we would hate each other

Consider: Angels and Demons That Aren't "Storybook"

Angels and demons that don’t hate each other. Why would we? We’re stuck down here together till the Balance collapses.

Angels with beautiful tan skin, brown eyes with flecks of gold in them. Black hair that falls in waves, not sheets.

Demons with blue eyes, not red. Blond hair that’s cut short, and skin that’s sunkissed.

Angels and demons that lay in the laps of another, telling stories of great wars, and calming pastimes before there were very many humans.

Demons who hate black, and like neon pink. Angels who don’t read bibles, and prefer Stephen King.

Angels and demons who sleep all day, in bed together, not apart.

Angels who are chaotic, demons who are nothing short of holy.

Angels and demons who don’t fit in the plot of a storybook. Angels and demons who rewrite them.

I just Humans Are weird man

Humans are weird right just imagine humans watching a sports game or any type of competition let’s say football and you have to humans A madridista and a Cule screaming at the tv and at each other things like “YOUR TEAM IS GOING DOWN” or “WE WILL DESTROY YOU SORRY EXCUSE FOR A TEAM” and aliens being like “What is causing you anger towards each other” and one goes “I Hate his type of people” the alien looks confused yes he had heard of Racism and Speciesism that some species have towards each other “but your both human and are of the same race?” The humans both pause and looks at him and proceed to explain that they don’t really hate each other but each other’s sports teams and it’s just a competition but it isn’t because it’s also a way of life these sports “so you like each other but when the two teams play each other you pretend to hate each other because of a variation in teams” “we don’t pretend in that moment we do” “but why would you hate each other?” “Because his team are a bunch of dirty little cheater that’s why” “MY TEAM HAVE YOU LOOKED AT YOURS” the alien preceded to just walk away confused, seeing that there was no actual threat but man “humans are fucking weird” he muttered


Jungkook thinks about the night you spent together.

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word count: 3.8k
genre: smut

Monster – one | two

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You know what’s more difficult than a pining, lovesick Red Paladin?

A freaking dense as a brick Blue Paladin. I adore Lance, and I think he can definitely be a smart cookie!

But he just refuses to see that he’s in love with Keith. Like, all the signs are there, I freaking wrote them. 

But he’s like nah, Keith, he’s my buddy now, and we hated each other, but now we’re cool, and I would die for him and totally wingman for him, not that he should need it, because he’s all attractive and stuff, and did you see him do that barrel roll and fire his laser and blow up that ship? So cool! … And sorry, what was the question?

*author screams in frustration*

I mean, he’s had his moments of being somewhat oblivious:

But boy has got some brains on him, so at certain points I have to make Keith more withdrawn in order for it to make sense that Lance wouldn’t pick up on Keith suffering for love of him.

*sigh* Lance, you are lucky that you are not only cute, but also sweet and funny.

Yeah. So. Here’s dense-as-a-brick Lance finally realizing that Keith is not only in love with him, but also that Lance, Blue Paladin of Voltron, may also have a tiny (read: massive, everybody else saw it, literally every alien race you’ve encountered has pointed it out) crush on Keith in return:

Don’t Have to Read My Mind (You Oughta Know)

Wow. And I thought writing angsty and in-love Keith was difficult … Congratulations, Lance, you win. I’m sure you’re very happy to get this one over Keith.

‘Why can’t we be together?’ She knew the answer already, of course. But, she wanted to hear him say it. 

‘Because I’ll hurt you and you’ll hurt me. Sometimes, the pain is worth it, but it never would be for us. I love you so much and I refuse to ruin that. We might be happy for a bit, but we would end up hating each other. And I can’t let myself, but more so, selfishly, I can’t let you hate me.’

Never Letting You Go Again

A Shawn Mendes oneshot.

It almost would’ve been easier if we hated each other. If we broke up on bad terms and could no longer stand the sight of each other’s faces, maybe then it wouldn’t hurt so badly when she came and introduced him to me as her boyfriend, told him I was her “old friend”. It would’ve certainly been easier if I hated him, too. If he didn’t shake my hand and joke about the various girls ogling me from afar, tell me to call him Mitch instead of Mitchell, as she’d introduced him. I don’t know if it would’ve been easier if she hated him, though. She looked at him fondly, though my ego says not as fondly as she once looked at me, and it was nice to know he made her happy. 

When he left for a moment to grab drinks for the two of them (even asking if I wanted anything, that bastard), she looked around the bar, searching for something. “See any good prospects for tonight, lady killer?” she asked, sending me a grin. 

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Imagine breaking up with Rafael

Imagine breaking up with Rafael

You pulled out the last book and placed into the box and as you did you heard the floorboards creak and the front door. You swallowed hard but your breath got caught in your throat.  You were choking on the tension.

“Y/N?” You heard Rafael’s voice call out.

You ignored him as you closed the box of your collection of books. You grabbed the tape and yanked on it hard in frustration and nervousness. Making a loud noise, exactly what you were trying to avoid.

“Y/N,” He repeated suddenly appearing at the door of the study, he’d found you…clearly.

You looked up at him momentarily before looking away again. Picking up the newly packed box and placing it on one you’d already finished. Without saying a word.

“Are you not going to talk to me?” He demanded but you could hear the desperation.

“What else is there to say?” You countered quietly, refusing to look in his direction.

“An explanation maybe?” He suggested attempting to be nonchalantly but he was choking back tears.

Just like you.

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Lord Buttface the 3rd.

For Shadowhunters AU Mondays! (warning: this is awful rip)

Pairing: Malec.

It’s a Monday like any other, just that it’s quite hot outside which means what any barista fears when your coffee shop is not doing as well as you expected: less customers. And it also meant that Isabelle was going to bail on him to go out with her ginger girlfriend what’s-her-name.

Alec rested his chin on his palm and looked around the room at the three lonely customers that sat with their coffee minding their own business. The shop was usually more crowded on colder days or special holidays, as it attracted the clients for its aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Both Alec and Izzy decided on the furniture and the environment together, applying old looking stuff and books here and there.

He never thought he would end up as a barista or let alone his own coffee shop but things happened, and here they were months after the opening, struggling to pay the bills at times but enjoying the process somehow.

And just when the images from the opening came to him, the front door opened and the bell hanging from the top of the threshold jingled with the promise of a new customer -or his sister looking for something she left.

But no. It was him. Beautiful, well-dressed and with biceps that could kill, the only regular customer whose name he still didn’t know.

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i long for the day when two dudes hating each other and/or being violent towards each other is not perceived as love or sexual tension.

Jeg elsker deg

This is my first Eddsworld fanfic, so I allow me to apologize in advance if I the characters come out as OOC. Because i got so many positive reviews on fanfic.net i decided to put it here as well. Anyway, enjoy!

Tom x Tord fic

Tom swayed clumsily from side to side, his non-existent eyes blinking to try and fade away his blurry vision. Using his hand, he felt around his desk, as if searching for something. He mumbled incoherent curses under his breath after a while of fumbling around in the dark and failing at finding the object he is looking for.

Eventually his hand manages to wrap around the glass cylinder of a Smirnoff bottle. Lifting up to his mouth he chugged it, nearly downing the entire bottle in one swing. He brought the bottle back down, using his sleeve to wipe the remains left around his lips. He burped and groaned, feeling stuffed with the holy alcohol.

It’s been three months since him, Matt and Edd moved to their new apartment, and things have been going on as usual. Most of the time anyway. Ever since Tord’s betrayal, with the giant robot and all, Tom has been getting a little restless. And it annoyed him beyond belief because he couldn’t, for the life of him, figure out why.

If he had to guess is because of the fair chance that Tord could come back. Matt and Edd are worried about this chance being genuine, but Tom knew better. And if the red commie actually dared to show his ugly face near them again, he’ll handle it. Just like last time; Tom thought to himself, feeling smug.

Tom was interrupted from his thoughts when he hears the doorbell ring. He groans in annoyance. He really doesn’t want to leave the comfort of his armchair, but he sighs and gets up anyways. He clumsily makes his way over to the front door, drunk out of his mind, and barely comprehendible. He leans against one of the walls for support, belching, and shakes the doorknob, trying to open it.

After several, drunkenly attempts, he opens the door. In front of him stands a man, he can’t see him very well with his blurry vision. He only makes out a blue outfit, messy brown hair and a cigar poking out of his mouth. Tom is not sure if it’s his drunk mind playing tricks on him, but is the guy wearing an eyepatch?

“Letter for you, sir!” The man announced. He reached out, presenting a letter towards Tom.

Tom slowly blinked, not comprehending what was currently going on at first. He simply glanced down at the letter and back up at the man’s face. His brain eventually processed the information, and Tom sluggish stretched his arm forward to take the letter from him. Without further word, just a few gibberish grumbles under Tom’s breath, he turned around and slammed the door.

Tom made his way back to his cherished armchair and fell back in his seat with a sigh of content. He looked over the letter more closely, his vision smudging the tiny letters containing the address on it. His eyes finally focused, and he could make out a red wax stamp with a strange symbol on it. He couldn’t exactly make it out, but it looked strangely familiar.

He rips the letter open and takes out the content inside. A dumb piece of paper. Tom groaned in disappointment. He was hoping it was candy. Tom was almost inclined to crumple up the paper in a ball and toss it in the trash, and he was about to do so when his curiosity peaked. Who would send him a letter? In 2016? He didn’t even know letters still existed! Who uses mail in 2016?

His curiosity got the best of him and he turned over the letter and read the contents inside. Although, it was major struggle for him and his drunk state. He could barely make out the tiny letters.

Hello Thomas

You were probably not expecting it, especially considering our rivalry, but I thought you should know; after all, I don’t even know myself if we’ll ever see each other again, although I sincerely hope so.

Remember the good old days? Where we would simply hate each other? Bickering and name calling like a couple of little kids? I guess over time our hatred for each other evolved into something more than intended to.

Anyways, how you doing? Not that I care. What about Matt and Edd? How are they handling my inevitable betrayal? You and I both knew all along it was going to happen. That’s what intrigued me most about you Tom. You could read me. You always suspected me of something, thought you weren’t exactly sure what, I guess you finally got your answer in the end. But I was always curious as to why you never mentioned your doubts about me to the others. Any particular reason?

As of me, things have been going… I would say fine just to shove it in your face and fell smug about it, but that would be a complete lie. Thanks to our… little rivalry; I had a complete make-over. So I suppose my left side is my better side from now on. Quite a shame really, I liked my right side the best. And normally it would be so easy to just dump all the blame on you for what happened to me, but I am very well aware of my own actions and it was my carelessness that led you to pierce a harpoon through my robot. That doesn’t mean I forgive you, if anything that gives me more reason to go after you for revenge, but I know it’s not “entirely” your fault.

You think you’re so clever, don’t you Tom? You probably brag about your “victory” against me so openly to the others. Well, I sort of admire that about you. You are the perfect nemesis, and I couldn’t ask for a better one indeed. But I guarantee you that the next time we meet, and there WILL be a next time, you may not be as fortunate.

Enjoy the calm before the storm while it lasts, Tom. I need some time to recover handle some things and then I’ll extract my revenge upon you. Jeg elsker deg, Tom. Until we meet again, old friend. Ha det!

Signed: Tord.

Tom read the letter multiple times, trying to process the information contained. Suddenly, in a fraction of a moment of clarity his mind cleared up just enough for him to finally understand. Tom narrowed his eyes down at the letter in pure hatred. Tord’s betrayal shook Edd and Matt hard, but Tom knew from the start he was bad news. The two of them never seen each other eye to eye. Probably because Tom doesn’t actually have any eyes, but that’s beside the point.

So, the commie bastard finally decided to come into contact with them; correction, him. Which is plenty weird in of itself. Think he can boast and brag about taking him down. Tom laughed at the silliness of it all. Well, if Tord thinks he can intimidate him with this petty attempt of a threat, he had another thing coming for him.

Tom fumbled around his desk using his hands. He grabbed a clean sheet of paper and a pen. He giggled, as if in insane delight. He looked down at the paper and began to write down furiously. He stopped for a moment in mid-writing to take another swig of his Smirnoff, accidentally spilling over the paper and smudging some of the words. Tom groaned in annoyance but shrugged the incident off, continuing to write down in the now wet piece of paper.

He stopped again, contemplating what else to write. He bit down the end of the pen deep in thought. After a little while of thinking Tom went back on writing. As he was doing so, Tom would occasionally glance back at Tord’s letter. Upon closer inspection he noticed the foreign sentence neatly written near the end. Jeg elsker deg. What does it even mean? His drunken mind thought.

Obviously it was something in the commie’s native language, Norwegian, but despite knowing Tord for years Tom knows not a single thing of Norwegian. Tom knew he could easily just google it and find out the meaning of the sentence, but his drunk state of mind doesn’t allow him to think clearly. Instead, Tom deduced the meaning behind it by analyzing the letter once again. Knowing Tord himself it probably means screw you, or something along these lines. Tom thought. Well, right back at yah buddy.

Tom laughed as he finished writing the letter down. He sealed it shut inside the envelope and went off to post and mail back. He slipped the envelope inside his mail box with a wide sloppy grin. Tom takes another swig of Smirnoff, emptying the bottle. As he headed back home he laughed out loud. If only he could film the bastard’s reaction once he read his letter. Tom felt proud of himself at that moment. That will show him!

Tord is sitting back behind his desk, lounging in his big comfortable chair. He was managing some paper work involving his scientific research, the giant robot, his soldier’s files amongst other boring stuff. He sighed in boredom. If there is one thing he had to complain about being the leader of an evil organization is all of the paper work he had to do. On the bright side, at least his arm doesn’t hurt as much from writing all the time. Tord chuckled with dry humor, glancing at his new, robotic arm. Regards from his last encounter with Tom.

Speaking of the eyeless jackass, Tord couldn’t help but wonder how he reacted to his letter. He didn’t know the why, but in the morning he found himself missing the presence of the rude, blue hoodie man. So to try and get rid of that feeling he wrote him a letter and requested for Paul, one of his soldiers, to deliver it for him. Now, instead of turning his attention back to his work, like he should, Tord is feeling rather antsy. He knows better than to get his hopes up. In fact, Tord wouldn’t be surprised at all if Tom immediately tossed his letter into the garbage after ripping it in tiny little pieces.

A knock on his door interrupted his thoughts. “Come in.” Tord commanded, looking up from his paper work to glance at the door expectantly.

Paul entered the room at his leader’s permission. He saluted him and Tord walked up to him. “At ease, soldier.” He said, allowing Paul to stop the motion. “Mission report.” He ordered, wanting to get right down to business, so that the anxious feeling in the pit of his stomach can finally fade away.

“Sir, the mission went along exactly as planned, sir!” Paul reported, not making direct eye contact with the leader. After the incident with the giant robot, none of the soldiers dare to look at their leader straight in his eyes. Or rather… eye.

“And?” Tord pressed forward after a moment’s of silence, yearning to know more details.

“Sir, the letter was delivered to subject Tom as you have ordered, sir!” Paul went on. “I waited to see his next course of action. It seems he wrote a return letter addressed to you, sir!”

Tord barely caught what Paul just said and was about to ask him to repeat himself when Paul stretched his arms forward, displaying the letter. Almost hesitant, Tord gulped and took the letter from him, glancing at it curiously. “Well done, soldier.” He praised. “You’re dismissed.”

Paul nodded and saluted once more before leaving the room. Tord turned around to sit back behind his desk, his eye wide in surprise. Out of all the scenarios he had imagined would happen, Tord thought a reply was the least probable one. But, here it is.

Sitting back in his chair Tord analyzed the envelope. It wasn’t properly sealed and it was rather crunched up. Tord moved to open it and take out the letter from inside but his hand stopped. He hesitated. Tord didn’t want to admit it, but he was afraid at what might be written. Pathetic. Here he is, the almighty red leader, commander of an entire organization, soon leader of the whole world, and he is afraid of facing the reply letter from an alcoholic lunatic.

Tord mentally face palmed at the scenario and sighed. He quickly decided to get it over and done with as soon as possible and just ripped out the letter from inside. Bringing it to his face so he may look at it closer, he immediately detected the stench of alcohol in the letter, and a huge splash mark. The letters were all smudged, messy and incoherent. Tord chuckled. Same old Thomas. No doubt he was completely wasted while writing this.

The words are all smudged and misspelled. Tord grit his teeth in frustration as he read and re-read the letter over and over, trying to comprehend it. Eventually he managed to make it out. Of course he had to correct the various grammar errors, but he did it.

Dear commie

You sure do have a lot of guts by writing to me with this pathetic threat after I beat you and your stupid giant robot. You think you can scare us with some petty threats? If that’s the case, I only have one thing to say in return to you: JEG ELSKER DEG TORD!

You think you’re so cool with your smooth, fancy shiny hair of yours? You guessed wrong! You’re not cool, you’re handsome! And those gray eyes of yours? Well, they suck. I can’t stop looking at them and it makes me annoyed. I always hated the color red, but for some reason I think it looks good on you!

Whatever menacing plan you got in store for us, BRING IT ON! I can’t wait to see you again so I can brag about how much better we are off without you, despite the fact that I resorted to heavy drinking again since you’ve been gone. Until next time, commie!

Signed: Your good old nemesis, Thomas!

PS: I’ll be waiting for you.

Tord was left speechless, and he felt a light tinge of pink flourishing upon his cheeks as he read and re-read the letter multiple times. But he was not imagining it, or misunderstood it in anyway. This is all written down by Tom’s own hand. Of course, Tord immediately concluded this is all a result of Tom’s wasted mind. But he couldn’t help but secretly wish that at least a small portion of these words could possibly be true.

What’s even more interesting is that Tom actually managed to copy (albeit rather clumsily) one of the sentences he used in his own letter. The Norwegian sentence he used: Jeg elsker deg. Tord couldn’t help the smile that stretched across his face as he re-read that passage in the letter. If he had to guess, Tom probably thought the phrase meant something insulting. Tord chuckled. If only he had search on google for the meaning behind it.

In actuality, the phrase in his own letter was a dumb decision. Tord wasn’t even sure why he wrote it. He wants to slap himself for his carelessness. He’s been feeling rather strange since the incident with the robot. Tord would often find himself thinking of Tom. At first, he thought it was out of pure hatred for the Jehovah’s Witness; for standing on his way, foiling his plans, destroying the robot and scarring half of his face permanently. But the more he thought about Tom, the more the feeling inside his stomach grew. He didn’t know for certain if it was indeed attraction he felt for Tom, but Tord doesn’t know how else to put it. He still hates him after all; a part of him does anyway. So he thought that perhaps to alleviate the feeling he would admit it to Tom. Of course, he would write in his native language so Tom wouldn’t know what it meant right away, but it was still a big risk considering he could’ve just searched the meaning on the internet. But thankfully, luck is on his side and Tom did not suspect a thing.

Tord looked over the letter once more with a small smile. He knows Tom was not in his right state of mind when writing this, but Tord neatly folded the messy letter and tucked in the chest pocket of his blue uniform regardless of that fact.

As he went back to his paper work, feeling much better now, he remembered a program he saw a little while. A documentary about alcohol and its effects. The drunken letter reminded Tord of the program, and he suddenly remembered one of the lines said by the narrator: “A drunk mind speaks a sober heart.” Tord paused in his work, contemplating the phrase tossed in his sub-consciousness. He glanced down at the pocket where the letter was stored with curiosity. Could it be…?

I Hate You Part One (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1269

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Read part 2 here and part three here

You have had a rivalry with Peter Parker ever since he first beat you in the 5th grade science fair, both of you hating each other ever since. Since then you’ve both competed against each other at anything, trying to beat the other in every subject or at anything you could. 

It was another boring day at school, you were sitting in class when your teacher announced that you would be doing a group project. Oh great, you’ll most likely get paired with someone who will make you do all the work and then take the credit. Your teacher was reading off the names, you only paying attention when you heard your name get called. “Y/N, you’ll be paired with Peter.”

Your eyes widened and your fist clenched like that arthur meme. 

This was not happening, you hated Peter Parker with a passion, you simply could not work with him. You glanced over your shoulder to see the same annoyed expression on Parker’s face. “But Miss, we can’t work together.”

You teacher just glared at you and huffed in annoyance. “Y/N, you will be Peter’s partner and there is nothing you can say that will change my mind.”

“She’s right Miss, we hate each other, this would be a waste of time.” Peter agreed with you and for the first time in your life you agreed with him. 

“You two will work together and that is the end of this discussion. Either work together or fail this assignment which I doubt either of you want to do.” She slammed her hands on her desk, fed up with her students, making both you and Peter shut up.

Once the bell rung you ran after Peter, grabbing his arm and pulling him to the side. “Look, I hate you and all and I know you hate me. But I need this grade, so you’re just going to have to suck it up and work with me.” You panted out, still out of breath from running, you hate running. “Calm down, I was going to anyway. As much as i’d rather do anything else, I also want this grade. How about after school in the library?” You thought you’d have to beg him to do this assignment, but you should have known that he wouldn’t let anything get in the way of getting good grades. “Okay, just, don’t be late.”

Two hours! Two hours you have been waiting for Parker in this library and he still hasn’t shown up. And people wonder why you hate him. You were sick of waiting, he was never gonna show up. You angrily grabbed your books and stormed out of the library. You were so gonna murder Parker when you saw him tomorrow. 

The next day at school you ignored Peter, obviously super pissed off at him for not showing up yesterday. You were at your locker when you heard that goddamn annoying voice that belongs to him. “Y/N, hey, I’ve been trying to talk to you all day.” You slammed your locker, trying to give him a hint that you weren’t in the mood to talk to him. “Um, anyway, did you want to work on this assignment after school today?” He leaned next to your locker sending you a cheeky smile. You had to fight the urge to smack it off his face. 

“Parker, why the heck would I agree to that if you didn’t even show up to work on the assignment yesterday?” His face paled at this, he forget he made plans with you yesterday, he was too busy trying to stop the goblin from robbing a bank. He couldn’t tell you that though. “I’m so, so sorry Y/N. I swear I forgot, but i’ll be there this afternoon, I promise you.” He was practically begging you and it was getting embarrassing, people were looking. “Okay okay fine! Just, don’t mess this up Parker.”

You waited again after school, only for Peter to not show once again. You should have known. What the hell was Parker playing at?! You storm off angrily out of the school but stop when you hear sirens. “What the f-” Your draw drops as you see a gigantic lizard running straight towards you. Holy shit. You ran back into the school trying to find a place to hide. You spotted the janitors closet and ran inside, why was it always the janitors closet? 

You covered your mouth with your hands trying to stop any noise from coming out. You screamed as the door was ripped open, revealing the lizard standing in front of you. This was it, you were going to die. You closed your eyes preparing for death when your body was grabbed by someone, pulling you away from the monster. You opened your eyes to see- oh thank god it was Spider-man.

“Go hide in that classroom.” Why did his voice sound so familiar?

“Do I know you?”

“Just do it!” He rushed out as he ran towards the big reptile.

You wasted no time in sprinting to the classroom and hiding under a desk, shaking in fear. A few minutes pass by and you can no longer hear fighting outside. You didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing. The door to the classroom opened and you were hoping it was Spider-man and not that reptile guy. It opened to reveal the hero and you instantly relaxed, coming out from your hiding place.

“Thank you so so much for saving me back there. I thought I was a goner.” You panted out, still in shock from everything that just happened.

“It’s no problem, are you alright?” Did his voice just deepen? Why was he trying to hide his voice?

“Oh i’m fine, a little traumatized but i’m okay.” This wasn’t the time to make jokes but Spider-man seemed to find your answer amusing because he chuckled. Why did that laugh sound so familiar? 

“Are you sure I don’t know you?” You curiously stepped towards him.

“Nope. I have no idea who you are now if you’ll excuse me.” He hurriedly tries to get past you but your hand on his chest stops his movement.

“Peter?” You asked astonished. It had to be, you couldn’t not recognize the voice of the guy you’ve hated for years. 

“Who-Whose Peter?” He tries to act like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about but you know better.

“Don’t act stupid Parker I would recognize the voice of the guy I hated any day.” You crossed your arms, this was definatley him.

“So is this why you keep not showing up to work on our assignment, because you’ve been running around in leggings every day?” You smirked, knowing your comment would tick Peter off. 

“Um, what-there not leggings!” He shouted defensively. 

“Whatever you say Parker. Look, thank you for saving me, really, I mean it.” You were being honest, and you hated to admit it, but you kind of had a crush on Spider-man, but now you knew it was Parker, you were just confused. 

“It’s fine, really, it’s what I do.” He stuttered out, he seemed nervous all of a sudden.

“Well, we still need to work on this assignment, so when you are finished saving people drop by my apartment and we’ll work on it then.” You said as you scribbled your address on a piece of paper.

“But I don’t know where you live?” He asked confused at you being nice to him. Honestly, so were you. 

“Yes you do.” You placed the piece of paper in his hand with a smirk. “Night Parker.”

anonymous asked:

So fucking happy and proud of you guys. You're adorable! Congratulations<3 I wish my parents were as yours Remus. Really. I need that understanding from my dad and also mum, who would love me cause mine is like Sirius. We really hate each other. Sorry for that, I just really need to talk to someone:(

Remus: I’m so sorry for that love. You’ll find someone who will love you just like you deserve to be loved.. someone like Sirius.

Sirius: Stay strong. I went through it and so can you! You just have to stay strong❤

Am I strong enough?

Summary: Y/N and Sebastian Have been dating for over 2 years,and there is a huge age gap between them. Will Y/N be strong enough to deal with mean shit around her or will she simply give up? 

Parings: Sebastian and Y/N

Warnings: Little bit of language

Word Count: 2k

Authors note: Hey guys this is my firts imagine after awhile, i hope you like it. If you have any request, hit me.

I never thought I would find myself in this kind of crossway. I never thought of myself as a quitter, but sometimes you’re not as strong as you you thought you were, or wanted to be.

I knew from the moment when he entered my life that it wouldn’t be easy, and I guess I hadn’t prepared myself enough. I love him, I love him with all my heart and I will never stop loving him. But life is a cruel and ironic game in which you have to be prepared for loss, even if you gave everything you had, and the odds were on your side.

And if it means you’re losing everything and everyone, and you can do nothing else but suck it up and keep going. I mean, you can stay and live in the past while life keep going on, with or without you, but I don’t recommend it. Past is past and it should stay that way. It’s there to remind us what we’ve been through, but we can’t stay in the memories for too long.

I was scrolling through my phone, searching for new methods of how to do my makeup, or if anyone had any suggestion which book should I read next, when I came across an article.

Where is this world going? What is so interesting in dating a girl, who you could father?

I was about to scroll down, and not give this article second look, but then under the title, I spotted Sebastian Stan and his girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N, and I just couldn’t scroll past it anymore. I know Seb would be so mad at me for paying attention to the bullshit that people were saying about us, but I just somehow couldn’t resist.

I opened it, and flew over the content of the article.

What is wrong with this generation? Where is this world going, and where will we end up with people like this, who let things like this happen. This is a typical proof of parenting gone wrong. I hope parents will now understand that giving you child every single thing that he/she wants, isn’t always a good option.And that you should support them, but not everytime. Not every little thing that they want to do.

“Love has no age” I really doesn+t, but this quote is being very wrongly used. Yes, love is love, and we should do nothing else but support it, whether we’re happy with it or not. And yes, age difference isn’t a crime, or a bad thing, while is under 3 to 7 years. More we just call Pedophilia.

And the gap between the famous actor from Captain America and Avengers cinematic sequences, Sebastian Stan (34), and his, now year and a half, girlfriend miss Y/N Y/L/N (16). The pair seems to be happier than ever, but isn’t she just too young for him?

There was more shit like this, and it just kept getting meaner. I usually didn’t pay attention to those stuff because Seb wouldn’t let me, and now I see that he only wanted to protect me, at least how much he could. But probably he should’ve let me see things like this before, so i would get used to it, so it wouldn’t hit me so hard anymore. But neither of us thought about that.

By the end of the article I was in tears. I’ve always been a very emotional person and words would hit me harder than you could except them to. And somehow they would always find their way into my brain and my heart, burying themselves deeply and become a daily reminder. I know I shouldn’t listen to those people, to those voices in my head, who are telling me it’s wrong to love him, I don’t deserve him and I should just leave him be.

But probably he would be best off without me. No for sure he would, maybe in the beginning he would be completely devastate, and so would I, hate the thing that we are far from each other, but I know how much pain shit like this causes him. i know he hates this shit that they are writting about us, and the fact that he can’t do anything about it. He is trying to hide it from me, pretend that he isn’t bothered by it, when in reality he is.

I didn’t hear him when he entered the house, and I had no idea how long he was standing behind, leaning onto door, his arms crossed on his chest. But his voice, soft as fur, but strong as rock, brought me back into the real world, far away from my voices. “Darling, what happened?”

I wanted to turn around, run up to him and burry my face into the crook of his neck, and cry my soul out. but I just couldn’t move. I know I probably should, at least turn around and look at him, because it may be the last time I will see his angelic face. I know how my words will effect him, but there is no other way. At least not the one that I can see.

My voice was quiet, not louder than a whisper “We have to–’” and when I needed it the most it broke and I just couldn’t get the words to pass my throat and make a sentence. I took a deep breath, stood up and turned around. I looked at his beautiful face that was created by God himself, he looked like an angel, my angel, a very worried one, at the moment. I think he knows what I am about to say but he is still waiting patiently. “We have to break up,”

His eyes widened in shock, denial then anger. With two big steps, he appeared in front of me. He looked at me still in shock of the words that he just heard. He put his hand on my sholders, his eyes were moving fastly all over my face, looking for an explanation.

 “Bu-but why? I don’t understand, darling, I- I thought you- we were happy. What happened? Please don’t do this, we will work it out whatever it is. Please, baby doll.” His voice was full of pain and each word felt like a knife, stabbing me right into the heart. He was sure that we will be able to work it out, but this is something i’m not sure we can.

“I am sorry.” I whispered while tears were streaming down my face. I took another deep breath, and prayed that this time my voice won’t break and I would be able to say what’s on my mind. I lifted my head and looked into his blue eyes preparing for the tears that I know will come, even thoughI don’t want them to.

“I can’t do this, I thought I could, and from the beggining it was easy, we were in love, and we still are, but honey, you never showed me how they were shiting on us. How they were and still are shiting on our love. And tonight when i found out, it just hit me, way too hard, I can’t even explain how I feel right now. Because I am not even sure myself. And you may think I am not willing to try and work this out, but i don’t think i can. You tried to protect me, and thank you for that,but fucking hell you can’t always protect me. . And I know you pretend like it doesn’t fucking hurt or bother you, but I know it does, I know it’s hard for you to deal with it, and it’s hard for me to see you this way. so that’s why I want to get you out of this fucking misery and let you live a happy life where the only worry you will have, will be about the role that you may not get. And don’t think I don’t love you, I do, I fucking love you more than I ever loved anyone or anything, and I would fucking die for you anytime, without thinking about it twice. But I will be selfish and say that this isn’t the life I deserve. I didn’t fucking do anything to be called a fucking slut. All I did was love, and all I still do, you. And I always will, but I can’t live, now knowing, what was bothering you for year and the half. I just ca- jus-t- i can’t.. 

By this point we were both crying messes and it hurt me like hell to see him cry, but I had to end this, we have to end is, this relationship isn’t healthy for neither of us. And God know’s how much I don’t want to.

He cupped my face with his soft hands and pressed an angry kiss onto my lips. The kiss was all wet because of our tears, but it was strong, angry and full of decision. Our lips moved in sync and it felt so good, and i know i will miss this and many other things. After few seconds he pulled away, even though I wanted more.

“You will not fucking leave me, do you hear me, baby doll? I won’t fucking leave you. I know it’s fucking hard to take that in, but that’s why you have me, if you felt like this for a long time, why didn’t you come and talk to me about it? Yes it is hard for me, but I would rather have it hard and you by my side, than have it easy and fucking lose you doll. And doll, I don’t want you to fucking die for me, that’s way too easy, if you really love me, live for me, fucking live for me. That’s harder than dying, because when you die you leave everything behind, but living for somebody means dealing with all the shit that comes along. But never alone, that’s why there are two in relationship and not one. I love you, baby girl, do you hear me, and I fucking love you like I never loved anyone else in my life. Yes I had other girlfriends, but not any had my head spinning around like you have, just by thinking about you. I know this is hard, considering your age, and I know that you are not ready to take so much, I know doll, I know. But let me help you, put half of the burden on me, it will be easier, trust me. Just don’t fucking leave me, please.”

“Honey, I can’t, I just can-“

“Yes you can, baby doll, you have me by your side. I know you think you’re not strong enough but you are, trust me. There is so much more strength inside you that you don’t even know about. Just trust me, okay? Trust me, we will go through this together.”

His ocean blue eyes looked at me with so much hope, and I know he mean everything that he is saying. Maybe, maybe there is strength inside me but I am so tired of trying to find it.

I put my palms on his cheeks, whipped his tears of, pull him closer and kissed him. I kissed him deeply and strongly, memorizing every little bit about this lips, about their taste and shape. I broke the kiss and I pressed my head against his, breathing slowly and irregularly. I slowly raised my eyes to meet his. “I am sorry.” I whispered as tears streamed down.

The shock on his face and the pain in his eyes, were almost the death of me, so I pulled away from his as fast as I could because I couldn’t stand to look at what I’ve just done to him. He looked like he was about to say something but he couldn’t.

 I started walking away when I stopped. “Forgive me if you ever can, if you ever find enough strength, but if you don’t, hate me, despise me but know that I will always, always love you. You will always have a special place in my heart, but we met at the wrong time. Who knows maybe our paths cross again, but until then, Te iubesc din toată inima(i love you with all my heart), remember that. Goodbye Sebastian.”

I walked away with empty chest because my heart was his, and it always will be.  I opened the door and stepped into the cold night, hating on everything and everyone, mostly myself but i knew i had to do this. I will never love anyone like i loved him. 

I found his jumper 6 || D.H.

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A/N: This contains another flashback in which you are going to find out why Rose and Dan hate each other 

Word Count: 1.8K


All those childhood memories flooded back into my mind. Things were so much easier back then, but summer eventually ended. Dan started High School and suddenly things became difficult.

I looked up into his brown eyes. They were filled with regret. It surprised me that he remembered his promise. I was sure he must have forgotten it since he never acted like he still knew. It was still raining and both of us were soaked by now. His brown hair had gotten all curly and was stuck to his forehead. He never straightened his hair when we friends. I remember the day he did it for the first time. I guess that was the day I lost him. He looked down at me. I had managed to stop crying by now and I could tell that he was relieved. Dan seemed to examine every inch of my face, as if he hadn’t seen me in a long time. I felt heavy inside. I was too sad to move and too sad to talk so I just waited for him to say something.

“Rose, I’m sorry for ruining everything we could have been.” Dan whispered after taking a deep breath. He was searching my eyes again, but I avoided his gaze.

“I should have ran after you, but I walked away and I don’t think I can forgive myself for that.” his voice broke a little at the end of his sentence and the moment it did cold chills ran down my spine.

I didn’t manage to look up and meet his eyes.

“Dan- don’t.” I pleaded, trying to stop him from continuing. We had never talked about what happened during my Sophomore year. I didn’t think I was ready to talk about it here in the pouring rain.

Dan made a lot of new friends during his Freshman Year. I slowly lost importance at that time. At first he really tried to maintain our friendship. He knocked on my door every afternoon and we walked to our little hill or climbed our tree house. Dan had a lot of stories about high school to tell, but he never told his high school friends that I was his best friend. Middle schoolers are losers right? When I started high school a year later I was excited because I thought things between us would get better. We had drifted apart a bit and I tried so hard to hold him tight, but he was too embarrassed to greet me in the hallway. He walked around with his group of friends and I was not a part of that group anymore. I was only his friend when we were back at home. He still knocked on my door sometimes, but we hardly visited our hill or our tree house. I tried to approach him a few times during school, but I quickly learned that he didn’t want me to do that. One time I sat next to him on the bus home and he acted like we were strangers and he didn’t talk to me at all. When we had reached our stop he tapped my shoulder and told me that he had to get off here, as if I didn’t know. We were neighbours and had known each other since kindergarten, but we were strangers whenever there was anybody else around. During Dan’s junior year he made it into the football team. Suddenly he became extremely popular everybody wanted to be his friend and every girl was crushing on him. Since then he never knocked on my door anymore. I simply stopped to exist in his eyes. His other friends were much cooler than me and I was just a memory he tried to erase. I once caught him smoking in our tree house with a few of his jock friends. Things weren’t the same anymore. I however thought we could go back to normal, I didn’t want to give up on my best friend that easily. I thought underneath his cold facade there was still the curly haired boy that I used to have play fights with.

Dan stood on front of his locker. School was over for today and everybody else had already headed to the bus. The whole hallway was empty, it was just me and him. Dan wore one of his football jackets that had his last name printed on the back. That was basically all he and his jock friends wore. His hair was straightened like always now and nobody but me knew that he actually had wild hobbit hair. We hadn’t talked in a while, but I gathered all my courage and approached him. I lightly tapped his shoulder and he swiftly turned around. His eyes grew wide in shock as soon as he saw me. Dan quickly eyed the hallway and when he realized that nobody else was around he calmed down a bit.

Dan, can we talk about-” I started, my voice was filled with insecurity and I wondered why because I had never been nervous around him.

I wasn’t able to complete my sentence because Dan’s group of friends came around the corner. His friend Jake patted his shoulder as a greeting.

Hey isn’t that the little girl who lives next to you?” he asked with a grin. I recognized him as one of the guys who Dan smoked with in our tree house.

Yeah, I think that’s her.” Dan laughed with panic in his eyes.

Were you gonna ask him out on a date?” Jake teased me,chuckling.

I swallowed hard and I could tell that my cheeks grew red.

I-uhm- no- I mean.” I stuttered embarrassed.

Aww Dan look, she is totally in love with you. That’s cute.. and pathetic.” Jake grinned evilly.

My cheeks were by now hotter than the sun and I pleadingly looked at Dan asking him to help me out of this. He didn’t. Instead he played along and I had never felt more humiliated. I wished I could have just vanish into nothing. I wished I had never tried to talk to Dan. The saddest thing was that Jake was right. Ever since Dan held my hand right after the sunset I looked at him in a different light. I wanted us to be more than friends while he didn’t want us to be friends at all.  

Sweetie. I’m sorry to break this to you but Dan’s way out of your league. He is on the football team ,honey, and you are one of those invisible kids in the back of class. He would never like somebody like you, right Dan?” Jake asked after making me feel like shit.

Yeah, I don’t know how anybody could like a loser like her.” Dan spat looking down on me as if I was scum. I felt tears sting in my eyes and Dan’s friends started laughing at my misery. I turned on my heels and quickly sprinted away, tears rolling down my rosy cheeks.

I went to our tree house alone that day. I stayed there until my eyes became dry from crying too much. I never thought that Dan would do something like that to me, not after everything we had been through together. When he held my hand and he was smiling I thought he felt it too. I thought he had the same butterflies in his stomach, but I must have been wrong.

I never tried to talk to Dan again after that incident. He started to become the fuckboy he was today. After a few months he had slept with the entire cheerleader squad. Dan started going to a lot of parties. Most girls wouldn’t shut up about him and they were competing to be the next one Dan would sleep with. That was the time we started to hate each other dearly. I guess at first I only hated him because I was trying to hide to fact that I was in love with him. But after he became the worst person in existence my hate got real. I never found out why he hated me back, but we started to call each other names in the hallways and did everything to make the other look bad. At that time I found comfort in the library. It was a safe place whenever I had to hide from Dan’s jock friends and the boys in my favourite books always ended up with the right girl.  After Dan finished high school I thought I would never have to see him again. But there I was, stood in front of him in the pouring rain.

“God, I should have ran after you, Rose. I hated myself for not doing it for so long. I still do. Believe me, I never wanted to lose you. I have thought that incident over so many times. If I could I’d change so much about it. For example when Jake asked if I would ever date you I should have just said yes.”

I suddenly looked up in shock. My eyes grew wide at his words and I couldn’t believe my ears. Dan seemed a bit surprised at his words at well, but then he continued.

“Let’s be honest, there was a reason why I held your hand that day, Rose. I was just so blinded by popularity and too dumb to realize how much you actually meant to me. But I made you hate me and I deserved it and then I started to sleep around and at first I thought I did it because it was fun, but later I realized that I just did it because I was searching for something that could replace you. Nothing could replace you, Rose”

I started sobbing again as soon as his heavy words hit me. The sky above us grew dark and the street lanterns around us started glowing. I shook my head in disbelief unable to comprehend what Dan was saying. Something inside me was breaking while being fixed at the same time. Dan was desperately waiting for me to say something, but I couldn’t. I was speechless. The coldness made me shiver and my wet clothes felt like ice against my skin. Dan looked at me so softly that I swear I could have melted. He accepted that I had no idea what to answer.

“You don’t need to forgive me. I really understand if you don’t.” he said with a sad smile.

“Just take this.” he added while taking off his dark grey jumper.  I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion, starring at him take off his sweater, but then he wrapped the soft fabric around my shaking shoulders. I was going to deny his kind offer but he just shook his head with a slight grin.

His jumper smelled just like him and his sweet scent dazed my senses.

“Please take my jumper, Rose” he spoke softly so I did as he said.