we won't forget you

I'm just saying, I think we all know Kara Danvers fairly well.

And if you think for one hot second she wouldn’t have taken time to visit her friend, Lena Luthor, after Lena saved National City and turned in her mother… then you don’t know Kara at all.


According to popular history, Baartman was born in 1789 in the Gamtoos Valley of South Africa. When she was barely in her 20s, she was sold to London by an enterprising Scottish doctor named Alexander Dunlop, accompanied by a showman named Hendrik Cesars. She spent four years in Britain being exhibited. Her treatment caught the attention of British abolitionists, who tried to rescue her, but she claimed that she had come to London on her own accord.
Baartman lived on in poverty, and died in Paris of illness in December 1815. After her death, Cuvier dissected her body, then displayed her remains. For more than a century and a half, visitors to the “Museum of Man” in Paris could view her brain and skeleton until she was peacefully laid to rest.

No one knows why, but when we let out the dogs before the night Yggur just…fucks off. No one knows why, or exactly where, but very often we just go about our way, forget he’s still outside, close the doors and go to bed. And it’s usually fine because he’ll seek refuge in the building where we keep the hay where he’ll stay dry and warm for the night at least. Except now he wasn’t having it, and I was already wondering wtf the noises beneath my window were.

It was Yggur. A wet heap of miserable black dog. Close to wailing because he wanted to be inside and not outside in the storm. :(

my mom just called..and she told me that my dog just died this evening…i’m really sad,,,

“With heavy hearts; and a tear in our eyes after all these years; we must say goodbye.
Please understand; we’ve done all we could if there was anything we could do; you know we would.

The memories you gave us; we’ll never forget especially the ones; of the day we all met.
Dream of that special day and time when we’ll meet at the Bridge; and all will be fine.
We’ll run and play; side by side with a soft warm feeling; deep down inside.

So with heavy hearts; and tears in our eyes just for now my friend; we say goodbye”

13 years of happiness and joy, you were my best friend…rest in peace..my girl…“SWEETY” i won’t forget you..

your friend: Ayu

I Thought of a Thing. Sorry.

As season 3 of RWBY has come out, I’m so excited for the first episode. As I rush to my computer and do a spin in my rolly chair, I click on the first episode.


I’m a bit confused at first, but in a few more seconds, a sentence in white fancy font slowly appears on the screen.

“In loving memory of Monty Oum, who came in with a bang, and out with a Yang”

A small smile spreads across my face as tears slowly fall from my eyes. I pause Ruby’s silly speech about friendship and take a breath to calm myself and softly say “the feels” before I continue with the episode.

Yes, I’ve heard it and I even spoke with him about it. Maybe it’s a good thing that he’ll be doing something different for now. And I believe we’ll see him again very soon. When you work at such a hard profession for so long as Łukasz does, when you want more and more, and your work doesn’t bring you the results you want - it’s a good idea to make a decision like this and get some freshness. Getting busy with something different. We all should respect that. Some time ago, when we were working together, we had our good moments, but also the bad ones, as it happens in life. But he’s always been fair with me and I enjoyed our co-work. He was a perfectionist for every jumper.

Heinz Kuttin on Łukasz Kruczek’s resignment for TVP Sport.

oh God it’s getting worse :(