we won't stand for this

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Logan Huntzberger stood up to his family in Season 5 because he wanted to be with Rory and they'd only been dating for a week. He stormed out of the house because they said Rory couldn't marry into their family. He then proceeded to date Rory for three years. They lived together and he proposed to her. Later, he also decided to walk away from the family business and get a career of his own. Logan was willing and able to do all of that 10 years ago. Why would he care what his family thinks about who is marrying now? He's 34 years old. And when we left him in Season 7, he had cut off all ties with his family. It doesn't follow that the man who loved Rory enough to give her anything she wanted wouldn't leave Odette to be with her because of the Huntzberger dynasty. How does that make sense? And why wouldn't Rory, who never had a problem asking Logan for what she wanted, say something? She asked him out. She told him she couldn't do casual dating anymore. She's always pushed to make their relationship what she wanted it to be, and she's somehow lost that ability at age 32? Why have both of these characters regressed so dramatically from where they were more than 10 years ago? And if it was going to be written that way, why do we have no insight into their thoughts and motivations? Why don't we know why Logan won't stand up to his family? Why don't we know why he's working for his father again? Why don't we know why Rory won't ask him to leave Odette? Did ASP forget how to write these characters? Could she really not suck it up and watch Season 7 so the characterization was consistent?
Companions when out and about
  • Skyrim: ughhhhh omf do we have to keep walking, what, why are you turning around wtf is going on whhhhhyyyyy.
  • Dragon age 2: look at us we can stand in perfect af little triangular formation. We won't move our fcking asses unless you do, Hawke.

Like who he tryna kid though?

Some Borusara fans actually edited Mitsuki out of the opening.

I can’t fucking believe it. He was erased from the Team Konohamaru final frame. Not cropped out, erased. wow

Why do you have to do this? My son doesn’t deserve this. Team Konohamaru doesn’t deserves this. Just…

The College Experience; alternatively, What To Do In Case of Goblins

so my friends and i were looking for a place to study after midnight on campus, and so we headed over to the basement of the english building to see if there were any unused classrooms. we were having a good time, laughing and joking about being in this unfamiliar realm at night. looking in the windows, most rooms had a few people in them, so we went into the first dark one we saw. i should mention, the door to the classroom is inside an alcove, so directly to the right of the door inside the classroom is hidden from sight from outside the door. we entered the room unsuspectingly, which was a horrible mistake, because there was someone hiding in the hidden corner of the classroom.
the conversation went something like this. 

friend 1: “follow me into this dark room~!! sshh be quiet now~!” 
friend 1: *turns around to see the dude sitting there, holding his phone (on the home screen, so you know he just closed whatever he was looking at) sweater pulled hastily down over his lap*
friend 1: oh shit, you need a minute? 
jerk-off goblin: *staring into the distance* “do you guys have class in here?”
friend 2: “..no, do you?” 
and then we ran. we found another classroom to work in, truly empty (thank god). but hes still there sitting in the dark jerking off in some nondescript classroom.

and in short that is what college is like. you think you’re gonna have a fun and productive time working with your friends and then you encounter a jerk-off goblin lurking in a basement and you Suffer. 

ok so i had to make this post because this d&p drama is SO BAD.
DON’T call phil a liar. he was just trying to make a video while damage controlling this whole theory. please don’t force them to come out….they’re not your gay puppets! they are actual people who care about their public image …crazy, right?
PLEASE…STOP SAYING THESE HURTFUL WORDS TO THEM, they were just so close with their identity and sexuality and I don’t want 2012 to happen again!
look, these theories were not invading their privacy for sure-Phil should have them die by themselves, he did wrong and I stand by that, I also think he shouldn’t make this video first of all- but don’t bash him, and hate him like this. he’s human. they are not ready yet to come out. and I, for one, accept that and respect their privacy and themselves. I will continue loving and suporting them as youtubers and as people.
you are allowed to be mad, all you want- but not like this. I hope that Phil will not let himself or Dan get dragged by this, but I really doubt that.


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When your mum jokingly tells you "stand up straight and smile or we won't get dinner. You look miserable." But all you can think about is how loud and bright the mall is. Then in the car she adds on, sarcastically of course "isn't it so lovely to have happy, smiling children?" As your in the backseat stimming and rocking to calm yourself down. But of course, "I'm just teasing. You take everything so serious."

Not gonna lie with the world as it is right now I kiiiiind of need a hug and a pep talk and a jumbo-sized martini from the Duchess of Mandalore. 

  • The Townspeople: every day the Fire Breathing Dragon comes and takes one of our innocent maidens away. Soon it will be time again.
  • Brave Hero: I will slay this dragon and save the maidens!
  • Libertarians: Stop right there. That's The Free Market, and we won't stand for attempts to regulate it. It even heats our water in exchange for the maidens.
  • On the 8th: I wore my Captain America shirt because I believed in freedom and equality in this land of the free. That I was proud to vote and that I'm proud to be in a country I call home that supports democracy and that citizens like me have a say in who governs us.
  • Today (November 9th, 2016): my fears and nightmares have not only come true but most dreams have been crushed. I wore my Firefly shirt because I needed a bit of solace and serenity and because I wanted to remind myself of my other favorite (fictional) Captain's words: "May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one."
  • Tomorrow: I will wear my Cap shirt again and I will remind myself the stories told to us both in (super)heroic fiction and the legendary and remarkable history of others before us who have fought back against oppression and injustice that we don't give up when we're pushed down. That we stand again and we push back. That bullies won't win. That love and compassion trumps hate. And that no matter what, you are never alone in this fight.