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  • Frank: I don't want to be reco-
  • Frank: You mean a Pega-
  • Frank: Theoretically it's-
  • Frank: What
Fake girl friend (Cameron Dallas)

I saw Bryant walk in with his camera. I smiled at him as I set up the chairs and lights. I see Cameron come in with a grumpy look on his face. I guess he wasn’t too happy. Bart made us do a video once a month together, it was our third month of this fake relationship.
“Ready to roll” Bryant said
“So what video are we doing?” I asked taking a seat.
“Boyfriend and girlfriend tag” he grumbled
“Since you guys aren’t really in a relationship I have the answer to the questions, I’ll edit the video to make it look like you know the answer” Bryant explained. I nodded understanding, believe it or not I knew things about Cameron. When we agreed to this fake youtube relationship we went out to dinner we asked questions about us and answered them.
“We wi start with the girlfriend tag for Cam’s channel ”
“Hey guys what’s up!” Cameron spoke to the Camera
“Today I have my beautiful girlfriend with me” he smiled, I waved saying hi.
“We are doing the girlfriend tag where I find out if she really knows me or not” he chuckles.
“Loser gets Pie in the face” I chime in. He looks at me surprised but nods.
“Okay first question”
“Favorite ice cream flavor?”
“Chocolate chip cookie dough ”
He seemed surprised, he asked question after question
“Middle name?”
“Alexander duh” I smiled, so did he
“Favorite color?”
“You have to miss at least one!” He teases, I smile at him.
” ummm lets pic a hard one. Favorite movie?”
Shit I really didn’t know this one. I pout once I know I didn’t know the answer.
“YOU FAIL” he grins ! I laugh
“Okay your a pretty good girlfriend ” he says
“But U missed one so I won’t miss any” he proudly says. No matter what he thinks I do love Cameron. Three months is all it took. The small gestures, fake dates and fake kiss. Everything was fake to him but everything was so real to me.
“Okay guys click a link to see her get pie in the face” he says I laugh. Bryant gives us a thumbs up.
“Surprised you remembered” he comments. I nod blushing.
“BABE” I hear someone call. I turn around to see Jacob. I grin running towards him. He was my best friend and I told him everything. He knows about cam but cam doesn’t know he knows.
“What are you doing here?” I ask pulling away.
“Remember we have a video to shoot for your Channel”
“We are taking care of that” Cameron grumpily states. I look back to him his eyes are darker, which meant he was angry but why?
“Ya but for next week.” Jacob says, he moves behind Bryant and I take my seat
“You didn’t have to bring your real boyfriend here it’s just awkward” Cameron mumbles next to me. His fist are clenched
“He’s my best friend. Nothing more nothing less” I turn back to the camera
“HELLLOOO” I shout
“I am here with the one and only cameron Dallas!” I applaud as he waves
“We just did the girlfriend tag on Cam’s channel! We are doing the boyfriend tag on mine, stay tune to see Cameron get pie in the face” I smirk. He chuckles
“You are the one getting pie in the face babe”
“First question” he seems ready.i look back at Jacob who is watching us closet he makes a funny face making me laugh. I turn to Cameron who’s fave has harden
“Favorite color?”
“Answer” he says, I’m confused he looks at me with angry eyes.
“Uh um purple” Bryant says.
“Purple duh” he acts.
“Favorite food?”
“Answer” he says again. My heart sinks
“Bryant answer” my heart is racing but not in a good way. I felt the tears form in my eyes as his brown ones bore into mine. He didn’t know a single thing about me. He wasn’t paying attention.
“I-I” I turn around quickly leaving the living room as the tears fell. I sobbed entering my room slamming the door. This was fake. Everything was fake.

Part 2? Or no?

You're a youtuber he likes (Cashton)

**sorry this was requested awhile ago and i never got around to it**

Ashton- You were making a video with Caspar Lee today. You had just finished the video on your channel and now you were filming for his. “This is (y/n) in case you didn’t know. She’s my new buddy!” He said hugging you tight. “Hello people of Caspar’s channel!” You smiled closing your eyes.“I have some serious questions for you. Are you ready?” He asked letting you go. “I think I am.” You nodded. Caspar looked at the camera. “Let’s do this.” He pulled out some flash cards and began reading off questions. “(Y/n) why do you smell?” “That was not a question.” “Yes it was, see? It’s on my paper.” He pointed to his queue card and tilted it to show you. “Why do you smell?” You asked. “This is your interview (y/n). Not mine.” You laughed and kept going with his questions. “Oooh we have a question from one of my friends from 5SOS.” He said with a smile. “You have friends?” “(y/n) please.” He looked at you shaking his head. “You know i love you.” You said with a pouty face. “Do you know Ashton Irwin?” “Yea he’s cute.” You smiled and winked at the camera. “Well you just answered my question. YOU’RE SUPPOSE TO LET ME ASK!” Caspar covered his face. “aww ya snooze ya loose baby.” You laughed. You looked back at the camera, “Yoo Ash…If you see this…call me.” You held your fingers like a phone up to your ear. “This is an interview, not a dating site.” Caspar said hiding your face from the camera, “MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO (y/n)’s CHANNEL!” He yelled as you fought, laughing, to see the camera again. A bit after the video was posted, you got a DM on twitter from Ashton. “Sooo…I’d love to call you…If I could get your number? ;)" 

Calum- You decided to do a ‘truth or dare’ video for your youtube channel. "Alright guys! Send me your questions, dares, ANYTHING!" You posted on your twitter. You set up your camera and began recording. "What’s going on all you cool people?” You smiled, “TRUTH OR DARE TODAY!” You threw your hands up in the air and cheered. You shook your head with a smile and took out your phone, “Here we go!” You turned on twitter. “Do you have a favorite youtuber?  I love too many to choose!” You laughed with a shrug. “Do you know who has a crush on you? Noo?” You scrolled a bit further and saw a similar question. “Did you know Calum Hood likes you? Really? The Calum Hood?” You smiled at the camera, “There’s no way.” You retweeted the question and asked “Is this real?" You got instant replies back when you checked after doing some dares and some more truths. "This Calum thing will have to be continued next video guys!” You shrugged with a laugh, “See you then byyyye!!!!” You ended your video and went back to twitter. “heeey @Calum5SOS We should DM sometime… ;)" You sent out. Soon enough, You had a DM from Calum. ”Well Hi…“ "Hey! you wanna hang out sometime? maybe shoot a video?” “Sounds cool! Yea sure :)" A week later everyone flipped over yours and Calum’s colab video. "Hiii!” He laughed looking between the camera and you as you waved, “You guys asked and…I met her!” “And I met him!” You laughed, “He’s so cool…and…well, we’re gunna be hanging out a lot more!” You winked. “I think I’m gunna enjoy it…” He smiled at you. “I think I’ll like it too…” You smiled at him. You turned back to the camera, “Love you guys, byyye!!!”