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What I expected in The Punisher: guns, violence, blood, sheer brutality, etc.

What I didn’t expect in The Punisher: Frank Castle  softly kissing Karen Page on the cheek by the waterside.

*rises from the void*

Hello it is I with some more theories

I remember after the whole potion mess thing happened, Ash was telling Erika that the guard hid some things from him too? That was something that never left my mind because I REALLY want to know why he hates the guard so much. Now that we are getting hints that he may be Lance, it makes more sense why Lance would want to fake his death and vanish (so no one would look for him).

During episode 17 we learned that Daemons (or at least Leif) are still alive. Even the guard believed them to be extinct and only exist in spirit form or something. If they were wrong about the Daemons, can’t they be wrong about the Dragons too? Maybe a few Dragons or their descendants are still alive!

And since Ash named himself after a really important Dragon, I’m gonna assume that he pays respects to them for some reason. (I can’t see him as the type to name himself after someone he looks down on.)

Add to the fact that we don’t know Valkyon’s race, and that Lance would have to be the same race as him, do you think Valkyon and Lance are descendants of Dragons? Valk said that he is a fairy-human hybrid. I’m guessing Lance is a hybrid too since Valk still has no idea what his race could be (and if Lance is a full fairy, it wouldn’t make sense for Valk to not know what he is).

My guess is that they are both Dragon-human hybrids and that there is some dark secret going around about the “extinct” Dragons. Maybe they are being killed too for some reason? Even after all they had sacrificed to create Eldarya?

Do you ever just sit and wonder where Oswald and Edward would be right now if Ed didn’t go to get a bottle of wine and then meet Isabella

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((Why did you keep tagging stuff enano gigante?))

//IT’S AN INTERNAL JOKE BETWEEN ME AND MY FRIEND, we jumped on that bandwagon of giving Richjke an artsy name like P1nkberry or Cinnabun or w/e and we just gave it that, it literally just translates to Small Giant pfff

Between me and @corals-art-and-stuff gotta tag my friend give her the proper credit ily Evy

Today, someone in hospital management explained to me that the reason our unit is always so understaffed is because the nurses insist on selfishly taking their two yearly earned floating holidays. “If they cared about these babies,” they said, “they would forfeit them.”

I’m not a violent person.  I’ve never struck anyone in my life.  But for just a minute……just a few seconds….all I could think about was…..

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No wonder we burn out and leave this job.  

Writing Tip (that nobody asked for)

Lemme tell y’all about my personal writer’s hack that has made my life soo much easier!

You know that feel when you’re writing and you suddenly stop like, “shit, what’s the word I’m looking for?” and then spend the next however many minutes searching until you either find it or give up? And then you come back to what you were writing like, “…I don’t know where I was anymore…”

Well I’m here to help you out with that problem!

The best piece of advice I can offer to writers is once you start writing, do not stop. Get in the zone, let the ideas flow and let that Writer’s Rush really hit you! Don’t worry about spelling, or paragraphing, and, as I mentioned, specific words.

When you come to that gap, that “what’s the word I’m looking for” feel, just take a set of double brackets, ((like so)), and describe the word you are searching for. It can be similar words, or just anything that will help you remember once you come back. This also works great if you’re trying to decide between two different words or phrases.

I go for double brackets because I use singles as part of my writing and don’t want to get confused, but also because my thoughts kinda do function like words in a bracket, if that makes sense? Like it’s not to be taken into account with the rest of the story. You can use any symbol you feel like really, just anything that’s not used too often and can be easily found, especially using Google Doc’s “find and replace” feature. (Another freaking good writer’s hack!)

Once you’ve done most of the framework for your story, that’s when you come back to your double brackets. That’s when you can take the time to search through your thesaurus (yet another good hack! I mean it! Use it!) or simply ponder your word choices.

Anyways this is what works best for me. Keep in mind that everyone is different and has their own ways of writing, so my advice may not apply to every writer out there. But yeah, if you want, feel free to try this out! Or perhaps you already have a similar system. Either way, I hope this helped in some way or another!

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Is there a plot for this blog???

(Maybe! My future plans are pretty vague, but this Jyush does have a sort of story I imagine him with. Feel free to try interpreting what you see)


Season 12 Cast Promo Photos (updated from this post)

(*patiently still waiting for Joe and AJ’s pictures to be released*)

Kaistal The new couple is born~ approved by SM offically at 1st if April, which fans hope that this is just an April fool for them…unfortunately it’s not~
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You know, everyone right now is eager to have the next chapter the one where Victor reevaluates how whole life. But, you know, I'm pretty much sure that when you'll have to write the scandal and angst fest, everyone will be just like: oh, you need time? Okay, take all the time you need, a month, a year, it's no bother,really. *ugly sobbing* you can even skip this chapter if you want, we won't mind.

The scandal is coming very soon and I hope everyone is prepared ;)

 “Have you seen something more elegant before?”

wildberry!Sans belongs to @metalphoenixx !

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Damien's resting his head on your left shoulder as Dark has his hand rested on your right thigh "But, who really is your favourite doll?" Damien asks kissing you on your cheek with a red flush and puppy eyes, dark growls in your ear but presses his lips on your neck "Yes tell us. We won't mind. After all you'll either get a treat, or a punishment." Damien kisses under your ear looking disapprovingly at Dark but both give you gentle smiles, head butting as they dive for your lips first

First of all, the little head butt made me laugh. And secondly, this is really cute and I can’t choose because both deserve lovin’. *tries to sneak away while they growl at one another*

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Hi anger! They are right,your well being is more important! Don't worry about the comic,take your time,we won't mind~whatever you feel like doing or drawing is OK,we love you and your art and respect your decisions~ just go ahead and take a break ^^~

I’ve already taken many breaks with those comics … too long. And the only thing I do is just start something else without even finishing what I had already started… And i don’t like that..