we will slowly rot

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Whose idea was it to create the beautiful entity known as Spep?

It was actually my idea! I was messing around with making a TS!US Sans equivalent for Concept Papyrus, and just ended up creating it. LucasPucas was the one who actually came up with the name for “Spep,” and it just ended up sticking. And gaining a cult following. And devouring the souls of each Team Switched member, slowly driving us all to madness as we rot in the bowels of his hellish stomach.

…Next question!

- Beethovenus

We are broken because the world has stripped us of our child bred fantasies
Of love
Of happiness
Brutally unapologetically cut into our flesh
And watched as the blood oozed
Draining us slowly
Of our hopes
Of our dreams
We are now rotting corpses
And the scent of depression is the world’s aphrodisiac
I had an adventure today!

So, in case yall didn’t know, I’m currently on vacation in Canada. My boyfriend’s family owns a little cabin up on a lake. So today, I decide we are going to go on a walk. 

Now, the plan is just to stay on the road, try not to get eaten by mosquitos and ticks, and enjoy the 70 degree weather. But then! 

I see this weird unmarked path into the woods on the side of the road. I can see tire marks in the mud, but I can’t see where it leads. 

So like a typical white girl in a slasher film, or a capricious young child about to enter the fairy kingdom, I decide that I’m going to walk down that path. 

My boyfriend, wearing shorts, was less enthusiastic about this plan, but once I talked him into it, we start walking. 

A path like this would have been tons of work to make, but it doesn’t seem to well maintained. Plants grew all over it, but no trees. All around the path we could see the trees that had been cleared, slowly rotting. It must have been made at least a few years ago.

Where could it lead? To hidden picnic area? An abandoned cabin filled with bears? A village of friendly but smelly trolls?

Apparently there was a pond that way? There was no path and no pond in sight. We decided that this was probably a trap and ignored it. We had no time to answer riddles after being captured by the children of the forest, or fighting off deranged cannibalistic wild men with only a few quarters and a pair of sunglasses as a weapon. We moved on. 

There were some lovely flowers here. Ah, look at all that nature. It was at this point that I realized I only had 3 ticks trying to latch onto my jeans. Majestic nature.

And then we came to this.

A tree, a big ass god damn pine tree, had fallen right across the path. Probably in this winter from all the snow, based on how it still had needles on. 

We had to climb over this. It was not a lot of fun. I mean, more fun than watching straight people sing along with a Macklemore song, but not exactly my preferred activity. 

Right past that tree at least, we met back up with the road.

Still not sure what the purpose of this trail was, or who built it, but I am pretty sure that it ventures near the domain of the elves. 


Here’s my theory on how the gameplay sorta works:

See how in the first image, The Foxy head on the wall is opening it’s mouth wide and blinking it’s eyes brightly as if it’s making some sort of noise? Well, maybe that’s one of the ‘functions’ that you can use in FNaF3. This would be the Audio Devices, which can be used to lead Rotten into another room.

Don’t believe me?

Look closely at the first image. The Foxy head looks like it’s making noise, there is parentheses around the room that Foxy is making noise in, and Rotten has started to lean into the room as if to check on something because he’s hearing noises in said room.

In the second image, you can see all the functions saying error. Maybe Rotten will eventually disable them if you go too long without using them, but you’d also have multiple or limited uses to use each function to keep Rotten away.

Audio devices - Used to lead Rotten into another room.

Camera System - Same old camera tablet that we always get.

Ventilation - This one’s a bit sketchy, but Rotten may be slowly rotting or decaying. We can tell by his appearance. Maybe the stench is so bad to the point where it’s become toxic and it’s slowly flooding the building with it’s smell throughout each night? Maybe you use the ventilation to purify the air to keep the smell away so you don’t die from toxic poisoning. 

As for the reboot all button, that might possibly be a button to use if Rotten is away from you. It could possibly reboot every function so you can use them later, but you can’t use them while it’s rebooting, leaving you vulnerable.

That’s my theory.

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Yeah no tell us more dnd adventure stories please

Alright kids, gather round and i’ll tell you of my very first hilarious D&D escapade.

So in the campaign I was playing a half orc barbarian named Bard (Dumb as rocks I tell you, poor fellow) and a Half elf mage named…to be honest I don’t remember her name because through the whole adventure everyone called her “Uber Squishy” due to the fact that her armour class was utterly pitiful.

Anywho, the party had just finished killing a bunch of zombies and the the next place we were headed was straight down a deep dark hole. Well, not a lot of us had dark-vision, and we didn’t have torches; so what was the next logical step? Light the zombie corpses on fire and toss them down the hole, duh. Once we had our meat bonfire cheerily ablaze below we all shimmied onto the ladder single file. the second we’re all on the DM stops us and says to roll for constitution. We were pretty confused, what was going on? The DM slowly explained that we had just lit rotting flesh on fire and that the noxious fumes from below was logically going to make us sick. I failed, on  both of my characters. Guess who was at the top? Me. So I threw up on my friends below. Some of my party below failed and they threw up in the people beneath them. Then because some people were being thrown up on, and that’s gross, and you know sometimes people sympathy puke, they had to roll for constitution as well. To say the least there was a puke conga line going on and it is by far still one of the funniest moments I have ever witnessed in a game.

l Miss You but won't Say Shit

For the millionth time today I reach for my phone,
you in my mind,
text at the tip of my tongue,
but I don’t type the words, never touch “send”
Because I don’t want to bother you,
I know we’re “just friends”
but fuck!
If we were in the 50’s I could write you a thousand love poems and be seen as a devoted young love,
Now if I triple text you I feel like a spattered insect, forgotten under the rug,
Slowly rotting next to the weed crumbs we split last weekend,
I want you to reach out to me,
I just don’t want to be a pest,
The last thing I want is for me to squeeze the air from your chest,
Small chubby hands around your chiseled throat,
I don’t want to hurt you, not even a little bit,
I miss you but won’t say shit,
I’m too hard and too proud,
I’m an idiot,
An idiot with mushy feelings and a brick oven heart,
With a brain full of unsaid words,
Hopefully someday my zombie boyfriend will love me for my worth,
But mostly for my brain,
Double entendre baby,
Another funny text I didn’t touch “send”
I want to make you laugh,
I want to make you happy,
But I’m stuck over here missing you
But can’t say anything.