we won today

Hov has always done it for the culture. Roc-A-Fella Records through to Roc Nation. The ever-gracious JAY Z just declared his entry into the Songwriters Hall of Fame a win for US.

Side note: Did you know he had been considered for nomination numerous times? But, as the SHoF President put it in an interview with the New York Times earlier today, “our board and community wasn’t ready.” Hov has 21 Grammys, the most #1 albums for a solo artist ever, six classic albums, three albums on Rolling Stone’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All-Time,” and is a 20-year Billboard record setter and breaker. But they weren’t ready to accept rap music as a legitimate form of musical expression. Today WE won.

…its march madness season again and my family have all become nuts for the 18th year

my family has been doing our family bracket for 18…years…ive been playing for over 10 years


sometimes I wonder why i was born but now i know that it was so i could witness this

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Nyeong-An Nyeong-An🤗🤗 This is Jisoo!!^^ Did you watch both Inkigayo and KPOPSTAR today?? The friends that we went to support won today so we are very happy too! To #KrieshaTiu #KimHyeRim #GoAra who worked hard, you guys really really did a great great job!💛Everyone did well today so I’m sure you all will do well the next performance too👍(CheerCheer) We will also not forget our passion for the stage and will always work hard and prepare a lot to show you guys a better side of us! Thank you to the BLINKs who gave me a lot of support today💜 BLINK😊 GN wan an Goodnight🌙

P.S Dalgom’s expression seems depressed, as if I bullied him ㅠㅠ But now Dalgom’s expression is actually the happiest!😊

Trans: poopheyy


One shot - Ivar and Björn

Imagine: Björn and Ivar coming back from a successful a raid and challenge each other for a race back to camp. Because they know you are there waiting for them and the first to get there is the first to have you.

Words: 1375

Both of their faces were covered in blood, not to talk about their clothes. The smell of death was all over them, but the smiles on their faces had never been so bright. In the background Vikings were shouting and singing. The raid had ended in their favour, they had found a lot of gold and silver and by that they had lost almost none of their friends. “You did a good job, Ivar, I have to tell you that.” Björn guided his horse closer towards Ivar’s chariot and looked at his half-brother with a big smile on his face. It was Ivar who thought about the strategy they used, and although Björn had his doubts about it in advance, it had turned out very well. “I knew it would work.” Ivar told Björn with an evil smirk on his face. He was resting his arms on the knob on his chariot. “The brains and the muscles.” Björn said with a little nod and stroke over his long braid. “There is one thing I want right now more than all the gold and silver we won today.” Ivar said and Björn looked at him with a frown on his face. It only took a few second to realize what he meant. “A woman.” Björn whispered and grunted softly. He grabbed his saddle and displaced himself in his saddle from eagerness. “More than just a woman. I want y/n.” Ivar’s words made Björn frown his face. “Keep on dreaming, brother.”
“Why?” Ivar said with an evil smile and raised his eyebrows. “If I want her, I can have her.” Björn turned his horse closer towards the chariot. Ivar tried to dodge his hand, but he didn’t had much space to move. Björn had locked his hand around Ivar’s collar and pulled him against him. “No you cannot. She is mine. I laid with her before.” He whispered with an angry undertone in his voice. Ivar looked straight into the eyes of Björn and started to laugh. With his hands he pushed Björn away and again leaned forward relaxed. “That does not mean anything, Björn. You are not married to her.” Ivar had fun seeing Björn getting angry about the situation. “What are you even saying Ivar? Look at me, and then look at you.” Björn straightened his back and pulled the reins to contain his horse. It was still full of energy from the battle. “Then we will battle.” Ivar said and licked his lower lip. Björn started to laugh, he leaned his head forward and looked at the sky. “I’ll cut you to pieces.” Björn said with an enormous smile. “I am not talking about a fight. I am talking about a race.”
“A race?” Björn asked in confusion. “A race.” Ivar repeated. He pointed with one hand to the white horse in front of his chariot and after that to the dappled grey one that Björn was riding. “The first back in the camp can have y/n.” Ivar pointed out the rules and looked at Björn in a questioning way, waiting for him to accept or decline. “You have lost already.” Björn smirked and pulled up an eyebrow. He shook his head with a smile on his face, already thinking about his price. “You know my horse has more stamina and more muscles, Björn.” Ivar warned him and looked away, acting like he didn’t care. “And I got more stamina and muscles then you, Ivar. So stop talking empty words and show me something.” Björn started to wake his horse, which made him scamper on spot. “Are you sure you don’t want any head start?” Ivar asked and bit his lip to prevent himself from laughing. “Shut up and turn the reins.” Björn commanded him and nodded at him, making clear he was about to set off. “What are you waiting for?” He asked one last time and finally saw Ivar picking up his reins. Björn pressed his heels against his horse and felt it jump forward. Ivar smacked his reins on the hind of his white horse and with a soft yell to encourage him he felt the chariot starting to go forward.
Björn was a long way ahead of Ivar. His horse was able to pull of more speed than Ivar’s horse. The wheels of the chariot sunk half away in the moist grass and made it very hard for his horse to pull it at high speed. But Ivar didn’t allow him to give up, and eventually the ground started to became firmer which gave him more grip. “I’m gaining on you.” Ivar yelled behind Björn and smacked his reins harder on the hind of his horse. Björn looked over his shoulder and indeed saw Ivar come closer. He felt his own horse starting to get tired, his breath was hasty and here and there he started to stumble over his own feet. “By Odin.” He cursed in silence and drilled his heels in the ribs of his horse. Ivar’s laughter became louder and louder, and eventually the both of them were racing next to each other. “I warned you. Y/n is mine.” Ivar spotted and laughed Björn in the face. Björn felt his horse was on the point of collapsing, and as much as he wanted to win you for himself, he wouldn’t want his horse to die for it. “She’s mine.” Ivar sang, and at the same moment his chariot flew from the ground. Ivar wasn’t paying attention to the road and didn’t saw the rock coming. So his horse jumped right over it, but the chariot wasn’t able to follow. A big crack sounded, and one of the weels came off. The chariot lost control and brought his horse to stumble. “Ivar!” Björn yelled and pulled his reins to stop his own horse. He saw both the chariot and the horse slide over the gravel. Björn jumped from his horse while it was still running and ran towards the wreck. “Ivar.” He yelled again and jumped over the chariot to go to his brother who was catapulted away a little further. “Don’t touch me.” Ivar yelled furious and pressed his jaws firmly on each other. There was a fresh wound on his head, but further he was okay. “The horse!” Ivar snorted with rage and started to crawl towards his white horse that was on the ground. It was trying to get up, but the wrecked chariot and gravity worked against him. Immediately Björn lifted up the cracked wood and helped the horse to find his legs. Apart from two bleeding knees he looked fine. “It’s all right Ivar. Floki can fix your chariot and time will heal your horse.” Björn petted the white horse over his shoulder and tried to calm it down.
His brother was harder to calm down. Ivar needed a few more minutes. He had screamed the lungs outside of his body, thrown away some broken pieces of wood and most of all being stubborn about accepting Björn’s help. In the meantime Björn had released Ivar’s horse from the broken chariot and had caught his own horse. “Last time Ivar, let me bring you back to camp? If you want to crawl, fine by me but by the time you arrive we’ll be back in Kattegat.” Ivar grunted and dragged himself towards Björn. “Fine.” He said against his enthusiasm and looked at Björn with a glance that was able to kill. But it only made Björn laugh softly. He bowed forward and picked his brother from the ground as if he was a feather. He laid him down behind the saddle which he took place in after Ivar had found some balance. “Here.” He handed him the reins of his own horse and made the dappled grey go forward. “I guess we already know who has won.” Björn said in a teasing way and looked behind him at Ivar who laid sideways over the back of the horse. “Shut your mouth and get on.” Ivar murmured and turned away his face. “I’ll think of you when..” - “Didn’t you hear me? Shut your mouth.” Ivar’s temper had sunk below zero. Björn’s only response was to laugh and shake his head from left to right.

1st Win | Hyunwoo |

word count: 2k

genre: fluff & smut



You couldn’t believe it. After nearly two and half years of working themselves endlessly, the boys of MONSTA X had finally won their first music show. Screams erupted from the waiting room you were in, all the Starship staff huddled around the TV screen were cheering and shouting in happiness.

Including yourself.

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Could you do "The soulmate clock is actually something breakable and you accidentally break yours or vice versa." With Colossus? :O

A/N: no lie u know piotr would break his accidentally

Warnings: none.

   The most anticipated moment of your life (or at least the moment people seem to make the biggest of a deal of) was supposedly when you met your soulmate. You heart was practically beating in your ears as the final minute counted down, looking around the bustling street of New York.

   As the seconds went down to zero, your palms were sweaty and you were getting light-headed from anxiety, you just wanted to meet them, for god’s sake.

   And then it hits zero.

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Dating Kim Taehyung

Dating: Park Jimin | Kim Namjoon | Min Yoongi | Kim Seokjin | Jung Hoseok | Jeon Jungkook

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  • So like you and Taehyung have been friends since childhood
  • Ever since your parents decide to move from fricking USA to god damn Daegu
  • Leaving you absolutely incapable of having a proper conversation with anyone around you 
  • He noticed you a lot, all alone and left to yourself, absolutely isolated from the crowd at school 
  • While he was the sunshine boy, the one everyone wanted to be friends with, the one who was admired by a swarm of girls and boys
  • He was perfect in each and every way
  • So he decided to learn English, just so that he could strike up a conversation with you
  • One day, when you were walking back home from school, your earphones plugged in and your music on full volume he decided to make his move
  • You didn’t notice him until you felt a hand on your shoulder that made you scream from the surprise and shock
  • You turned around in a rush, leaving you inches away from his face and coloring your cheeks bright red
  • His eyes widened unbelievably large before he took a step back, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck with his hand while you looked at him expectedly
  • “H-Hiii” He spoke in the cutest accent you had heard and you replied with a warm hello
  • It was adorable watching speak in English and tumble over the simplest words so you tried your best to speak in Korean, telling him that it’s fine to speak in Korean
  • He just looked at you, listening with interest as he heard all the mistakes you made but pretended that it was the best Korean he had ever heard
  • You both just giggled at each other’s mistakes and walked back home together which as it turns out, are insanely close
  • Which leads him the two of you walking to and from school together
  • Eventually your Korean starts to get better because he tries teaching you the best he can during your walk home and you teach him some english in return
  • Years pass by, you study together, eat together, basically spend most of your time with each other and even end up attending the same university
  • So your parents decide to rent out an apartment near the campus and you start living with Taehyung because his parents and yours were almost as close as you two were
  • Sometimes uncomfortably close as they brought up the prospect of marriage between the two of you that ended with you excusing yourself to the bathroom so that you could die hyperventilate in peace
  • One day, after your finals you decide to go to watch the latest movie in theatres and being the sarcastic lil’ shit that you are you made an insane number of comments about how the plot was completely illogical
  • And Taehyung kept listening to you, focusing more on you than the movie itself and wondering how he ended up being so lucky to have spent most of his life already with you
  • But one of the morons patrons of the theatre decides to interrupt your speech by politely asking you to shut up
  • And you were about to tell that bitch that he could suck it go find another seat if you were bothering him so much
  • But Taehyung saw that look of ember that shone in your eyes right when you were about to argue with whoever decided to be dumb enough to piss you off
  • So he holds your hand tightly, signaling you to let it go and not think about it but nope, nothing is gonna stop you from arguing 
  • Which leads to Taehyung almost instantly placing his lips on yours before you could do anything 
  • And you’re just in shock because what the fuck just happened?
  • He’s looking at you all embarrassed and shy because he can’t believe he just did that
  • And you’re looking at him like what did you just do?
  • And he shrugs his shoulders like I just uh…uhm… needed to shut you up?
  • But he doesn’t even look the least bit sorry or regretful of his actions as licked his lips which still had your taste on them
  • And you’re blushing extremely, unbelievably hard at this point
  • So when you leave the movie and go back to your apartment
  • The minute the door closes
  • He cups your face in his palms and kisses you again, this time a lot softer and sweeter, and you kiss him back, your hand entangling in his hair as you pulled him closer to you after all you had been waiting for this for years
  • Which gives him the bright, shining green light to go ahead
  • In the morning when you wake up next to each other, you’re just smiling and laughing
  • And he’s like, “We could’ve been doing this for years”
  • You hit his shoulder slightly, making him chuckle as you reply, “Yeah but hey, at least now we’ll be doing it for many more years to come”
  • And he’s like, “Did you just propose to me?”
  • You’re shaking your head but he’s all excited and jumping up and down before you finally calm him down and tell him that you want to date for now
  • He pouts but finally relents when you barrage him with a huge load of kisses
  • Years pass by, you pursue your dream job and he quits studying to pursue his dream of becoming an idol
  • Which if you were being completely honest did put a strain on your relationship
  • But your love was so strong that nothing could possibly break it at this point not forgetting to mention the insane amount of gifts Taehyung bought you every time he went on tour
  • And one day he comes back from an awards show, throwing his bag to the corner and collapses on the bed
  • You’re like, “Tae come on, you need to eat”
  • And he pulls you into the bed with him and then slides off of it himself
  • And gets down on one fucking knee
  • “We won an award today but the best prize that I could ever get is to spend the rest of my life with you”
  • And you’re crying and screaming and nodding
  • “So will you marry me?” and he pulls out a gorgeous ring from a pocket on his blazer in a small, cute velvet box
  • Which he puts on your finger before you even answer his question
  • “Okay so you’re mine now, no takebacks” He proclaims, smiling like an idiot as you shake your head at his childish behavior but he wraps his arms around you and starts kissing you again and again and again.
  • “Tae what about dinner?” You ask, chuckling as you try to push him off
  • “Dinner can wait….I like my dessert first” And with that you lose all body strength and turn into a moany mess
  • NSFW Extras: 
  • While you try to cook food for him that might possibly poison him? He decides to distract you using his incredibly tongue and fingers which leads to the two of you ordering takeout as you laid on the bed, wrapped in the soft and warm sheets while he put on your favorite show and cuddled next to you 
  • And then you want to get back at him for doing this to you, so you decide to interrupt his gaming time by clothing your entire body in just your underwear and one of his button up shirts that you left unbuttoned at the top specifically to let your cleavage show
  • Which leads to Tae practically pushing Jungkook out of your apartment and pushing you into the bed 
  • Not forgetting to mention that your wedding night would just be absolutely magical 
  • He’d get down on his knees and worship you all night long, not caring about himself and only admiring the beauty that was now all his 
  • But of course, you’re not one to let him do all the work because you love him just as much as he loves you
  • So the entire night its just a struggle between the two of you as you giggled 
  • But it’s so adorable and cute and beautiful 
  • Just like your love 

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Kiss Me In The Morning - Draco x Reader

Part two 

Thank you to everyone who has liked my imagines or followed me in the past few days! You guys are the best :)

With that being said, I hope you enjoy this! I’m really proud of this one and it’s my favorite one I’ve written so far. It’s a bit long, but let me know what you think!

Y/N - Your name
E/C - Eye color

Warnings - A bit of underage drinking, an uncomfortable situation or two, clothes being taken off, let me know if there are any more!

To clarify, this is not smut :)

Whether Slytherin won or lost a Quidditch game, it was always an excuse for them to have a party. Y/N usually made an appearance for an hour or so then made her way to bed, but tonight was different. Her best friend, Pansy Parkinson, had somehow convinced her to stay in the common room. Y/N had to admit she was having fun. Between the loud music being played and the increasing amount of fire whiskey she had consumed, she felt free.

These last few weeks had been academically intense and maybe that’s why she’d agreed to stay down in the crowded common room. As her hips swayed to the music, she bumped into people. No one seemed to mind until a pair of hands gripped her waist from behind. She spun around quickly. Standing in front of her was a blonde hair blue eyed boy with a sharp jawline and a mischievous smirk.

“Draco!” she shouted and jumped on him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his torso.

“Hey, love.” he laughed and his arms snaked back around her waist.

“I missed you! You did so good at the game today. We won, right?” she slurred. He nodded and reached around to untangle her legs from him. She grudgingly got down and pouted. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and lead her to a less crowded place.

“How much have you had to drink, Y/N?” he asked.

“Um, only a little. Pansy convinced me to stay down here tonight! It’s great. Why haven’t I done this before?”

Draco only shook his head back and forth. Usually, this wasn’t Y/N’s scene. Her scene was less crowded and far more quiet. He looked around and his eyes locked with a dark haired girl’s across the room. She smirked and turned the music down.

“Who wants to play truth or dare?” Pansy yelled. A few raised their hands, including Y/N who was also jumping up and down.

“I love that game! Draco, come play with us!”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. You’re drunk. Why don’t we go upstairs or take a walk?” he suggested and was quickly shot down by her dragging him through the crowd and towards Pansy. As they got to the small circle, Y/N pulled him down to sit next to her.

“Loosen up, Draco. Here.”

She handed him a shot glass and raised an eyebrow. He took it from her, smirked, and threw his head back as he downed the alcohol. It burned as it made it’s way down his throat, but it quickly disappeared as he downed four more. For every shot he took, she took two more. Finally, Pansy sat down and the game began.

“Since I suggested it, I get to go first. Whoever I ask, goes next. You can’t ask the same person who asked you. If you refuse to answer your truth or go through with your dare, you have to do 10 shots of fire whiskey. Got it?” Pansy looked around at the seven people in front of her. They all nodded and she smirked once more. The rest of the Slytherin students stood around, watching the scene unfold.

“Blaise, truth or dare?” she asked.

“Truth.” he said and Pansy frowned.

“How many girls in this circle have you liked as more than a friend?”

“All four. You, Jessica, Daphne, and Y/N.” he answered.

Y/N giggled and looked at Draco sitting next to her. His jaw was visibly clenched and his hands had curled into fists. His muscles were tensed. He was upset and it was obvious- but why?

“Goyle, truth or dare?” Blaise smirked.

“Easy; I’ll go with dare.” he answered and Blaise’s mouth twisted into a grin.

“I dare you to sit on Pansy’s lap for the rest of the game.” Goyle wasn’t one to back down from a dare so he did exactly what Blaise told him to do while Pansy threw a fit. She wasn’t happy and she started to regret the fact she’d started this game.

“Alright,” Goyle paused, looking around the circle. “Y/N, truth or dare.” Y/N smirked.

“Truth. I’ll do dare the next time.”

“Okay, fair enough. Tell us about your first kiss.”

Y/N’s smirk faded. She hadn’t had one. None of the boys at Hogwarts or back home had ever been interested in her in that way. She felt as though she was annoying and wasn’t pretty enough for any of the guys at school. None of them had ever approached her wanting more than a friendship. It was embarrassing.

Draco looked at her. She noticed his stare and everyone else’s as well. Her breathing was coming quicker and her eyes became glossy. She looked at the people in front of and around her. Her eyes finally landed on Draco’s blue ones. He gave a slight nod of his head and scooted closer to her.

“I think that’s enough for tonight. She’s drunk. We’re not playing anymore.” Draco stood, pulling Y/N with him. “What are you all staring at? Get back to your idiotic game!” he shouted as he pulled her through the crowd.

“You both owe ten shots of fire whiskey!” Pansy yelled after them.

“No, we don’t, Pansy. Give it up already. You know she can’t take much! She’s done enough for tonight.”

Draco pulled Y/N up the stairs and through the door to his dormitory. She made her way to the edge of his bed and sat. Her knees were pulled up, her arms crossed on top of them, and her head on top of her arms. Her body started to shake as tears streamed down her face. Draco quickly closed and locked the door. He made his way to sit next to her and pulled her into his arms. He kissed the top of her head and let her cry it out.

As her tears slowed, he kneeled in front of her. He pulled at her legs so her feet rested on the floor and uncrossed her arms. She looked at him through watery eyes and tried to smile.

“What was that about?” he asked, wiping at the tears on her cheeks. She looked away. Sure, Draco and Y/N were best friends, but she’d never tell him she’d never been kissed. It was embarrassing no matter who she was telling. She was fifteen, for crying out loud. She was positive everyone else had had their awkward fist kiss already.

His fingers intertwined with hers and she wanted to cry again.

“It’s nothing. I just didn’t want to answer the question. It was stupid.” She pulled one hand out of Draco’s, pulled the sleeve of her shirt down, and wiped at her nose.

“Okay, why don’t we get you in bed then?” he asked. She tilted her head to the side. Draco slid off her shoes and pulled down her socks. He looked up from his spot and she was staring at him.

“Up.” he said, standing up. She stood up as well. She wobbled in her place and Draco’s arms came out to steady her. Her head tilted back up and her E/C eyes met his icy blue ones. She swore his eyes were the same color as the ocean and she reminded him of it often. He said he hated it, but he secretly loved the way she made everything sound like poetry.

She giggled and placed a hand behind Draco’s neck. Draco’s guard came up, but his hands found their way to her waist. She pulled him closer to her and his breathing came quicker. Their noses touched and she closed her eyes. Their lips almost touched and Draco pulled away. She frowned and her arm came back down to her side.

Of course Draco would reject her. Who was she to the Draco Malfoy? His best friend; that’s it. That was all they ever would be. His hands came down to quickly intertwine with hers. She pulled away from him and crossed her arms.

“No, no, no, no. You misunderstood. I want to kiss you. I want to kiss you so bad right now. I’ve waited four years to kiss you.” he pleaded and his hand came under her chin. She let him tilt her gaze to his.

“Then why’d you pull away?” she slurred, her hands flying in the air. She was getting angry now.

“You’re drunk. I’m not going to kiss you when you’re under the influence. I’ll kiss you when you’re sober, okay?”

“I’m dizzy. I don’t feel good.” She pouted.

He offered a small smile and kissed her cheek. He sat her on his bed and spoke once more.

“Let me go get something for you to sleep in, alright? I’ll sleep on the floor tonight.”

Y/N nodded and sat on the edge of his bed. It was comfier than she originally thought it was. She shifted her position and lay her head on his pillow. She curled into a ball. Her eyes drifted shut. Draco turned around from his position at his dresser and grinned. She looked fragile. He didn’t want to disturb her, but she couldn’t sleep in her school uniform.

“Hey,” he whispered as he pushed her shoulder lightly. “Put these on, you can’t sleep in your uniform. The professors will have a fit if they’re wrinkled.” She slowly sat up.

“I’m so tired… and dizzy… and my head hurts really bad, Draco. I don’t feel good. Can you do it for me?”  she whined. He laughed nervously.

“Well, you’re like this because you drank too much. Are you sure you want me to do it?”


His hands shook as they began to unbutton her shirt. The top one, the next one, the one after that. Draco tried to focus, but she was making it hard. He tried to shut his mind off. He reminded himself that she wasn’t in her right mind; that she was drunk. His fingers managed to unbutton the last button and he sighed with relief. She dropped her arms and the shirt slid off. Draco pulled one of his Slytherin sweatshirts over her head. It came to the middle of her thigh.

He sucked in a breath as she turned around. He steadied his hands and evened out his breath. This was his best friend. He’d seen her like this before. She changed in front of him all the time. Why was this any different? He unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor and Draco cleared his throat as he looked anywhere but her. She took the sweat pants from him and turned around. She slipped her legs into them and collapsed on the bed. Her head landed on the pillow and her eyes closed.

Draco changed into his own pajamas and sat on the edge of the bed. He pushed her hair out of her face. Her left hand came up to rest on his. Her eyebrows came together and she spoke.

“Draco, will you stay with me? I don’t feel good.” He laughed at her reoccurring comment.

“I’m right here, love.”

“No, I mean, sleep with me.”

“Are you sure?” he asked and she nodded. “Okay then, scoot over.”

She did as he said and she wasted no time in cuddling up to him once he was in bed. He pulled his covers around them.

“You’re still going to kiss me in the morning, right?” she yawned.

“Of course, you lightweight. Go to sleep.” he said, but his comment was wasted.

Her breathing was already slow and her mouth was hanging slightly open.

Morning couldn’t come fast enough.

  • Hamilton and Phillip: *in heaven*
  • Hamilton: happy 4th of July son
  • Phillip: dad why do we celebrate 4th of July?
  • Hamilton: why son today is the day we won independence!Also today is the day that dirt rag we call Thomas Jefferson died!
  • Phillip: oh *takes a bite out of his hotdog*
  • Hamilton: *one tear rolls down cheek* God bless America
  • probably the most cockiest guy ever so somehow he’ll force an ‘i like you’ from you
  • he’ll be all like “i knew it from the start” “how could you not? i’m yoo kihyun”
  • and you’ll just be done with him so you’re just like “okay i’m not going to be in a relationship with you at all” and he’s going to be like NONnoonN ONNO NOONN O
  • he’ll have a big smile and will laugh at every thing and all his walks will be him skipping
  • it’ll be so obvious that he’s in a relationship, no one can deny it but yoo kihyun is just so happy to be yours
  • will sing anytime honestly like…. you’re asking him for the ingredients for a recipe and he’ll just sing it like please rest your voice you angel
  • tbh his contact name for you on his phone will be so stupid like ‘yoo are mine’ or something
  • hyungwon always tries to change it but he refuses bc he thinks its cute
  • with pda, he’ll get really really embarrassed by just staring at you
  • probably likes to take photos of you for your instagram a lot
  • likes to go for a coffee date and make fun of the whipped cream on his cupid’s bow
  • cooking with kihyun would make him so happy
  • if you knew how to cook, he would still try to be the leader
  • if you burn yourself he’ll just slowly tell you to be careful next time, he’s very worried about you!!
  • in the end, he’ll mess something up and your food won’t taste that good
  • “why didn’t you tell me!” “i already did!” “tell me it more!”
  • loves teasing you out of affection like waking up to a text saying
  • “don’t forget to go to the train station at 12, i know you’ll forget you dork”
  • you’ll also wake up to small pieces of toast and egg and bacon
  • if you’re ever startled, he’ll hug you tightly, whispering sweet nothings
  • he’ll do anything to make you happy again; doing weird faces, poking your face, doing aegyo, anything to make you happy
  • it’s hard for him to say i love you, but when he does say it, it takes him a lot of time and you know that he really adores you and that time was special to him
  • sometimes he comes home like, “did you see us today!! we won an award!!! you gave us luck!!! you made us win!!”
  • other times he’ll skip a whole day to practice just to be with you
  • and the day after work twice as hard because he missed a whole day but he doesn’t regret it because he loves you that much
  • if you’re ever gone with the members, the members will talk about how much he talks and mentions you and before you talked to them, he always warned them not to get too close
  • has ‘you’re cuter’ fights with you
  • in the end he always wins with ‘an angel like you can not be NOT cuter than anyone else, it’s impossible!’
  • checks if you’re okay every second
  • if he ever goes overseas, he likes to give you small little pieces of jewellery or postcards from that country
  • singing and dancing until the place closes
  • if you’re tired, he’ll carry you on his back to the car and let you sleep on him
  • if he’s tired he’ll wait for the car before resting on your shoulder and sleeping
  • kihyun loves you and will do anything for you
  • kihyun is the cutest boyfriend!!
Next in The Saxon Rose and The Ouroboros

Summary: Aella makes his way back to Northumbria with an unexpected and new ally. Blaeja and Ecgberht are afraid of what this arrival might bring.

Aella arrives. He is proud of his victory, while many of his men don’t feel so satisfied. Of course, they are happy that their families would be safe for now, but it was not an honorable battle. Osberth’s men were considered outlaw now, yet they were ambushed by Aella.

Blaeja and Ecgberht arrive in the courtyard almost at the same time as Aella. Blaeja glances at the crowd, they were delighted by the success of the king. But, somehow the mood didn’t seem the same among the army. They were quiet, head down, looking defeated.

Aella addressed the crowd. “Today we won one of Northumbria’s toughest battles. We have many battles to come, because the pagans are like a plague that doesn’t promply cease. Sadly, Osberth’s fell. By the treachery of the heathens. His last will was to his men to keep loyal to me. Yet, his cousin took advantage of the situation to try a coup. He will start spreading rumors that I’m involved with Osberth’s death. They are not truth. He would be my daughter’s husband. They were betrothed by the laws of the Church. It would be a grave sin to attempt against his life. So, I recommend anyone who hears rumors about it, to come and tell me who is spreading false stories about your rightful king.”

The crowd was whispering. Blaeja was scandalized. She didn’t want to believe her father was perfidious. It couldn’t be. Yet, the army’s mood was telling otherwise.

Aella was nervous, Osric shouted. “It was God’s will that the rightful king survived. Northumbria will not be divided again. We must find Osberth’s evil cousin and behead him for his disloyalty.”

The crowd cheered. Blaeja saw how it was easy to change people’s mind by using the right words. When Aella’s eyes met Blaeja, he betrayed himself. She couldn’t prove anything. She knew little about Osred, yet, he didn’t seem the kind of man who would betray his blood.

Aella addressed the crowd again. “We must celebrate our victory today. But let’s not forget the many battles to come. To win them once and for all, we must do things we have never tried. Northumbria has a new ally.”

This said, a Viking party makes its entrance. Ecgberht hides behind Blaeja in fear. She holds him close. The man leading the way is tall, broad shouldered. He is not riding in a common way. His horse is leading a kind of chariot. She just doesn’t know why. The man was studying the crowd with an amused smile. It was like their fear was a source of entertainment.

His eyes meet hers. Her heart sinks. Blaeja feels like she knows him. Tall and dark haired. Was it possible that she knew him?


Okay, so today we’re returning home from our retreat. I forgot to mention that our retreat was actually a music competition, so we were competing against other schools and their orchestras and choirs. I was a part of my school’s choir, so I got to participate in this competition.

My school’s orchestra won silver and our choir won gold!!!!! We are so happy and our director is so proud of us! We are forever grateful for our school and what we did to pull ourselves together through this.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to be stuck on a bus for 12 hours