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I’m currently in Los Angeles for work and this morning I knocked out a great hotel workout. Extra bonus is that I was the only one in the workout facility so I could do my exercises in peace. Since I’ll be sitting for most of the day, I really wanted to stretch my muscles before the day started.

I’ve got two 12 hour days in front of me at a soundstage for another commercial until I fly back on Wednesday. Sounds like fun but I’m mentally fried at the end of each day. Hence the morning workouts.

Here we go!!!

AUs no one asked for
  •  I’m sleeping over at my friend’s flat from university after study group and just got woken up in the middle of the night by their roommate, who is sitting in the kitchen, listening very loudly to the dirty dancing soundtrack and crying. Like wtf, I didn’t even know they had a roommate and normally I would yell at you but damn you are cute. You really need to stop tho dude, its 4am, some people in this house want to sleep AU
  • I am a barista and you are a customer who comes in every day and orders the same thing and today my friend brought you with them, I didn’t even know we had mutual friends and WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT IS NOT ACTUALLY YOUR NAME HAVE I REALLY BEEN WRITING A NAME THAT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO YOURS ON YOUR CUPS FOR OVER HALF A YEAR WHY HAVE YOU NEVER CORRECTED ME AU
  • The house party me and my friends threw kinda escalated and after throwing out everyone I found this half naked person passed out in my bed but I can’t be bothered to wake them up now so I’m just gonna go to sleep and deal with it in the morning, they are kind of cute anyway AU
  • (or alternatively) I just woke up in a stranger’s bed and I’m half naked, I cant remember anything about yesterday besides that the party was great and that I got absolutely wasted AND OH MY GOD THERE IS A HOT PERSON NEXT TO ME IN BED AND THEY ARE NOT WEARING MUCH WHAT DID WE DO YESTERDAY AU
  • We work out at the same gym and you are my declared rival because we have the same workout routine and you are always better than me and on my way to the locker room I passed you in the shower where you were singing the opening of hannah montana and I can still hear you and you switched to the lion king now and even though I hate you I think I am kind of in love with you AU
  • I’m hiding in the bathroom of a restaurant from a spectacularly awful tinder date and you are in a similar situation because a guy at the bar just won’t stop hitting on you and now we are planning an epic escape together even though we only met ten minutes ago AU

Mkay, let’s talk srs for a moment. ‘cause every now and then, I get an influx of reblogs, and see #goals in some. It’s flattering, but also weird.

Sitting at around 22% BF, this is either the leanest, or close to the leanest I’ve been in a VERY long time. I don’t give a shit.

I don’t look like this for the aesthetic. I have a strong core and developed abs because I need them for stability in major lifts. My legs and ass look like this because I need to generate power and force. My arms and shoulders have shape so I can lock a barbell out overhead, and pull myself over a pullup bar.

I’m currently in a caloric deficit to cut weight so I can be a 69kg lifter, not a 75kg, because I don’t currently have the muscle mass to fill out 75kg.

I have identifiable and measurable goals I want to meet. I spend a lot of my free time training. Most of the time, it makes me happy. Somedays, it’s dragging myself through more squats sets, more accessory work, and feeling frustrated when what should be easy weights just aren’t moving right. But I’m still in the gym, working, because I want to get better.

My body looks right for what my goals are. Having strength related goals is what really moved me away from negative body image.

But guys and gals, don’t define your goals by someone else’s body. Literally every body develops muscle differently. Look for determination, purpose, happiness. They’re less fleeting that this flesh canoe.

**IN NO WAY do I mean any kind of negativity towards bodybuilding/physique competitors. Y'all are amazing**

Unlike Him

With your brother Archie and dad out of the house, you invite over Jughead. Quickly you let out your feelings for him, which leads to sex. But afterwards it seems that Jughead had changed his mind. In the following weeks you realize something, something that may change both of your lives.

Part 2

Part 3

Warning: Smut

This is my first Riverdale imagine. Sorry if it’s bad I haven’t written in a long time. Let me know if you guys like it and if you want a part 2!


With the recent murders in my hometown of Riverdale I felt uncomfortable as I tried falling asleep with my brother, Archie, and dad gone, visiting my mom in Chicago (a trip with I happily opted out of).  So I called the only person I knew who would make me feel safe.

  Soon enough I heard a knock on the front door. Running down stairs, I opened up the door to Jughead. Pulling him into a hug, I thanked him for coming. We made our way up to my bedroom, both laying down on the bed, turning on the TV, to see what was on.

    After a while of trying to find something good on TV, I moved from my position with my head on Jugheads chest to siting up.

  “I am so bored,” I whined to him. “There is nothing on this stupid TV and there’s nothing to do.”

Jughead laughed, “Of course there isn’t, it’s 1 am.”

With that I let out a sigh, dramatically falling onto Jugheads, still laying body.  Finally an idea came to me. This might just be the perfect time to make my move. The move where I finally let Jughead know I’ve had a crush on him since the 3rd grade, when he told me I could play with Archie and him, even though Archie tried kicking me out… my knight in shining armor.  I tried getting over it, I really did. He was my brother’s best friend, and a matter of fact my best friend too, I couldn’t ruin I and make everything awkward. I made myself do all the things to try to get as far away from him as possible; I even went as far as to join the River Vixens Freshman year. But I guess it was hopeless. I could barely keep my eyes off him tonight, due to his shirtless body, his excuse being that it was “too hot”.  I just wanted to pounce.  

  I finally realized Jughead had been trying to get my attention, but I had just been staring of into space. Well I needed to tell him, I decided. However, I had my fingers crossed that he felt the same way.  

Still on top of him, I sat up, making it so that I was straddling him, then I began to speak, “Jughead, I, uh, I need to tell you something. Just let me talk and then you can tell me how you feel. I- I’ve been in love you since the 3rd grade. I’ve tried to push these feelings down, I really have, but I just can’t. I just couldn’t keep this from you any longer. I completely understand if you don’t feel that way. Just tell me and I’ll never mention it to you again. I-,” suddenly you were cut off.

Jughead had leaned up and kissed me. I basked in the feeling of his warm lips on mine, however it did not last as long as I would have liked.

“That’s a yes, I like you too,” he responded.

Smiling we kissed again, with Jughead suddenly flipping us over, making it so he was on top.  After that he put his hands on my waist, slowly raising them under my shirt, as mine made their way to his neck. Our kiss became more intense, our lips battling one another over dominance, but I already knew it was a losing battle. His lips slowing moved to my neck, sucking on it, leaving what I am sure would be clearly visible hickeys. Once he reached a certain spot, I couldn’t hold in the noises anymore, letting out a moan. I could feel Jughead smirking against my skin, and it seemed my noises pushed him further and he quickly, separated himself to take my shirt off, thankfully he was already shirtless.

As we began to kiss again, I realized that even though this was slightly awkward, Jughead clearly knew what he was doing and ourbodys seemed to fit perfectly together. I could feel his hard on against your leg growing, which just made me want him more, causing to begin to grind up into him, causing him to let a barely there moan. Quickly he began to take off my bra, and move his lips down to my nipples. He focus on sucking the right when, as his hand moved to the other. He made quick work of going back and forth until finally he seemed to have enough. Separating himself from me he began to talk of my pants, and I started to undo his belt buckle. He made quick work of my pants, standing up and pulling the all the way off my legs, along with my panties. Quickly doing the same to his jeans and boxers afterwards.

  Lying back on top of me, he began to kiss me again. Slowly his hands worked their way down my body. Once he reached my core he looked up into my eyes checking to see if I was okay with this. I quickly nodded; I was dying to feel something. Slowly he began to put one, then two in, moving the slowly in and out. I could tell he was teasing me, from the smug grin on his face, listening to my desperate moans.

Finally having enough of his teasing I begged him, “Please, faster.”

  Thankfully, having mercy on me he began to speed up. Keeping up the pace, I started getting close to my orgasm, but suddenly he stop. Despite my anger of not being allowed to cum, I knew what he was going to do which made it all better.

  Jughead looked up at me, while he lined himself up to my core and slowly began to push in. God, was he big, I wasn’t a virgin, but I had definitely never been with a guy who had as much as he did, causing it to slightly hurt as he pushed himself in. I grabbed onto his biceps, digging crevices with my nails as he finally was all the way in. After a second he slowly began moving in and out, creating a natural rhythm.

I could see he was restraining himself from going as fast as he wanted to, just so he could make sure I was comfortable first, “It’s ok, you can go faster.”

After my words he became ramping up his pace. As he began to hit just the spot I cried out, moving my hands to his scratch his back. He clearly got the message, he just that place as fast and hard as he could. He wanted to make sure I came before he did, so he moved his hand down to by clit, quickly rubbing it.

Before I knew it I was there, moaning out his name. A seconds after I came, he also did too.  As he pulled out, he rolled off, pulling me into his arms. It was already late, and with such a workout, we both quickly feel asleep.

I awoke to Jughead, getting out of bed and beginning to get dressed. I looked at my clock seeing that it was only 4 am, I wondered where he was going.

Sitting up I asked, “Leaving so soon, where are you going? It’s still dark out.”

  I seemed to have surprised him and he quickly turned to me, with a look on his face I couldn’t quite make out.

“I, um, I need to leave. Us… This was a mistake, it never should have happened. I’m sorry,” he quickly spoke, trying to avoid looking in my eyes.

Tears started coming to my eyes. How could he say that? I thought he felt the same way. This was Jughead, were talking about, he wasn’t one ot say something then take it back.

“Th-that’s not true. You said you liked me too,” I began.

“Yes it is, I completely regret this happening. Now I have to go. I’ll see you at school or something” he said and with that he was out the door.

How could this happen? I quickly called the only 2 people I could think of.

Soon enough Betty and Veronica arrived. I quickly told them what had happened through my tears. Veronica, being who she is threatened to make him regret every being born, making me laugh. For the rest of that night that was there goal, making me laugh and realize I am better without him.

At lunch a few weeks later, Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and me were all sitting outside the school at our usually picnic table. We had been talking about boys again. So of course Jughead came up. We were all still baffled by the fact that he acted the way he did.

“Well at least he wore a condom, so you can’t have his evil demon spawn,” Kevin said trying to lighten to mood.

Everyone burst out laughing, except for me. He did wear a condom… didn’t he?  I tried thinking back to that night. I quickly realized that I had no condoms, in my room and unless Jughead was just carrying one around with him, it meant that he hadn’t worn one. As soon as that realization came to me, I quickly sat up beginning to sprint into the school, running past both my brother and Jughead, who were headed to the table.

At the table everyone looked around, with Kevin saying, “I thought it was funny, I wasn’t trying to hurt her feeling.”

Quickly the two girls thought about it and realized there was a reason I was running, and it wasn’t because Kevin hurt my feeling. Suddenly they jumped up too, running after me.


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For our post workout lunch we headed out for vegan sushi! We loveeee dipping them in organic coconut amminos! Seriously try it guys! It’s a great alternative to soy or other high sodium sauces. And if you haven’t seen our newest VLOG, check it out guysss! Link is on our page. 


This Only Looks Like Love - Warning: Smut, Alcohol Use, Drug Use, Violence, Mentions of Disordered Eating, Death.

Winnie James has just gotten her life back together. Well, professionally anyway. After a long year of watchful eyes monitoring her every move at Secret Talent Agency, she’s finally off probation–and promoted. But the promotion comes with a caveat; Winnie mustn’t mix business with pleasure with any of Secret Talent’s celebrity clientele, a tendency of hers that has caused major fallout in the past. But her first day as newly promoted Client Manager sounds off alarm bells as a very familiar–and very famous–face is introduced as her new client. Are Tom and Leslie lying in wait for Winnie to fail? Can Winnie resist the flirtatious ways of Harry Styles? Winnie can’t be sure, but one thing’s for certain: in a world that prides itself on manipulating perception nothing ever is as it looks.

ON HIATUS as of 2/9/17 - explanation here

  1.      Chapter 1 - Winnie knows what boys like
  2.      Chapter 2 - Winnie, meet starboy
  3.      Chapter 3 - Winnie doesn’t trust anyone
  4.      Chapter 4 - Winnie won’t say it
  5.      Chapter 5 - Winnie’s got Harry’s hands on her
  6.      Chapter 6 - Winnie is unravelling
  7.      Chapter 7 - Winnie likes the way Harry flicks his tongue 
  8.      Chapter 8 - Winnie isn’t the girl Harry takes home
  9.      Chapter 9 - Winnie was broken from the start

 Extras: Winsights (tidbits about Winnie)
             - Sweets

One Shots:

Let Me Be Your Good Night*
As One Direction’s vocal coach, you’ve gotten to know the boys quite well. Niall’s written a new song that’s driven purely by sex, and in your attempts to push the boys to new heights with their vocals, you may have pushed Harry too far.

Cheese and Whine*
All you want to do is settle in your favorite Greektown bar and watch the Lions annihilate their biggest rivals–the Green Bay Packers. But the cold weather delayed you, and by the time you arrive, the only seat left is up close and personal with a cheesehead. This is no ordinary cheesehead though, his name is Harry and he’s British and determined to tease you about your Lion Pride all night long. What starts as light ribbing turns into high stakes gambling, with one of you set to be rewarded in the bathroom.

Birthday Bows*^ and Valentine Woes*^
It’s Harry’s birthday and you’ve gotten him the perfect gift–you. All tied up with a pretty little bow around your neck, he can hardly contain himself.

Two weeks after Harry’s birthday, he’s back for Valentine’s. You’d be happy with just a cuddle, but he’s got more in mind. 

*indicates smut
^indicates bondage


Love Bite
When Harry leaves, you like to mark him with reminders of your love.

Post-Workout Behavior*
We need to talk about something. And that something is the way Harry would behave when you get home from the gym. 

*indicates smut


Driving with Harry
Ever think about driving with Harry? Like sitting next to him in one of his expensive cars surrounded by buttery soft leather. And getting to watch all of the faces he pulls while concentrating on the road. And when you’re on a long, straight stretch that doesn’t require both hands on the wheel or he’s not fiddling with his bottom lip with that free hand, he’s reaching over to you, taking your hand from your lap so he can hold it.

Moving In Together
Ever think about what moving in with Harry would be like? He’d wake up on move in day all smiles, even though it’s still really early in the morning. His place is all packed up, save for the mattress he’s slept on and his phone and charger that are on the floor next to him. And when he see you’re calling, his smile grows even bigger as he answers with a “Today’s the day, button!” 

When Harry is your Valentine
Little things Harry would do to make Valentine’s day special.

Going to the Oscars with Harry
He’s so excited telling you that he’s been invited to the Oscars and that he wants you to come with him. But when you remind him that of course he’s invited, he’s nominated, he just laughs and shakes his head, mumbling, “Oh, right, forgot about tha’.”  

Snapchatting with Harry
At first he wouldn’t get the appeal and would refuse to download the app. So you improvise and Snap old photos of him, adding filters and stickers, and text them to him. 

When Harry Doesn’t Feel Well
Ever think about taking care of Harry when he’s feeling ill? Like, he’d come home from the studio early even though a song is thisclose to being finished because every note irritates his scratchy throat and the sound of the bass reverberating through his skull during playback matches the pulsing of his migraine. 

Reader Insert Mini Series

A series of one shots and blurbs that explores first experiences in a relationship. 

Crush // Date // Time*

Harry is your older brother’s best friend, but he has a hard time following the rules that come with that relationship.
Part 1: Another Man’s Treasure // Part 2: Mind on a Mission // Part 3: Take the Lead // Part 4: Worth the Pain

*indicates smut


Massage it all Away
You’ve been having a rough few weeks, and nothing Harry does makes it better. When you get a knot in your neck from sleeping funny, he’s got the perfect idea to help melt your stress away.

You love me, right?
You and Harry have to face a big incompatibility in your otherwise perfect relationship. Request from four word prompts

Requests are OPEN. I just ask for patience while I complete them.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Isak mutters yet again as he starts up yet another flight of god forsaken stairs, “It’s only the fourth floor, Isak. You never go to the gym, Isak. Think of this as our daily workout, Isak. As if we don’t get a workout every night.”

A thump from the next flight up and then, “Did you say something, baby?”

Isak glares up into nothing, “Nothing at all.”

“What are you still doing down there?”

“Enjoying the view!” Isak wipes a bead of sweat from his hairline. “So like- can we give a request to the landlord?”

Even’s head peeks over the railing, “Request?”

“Yeah for a fucking elevator.”


donsaladino Looking forward to seeing this tonight on @fox5ny. @drive_clubs@imsebastianstan #training #fitness#superhero @dukecastiglione

dukecastiglione Join us tonight at 10 pm @fox5ny as we workout with @imsebastianstan & his trainer and good friend @donsaladino @drive_clubs Yes we take you inside a Superhero’s workout! We also talk #wintersoldier #captainamericathewintersoldier #avengersinfinitywar #marvel This was so much fun! Tune in!

reachann  asked:

Can you please do an in-depth description of the Sheith Fam House with screenshots and floorplan? Also, their villa in Japan cos you know that they would have one. Also, what cars would they own? Those rich ass bastards.

YOU ASKED. I WILL DELIVER. I’ve always said that Shiro and Keith’s house is big. Considering Shiro is one of the top neurosurgeons and Keith being a Best Selling Author, let’s say their annual income’s in the 7 digits each. So, their house kinda shows that too in a way.

What you see here is the back of the house because obviously, who even has a pool in front? LMAO I mean, maybe Shiro and Keith would but even they’re not that crazy. Also three floors because who needs two when clearly you can have three? This family can be frugal at times but there are times when they just don’t have any chill.

Let’s take a tour at the Shirogane Residence, so more under the cut.

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Welcome to Fitblr - 7 things you F***ing need to know.

On a side note

I don’t know how to tell you this so that you’ll listen

maybe if I swear in the title. 

I want to take a quick moment (haha. Me. quick. HA!) to talk to the newbies. To the folks just starting out on this journey. To the people who have had enough… for real this time! 

The thing is, I’m going to tell you a bunch of things you already know and unless it is “for real this time” FOR REAL AND HONESTLY you are going to blink, stop reading this post half way through and move on to the quick-fix detox tea companies that post pictures of unrealistic “skinny” people and promise you a handful of lies. If that’s you, you aren’t for real this time. Good luck though and when you figure out that you aren’t going to lose 100 lbs in a week for that perfect chiseled beach look - come on back. We’ll be here. 

For those of us on the “for real this time” trail, there are some things I want to tell you and you’ve probably heard them a million times before, but maybe this time a lightbulb flickers over your head and you have a brilliant AHA! moment all because of me. Probably not, but maybe. And maybe you are sitting there wondering who the hell I am and how I can possibly tell you what to do. First, I am not telling you what to do. I am telling you things I know FOR ME. Do they apply to you also, Maybe!

So who am I? I am just like you. My name is T. I am a blogger and a fitblr and a runner (ha!) and a swimmer (ha!) and a weight lifter (ha!) and a kickboxer (ha!) and a god-damn-zen-master (ha!) (or so I have been told - because here in my world, EFFORT IS EVERYTHING! I THINK THEREFORE I AM! I have nearly 500 followers which is breadcrumbs in the blogger world but HUGE to me and  much to my chagrin a bunch of them are porn blogs I can’t seem to make go away… sigh.

My highest weight was 220 lbs. My current weight is 206 lbs. My body fat % has dropped from 45% to 40%. I have been working, steadily on my fitness for almost two years. When I started, I knew nothing. I was sore, tired, sick and lazy. I’ve been working on this for two years, and yeah, it got a bit easier, but I still have to work at it every single day and today when I woke up sore and achy and tired I knew I wanted to share this with you. 

Things the new-to-this need to know (or things the old-at-this needs to be reminded of): 

1. Don’t expect it to be easy - remember how I talked about quick fixes and detox teas. THEY ARE ALL LIES. This is not going to be easy, not even a little bit. Prepare yourself for hard, then expect harder. You’ll probably cry. You’ll probably quit. You’ll probably cry. Keep going. 

2. Don’t expect it to be easy - people are going to tell you all kinds of things. “I lost the weight and didn’t change my diet”. “Oh, I just woke up like this.” “Take this pill” “I don’t eat carbs” bla bla bla. People are going to downplay your effort and success. One of the hardest parts of your walk down this path is comparison. COMPARISON IS AN ASSHOLE. FUCK COMPARISON. YOU DO YOU. (I can’t make my capital letters any bigger…) YOU. DO. YOU. Everybody else has their own journey and 80% of them are going to lie to you because they don’t want you to know the before. YOU.DO.YOU. 

3. Don’t expect it to be easy - your body is going to tell you that you can’t do it. It is going to tell you that it is tired and sore and incapable. THAT IS NOT YOUR BODY. That is your brain. Your body is far more capable than you are giving it credit for and the first time you feel your body accomplish something you didn’t think it could accomplish will give you a type of confidence-boosting-euphoria you will never find in any fucking blueberry-acai-grapefruit-organic-detox-cup-of-overpriced-water-lies. Keep going. 

4. Don’t expect it to be easy - I bet you have a goal weight. You have a plan. You are going to do this this time because you have written it down on a piece of a paper and you are going to lose 20 lbs and you are going to look beautiful and you are going to be able to go onto a beach in a bathing suit and that person is going to notice you because you are really-really-ridiculously good looking now. Find that piece of paper. Got it? BURN IT! 

  • You are already really really ridiculously good looking. I know we say that all the time here at Fitblr Central and we are going to keep saying it until you also start saying it. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE GOOD LOOKING. YOU.DO.YOU AND THAT IS AMAZING! Own that shit! Flaunt that shit! 
  • You don’t need to lose 10-20-30 even 50 lbs. Oh? Your doctor said you need to for your BMI? Fuck the BMI. More bullshit. You don’t need to lose weight. YOU NEED TO BE HEALTHY! YOU NEED TO FEEL STRONG! (You may need to lose fat) but you 100% DO NOT need to lose weight. A lot of my posts are tagged with #duckthescale (an autocorrect faux pa I retained and use regularly) and I mean it. Fuck the scale. Who gives a shit what you weigh? BE STRONG! BE HAPPY! BE HEALTHY! BE FLEXIBLE! BE COURAGEOUS! BE KIND! BE CONFIDENT! BE A FIGHTER! BE NICE TO YOURSELF! Don’t make your goal your weight. please. You will end up disappointed. Focus on literally a million other things, not that useless number. 
  • Unlearn everything you thought you know. You KNOW  a lot of things. Dr. Oz. Oprah. Advertisement. Healthy and Beauty products. The people on that TV program with the catchy song and the spokes-person who looks like an angel; all of these people have taught you a lot of things. Forget them all. My favorite quote of the moment is: “I’m still learning. I’m still unlearning.” It is way harder to unlearn all the crap you’ve been “taught” than it is to learn the new stuff. 

5. Don’t expect it to be easy - you will need to wade through piles and piles and piles of overwhelming information. You will talk to hundreds of people who offer you advice (good) and advice (bad) and opinions (both warranted and un-requested). You will need to learn which advice is worth listening to. Here’s a tip: most of it isn’t. Read. Research. Talk to professionals. Talk to people in community groups and social media who can help (be careful who you listen to). Find people you trust and trust your instincts and don’t expect it to be easy. Find what works for you. You’ll get there.  

6. Don’t expect it to be easy - go slow. Don’t start out at 400 horsepower straight out of the gate. You’ll just break something. Take it slow. If it means you spend the first 2 weeks at the gym walking on the treadmill doing a weird book-reading juggling act while trying to secretly spy on all the gym goers using the equipment so you can hopefully figure out what this shit show is all about (true story) then do that. Just go slow. The Rock once said “for the first (enter timeline) I just went to the gym, sat there, and read a magazine. It’s about building the habit” (not his exact words but you get the idea) That really stuck with me. Build the habit however you need to. Remember: you.do.you.


7. Don’t expect it to be easy - BE KIND TO YOURSELF. This may be the hardest thing you do. Forgive yourself. Recommit every morning if you have to. If you take 5 steps today, take 6 steps tomorrow. If you skip a day, start again tomorrow. Be patient. Work hard, always. Love yourself first and please please please be KIND to yourself always.


Quick, little, Rowaelin one-shot for you guys! If there’s enough request for it, I’ll write a part two. Reblogs are appreciated!


“This thing is so cool!”

Aelin was bouncing from one foot to the other, refusing to stand still until her workout was completed. The cold, January air bit through her fleece jacket and the long sleeved thermal she wore underneath it, but the endorphins pumping through her body were enough to keep her warm. Rowan just jogged past her and huffed a quiet laugh, listening for her to start running again. The Fitbit he’d gotten her for Christmas had absolutely amazed her for the past few days. She’d come running whenever she’d learn about a new feature and before he could say or do anything, she was in his lap, showing him her latest discovery.

They’d taken a few days off of training and working out during the holidays, but now that they were officially over, it was time to get back into the swing of things, starting with a measly ten-mile run.She caught back up to him and he glanced at her. “What’s the best thing about it this hour?” He joked, receiving a quick jab to the ribs from his girlfriend.

“This is the coolest thing I’ve had in years, do not ruin this for me, Rowan Whitethorn.”

He opened his fists in mock surrender and they ran in silence for a few moments before he asked, “What did you figure out? I’m curious now.“

She shot him a half-assed glare before looking forward again and grinning. “I’m not used to having this thing yet, so I forgot to hit start on my workout when we started running.” Her breath was coming out in little clouds with every word she spoke. “When I realized, I was pretty bummed, but I went to the app when I was changing my playlist and it’s been tracking me since we started! It just knew!”

Rowan shook his head and lightly chuckled. “It knew because it’s tracking your heart rate. When it noticed the increase in your heart rate to the cardio zone and that it was staying elevated, it automatically began tracking a workout for you.”

Aelin loved it when Rowan got all technical with her. She especially loved it when he spoke about heart rates and anything else in the medical field. The thought of the love of her life someday very soon becoming ‘Dr. Rowan Whitethorn’ did wonderful things to her insides, and she made sure he knew it every chance she could. Medicine was his forte, however, technology, often, was not. She narrowed her eyes at him. “How do you know that?” He rolled his pine green eyes and lifted his wrist and shook it slightly, his black Fitbit, nearly identical to the purple one encircling her own wrist, jostling with every step he took.

Oh. Right. He’d had a Fitbit for much longer than she had, so he knew the ins and outs of the small device that now enthralled her.

They ran in silence for a few minutes more, each of them falling back into their own rhythm that complimented the others. Aelin turned to him.

“So will it track my Zumba class if I forget to turn it on, or is it only running it picks up?”

Rowan continued to look ahead, only removing his other earbud in case the conversation continued to flow. “Anything that keeps your heartbeat up will automatically start tracking. Your Zumba class, running, going to the gym, anything.” He quietly laughed and continued, “Hell, I had an exam my Fitbit once considered ‘exercise’ because my heart rate was going crazy.”

Aelin rolled her eyes at him and kept on, thinking as she ran. “I wonder if it would track sex.”

Rowan, who had been taking a drink out of his water bottle at that exact inopportune moment, spluttered water down his gray zip up. Aelin just slowed down and looked over at him, one eyebrow cocked and her full lips pressed into a tight line as if she were trying not laugh. “I’ve, uhm,” he stammered. “I’ve never thought about that.”

“Hmmm,” was all that Aelin said as she took off again and Rowan, hard as he may try, couldn’t help but stare at her ass in those tight leggings and think about the idea she’d just planted in his head. 

“You should move.”

Victor buries his nose deeper on the crook of Yuuri’s neck. “Or maybe you should.”

“Victor, I’m cold,” Yuuri whines because Victor’s warmth on top of him can’t counter the cold from the ice beneath his body.

“I’m cold too, that’s why I’m holding you.” That, and Yuuri feels comfortable and soft and too lovely for Victor to let go.

“We’re going to get sick,” Yuuri says, but still he runs his fingers through the platinum strands.

“Perhaps,” Victor smiles into his neck. “Or perhaps we can warm ourselves up.”

“Oh? And what do you propose we do?”

“We can continue the training,” Victor replies, before he leans to bite Yuuri’s ear, “or we can do another workout together.”

Yuuri slips his hand under Victor’s jacket. “On the ice? Sounds fun.”

“I’m glad you agree.”


“Beka, I’m moving to Kazakhstan!”



anonymous asked:

The sweetest thing happened to me this morning 😊. I'm sick, but I went to my workout class. We had to do a lap around the block. This guy I met for the first time today was jogging next to me, maintaining the same pace & having a conversation w/me. I told him "don't let me slow you down, I'm not feeling the greatest." He said, "that's okay" & kept jogging with me 😶. We were the last two to make it back. I left class early cuz I started to feel dizzy. I waved bye to him & he waved back! #AMBW

Yesss so sweet 💚

We Are Young SNEAK PEEK #2

I had to post this because the friendship between Aelin, Nehemia, and Lysandra kills me every time. I love writing scenes between them!

“Well, we definitely get a workout when-”

“Stop right there,” Aelin groaned, causing Lysandra and Nehemia to laugh. “I do not need to hear this about my cousin. Especially when it’s with my best friend.”

Lysandra threw an arm around Aelin’s shoulders. “Listen. You left me this summer to run around in Italy. And Nehemia,” She nodded her head in the girls direction. “Worked all summer. So I had needed someone to hang out with.”

The look on Nehemiah’s face was devilish. “And instead you got someone to make out with.”

Venus in the 6th

We find beauty in the little things: steam rising from a coffee mug, sunbeams on dust-motes, or curtains blowing in the breeze of an open window. The most ordinary things are so extraordinarily beautiful, we can stare at them for hours.

Things we should find boring are actually kind of fun. Sometimes, we enjoy taking detailed notes in a boring class, or studying for an accounting test, or folding laundry. We enjoy taking long showers, shaving our legs, and stretching after a good workout. 

We love small, common, humble animals. Our hearts sing with joy at the sight of a sparrow bathing in a puddle. 

We admire humble, ordinary people like maids, gardeners, and waiters. We find beauty in their patience and are humbled by their work ethic. We make sure to treat them with kindness and respect. 

We want an ordinary sort of love. We want someone who likes to do the dishes together, cook together, and fall asleep together at a decent hour. We want someone who might need to be taken care of, or who wants to take care of us for a change. We want to be appreciated.

We want someone to look at us the same way we look at the little things that make life beautiful.

***also applicable to venus in virgo