we won that battle

Triumph | RWBY Volume 5 Opening
Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams
Triumph | RWBY Volume 5 Opening

Triumph - RWBY Volume 5 Opening

Back to the fairytale
Back to the show
Back to the wall and there’s nowhere to go

Hopeless and desperate
All paths adverse
Things lookin’ bleak yeah
And they’re bound to get worse

Helpless and doomed and there’s no way to win
Goals unachievable, faith running thin
Lost and forlorn, impossible odds
That’s when you learn you’ve been messin’ with Gods

Send in your Grimm
Tear off a limb
Strike me with bolts of lightnin’
I won’t die

The battle seems unwinnable
But all we need’s a miracle
We’re goin’ up
We’ll never be denied

Can’t wish away the dismal days
Can’t bring back what is gone
We’ll waste no tears
On yesteryears
Instead we’ll carry on (carry on)

We’ll live for sure
We will endure
And though our goal is far

We’ll be the ones
To touch the sun
And triumph will be ours!

what’s constantly going through my head:
  • dere’s no way I’m puttin those kids back in danga 
  • tell me how quitting does Crutchie any good 
  • uuuzzzzzt- 


  •  sO HERE’s how it goes once we win and WE WILL BE WINNING make no mistake 
  • we’ll be wat 
  • we’re already winning 
  • riiiiiiight
  • and we’ll tell them STRAIGHT OUT they let CRUTChie go or they KEEP getting Pounded 
  • Dave (!!!) what the HELL did they bust up ya brains or somethin as I recall DAVE we all got our asses kicked they won 
  • won the battle 
  • o cOme On 
  • jACKIE think abt it we GOT them surROUNDED 
  • here’s what I think joe’s a joick he’s a rattle snake 
  • ya right!! And ya know why a snake starts to rattle? 
  • no why 
  • cuz he’s SCARED 
  • pft sure 

go and look it up the poor GUYS head is spinning 

  • why would he send for the GOONS an entire army dozens of goons and the cops an- 
  • yanno ya may be right 
  • if he wasn’t afraid- 
  • eXACTLY 
  • he knows we’re winning 
  • get those kids to see we’re circling victory and watch what happens 
  • we’re doing something no one’s even tried and YES we’re terrified but watch what happens 
  • ya can’t undo the past 
  • SO just move on and stay on track 
  • (stay on track) 
  • cuz humpty dumpty is abt to crACK 
  • we’ve got FAITH 
  • we’ve got the plan 
  • anD WE’VE GOT JACK!!!!! 
  • we’re BAAAAAACK 


A good friend of mine was diagnosed with liver cancer when we were in high school. She was 16. Some time later, upon hearing that a surgery had not gone as well as hoped, I sat down with my guitar and wrote her a song. A few other good friends of hers strung together some photographs to make a music video and we sent it to her to watch from her hospital bed. When those same friends gathered together less than two years later to sing the song at her funeral, the dissonance was jarring. This was meant to be a work song, to see her through the hard days when the task of healing was tiring. It was not supposed to be a funeral hymn.

In June of 2015, we as a band decided that our LGBTQ community deserved a new song for Pride Week. This was days after the Supreme Court ruled that state-level bans on same-sex marriages were in violation of the Constitution of the United States, and it felt like the whole country was celebrating.

But as we began to write, I couldn’t help but think that although we had won this particular battle, the hatred and fear ailing our nation seemed as malignant as ever.

I knew this because people were still dying.

At least 21 transgender women were murdered in 2015. A disproportionate percent of our country’s homeless youth were (and are) LGBTQ adolescents, forced to reckon with the impossible task of staying healthy and safe without a home or proper health care.

We knew that if we were to make a song that truly spoke to the American LGBTQ community in 2015, it would need to address both victory and violence.

With “I Know a Place,” we chose to imagine a place where none of us would need to be afraid. In honor of Pride and the rich LGBTQ history of turning bars and ballrooms into safe havens, the space we imagined was a dance club:

I can tell when you get nervous
You think being yourself means being unworthy
And it’s hard to love with a heart that’s hurting
But if you want to go out dancing
I know a place
I know a place we can go
Where everyone’s gonna lay down their weapons

At the time, we intended the dance club to serve as a metaphor. Then, on June 12th, 2016, a gunman walked into Latin Night at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida — a queer space, a brown space, a safe space — and shot 49 people to death.

“I Know a Place” was never supposed to be a funeral hymn. It was meant to be a work song, like Yoko Ono’s full-page ad in the New York Times that proclaimed, “War Is Over!” in December of 1969, at the height of the Vietnam War. We wrote our song to be the voice in your head that tells you to celebrate peace during wartime, because our battle is only just beginning, and one day our war really will be over.

It was also meant to serve as encouragement for our community to remain vulnerable and kind and hopeful in the face of violence. We cannot build a better world without first imagining what that world might look like, and by creating that space inside ourselves first.

After the Pulse shooting, the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Chorus led a crowd of two thousand people outside City Hall in song:

We are a gentle, angry people
And we are singing
Singing for our lives

We sang with a unified voice that cried out, “We do not accept that this is what our world will look like.” And that night, people all over the country went out dancing — not just because it was Pride Weekend, but because they felt it important not to give in to fear in the face of hate.

People came together in dive bars, bedrooms, and places of worship to celebrate and to grieve, to love and protect one another, and this gentle resilience was nothing less than radical resistance.

Today, in this post-Trump America, many of us feel badly bruised. We, as a band, understand this. We believe it is a mistake to see this incoming Administration as anything other than a threat to the livelihood of our brothers and sisters; the LGBTQ+ community, the Muslim ummah, women, POC’s, indigenous Americans, undocumented people, the working class, and beyond. At the same time, we believe it is a mistake to say that a man whose best assets are hate and fear truly represents America. We say this because America has always been an idea, a utopian concept of a multiethnic, multicultural democratic republic, and therefore its home lies in the imagination, not in the House or the Senate or in a Trump Tower. In the bridge of the song, we implore:

They will try to make you unhappy; don’t let them
They will try to tell you you’re not free; don’t listen
I know a place where you don’t need protection
Even if it’s only in my imagination

Let us push ourselves to imagine a peaceful America where no one has to live in fear. Let us continue to build spaces with our humble means that reflect the America of which we dream. Let us keep up the fight.

Let us keep singing for our lives.

ー Katie Gavin, MUNA

To the hurt and the broken,

You should know that we are brave because everyday we choose to not give up and end it all, we have won a battle.

Everyday we push through the feelings of hopelessness, we are conquerors.

You are a conqueror!
You are a force to be reckoned with!
You are a champion!
You are not alone!

There is light somewhere at the end. I can’t see it either but I will say it until my heart agrees with it and my circumstances and life accepts it.

—  KC


↳ “You’re staring at our Pussycat ears, which is rude…but let me break it, and them, down for you. The Pussycats are building a brand. Creating a signature look, okay? We’re telling a story. Last year we won Rockland County’s Battle of the Bands. This year we’d like to build on that success. Continue telling our story with songs we write.”

Healer is OP

Context: It is my first campaign and it is a bit on the larger side. During character creation I decided to go the Healer class instead of Cleric like so many suggested I should. But it seemed relatively easy for me to get a hold of. We are on our way back to the two to tell our quest giver about what we found at a dungeon and are returning with the spoils and we are ambushed by a group of orc slavers.

DM: The monk runs forward to attack the sorcerer head on.

Me OOC: That goes past my square. That means I get an attack of opportunity right?

DM: Yeah, got your weapon out?

Me OOC: When we started combat yeah.

DM: Go ahead and roll

*rolls nat 20*

The entire group starts laughing and shouting.

DM: Alright… confirm crit?

*rolls a nat 20*

Group is giggling at this point and I’m just not sure what is going on.

DM: Confirm… again.

*rolls a nat 20*

DM: You killed the strongest one in the party. Your character turned to see the monk go past you and the end of your spear catches him, cutting off his head. The rest of the group is no zoned in on you, not sure what you are and ready to attack you.

I go through my list of spells, intent on not letting myself die this round. The rest of the turns start to go. Finally my turn comes up.

Me: Sanctuary.

DM: And that does?

Me: Um… unless they get in close range they can’t attack me without a save?

DM: -looks over the spell and explains it to me-

Sure enough, I cast sanctuary and as the sorcerers and the rest were coming towards me, the party picked off the enemy and we won the battle all because of an accident.

Writing Prompts

• Were they telling the truth?
• Who could vanish like that?
• Are they all so old?
• Can you pay attention?
• How long has it been?
• Do they look the same to you?
• Why should we give up?
• What are you risking?
• Who won the battle?
• Who are we ignoring?
• I have no memory of that.
• We could changing the world.
• Sometimes we still talk.
• I wonder if people judge me.
• Where have we met?
• He slipped away.
• We were holding hands.
• Something’s coming to an end.
• Have you introduced yourself?
• They were never tried.
• Let them tell their story.
• It’s a dangerous decision.
• We have this great opportunity.
• Can we talk about them?
• That was where we first met.
• I demand cuddles.
• What’s the first thing you did?
• I want to sleep for an eternity.
• What inspired it?
• We talk about these things.
• Give them what they want.
• It’s not about safety.
• It got me excited for them.
• These stories are ours.
• I sleep much better these days.
• We have some suggestions.
• There’s strength in unity.
• It’s an amazing invention.
• It began with an accident.
• There are new solutions, always.
• Have satisfied your curiousity?
• I have an idea.
• Stop talking about how clever you are.
• We haven’t tested it yet.
• Can you pull the trigger?
• Am I the stupidest person in this place?
• Does it make sense to you?
• How can we live through this?
• Where have you found that?
• This is not how the system works.
• We’ve been trying to do that for years.
• We have the game.
• Is that typical?
• We have revised our strategy.
• I can always tell.
• Can you close your eyes?
• It’s getting worse.
• I want to keep them close.
• I wasn’t that lucky.
• You’re not wise enough.
• That’s what we feared.
• I want to create these things.
• Who told them?
• Is it a new concept?
• They don’t have to do it.
• We could creat a new world.
• We have a dreamer among us.
• Ask me about it.
• Wasn’t it nice?
• Can they justify it?

Unexpected, a small Shangst Fic

Enough softness, lets have some angst again shall we?

Shiro felt numb. They’d won the battle. But they’d lost something far more precious.

Sparkling blue eyes filled with joking laughter, a bright grin that never faltered. Slim fingers attached to waving hands that emphasized his speech, soft tan skin that was cared for almost religiously, fluffy chocolate brown hair that felt silky to the touch. Lanky legs that could both kick you across the room yet run to your aid in a flash, steady arms that could cut through ocean waves easily.

All gone, vanished beneath cold crushing rocks from a cave in during a rescue mission. The team and the target got out.

Lance didn’t.

Shiro merely stared at the black helmet in his hands, trying to figure out where he’d gone wrong. Where had the plan failed? The ambush, the Galra warship, the troops attacking, Lance shouting for them to run and get to the Lions, the screaming former prisoner, the sharp pain in his leg, the sound as the cave buckled in on itself.

The realization that Lance wasn’t next to them once they’d reached the Castle.

Pidge was currently inconsolable, sobbing into Hunk’s chest as the on screen vital from Lance’s suit displayed an unwavering line across the holoscreen. Keith had left, presumably to destroy a few Gladiator bots in his grief and anger at losing a brother.

Shiro noted the scraped and scratched parts of his gloves. Oh, that’s right, he’d tried to dig Lance out. He’d run all the way back and tried to claw away the suffocating dirt and rubble that his boyfriend was currently lying under.

He swallowed thickly and felt the rough pain in throat, faint memories of screaming Lance’s name flitting across his mind’s eye. He’d dug and dug until Allura had pulled him away, explaining that the entire cave had collapsed and there was no way to get the Blue Paladin out of there.

So now he was numb, staring at the helmet that proclaimed him the leader of Voltron, a harsh reminder of his failure. Because how could he be a protector of the universe if he couldn’t even protect his greatest treasure?

Some leader he was, failing to protect his teammate. Even Blue had shut down, seemingly grieving her Paladin. And it was all Shiro’s fault, no matter how much the others tearfully assured him there was no way of knowing the Galra would pull a dirty trick like that.

The funeral was tomorrow. They’d leave flowers over the caved in area where Lance lay buried. They couldn’t even recover the body or bury him on Earth where his family was. A faint flicker of frustration flickered through Shiro’s heart before it was swept away by more grief.

He couldn’t cry, he was still in too much shock to really react now, but he did look up at Coran’s gentle touch to his shoulder.

He barely recalled exiting the area to go to his room, stripping off his armor and collapsing into bed.

His pillow still smelled faintly of Lance, like an ocean breeze and chocolate.

However, it smelt like salt in the morning.

It’s not over yet. You’ll see in a little while, when I wake up again. Patience my dear readers, patience.

so HERE’S how it goes, once we win (and we will be winning), make no mistake- we’ll be what- we’re ALREADY winning- right- and we’ll tell em straight out they let crutchie go or they keEEP getting pOUNDED- dave what the hell did they bust up ya brains or somethin as i RECALL dave we all got our asses kicked. they WON- won the bATTLE- cmon- jackie think about it! we gOT THEM SURRounded- here’s what i think joes a jerk he’s a rattlesnake- you’re right! and you know why a snake starts t’ rattle- (no. why.) - cuz he’s scared!- (sure.) - go and look it up the poor G U Y S head is spinning!!!! why would he send for the goons an entire army dozens a’ goons an’ the cops and- you know you might be RIGHT- THANK YOU GOD

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • my mind: so HERE'S how it goes once we win (and we will be winning) make no mistake - we'll be what - we're ALREADY winning - right - and we'll tell em straight out they'll let crutchie go or they keEEEEP getting POUNDED - dave what the hell did they bust up your brains or something as i recall dave we all got our ASSES kicked they WON - won the bATTLE - cmon - jackie think about it, we GOT them suROUNDed - here's what i think joe's a jerk he's a rattlesnake - you're RIGHT and y'know why a snake starts t'rattle - no, why - cause he's scared - SURE - go and look it up the pOOR GUUUUUY'S head is spinning!!! why would he send for the GOONS an entire army dozens of GOONS and the cops and - you know you might be right - THANK YOU GOD - if he wasn't AFRAID - exacTLY he knows we're wiNNING
  • psychic: what the fuck

THANK YOU FOR 2K FOLLOWERS! Here’s a long (for me, 4K words) one-shot to celebrate! On AO3 I’m going to split it into two parts, but here I wanted it all in one place… so…

It’s Keith-centric, canonverse klangst (we’re still throwing the angst at Lance dw) that could be seen as platonic or romantic and is very loosely based off of my addition to this post but with Keith. It’s set after the fourth episode of season 3 at first, and then switches to post-season 4, so just be aware of that.

Summary: After traveling to a different reality, Keith wants to ask Slav about it, as the whole concept confuses him. What he finds out, however, is far from what he wanted to hear. Apparently, there are a lot of realities in which things don’t end too well, particularly for Lance.

Keith wasn’t sure how the others could stand it. Ever since they’d returned from the alternate reality, thoughts of it had been plaguing his mind. He even found himself pondering it more than where Shiro might’ve gone.

But then again, the Shiro of the other reality didn’t so much as recognize Keith. In fact, he was an entirely different person. The outcome of the war had a butterfly effect, and the two timelines were so drastically different that it made his head spin.

He almost understood why Slav was so crazy, and unable to talk about anything else. If Keith knew every possible outcome of every situation and what said outcomes could lead to, he was sure he’d have gone insane, genius or no.

He’d resolved to discuss the topic with Slav, and told the team as much at breakfast one morning.

Lance nearly choked on his food goo. “You want to do what?!”

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Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 8 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: … probs not

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta!

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here! l Read Part 4 here!l Read Part 5 here! l Read Deleted Scene here! l Read Part 6 here! l Read Part 7 here!

“Like they either-” Sam tried to swallow the lump in his throat, each option he thought of sounding as intimidating “They either kill her off or… our (Y/n) ends up pregnant too.”

“Wh- what?” Dean blinked “No, man’t that’s- no it can’t happen, it’s just-”

“What?” Sam cut him off “Stupid? Is it, Dean? That’s the only thing I can think of. Yeah she was pregnant before and yeah they didn’t incorporate that in the show but it’s twins now. Her belly’s gonna grow twice as fast and twice in size, and that is definitely something you cannot hide.” he threw his arms in the air and Dean clenched his jaw.

He really didn’t know what he wanted less. To lose the woman he loves or to have to endure you getting pregnant with his brother’s child when he wished so badly he could be the one to make you a mother.

“I mean if you have any other ideas shoot but- I- I seriously have not stopped thinking about it ever since she told me about her pregnancy and I’m- I’m terrified. I mean the pregnancy aspect scares and excites me at the same time and I-” he shook his head “I don’t know about it but the-” he swallowed thickly, fighting the unpleasant feeling in his chest “The other aspect I can’t even dare to think about for longer than a second, Dean.”

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Congrats to all the Sense8 fans for winning three awards in the TVScoop Awards! It was a long, hard battle, but we did it! 💪

We also won:
●Worst Tv Shocker (Wolfgang taken by Whispers).
●Saddest Cancellation
●And Kalagang took second place for Best TV Couple ❤
@netflix @sense8

Sentence Meme: 30 Post-Battle/“We Survived” Themed Quotes

Feel free to change pronouns/genders at will!
They have a range of tones, some are positive but others are a bit of a downer. Figured a range was better.

  • That was quite a fight back there.
  • Hold still, we may have won but you need someone to look at that wound.
  • Come on, we won! Let’s celebrate!
  • Not to spoil the moment, but even though we won this battle, here’s still a lot to do.
  • I told you we could do it, we always do.
  • So.. ——— what now?
  • Oh my god, I’m so glad you’re okay, I was so worried.
  • That was close for a moment there.
  • Yeah, fuck that, first thing I’m doing after all that is going to bed.
  • We may have survived, and I’m happy about that, but what about everyone else?
  • I can’t believe she’s dead, [name] is dead!
  • What was that back there? I’ve never seen anything like it.
  • That wound, it doesn’t look so good.
  • You survived too, well now that ruined my mood.
  • [name]! You’re alive!
  • Was this the right thing to do? What if we’re the bad guys?
  • I don’t know what I’d have done if you died.
  • It’s okay, [name], I’m okay.
  • Oh that, it’s nothing, I’m just glad to have made it.
  • We survived, but so many people died.
  • Of course I was worried for you, I love you.
  • There were so many of them, I can’t believe we actually won.
  • I can’t believe we actually survived, us!
  • If we survived, why do I actually feel dead?
  • That was a nightmare back there..
  • Bet you didn’t kill as many as I did.
  • You were amazing back there.
  • Well, looks like I survived after all.
  • Let’s not talk about what we need to do next now, we all need a second to recover, at least.
  • I don’t feel so good, I think I need to go to the hospital.