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BTS reaction to you on ‘We Got Married’

Anonymous said: Hi!! I have kind of a silly reaction request if you wouldn’t mind doing it. How would bts react when their friend/crush goes on we got married and is a super cute couple with the other idol. Hope that makes sense, thank you~

It’s finally up, sorry for taking a while to get to it! And it’s not at all silly, I enjoyed writing this! Thank you for requesting~

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

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Namjoon probably wouldn’t show his feelings on the surface, as he would understand that it was all simply acting, and you weren’t actually a couple with the idol. However, under the surface, he may have some lingering feelings of jealously, and possible worry. I imagine he would be the one to approach you about it first, asking you about how your time on the show was, what the guy was like, etc, generally being polite about the whole thing.

Jin (Seokjin):

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Jin, being the gentleman he is, wouldn’t show any dismay or negative feelings about the whole thing, instead approaching you and asking about how the show was, how the guy was like, was he nice, was he sweet? He may feel slightly anxious though, with his growing feelings towards you. He’d ask many questions about the idol you were paired up with, worried about his treatment towards you. Jin would only want the best for you, and so he’d try not to show any feelings of jealousy, so as to not make you feel uncomfortable about the whole thing. (Ah our Jinnie is so cuteee!)

Suga (Yoongi):

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I feel like Yoongi, in general, isn’t the type to show much outward emotion about a lot of things. As a result, he’d probably remain quite calm about the whole thing, instead acting like nothing has changed, and hanging out with you normally as always. However, like Namjoon, I imagine he would feel rather jealous and slightly annoyed about how adorable you looked with the other idol.

“Maybe she really does like him.” He’d think to himself, sighing as he sat, watching an episode of the show on his phone.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

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Hoseok would feel quite conflicted about the whole thing. He’s a sweetie at heart, and so he wouldn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable in any way. As a result, he would keep quiet about it at first and instead act like his usual bubbly self. But as each episode begins to air, and he sees just how cute of a couple you two made, his conflicting feelings of jealously, anxiety, and his feelings towards you would begin to grow, until the point where he’d feel like he has to say something.

“(Y/N)-ah…” He’d fiddle with his hands, as he tried to work out what to say. “I… I mean… do you like him?” He’d look up at you with clear anxiety and slight sadness in his eyes, taking you back with surprise.


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Unlike the hyung line, I imagine Jimin wouldn’t find it as easy to hide his feelings towards you and towards the show. He would constantly worry that you actually really liked the other idol, and therefore would never notice his feelings for you. You’d notice that something was very clearly up, as he would act strange and uncomfortable around you for the next few days, until you’d finally stop him one day and confront him about it.

“Jimin-ah, what’s going on? Are you okay?” You’d touch his shoulder in concern, causing him to glance down at your hand resting on his shoulder, and sigh. Running his hands through his hair, he’d ask, “(Y/N)… do you… possibly… like him? Like like him, that is?”

V (Taehyung):

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Taehyung would probably also be slightly upset by it, as his feelings for you were forever growing out of control. Unlike Jimin and Jungkook though, he’d become more clingy to you over the next few days, following you around a bit like a lost puppy. He wouldn’t know whether to confess his feelings to you, or stay quiet about it, but he’d worry that if he didn’t say anything, he’d lose you to the other idol. (Writing this is giving me so many feels, ahh. TT)


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Jungkook, still being fairly young, would probably get quite jealous and protective. Even though he knows it’s all just acting, he’d still worry that you developed feelings for the guy, and so he’d get flustered and wouldn’t know how to react. He might give you the cold shoulder for a few days, eventually giving in to your constant pestering.

“Kookie? What’s up with you?” You’d nudge him as you approached him one day.

“Ah… How do I say this?” He’d look down at his hands, avoiding eye contact with you. “I think I like you, (Y/N),” he’d blurt out suddenly, finally looking you in the eyes.

Unpopular opinion?

I feel like people are forgetting that the reason some people really wish to see season 4 from Even’s POV is not because of seeing them ‘gay cute boys’ but because of their portrayal of a healthy teen lgbt relationship on TV. I’m sorry but it would mean a great deal to a lot of people out there and it makes me really upset that people are forgetting about this.
They are forgetting that there is literally nothing out there like this and just… Is one more season too much to ask for? In comparison to he two (possible three if they go for Vilda/Magnus next) straight couples that we have seen/will see? You know, just saying….

BTS Seeing You With New Glasses

Namjoon: “So does that mean you can see me better now?”

Yea Namjoon would be that guy.

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Taehyung: “Oh… Of course I noticed jagiya! They look so nice on you. You’re so cute come here.”

He’d be so oblivious about you getting new glasses but once you point it out to him he’d be staring at you cutely.

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Hoseok: “These glasses look so nice on you! They really fit you so well.”

He’d instantly notice the new pair of frames on your face. 

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Jin: “Look! Now we’ll make an even cuter couple.”

He’d be more confident in wearing his own pair whenever he’s with you.

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Jungkook: “Yah look at my four eyes jagiya.”

He’d be teasing you every time you would wear your glasses and laughs every time you scold him.

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Yoongi: “Do I look more handsome now?”

He’d start to do poses as he “test” out how well your new glasses work.

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Jimin: “Wow! These new glasses look even better than the last ones.”

He’d compliment you every time he’d look at you. He somehow found you even more attractive whenever you wore them.

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BTS Reaction #19 - Their s/o has unique eyes

anon asked: Hi ! Can I ask for a Got7, BTS reaction to one of their girl friend having not ordinary eyes (some not ordinary color on the iris, yellow, green, blue, grey ect.) but still kind of mesmerizing because they are big and make her look cute, Please ? Thanks ! :D

Seokjin: *you have Heterochromia - two different colored eyes* “Can I do your makeup jagi? I want to do two different looks to bring out each of your eyes like those youtube tutorials of the half and half faces!!”

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Yoongi: *finds it extremely sexy* “Your golden eyes are so fierce jagi. We make one hell of an attractive couple” he’d then kiss you deeply. Honestly one of the things he’d be most attracted to about you would be your eyes, seeing them as windows to who you are as a person

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Hoseok: *you catch him staring at your hazel eyes* “They’re green…but also brown and gold….” *continues to point out the obvious for hours on end about the various colors in your eyes, calling you beautiful while doing so*

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Namjoon: He’s never had trouble making eye contact before when talking to someone, but when you start talking to him on an intellectual level with your bright denim colored eyes, he wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye. He’d be too blushy wondering how he’d gotten so lucky to find such a smart, beautiful, and unique s/o. (not gonna lie, he would stare into your eyes deeply during sex though. like his eyes would NEVER leave yours)

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Jimin: Whatever you want, if he is hesitant to do it for you then just give him a puppy dog pouting look. When he sees your beautiful eyes all huge and sad looking he’d instantly crack and do anything for you. He’d be putty in your adorable hands. He’d also constantly pinch your cheeks and kiss your forehead, telling you how cute you are.

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Taehyung: He’d end up staring at you for hours. You’d ask him to stop and he’d just giggle and keep staring, making cute faces at you to get you to laugh. “Jagi I love how your eyes look when you’re smiling and laughing. They’re so cool… You’re so pretty” *insert more giggly tae here*

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Jungkook: *when someone comments on your eyes* “Yeah, MY s/o’s eyes are gorgeous.” He’d put your arm around you and sort of glare at the other person. He’d love your eyes so much and find them so pretty that he’d find himself getting protective over you when others point that out too. He loves them and he knows others will too

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A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get to the second part of your request love! I hope you like it and thank you for your patience! <3

BTS reaction to getting shipped with the idol they’re secretly dating


He would find it hilarious but deep down he would ask himself if anyone noticed something since people randomly started shipping the ship.

The fact that they got a cute shipping name would make him a bit shy.

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He would smile and joke about the fact, not really caring about actually getting caught because if anyone didn’t know, the boys never had a dating restriction! 

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“I know, we would totally be the cute couple, right?”

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He would get shy, about the fact that people would like the idea of you dating but also because of the cute shipping name. Seeing all the support you were getting, he would reconsider being a secret

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Giggling and probably blushing too, never really answering if people asked if you were really dating

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He would really enjoy the fandom talking about it and wondering if there was the possibility to actually dating each other.

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Personally I think he would be the member to be the most embarrassed about questions and people wondering about it, still he would never talk about it, since it was no ones business anyways

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I know the gif doesn’t suit the text at all but it was soo cute….

If we were a couple

I would send you sweet texts every morning.
I would show you my favorite movies, series, books and comics.
I would take you on adorable dates where we make new sweet memories together.
I would play with your hair and buy you cute gifts.
I would write you poems that are only for your ears
I would make you puny art.
If we would live together I would come home with random bouquets or take out food from the weirdest restaurants.
Our apartment will be filled with fairy lights and porcelain grandma figurines because they’re adorable.
I will just randomly stare at you and admire your existence.
You’re flawed but that makes you even more lovable.
They make you you.
I love you.
Even though I probably don’t know you yet

With love


Jensen watched with an amused smile as you walked away from Misha, leaving the flustered brunette a grinning and sputtery mess for what must have been the millionth time. He had the exact same look in his eyes as he always did when talked to you, dreamy and shy and boyish.

Jensen had had enough of this nonsense. It was time to help his friend with this dilemma of feelings.

“Misha!” Jensen called across the room, earning a few half interested stares from bystanders.

Misha trotted over to his friend, remnants of his crush-induced smile still on his lips. “What’s up?” Even now his eyes wondered subconsciously to where you stood across the room.

“You two would make a cute couple,” Jensen stated.

This earned Misha’s attention, causing him to make a sort of choking noise. “What the hell, Jensen, we’re just-”

“If you say ‘just friends’ I will smack you,” Jen interrupted with a stern look and a warning waggle of a finger. “I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Come here,” he said in a lower voice.

With a hesitant stare Misha moved closer so Jensen could whisper in his ear. “Y/N likes you too.”

Misha couldn’t help but smile and giggle at hearing this, whether he thought it was true or not. It still sounded delicious.

But again before Misha could say any more, Jensen slapped his ass and yelled rather loudly, “Go get 'em, tiger!”

BTS Reaction #9 - You want to dress up in couples cosplay with them

Taehyung: *is ecstatic that you asked and he didn’t have to ask you*

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Jungkook: “CAN WE BE *insert anime couple’s names here*?!? WE WOULD LOOK SO FIERCE!”

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Jimin: “Babe!! We would be SO CUTE in couple’s cosplay!!! This is the best idea that you’ve ever had!” *please ignore subtitle*

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Namjoon: *chuckles* “You know what? That’s actually a really cute idea.”

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Hoseok: “Wah~ jagi you put a lot of thought into making the cosplay costumes didn’t you?? How could I say no to you after that?? Especially since this means we get to spend more time together!”

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Seokjin: “Can we be that couple from the baking anime?? Please, please, pleasseeee?” *aegyo*

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Yoongi: “As long as we’re a badass couple like from attack on titan or fairy tale then I’m fine with it.”

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REQUESTED BY MAH BAE TAETAE ANON! <3 I hope you liked it sweetie!!!

anonymous asked:

If we were dating, I'd never let you wake up without a good morning text. If you got mad at me, I'd kiss you until you forgot what you were mad about. I'd bring you food and my support and shoulder to cry on when you were upset. I would make sure you knew how devoted to you I was, you'd never go to sleep doubting our relationship. I'd say "scared, Potter?" Just so you could reply with "you wish". I'd take awkwardly cute couples photos with you, and everyone would wish they were us

This is all I’ve ever wanted from a relationship let’s do it

Pick-Up Lines for each of the Signs

Aries: R u the sun bc damn ur fricken hot
Taurus: I’d give up sweets if I could have a piece of that ass
Gemini: Ur hotter than the bottom of my laptop
Cancer: Love me I’m cute
Leo: We would take such cute couple selfies *wink wink*
Virgo: You’re perfect and amazing and you seem really cool and we should talk more and now I’m rambling just make out with me
Libra: If I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put u and i together
Scorpio: You’re hot let’s fuck
Sagittarius: Hi
Capricorn: Shut up and kiss me. Please.
Aquarius: you + me sitting in a tree k i s s i n g
Pisces: Do you like cuddling?

Hello, dear people!!

Since the “secret blurred santa” failed because we were out of time, ang (aka @inaternum) and me decided to make a secret friend for Valentine’s Day! Sometimes this beautiful day only seems to exist for couples in love and personally, i think that very often people forget that it’s also for friends, so we want to bring the importance of friendship and love back with this cute activity, would do you like to be part of it? :DD if it so, keep reading!

What it is about?

Everyone will be the secret friend of someone, basically you’ll have to prepare a gift for this person. What kind of things? Maybe if you’re good at editing pictures, making gifs, editing a video, a drawing, dedicate a song or a picture, even write a love letter making us believe that Damon, Alex, Graham or Dave wrote it! or whatever else you can make for a present. The important thing is keep being in secret until the exchange of presents arrives <3 got it?

How to participate:

Please send an ask to my main blog ( @tiinkers-tales ), telling me that you want to be part of this. Also, we want to ask you a lot of responsability, think that someone will be waiting for their gifts!

Deadline to sign up:

We will be waiting for your request until January 27th. After that day, we’ll let you know who is your blurred friend!!

Please reblog this to spread the word to your friends and stay tuned for more news, thank you! <3

Fangirling feels

So I re-watched the S09E10 of The Big Bang Theory, the one where they got back together and I’m just thinking that if ever the writers would write an episode where Sheldon and Amy get married, they should use the song Darlin’ by the Beach Boys as their first dance because it has a sentimental meaning in their relationship. That song made Sheldon realize how she loved Amy so deeply and reminded him how she changed his life though Sheldon doesn’t want change. 

It will be so cute and adorable watching them dance with this song especially making it as their first dance as a married couple. I’m sure they could pull it off because we all know that Sheldon is also an expert in dancing and we saw them dance in one of the past episodes. Oh, I wish they would do that. 

Do we think when Berena have sorted out their issues, we’ll get to see the same, same sex couples stuff we see with Dominic and Issac? Like cute kisses in the car before work and stolen kisses in the corridor, holding hands walking from work, Bernie at Serena’s with Serena chastising Bernie for making a mess in the living room?…

I know Bernie is more private about intimacy than Serena but I would really love to see this.

Oh! and another thought, if BMAM isn’t back until mid November, by shirt meridian time (SMT - small flower pattern, red, burnt orange, blue, black, black with white pattern) and berena kissing time (BKT - approximately 4 weeks after a crucial relationship turning point) I estimate the third kiss will come in, in the Christmas episode, what do you guys think?

who else really wants a platonic family?

like 1-2 platonic carers and some sibs??? thas all i wan right nowwww, is would be so nice! we could have cute little “Chore” charts to fit our needs for the day and ahhh!!! @teenietots maybe reblog? join too? cause ik you been want carerrrr 

no dd//g ~ l!lt0ts ~ cg//l(r//e) 

no k!dh3arts pwease



Tony: Look, buddy, I know you have a crush on y/n. And as their best friend, I think you two would make a cute couple. So why don’t we-

Y/N: Hey, Tony. Hey, Bruce. What are you guys talking about?

Tony: *slowly looking at you* We were, uh, talking about how Bruce was free tonight. And you’re free tonight. You two should go out for dinner.

Bruce: Oh my god, Tony…


Cory finds out about Riarkle
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> Riley and Farkle are kissing at the bay window. Riley is sitting on Farkle's lap. Her bedroom door opens.<p/><b>Cory:</b> Hey, Riley it's time for... AHHHHH!<p/><b></b> Farkle stands up quickly and Riley falls down. Farkle helps her up.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Hi daddy.<p/><b>Cory:</b> WHAT? HOW? WHEN? WHY? TOPANGA!!!!<p/><b></b> Topanga rushes in.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> What's wrong?<p/><b>Cory:</b> I caught a Minkus groping our daughter!!!<p/><b>Riley:</b> He was not groping me. We were kissing.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I would never grope Riley, sir.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> Are you guys dating now?<p/><b></b> They both nod.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> I think you will make a cute couple. I approve.<p/><b>Cory:</b> I don't! Riley, why can't you be a nun?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I don't like their outfits.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> Cory, calm down. We known Farkle since he was seven. He's a good kid. You like him.<p/><b>Cory:</b> Yeah, when he was just her friend. I didn't have to worry about him.<p/><b></b> Cory paces back and forth.<p/><b>Cory:</b> Oh no! I should had seen this coming.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> What?<p/><b>Cory:</b> Farkle's me.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> What?<p/><b>Riley:</b> (sits down) I'm gonna need therapy.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> How is Farkle you?<p/><b>Cory:</b> Long story.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> We have time.<p/><b>Cory:</b> What about dinner?<p/><b>Topanga:</b> It can wait.<p/><b>Riley:</b> We need to hear this.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Spit it out hambone.<p/><b></b> Cory glares at him.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Sorry sir.<p/><b>Cory:</b> (looks at Topanga) Remember when your parents were getting divorced and you told me to stay out of it?<p/><b>Topanga:</b> (folded her arms) And you didn't. Go on.<p/><b>Cory:</b> When Shawn and I went to Pittsburgh, your dad told us why he was scared of Shawn. He always thought that Shawn would be the one making out with you. He would chase Shawn out of the basement. He didn't think that he should worry about me. And that's exactly what happened here. I was too busy worrying about Lucas that I overlooked Farkle. I assumed that Farkle wasn't a threat.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Didn't you teach us to never assumed?<p/><b>Cory:</b> I hate when I get my lessons thrown back in my face.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Sir, I love Riley. I would do anything for her. I won't hurt her.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> We trust you both. Don't we, Cory?<p/><b>Cory:</b> Maybe. Great, now I owe Maya twenty bucks. She said you two would eventually get together.<p/><b></b> Cory leaves.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> Dinner's ready in five minutes. Are you staying Farkle?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I don't think Mr Matthews wants me to stay.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> He does. He's just being a baby right now.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (giving Farkle her puppy eyes) Please Farkley. Stay.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I can't say no to that.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I know.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> See you downstairs.<p/><b></b> Topanga closes the door.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Where were we?<p/><b></b> They start kissing again. They stop when they hear a noise by her door. Riley opens the door to see Cory using a drill to unscrew the hinges off her door.<p/><b>Riley:</b> DAD!!!<p/><b></b> Next is the awkward dinner.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Though we all think Kat and Will would be a cute couple (off screen, Sebastian and Clary are not a cute couple, that’s just weird.), it doesn’t mean they are. Everyone needs to respect their friendship. Because by now, with all the comments they would have made it apparent if they were dating, which they haven’t. Them hanging out and posting a few pictures doesn’t mean anything. They can be friends. And even IF they are dating it isn’t our business unless they want to make it our business, we all need to respect their privacy. (no hate to anyone.) 

Reaction to an old couple commenting on how cute of a couple him and his best friend are


He would look at the lady and smile, he would not be bold enough to correct her. He would just look at you and then look away, smiling. The comment would reply in his mind throughout the day, making him smile whenever you did anything that caught his attention.


“We are, rent we? He would smirk at you. You giggled and punched him lightly in the arm. When you two walked away he would tease you saying things like "we are a really great couple aren’t we?” He would joke around, but he would be so happy that someone mistaken you two being together.


“Awe, thank you, ma'am. But she is the cute one here.” He would reply while smiling at you. You blushed and his shoulder. He would hold your hand walking down the street asking random people if they thought you were cute. He would feel all warm inside seeing your cheeks turn rosy red.


He would giggle at the woman’s comment, looking for your reaction. When he looked at how surprised you were he snakes his hand around to hold yours, which would make you even more confused. He wouldn’t let go of your hand throughout the time you two spent together, earning more comments on how cute you were.


He would probably correct the woman out of embarrassment, don’t get me wrong, he thinks you’re beautiful and he isn’t embarrassed by you, but you two have been friends for so long that it seemed weird. “Oh, I am sorry but we aren’t a couple, only friends.” You would agree with him, he would unlink your arms so there was no more confusion. He would still act the same just with less physical contact.
(I am sorry it’s the same gif, he is really hard to look for.)


He would be a blushing mess. He would try to cover his cheeks and hide which would only make you comment on how cute he is while hugging him. “Yeah, that is not helping.”
You two would walk away, his hands on his face and his blush never leaving.
(Ignore the man touching him)


He would smile in your direction, wondering what your reaction is. “Oh, I am sorry but we are not dating,” You told them.
“But we would be very cute if we were, I agree,” He said winking at the woman. She nods and smiles back. You look at him with confusion and he just smiles and kisses your cheek. (Its really hard to find proper gifs *Ignore Dialogue*)


“Thank you, I think so too. We are like the cutest couple ever” He would say, sneaking a kiss on your hand. You would be confused and look over to him, “what are you doing?” You would laugh, he would smile, “What? We would be the cutest couple ever you can’t deny that.” He says, slinging an arm around your shoulder and walking with you like that for the rest of the day.


He would be shy and thank the woman before turning to you and giggling. He would think about what you two would look like together whenever he looked at you. He would also make cheesy comments throughout the day about getting “couple outfits”.


He would overreact. He would probably get on one knee and take your hand. “So what do you say? Wanna be the cutest couple ever?” Your eyes would furrow together in confusion, “I..um..wha..uh..” Were the only noises you could make out.
“Don’t worry babe, I was kidding.” He would say, putting his arm around your waist and making kissy faces.

(This one was really bad, I am so sorry haha.)