B&R #0 (also a flashback)

that’s a little harder to make out, but based on the colors he’s using, I think he’s probably painting the sunset behind him. 

So I think we can say that Damian enjoys natural beauty. That seems to be his favorite subject choice. I don’t think we’ve ever seen cityscapes, which would be the natural pick in Gotham, and most of his sketches are focussed around the Manor, which is fifteen miles outside the city limits. I would also argue that means art is a relaxation tool for Damian, since the Manor is his home, the place he would naturally be the calmest. 

Things to consider:

  • Damian drawing all the other kids when they come through the house (shhh don’t tell)
  • “Father look at this cool bug I found”
  • Damian dragging Alfred all around the plant store because plants are awesome and he needs time?? To decide which one he wants?? He has to look at all of them first
  • In the first B&R annual, Damian found out the Martha Wayne liked to paint too, and I bet that made him really happy

bestiadeluna  asked:

‘We’ll make beautiful children together’ (tho I can imagine something)

Send ‘We’ll make beautiful children together’ and I’ll draw what our muses’ children will look like.

He’d have a fancy name, probably because of Mallow, like Iosif Conall. Shy kid, drinks his milk with cocoa powder and most probably would have a pet bunny or budgie. Also, has troubles with the small tasks like tying his shoelaces. 

How I Became The Help: My Au Pair Story

Brace yourselves. This is the story of how I made a slow descent into madness. 

I met the Maline* family the third day I arrived in France. I had already skyped the mother twice the week prior and had fallen in love with her vivacious spirit. Marie*, we will call her. She was warm and sunny. She had long auburn curls and an infectious smile. I could just tell she was the most popular mom in the neighborhood. She already had two babysitters, but she was looking for a live-in english tutor. She assured me that my  *sole* responsibility was to help them with their english homework and babysit them every now again. Weekends were completely mine and I received weekly pay on top of free housing, a phone, and money for transportation. Who would turn down a deal like that? 

The Warm Welcome

Three months ago, Marie picked up my mother and me from our hotel promptly at noon. Her energy was through the roof. She was excited to meet us and my energy quickly matched hers. Their home was something of Martha Stewart perfection. Every room was immaculate, carefully constructed to allude the perfect balance between elegance and modesty. 

Hugging the entire back of the house were 5 shuttered French doors, which on this first visit were completely open to allow in the sun’s natural light. In the backyard were two little boys, ages 6 and 9, bonding over soccer with their father. In the living room was the eldest daughter, age 12, intensely focused, practicing the drums for an upcoming recital. 

What I loved most about my surroundings were the decorative artifacts in every corner of the house. Congolese masks in the office, Russian dolls in the den, Japanese art above the oven. They were trying to make a statement, for sure. “Not only are we well traveled, but we fully embrace other cultures within our home!” Honestly I dug it.  It was a nice touch to an otherwise vanilla home. 

After having a 5 course meal complete with red wine AND Champagne, Marie asked me when I was planning to move home. HOME. Whether this was a result of broken english or not, I took this as a sign that she already saw me as one of the family. I looked over to my mother & had an Orphan Annie moment. 

I moved in a couple days later, believing fully that this was the best gift I could have received in my move.

I was wrong. 

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17-reactions  asked:

how would hoshi/woozi/scoups/mingyu react if you could sing and dance fairly well?

S.Coups: Oh my goodness, Seungcheol would love this! I can really see him coming and back hugging you when you’re singing to yourself while making breakfast in the morning. He would snuggle his face into your neck and whisper ‘You’re a beautiful singer, baby’ in his morning voice (please give me a moment to breATHE) I can also see him wanting to practice any new choreography with you because ‘you motivate him’ (but it’s actually just because he loves watching you dance)

Hoshi: He would adore it if you could dance! Whenever he was sorting out the choreography for a new performance, he would come to you for advice on it. He might also make you do some moves he was thinking of adding in. When you did it, he would clap so enthusiastically for you and shower you in compliments like ‘oh my god sweetie you’re better at dancing than i am!!’ (omg he is adorable) He would love having you help him create new dances because you’re his muse!

Woozi: Jihoon would definitely come to you to check his songs over if he knew you had a singing talent. When writing lyrics, he would make you sing along with him to check that they were perfect (but mainly it was just an excuse to sing with you because he loves your voice) I can also see you recording a cover together!! He would invite you into the studio one day and you would record a cover of your favourite song and he would produce it and everything!! Whenever he is away from you, he would listen to it to remind him of you. (boyfriend goals right here)

Mingyu: So, Mingyu is greasy as hell so he would probably be like ‘Wow, baby, your voice is almost as beautiful as you!’ and you would just internally groan because of how cheesy his comments are. But in all seriousness, he would just love to hear you sing and when you’re just laying around cuddling each other, he would randomly break the silence and be like ‘babe, sing for me’ and he would like mAKE you even if you were embarrassed. and he would be all like ‘our kids are gonna have the most beautiful lullabies sang to them when we have them’ and you would be a blushing mess of couRSE (iM GETTING CARRIED AWAY HERE HOLD ME BACK)

The Little Shit (ft. JiMin)

JungKook fluff

Word Count: 2922

anon asked, “Kookie. 18. Fluff”

18. “I might be the most sarcastic and annoying shit but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you!”

“Hey babe!” JungKook slung his heavy (and muscular) arm over my shoulders. This annoying boy. How did he find me when the cafeteria is so packed during lunch break?

I have no idea when this all started but it was around second year of high school where we first met in literature class and oh, I do remembered him coming into class having his earphones on and being a total cool kid. A year after that, this boy is officially the most annoying shit I’ve ever met!

At first glance, his features were beyond beautiful. His doe eyes were so sparkly, making him look like they contained the galaxy. And his nose, so huge and plump, the type I would love to pinch when I get my hands on his face. His smile is the best yet. JungKook has the most adorable bunny smile with perfectly whitened teeth, and I love the way his smile forms this little triangle on his face with that thin upper lip and a thick bottom one. His lips were tempting and I wanted to have a taste of them so bad.

As much as I like to call him “annoying shit”, I have a crush on someone I never had imagined. I hated him for always teasing me for being short, for calling me in the middle of the night to wake me up and announced that he won his game and I absolutely hated myself for loving him knowing he would probably not feel the same. It’s true. Putting my emotions on the line because of him just got me hurt and overthinking a lot, but I’ve learnt to stop showing my feelings and become a stone cold kid towards the sunshine boy I have yearned for the most. He was the coolest guy in school and no doubt, I was one of the thousand girls who have a major crush on him but it is just that he doesn’t know that yet. Well would you rather have him irritating you or would you rather having JungKook to stop after knowing how your heart feels? I definitely chose the first option. I craved for his presence so badly, I would always give in after putting up a tough act. Yet loving him hurts so much, it taught me how to hide behind an icy mask and become someone I want to be. Someone who doesn’t stagger when it comes to her own feelings and manages her emotions well.

“Why are you smiling?” He gave his killer smirk and an eyebrow lift.

“Nothing…Your arm is so heavy, go away Jeon JungKook!” I pushed him away and quickly headed off in the direction of my next class.

He followed me and continued teasing me for being so fragile and weak, not being able to let his arm rest on my shoulder for that little while. My face feels so hot and I feel giddy. I hate him for his smirks, they make my heart flutter and my cheeks flush. And every time-

“Bet you’re running away because you’re blushing!Aw cute.” JungKook, that little shit, chuckled.

I solemnly swear, this kid will be the death of me. He murders me with his eyebrow lifts and his adorable giggles. And all I do is run away or just mock him for being gay. Okay, that’s not what I actually meant but I can’t have him tease me anymore. My feelings will show and no, he should not have any hint about them at all. It will be safe to keep some distance if I want to protect this non-existent friendship. I am currently more than satisfied that JungKook had approached me. To annoy me.

“Woah, slow down y/n!” JiMin grabbed my wrist. 


“Wanna come to my house after school? I need a tutor for math.” I hesitated and JiMin continued adding some more aegyo. “Pleaseeeee~ I can’t fail! JiMinieee has your favourite vanilla ice cream at home~ I will let you eat it for free! Just teach me some calculus please! You know tomorrow is my test, I can’t-”

“Fine!” I gave in after his pleas and disgusting aegyo.

“You’re the best!” He gave me a friendly hug before bidding me goodbye for my next class.

Meet me after school. I’m bring you out. 

Sorry. I have to go somewhere later. Can’t meet.

I hate to lie to JungKook but I did not want to back out on JiMin since he asked me out first. JiMin was a mutual friend between JungKook and I, maybe a little closer to JungKook so I couldn’t bear to tell JungKook that JiMin was the one who asked me out first. I just hope he would be reasonable and not have anything against me.

Don’t hoe around with JiMin. I know you’re going to his house. If you do, you’ll never see me again.

Haha, very funny Jeon JungKook. I will still see you in literature class as much as I don’t want to!

“Y/n!” My lecturer pointed me out. “Pay attention or you will fail your history test again!”

Yikes. It was my last class and JungKook just had to text me in the middle of my class which I fail miserably at. I was getting beyond frustrated through out the rest of the class. This was the first time JungKook had use such strong words on me. Calling me a hoe? It was not the first time I have went out with his friends but he seemed really mad. Is this boy on his period? I chuckled at that thought. What’s wrong with this kid? 

Just as I stepped out of my class, I saw a not-so-pleased Jeon JungKook with his arms crossed in front of his body. He is more than just unhappy, he seemed really pissed. I am done for.

“Hey,” I brushed past him and headed towards JiMin’s locker to find him.

“I’m bringing you out, I don’t care!” JungKook forcefully grabbed my bag and dragged me in the opposite direction.

“I’m busy! I told you!” I tried to resist his vigorous force. What exactly is wrong with him? He’s so unreasonable today.

Unknowingly, JungKook dragged me to an abandoned corner of the school filled with empty hallways and unused classrooms.

“What the fuck, Jeon JungKook? I swear to god I am just going to his house to-”

“Shut the hell up, did I gave you permission to talk?” JungKook gave one of his cold deadly glares. He never used that on me. He only used it on girls who approach him everyday to confess their love for him. He’s not the boy that I  love. 

All that followed was just awkward silence. Is my first love gone like that? I kept cursing in my mind.

“Look JungKook, I know you hate me a lot, but please let me go meet JiMin. We made a deal. I teach him and he gives me ice cream. I know you’re gonna bring me out to make a nuisance out of me, god knows what genius plans you have up your sleeves but do you actually think I would be so stupid and fall into your trap by going out with you?” 

I let out all my anger on him and regretted the next instant. But there were nothing but facts. The previous time JungKook brought me out on my birthday, he ordered hot kimchi soup to smash it in my face as if that was a cake. My uniform was drenched and completely see through, in which afterwards he made mocked my non-exsistent boobs. Another time he dragged me out to study at his home because he apparently needed a tutor for literature the day before exam and he obviously could not find anyone better to victimise.  JungKook had to joke about feeding my notes to his skinny dog and I could not have been more dumb thinking he was fooling around. The moment I helped him summarise his own study materials, my preciously written notes were fed to his dog and they were in such horrible state that I could not make out any of the words. All he did was take ugly photos of me crying and still used them as memes. What a jerk.

“Who said I hated you?” Boy was actually hurt and hella pissed.

“Don’t you always mock me and tease me for no reasons, thinking you’re bombass hot and that I actually have a crush on such a nasty asshole like you? I can’t believe you’re so vain and dumb, Jeon JungKook. On top of that, you are literally made out of 99.9% sarcasm and annoyance while the other 0.01% goes to being an asshole. Now you’re stopping me from getting my ice cream and helping out a friend! How is that reasonable? Then you dragged me here with no apparent reason and you’re just giving me some more of your bullshit when I could be at JiMin’s house being a good tutor and getting what I’ve been craving to eat! I have had enough of you, Jeon JungKook! I’m tired. Please fucking stop.”

“Me, vain? I know that. That’s why girls fall for me. That’s a proof that I’m really hot and good-looking you know. Can’t believe your enormous eyes can’t see better than JiMin’s miniature ones. And you want ice cream? You’re giving yourself away just for mere ice cream? Wow, I can’t believe you, how noble, you’re actually going to help a friend.” He rolled his eyes.

“Why do you even care so much about what happens to me? JIMin is your close friend you should know that he is really a decent kid!”

I am screwed. I have totally outdone my ownself and got JungKook so pissed I’m actually speechless at his replies thrown at me. I hated him for being so irksome but I loved him for actually being able to put up to me being a bitch on my awful days. Now I hate myself to throwing spiteful remarks at the one I hate, yet wanted to protect most. Why do we always end up like that? How could I already lose him when I could not even get him to start with?

“I know you hate me, Jeon JungKook. I know it all too well. Do you have to rub it in my face that I longed for a love I could never achieve?” I was tearing and eating up my own words. I can’t believe I just made a joke out of my ownself again, in front of him but hopefully, he would actually be dumb enough not to catch the little bit of hint that might reveal my affection for this kid.

“Hey, I’m sorry but- oh my god stop crying! I know humans are mostly made of water but that doesn’t mean you can waste them like that!” JungKook panicked. “God damn it! Stop crying! You’re so ugly when you are bawling your eyes out. Ugh, how I wish I don’t know you! You are embarrassing me! Oh my god, I’m begging you please stop! I don’t want some teacher to see this because I’ll get into trouble.” He had to cover my mouth in attempt to stop my loud sobs.

“Ouch, what the fuck!” I bit his hand hard and he winced in pain, letting me go.

I slumped onto the ground and rubbed my swollen eyes, being completely ignorant to my surrounding. Fuck you, Jeon JungKook. I wish you didn’t bother to talk to me, I wish you weren’t so perfect for me to fall for you, and I wish I wasn’t such a huge fool to love a jerk like you.

“Stop.” He offered me some tissue paper, to again, mock a pathetic soul like he always. “Just take it!” He shoved it in my face.

“G-go away! You don’t love my anyway. Just tell me straight in face the only part you love about me is to bully me because I’m so dense I would fall for your tricks every time and you would-”

“I’m sorry.” He lowered his head in embarrassment.

“The great Jeon JungKook apologising? Never heard of that.” 

“Look, I might be the most sarcastic and annoying shit but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you!” JungKook dared to yank at my wrists to get my hands off my face.

“You what?” I choked on my own words.

“Fuck, why do I actually have a crush like that? Come here kid, stop crying, I just confessed to you, I hope you’re not dense enough to not realise that. You better accept my affection, it’s not everyday I lower myself for a girl.”

“And let me guess, the great JungKook who has been afraid of girls actually confessed for the first time. Wow, am I suppose to congratulate you for accomplishing such a daring feat?” I let out a laugh.

“I don’t want to pretend to call you babe anymore. I wanted to date you for real since long time ago. I was afraid you might reject me because you’re a little shit too. I know you are habitually bound to say that I am irritating and selfish, always seeking for your attention for the slightest and insignificant little things that happen. I know you would hate me for always being so mischievous and for constantly coming up with the coldest jokes ever but I swear all I wanted was to make you smile.” He pinched both my cheeks upwards.

“I miss the first few months we interacted, when you would open up and casually talk about your personal life but eventually you stopped. I felt rejected but I kept trying, maybe if I was a little more foolish or playful, I might actually catch your eye again but you just drifted further away and I was so desperate because I love you so damn much.”

JungKook pulled me into his warm embrace and stroked my back with one hand to halt my sobs. I was wrong all along. JungKook did love me but I never bothered to find out, fearing rejection but he was experiencing too. Except JungKook was more daring and experimental in his ways. Had he not confessed to me, I would not have the slightest bit of imagination to at least think about how contented I would feel like dating him, how comfortable I would feel sleeping beside him and how secured I are in his arms.

“My cute baby please stop crying now,” He cooed and brought his thumbs to my face to wiped my tears. “I prefer you smiling. It looks beautiful on you.”

With that, his hand on my back traveled down your waist to pull me closer and minimised the distance between our bodies. I could even feel his heart pulsating with clear thumps.

“I like that pink blush too,” He chuckled and gave me his signature bunny smile. His other hand glided from my ear down my jawline, to stop at my chin. His breathing was hard, and I could feel his little exhaled breaths touching my skin.

“I love you.” He leaned in and I closed my eyes in response. I felt his tender lips brushed against mine and pressing down delicately, savouring my sweet taste in his mouth. Those lips that were so delicious, I was finally enjoying them and they were so much better than my own imaginations. He was a delicacy and craved for more. Just as he was about to pull away completely, my hand tugged on his soft locks to pull him in for another around of kissing. It was my first time, it was his as well. First love tastes so satisfying I couldn’t help but savour more of it.

“I love you so much, Jeon JungKook. And about that name calling, you’re my little shit too.”

It turned out that JiMin had his test on that day and didn’t need a tutor. JiMin needed make JungKook jealous so that he would confess to me after waiting for a whole year, crushing on me in secret while I weas doing the same too. 

“I swear this kid is the most annoying human ever! He was dying because you have been rejecting his dates recently and he is desperately trying to find ways to confess you to become his.” JiMin smacked JungKook on his head. “You better thank me for making you so jealous your impulsive nature would act up.”

And, for once, JungKook called me babe officially and brought me out for our first date, which was a trip to the ice cream store opposite school.

“I’ve never thought you could be so cheesy when it comes to love.” I teased him.

“I’ve never thought you were so smart to make me confess through your crying.” JungKook rolled his eyes. “Open your mouth.”

“Did you finally graduated from drama school? I’m sure you are trying to re-enact a Korean drama scene with all the fake romance.” I opened my mouth wide, waiting for his scoop of vanilla ice cream to arrive on my tongue.

“You ought to graduate from school though,” He retreated his hand when his spoon was so close to reaching my tongue that the cold metal of the spoon touched my lips.

“You little shit!” I gave him a little glare in return and shoved a whole chunk of ice cream into my mouth from my own spoon.

“Cute.” He commented and I felt my face heating up.


MCU Ladies Week: Day 1 - Favorite Character

Agent Peggy Carter

“You think you know me, but I’ve never been more than what each of you has created.”

It’s a fact: Peggy Carter is my favorite MCU Lady, and my second favorite MCU character (first one being Matt Murdock, this asshole will end me) . And not only because of my huge crush on Hayley Atwell and my love for the whole 50s atmosphere of the show. No, Peggy is much more than a pretty face, perfect make up, and beautiful outfits. And that’s what the character is all about, isn’t it? She is beauty, she is grace, she will punch you in the face.

There are so many reasons why I love this character, I’m afraid this might be a bit long.

We saw, last episode, that when she was a kid, her mum told her that one day she would have to start behaving like a lady, and there she is, in her fancy clothes, perfect hair, beautiful make up and her flawless British manners, smashing some sexist dude’s head with a stapler and messily eating donuts. She is fearless, badass, strong and independent and most importantly, that does not stop her from being feminine.

Peggy lives in a society that tried to change her because she did not fit into their stereotypes, which is something I’ve been subjected to. People tried to change me, make me more feminine, weaker, more available and naive towards men. I identify to Peggy’s strength of character. People tried to changed her, and managed to do so for a bit, but she’s too stubborn and someday, she broke free, and decided “I know my value anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”, which is exactly what I did, what I am still trying to do. And showing people that they do not have to fit into society’s stereotypes to be awesome is so important.

Peggy is a role model, my role model. She does not let people bring her down and was not afraid to abandon a life society wanted for her to get the one she wanted, the one she was meant for. She is strong, but she feels. She feels so much. She acts detached but she loves her friends and is extremely loyal. She loved Steve with all her heart, and he died, well she thinks he did. And yet, that didn’t stop her from moving on. She was not the weeping widow at the man’s grave, no. She stood tall, cried when she had to, but decided to do what Steve would have wanted: fight for what was right.

I’ve probably forgotten so many things, the way Hydra waited for years to show their noses again because they were too scared of Agent Carter, the way she’s not afraid of telling her friends what she thinks of them, she is extremely smart, brilliant, funny, witty, fierce, she is Agent Carter.

(And if ANYONE tells me she was only interested in Steve because of his muscles I SWEAR TO GOD…)

BTS Finding Your Embarrassing Baby Pictures

Request are opened!

-Admin M

Jin: He would be the least likely to tease you over them. If anything, he’d talk about how cute you were when you were a kid, saying that all of the silly things you did we precious. And then he’d go on to say that you’ve grown up into someone beautiful when he saw that you were getting embarrassed.

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Suga: Yoongi would be jokingly mean about it, not necessarily caring about you being bashful because he found amusement in it. He’d say “Wow, where all your cuteness go? You’ve transformed into an ugly witch.” But then if you got upset he would apologise and say that you’re even cuter now than you were when you were a kid to make you feel better.

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Rap Monster: Namjoon is the number one member most likely to make fun of your pictures. He would ask if you had any other photos he could look at, saying you looked so ridiculous in the snowman costume your mom put you in for Christmas. His laughter would be endless the whole time as he went through photo after photo.

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J-Hope: Hoseok would scream. He’d shout “OH MY GOSH JAGI YOU WERE THE MOST ADORABLE CHILD EVER! LOOK AT YOUR CUTE BUTT!” He’d praise every single photo, yelling about how much he loved them. And he’d also say that you’re still as precious now as you were then.

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Jimin: He’d be second in line with the teasing. He’d say that you were oh so cute in your pumpkin Halloween costume and how he would need to call your parents and ask for more. He may even go as far to try and call them and request for more photos, just because seeing you so embarrassed was funny to him.

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Taehyung: Tae would love them. He’d call you precious and offer to show you his own baby pictures in response. It wouldn’t be because you were somewhat bashful about it, but since that’s how he is. He’d think you’re super cute and would love each photo.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would be amused. He would laugh a little bit at the photo he was looking at where you had cake on your face. He’d think you’re cute, and when he saw you were a little shy about it, he’d say “but not as cute as you are now.”

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Why I love The Girl Who Died.
  • I adore Jamie Mathison’s script. Neat, funny, and full of subtexts. The more I re-watch it, the more feelings and ideas I get, and it often leads to further developments in the coming episodes. Not to mention so many great one liners in this episode, he really has a talent of putting words together.
  • The theme of story telling. Is it only me or The Girl Who Died had nods to The Princess Bride? Eels, and more importantly the concept of story telling. The power of stories is always a big theme of New Who especially in Moffat’s run, and this time they put more emphasis on a story teller, who seemed strange, not fit into the world, but loved people around her and was loved. A story teller who died to save a whole village against Mire. Without TARDIS, without sonic. And then the story teller became immortal. Of course we still have next episode to see the whole story of Ashildr, but I really love how they dealt with those subtexts here. It’s very beautiful.
  • The reason why the Doctor chose this face. 
    • When I watched this scene for the first time I was slightly disappointed. I thought that would be a bigger thing, some complicated plot twist or something. However, I was wrong.
    • 12th chose this face to remind himself, that when he was doomed to lose a battle, when the destiny was fixed, like Pompeii, he could always choose to save someone. That’s why he need a companion to ask him to do the thing, if he couldn’t save the whole town, try to save someone. Remind him of his compassion. It’s not about winning a war, but saving people, and that, THAT IS the meaning of being the Doctor.
    • From series 8, 12th Doctor was set as a man who considered in balance. He could lose some battle in order to win a war. In The Witch’s Familiar, Missy asked Clara why the Doctor always survived. In The Girl Who Died Clara said what the Doctor was good at was winning a war. In the end, he didn’t lose a war. But he said that he could lose any war she liked, but he was sick of losing people. A further development from the situation in the end of Flatline, when the Doctor and Clara discussing the meaning of being the Doctor.
    • Faces refers to identities, the main running theme in series 8. Whether this epiphany leads to another extreme way of action similar to Time Lord Victories? Or he will be pulled back due to his self-questioning “Am I a good man?” and the “I am an idiot!” epiphany in Death in Heaven? I don’t know. Whether his fear to lose Clara leads to a rule-breaking, reckless, dark Doctor/Valeyard? I don’t know. And I think that’s the beauty here. When most of us thought 12th would kill a kid and change the whole history, he didn’t. When 12th wanted to break the rule and cheat time, the TARDIS refused, and yet, it helped the Doctor to actually come back to Clara. What will happen next time? We don’t know yet. Just like Peter Capaldi once said, this show is about a man who constantly makes choices. It seems the Doctor will face an ultimate one before the finale. A massive closure of both the Doctor and Clara’s relationship and his own identity (Doctor Who). I will be waiting patiently with finger crossed.
  • The way 12th and Clara telling and showing their affections and feelings toward each other now. I’ve already said a thousand times but I will definitely say it again.
  • Every time when Clara came to comfort him and before she started talking, the way she stared at him and the way he stared back. That spoke something a thousand times louder than words.
  • Clara said the word “deserve” again when they were talking about 12th making Ashildr immortal. And that made me really worried. There are chances that 12th will do the same to Clara, however, Clara said quite clear that she didn’t ask for 12th’s care as his duty. And she confessed that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with 12th and leave before him. I doubt 12th will do anything against her will. Instead, he will choose to suffer himself.
  • Why Clara didn’t show up in The Woman Who Lived trailer? Why?
The signs as coffee beverages

Aries: Espresso - Straight, bold, and bursting with energy. A sure-fire start to an active day. One little sip is enough to carry you, and everyone else you lead, through the day.

Taurus: Decaf with Cream and Sugar - A true hard worker doesn’t need caffeine to amplify their already strong abilities. A slow but dependable start to the morning, heavy with sweet indulgences, is the reward for steadfastness.

Gemini: Latte - So many options! What flavor? What design? Hot or cold? An exciting treat nonetheless, the perfect addition to your bookstore or study space aesthetic.

Cancer: Caramel Macchiato - A bit bitter at the first sip, but as you get further down the sweet cream and full flavors show through. Will make you feel less ~crabby~

Leo: Irish Coffee - It’s not a party until we kick things up a notch. Warm. Conversation starter. Conversation continuer. Conversation center. Definitely knows how to make people happy.

Virgo: Mocha - Bittersweet. Hot. Not quite kid-friendly. Would you like whipped cream with that? Depends, how good were you today?

Libra: Café Viennois - How elegant, a dollop of whipped cream within and on top. Make sure to wipe your lip when you’re done. How embarrassing (but cute!) would it be to have anything on your face!

Scorpio: Iced coffee - Cold, refreshing, what everybody craves at the end of a long day. But you can’t fool us for too long - we see your beautiful milky swirls and impossible patterns amidst the darkness.

Sagittarius: Black - No strings attached, please! Whatever is the easiest to carry, most versatile to play with, and universal in flavor. Let’s just get the day going, please.

Capricorn: Caffè Americano - Not quite decaf, not completely espresso. Slow and steady wins the race for you. The less frills it takes to get your fix, the better.

Aquarius: Caffè Affogato - Not your typical coffee drink. The sweet, creamy center is the true heart of the beverage, although one would not be able to tell with the dark, unsweetened coffee surrounding it.

Pisces: Dirty Chai - Too dreamy to be a fully-caffeinated beverage. Aromatic spices, frothy milk, and just one shot of espresso to wake you up and roll over into the eyes of the human you love.