we will miss you brian!


I loved him deeply. He was so much more than people ever knew or saw. (…) All he ever wanted was the simple love and comfort of a home and family, but like an old dog, he had been kicked so long and so hard all of that was buried underneath years of hurt and resentment.” - Suki Potier

When I met Brian Jones I liked him quite a lot. He was a good fellow, you know. I got to know him very well, I think, and I felt very close to him; you know how it is with some people, you feel for them, feel near them. (…) He was very nice and sincere and sensitive, and we must remember that’s what he was.” - George Harrison

I loved him a lot. He was very, very important to me. (…) I hung out with him quite a lot, and I’ve missed him terribly, and I always felt than when he finally did collapse, that the Stones were a very different group.” - Pete Townshend

He was very curious, he wanted to know everything. He would call me from the States, ask what I was wearing, was I sleeping was on the right side or left side, on the belly or back… (…) And he was very gentle, he’d tell me how beautiful I looked, like this.. He was asking also about my family, my parents, if I was happy, what I did, what did I study.” - Zouzou

I was surprised when he died, he was actually getting his house together. He’d be showing me round there and he’d be painting all these walls.” - Charlie Watts

We were so happy. When Brian bought the farmhouse he said he wanted to live there the rest of his life. And he did. But it was too short. (…) One of the hardest things was that when Brian died he was my boyfriend – but suddenly he belonged to another world and other people – and I couldn’t really cope with that.” - Anna Wohlin

Happy birthday Brian, I wish you could have celebrated your 74th birthday with your nearest and dearest, with your children and grandchildren. Imagine you being a grandpa! I’m sure you would have many stories to tell them, and my heart hurts because you never got, nor will ever get, the chance to do that. I wish you were still alive. I hope you are at peace.

ENFP and INTJ drunk moment #2
  • *laying in bed watching The Breakfast Club while really, really drunk*
  • ENFP: *pulls out laptop to look up a certain trivia fact from the movie*
  • INTJ: *glances over* *notices the 40 tabs open on chrome*
  • INTJ: *face palms and whines* "Whyyyy. Why so many tabs??" *moaning and unintelligible words*
  • "It makes no sense. Just close them. Put them in bookmarks or folders. There is no organization. Whyyyyy"
  • *more moaning*
  • ENFP: "Oh stop it, this isn't the first time you've seen them. Now shhhh and watch the movie. We have to go back now because you missed Brian being high which is quite honestly a highlight of the movie."
  • Like last ENFP INTJ drunk moments, INTJ remembers none of this