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Imagine being kidnapped so many times because you’re the Champion that Gladion assigns a squad of bodyguards to protect you (and being jealous when you become close to the bodyguards).

Swimming Coach - Calum Hood Smut

Thanks to @aria-fae for sending in the pic x (sorry if it’s short) 


Word Count: 887


I had joined a swimming team at my college, which competes against other teams. I was quite new to competitive swimming so I needed to get my training down packed. I was told that I was falling behind so this week I decided to pick up an extra training session, one on one with our coach Calum.

Calum: “Alright that’s all for today good work Y/N”

I see coach Calum standing off by the side of the pool, his fit body slightly wet from water, his tattoos exposed and his hair messy, all making him look extremely attractive. It was hard not to stare.

Y/N: “Thanks coach, I gotta get going before it gets late.”

Calum: “Hey Y/N wait, I’m done for the day let me give you a ride home. Just let me get my stuff.”

Y/N: “Oh thanks coach”

Calum: “Yeah you know you can call me Calum”

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Personal Shielding

My mother taught me that it was important to shield myself for many reasons:

  • My personal energy and emotional state can have an effect on those around me.
  • To keep negative influences out
  • To keep positive close to myself
  • To keep other people’s energy and emotional states from overwhelming me
  • And to prevent those who might actively mean me harm the ability to do so psychically.

She resonates most with the element of water and forms her shielding out of it by visualising that she is surrounded by a small bubble of sea water, filled with fish and other sea creatures. It flows around her and absorbs negativity neutralising it. She sees the sea fade, not get weaker but become transparent, so that she can still feel it but is able to see through it and perform magick without having to lower her shield.

I’m a little over cautious due to some less than pleasant experiences. I have five shields one for each element:

  • Earth - A stone wall that protects from taking on board other peoples emotional distress
  • Air - A tornado that disorientates any harmful thoughts or intentions and drags them in
  • Fire - A blaze that transmutes negative energy into positive
  • Water - A sea that absorbs this energy.
  • Spirit - A blue egg of energy that I can easily work magick through and where I store excess energy until I Ground it or give it to someone else.

Before I learned how to make them transparent without weakening them I would strip my first four layers and have only the Spirit shield to work within a circle. 

Each person picks the shields that work best for them. One of my friends uses quartz. Another uses mirrors to bounce off negativity, but I find this inefficient, and prefer to put any energy sent to me to good use. 

Just think about what makes you feel secure, and work with it. If it doesn’t feel right change to something else. At least once a day visualise your shield to keep them strong. When we feel secure we can forget to shield and although it may become second nature for them to be there it is always a good idea to check them from time to time.  

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did you see the pledis news?????/? about nu'est???

I did omg. Okay, but anon, don’t freak out, okay? It actually makes sense that they said this and a similar thing happened last season.

First some last season background: 

When Cathy and Chaeyeon went on the show, MBK kept saying that they were entirely out of DIA and fully back to being trainees, but as we saw, they did go back to DIA to promote after the season ended. 

So Pledis is saying that Nu’est will be on hiatus during Produce 101 and that there are no concrete plans for reunion after the season ends because if they don’t say that then Jonghyun, Minhyun, Dongho (and Minki even though he’s not up there, rip) will lose popularity. Denying Nu’est being a group also maintains their status of trainees (which is really important to the audience). One of the reasons why people paid attention to Nu’est at the start is because of the fact that 6 year idols went back to being trainees- that’s kind of huge. Of course, that’s no longer the only reason why people pay attention to them, but at the start it was. Announcing that Nu’est is still active means admitting that the Nu’est members on the show aren’t really trainees and it kills a lot of their hype.

For example, last season, Cube announced mid-season that they were adding Eunbean (Eunbin?) to CLC- what happened? She dropped from the ranks very quickly because there was no point in helping someone debut if they are going to debut anyway. That’s the kind of logic at play in these situations.

Similarly, early in this season, Brand New announced that they would debut their current trainees and this got Daehwi a lot of hate because he wasn’t “in danger of not debuting” like some other trainees so knetz didn’t think he was “deserving” of center and a high rank.

Edit: A quick follow up to the Brand New situation because I don’t think I fleshed that out- In response to criticism, Brand New explained that there were no concrete plans that the debuted group would include P101 members. 

So don’t worry, anon. Have hope- I don’t think they’re going to disband regardless of statement. We have to remain strong and keep supporting them in any way we can (like go say happy birthday to Aaron) <3

No Unnecessary Risks

This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Home Again

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU.

As always, let me know what you think.

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Strange Empire | Buckskin Princess

”The women in the cribs, you can feel the grief rising from them like a tide. “ 

Liar Liar

Summary: Alexander Hamilton is an Omega, but no one else knows this. No one else can know this. Even in this day and age, Omegas are still treated as little more than slaves. No rights, no protections, nothing. Alex has to hide his rank from the world for this reason. John Laurens is an Alpha, but like Alexander, he is hiding his rank, ashamed of the Alpha he was born as. Lies stack upon lies upon more lies. How long before they all come crashing down?

Chapter 1

For as long as Alexander had been alive, the rules of society had been the same. The hierarchy ruled everyone’s lives. Alphas were always the ones on top. They were the ones that had their lives laid out for them. They had barely any difficulties to get to the top aside from their fellow Alpha’s. Beta’s were middle ground. They were your average workers. They, despite being lower than Alpha’s, had very little problems in life. They could still work, live a free life. Omega’s, however, could not have such a good life. Omega’s were the bottom of the barrel. The mat at the doorstep to wipe your feet off on. To the public they were seen as nothing but slaves in a sense. If your child was born an omega, it was seen equally as having a whore child who would never amount to anything. It was an embarrassment to the majority of families. Even in this day and age, Omega rights were almost non existent. The life of an Omega was laid out somewhat like this: They would attend elementary and middle school with all other children until they present as either an Alpha, Beta, or Omega at puberty. After that, Omega children are separated from all their Alpha and Beta classmates and attend school for Omega’s. Here they will learn how to act like a proper Omega. They are taught their place. If an Alpha asks them to jump, they say how high. Being an Omega, you are taught you are nothing but a housewife and husband for their Alpha, providing children for them. They are taught to never speak against their Alpha or face the consequences that their Alpha sees fit to inflict on them. They are told..that their only purpose is to please. Without an Alpha they’re useless.

This is what Alexander grew up knowing. At the tender age of 10 he presented at Omega. Not only was this a very young age to show as any rank, but it was at this age that his life started to spin out of control. The moment the scent of an Omega in heat poured through the house, his parents fought. He, all while laying in an uncomfortable pile of discarded blankets on his bed, little Alex heard how his father called him a whore in the making..a disgrace to the family…worthless. There was more yelling before a door slammed and he heard his mother crying. Then it was quiet..she came to comfort him through his first heat. It was very short, barely lasting a day. His mother had been a beautiful Beta woman. He always thought so, at least. Despite everything he had been told about Omega’s she told him that day she still loved him..that he was perfect no matter what..and that she would help him live a normal life. That evening when his heat ended, he started on heat suppressants. After a short break from school, claiming he was sick, he was able to go back and start living as a Beta.

His friends congratulated him for presenting so early. Some teased and joked that they thought he was going to be an Alpha with how he normally acted. Alexander would joke back, but he knew the truth. He was different and they could never know. He tried to tell himself this was for the best. He couldn’t let anyone know he was an Omega. Mother had explained to him this. She only wanted what was best for him, after all. He thought things would be okay after that. Two years later, he was sadly mistaken when he and his mother fell ill…the flu was everywhere in his town and they had caught it. They didn’t have money to go to the doctor, so they had to stay home and try and let it pass.

Alex was the only one in the house that got better.

It was one thing after another after that. He was an orphan and living with his cousin until he was 16 when the cousin..died. He was old enough to work, though, and he was about to graduate early from high school. He was doing odd jobs here and there, trying to save up money so he wouldn’t be living with the friend he was currently with. He thought things were about to get better.

Then the Hurricane hit.

It was devastating. He had never seen such destruction before in his life. He didn’t know how he wasn’t dead. He saw a silver lining, though. If it wasn’t for this, though the storm still haunted his dreams and waking minutes, he wouldn’t have written about the storm to a local paper. He wouldn’t have been the talk of the island. He wouldn’t have gotten the large donation from those who knew him to get him to New York..

He pondered, on the flight that year, where he would be if they had known he wasn’t the Beta they thought he was. Would he have gotten this far? Probably not.

That had been 7 years ago. Alexander Hamilton was 25 now, a bright young man who was attending college for law and working at a local Newspaper company. It wasn’t as big as the New York Times, but he had friends there and the pay was decent. One friend there was a man by the name John Laurens. John had only recently started working there, but he was really nice. He was a cute Beta with a face full of freckles and a laugh that could rival angels singing.

Alexander also possibly felt some sort of attraction toward the Beta. Just a little. How could he not, though? John was so..kind and sweet..Yet at the same time he was also just as passionate as Alex was, like on the topic about Omega rights. That’s how they became friends, really. Their combined opinion on the mistreatment of Omegas and how wrong it was..its what brought them together. The company was just as Liberal, so it wasn’t the first time he had heard these opinions..but John. John was just so..intense about it. He remembered the first Omega rights rally they went to and how John punched out an Alpha that tried to grab Alex..he chuckled softly, recalling how they had to run and lose the Alpha’s friends in the crowd.

“This is a free country, supposedly, so why do we still have slavery? It’s not called that, but we all know it” John ranted as they ate their lunch. Alex smiled some, adjusting his scarf.

“Because the world’s a shit place. Every issue starts with an outcry. We just need to stay strong and keep fighting for them.” he said and took a drink of his coffee, enjoying the caffeinated bitter liquid as it burned his throat some. He was focused solely on John, so he was a bit startled when the chair next to him pulled out. He only relaxed when he saw it was just Lafayette. He was also a Beta, close friend of Alex’s.

“Are you two talking politics in my business again” he asked, a thick french accent on his lips. Sometimes Alex forgot Laf had only immigrated here a few years ago and that his accent was still as prominent as ever.

“Well of course. This is the only place we really can without getting kicked out” Alex snickered, sipping on his coffee.

“Keep acting smug like this and I will revoke your coffee rights, mon ami” he chuckled and Alex placed a hand to his chest in mock offense.

“How dare”

“You know I am..ah..how you say, kidding” he hummed in response, sipping on a still slightly steaming tea. Honestly it was true, this was the only place him and John could rant like they did over their lunch. The cafe was never really this time of day, so he wasn’t worried about causing Laf to lose any business.

“You two are worse than siblings sometimes with your bickering” John laughed softly and Laf smiled some.

“Mm. What’s the topic of argument today? Seeing as you are here during my own lunch break, I would like to listen on on your little debate” he hummed and Alex sat up a little more.

“Oh the usual. The shit Omega’s have to go through. Segregation in schools, zero rights, no protections when they’re assaulted, I could go on about it all day man. Its like John said. Its nothing but slavery under the excuse of the fucking hierarchy..” he grumbled, taking a bite of his sandwich that he had made at home for lunch. He didn’t have the money to waste on the normal junk he bought for lunch. He might be missing his chipotle, but his heart was probably thanking him.

“Oh cher…I know how upset you get with this topic, especially what happened to your cousin..” Laf sighed softly and John raised an eyebrow at this. Oh..Alexander hadn’t told him yet.

“What happened to your cousin?” John asked and Alex paused. Well..he was planning on telling this story eventually.

“When my mom died I moved in with my cousin, Peter..he uh..he was attacked by a drunk Alpha and when we went to the police they laughed at us and pulled some kind of bullshit excuse to arrest him. They didn’t thankfully..but the next month he..I found him hanging” he murmured and he heard John’s breath hitch from across the table. He could see Laf shake his head in his peripherals.

“Shit..Alex I’m so sorry that happened..” John said and Alex managed to smile some.

“Its okay. Can’t change the past, but I can sure as hell try and change the future so no one else has to go through that..” he murmured, a hand unconsciously going to his neck where a mark was hidden under the scarf he always wore. Under the table, Laf patted his knee. He was the only one that knew Alex’s secret..but it wasn’t because Alex wanted to tell him.

Something had happened to Alex the year they met.

Authors note:

So Ive been working on this for a few days and I have several chapters for this story..and a lot of art. I didnt really want to post it on my ao3, but I might eventually. This story is connected to the first Lams drawing I posted here :) Tell me what you think of it!

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Kenny Omega as a dad??

Kenny Omega as a dad would include;

-He would be the gentlest Dad ever he’ll be terrified that he’ll hurt the Baby

-But with help of the Bucks he soon gets over that

-As the child grows older he’ll start to introduce them to video games and wrestling

-“Kenny it’s an 18….He’s 1”

-Trying to set the child up with one of the Bucks kids

-“We need them to end up together to keep the wrestling blood line strong”

Apostles of the Apocalypse: Maggie (Part Three)

Pairing: Daryl x Reader, Maggie x Glenn

Word Count: 1826

Warnings: Angst, violence, canon-divergence

Notes: Okay guys… I cried really hard writing this. This part and the next part are gonna be full of feels so get your tissues ready. Hope you all like it! xox

Part Three of the Apostles of the Apocalypse Series

Originally posted by lucidoamor

It’s fine,” Maggie said, an edge to her voice as she gazed at you in worry. “Y/N.. what’s going on…?”

Your bottom lip trembled as you looked from Dr. Carson to Maggie to Paul. With a sigh, he shrugged, the look in his eyes telling you it wasn’t his decision to make. Taking a deep breath, your eyes found Maggie’s again as you whispered, terrified.

I think I’m pregnant…”

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10 reasons I love you Aries mother fuckers

1) Swagger on steroids.

2) Never, EVER boring. Brave as fuck and always down.

3) I love how Aries can rant on and on, off the top of their head like its nothing. It’s like a little bomb goes off and watching them bitch out somebody in public is a fucking sight to see. These people are GREAT to have on your side in a battle.

4) They are charming and dashing.
Their stimulating energy will make your head rattle.

5) Us other signs can’t get enough of their strong athletic bodies. Like Y U so in shape?

6) These fuckers are quick. They’re replying to what I said when I haven’t even said it yet. I’ve never met a slow or sluggish Aries. They get to the point and don’t waste time pussyfooting around.

7) Mad flirting skills. Confidence is definitely one of their best attributes. Their straightforward and bold flirting will woo the pants off of you.

8) Eric Harris. ‘Nuff said.

9) You wanna have fun, dangerous time? Aries is way ahead of you. They’re a fire sign so it’s no surprise when they like to play with fireworks or build bombs.

10) I have never met an Aries who didn’t look like a straight up fox in red. When in doubt, wear red Aries.

I’d like to mention that these people have great taste in music and you might just end up head banging when partying with them.

And lastly, I once had an Aries roommate, and when she was here no kinda bullshit was going down. This place was in fucking order. If your natural authority and the fact that you speak up when something is blatantly unjust bothers other people, forget them. Bc we need strong fiery voices keeping the nonsense nonexistent.

But just imagine, Victor’s been to these banquets hundreds of times before, and from the etiquette you can tell that they’re a pretty formal affair, looking at the lady’s gowns and at the men who wear POCKET SQUARES. And the fact that there’s champagne. So Victor knows what to expect from this. Another one amongst countless of boring evenings making polite small-talk, dishing out fake smiles and delicately sipping on your champagne flute.
But then, there’s Yuuri. Yuuri who doesn’t dish out fake smiles, but is obviously down. Yuuri who doesn’t make small-talk, but sits in the corner. Yuuri who doesn’t sip on one glass of champagne, but drinks 16 of them.
Yuuri who gets this crowd of people with sticks up their asses moving, draws every single eye in the room to him and paints a smile onto every face. Yuuri who manages to drag grumpy Yurio into a break dance dance-off (while they’re still dressed in suits!) and wins, challenges the reigning pervert among ice-skaters (Christophe? More like Chrisstohp, am I right?) to a naked pole dancing face-off and wins (managing to support both their weight while keeping them horizontal in the air, can we talk about how strong he is?), and then, on top of it all, tangos with Victor, matching him and staying with him every step of the way. And Victor is just blown away. He has never EVER met anyone like this. So bold, so sexy, so FUN. He has turned his entire evening, and his entire LIFE, around. So he laughs and he dances and he takes millions of pictures and he forgets the world around him and he smiles the realest smile he’s ever smiled, all because of this dumb dork he just met.
And then this guy hugs him and grinds on him and asks him to be his coach, and all of a sudden, he blushes. Not when he was half naked or tangoing with him. No, he blushes when he asks the question, because suddenly, he knows why the banquet that is usually so boring has become so fun. He knows why he feels like smiling, why he feels inspired after such a long time.
And it’s because all it took for him to fall in love was this one evening where he could forget the brand and the product and the seal of quality that the name Victor Nikiforov had turned into, and he had been the man that had been hidden behind all that, for this one night. The man that Yuuri’s drunken antics had drawn out by force. He blushes because he’s become aware of what he wants his future to look like, and it’s the person with his arms wrapped around his body and his hips ondulating against his own and a tie around his head and a red face and brown puppy eyes.

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Thank you very much for your blog. You are my favorite blog, and we have so much in common, same age, same form of think, same utt and even same month of birth. And I kind really nervous about a lot of things and sometimes wish that I wouldn't worry so much about the boys, but I can't, just wanna them to win the world, can you please say something wise? You always calm me down with your comments about the boys and life. Thank you.

this is so sweet 💕 thank you! it’s okay to worry but also keep in mind that we have to stay strong for them. all they’ve been giving us are positive vibes and telling us 7 or never, 7 or nothing. yes, we want the best for them but we also have to keep in mind that the boys seem so happy this comeback.. are we really going to bring the mood down when it’s jaebeom’s first title track? aren’t we suppose to be their sunshine? are we really going to let them down and have their efforts go to waste and not listen to their words? all they’ve been telling us are they’re a family together and they’re best friends. they even made an official ig for us!!!! even jyp mentioned in the dinner v live that he’s proud of GOT7, that they did it without his help. our boys were so happy about “You Are” reaching #1 on charts that jaebeom even treated them out for meat :’) also, even when they’re always flying out to thailand and japan for events, they still manage to top #1 on charts. we should be really proud and happy for them.


He believed in something that at no one else around him saw or believed, and was martyred for his belief by anyone in the town. He believed because he saw and knew the truth. Just like we do.

His two true loves are his mothers. They share a true love together through one single unit. And I feel he knows you can only share a true love….if you are true love together. Just like we feel.

He calls only Regina, Emma, David, Snow, Belle, and Rumple his family. No one else is included. His family are the three power couples of the show. The core. Just like we know

He is the author! Just as we are, making thousands upon thousands of stories based upon our two heroes. Unlike us, however, he can only write the truth. Ad he can only wait and believe the truth will happen! Just like we hope.

He is extremely displeased by Hook’s existence. Like so much so, that he wants to destroy magic for the sheer reason that he has returned. And was pretty ‘meh’ about Robin. Just like we feel about them.

We are Henry. We are the truest believers. We believe in something that so many have told us in varying ways, that it will never happen. That SQ does not exist. But yet, our faith remains strong. Our belief is still real.

Just like Henry, we believe in magic.  We believe in them. We need to keep believing. 



Dear Leader SUHO, Kyungsoo, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai, Yixing, Luhan, Tao, Chen. Xiumin... I know it hurts, it hurts badly. But I sincerely hope you guys can stay strong and keep your heads up. Keep believing and keep supporting each other. This is a time when you need each other the most. I know its been a rough time. But, dont worry. We are all in this together. We will always be with you throughout this misfortune. We will always stay as ONE! Kris, i wish you a happy life ahead. We believe in you, we will always have your back. Stay strong and...we love you.

“Stay strong, be brave, love hard and true, and you will have nothing to lose" -DL

I love this because they look so close. It’s like they’re taking care of each other. I love how Liam and Niall have such a tight grip on Harry because maybe Harry feels the saddest about Zayn leaving and was the most worried about whether the fans would stay or not. They all have each other’s back and they’re trying to be strong for us and each other. I love the way Liam has his arms around Louis and Harry. I love how tight Niall is holding onto Harry’s waist. This picture makes me happy even though it still feels so different. Our boys can make it, they’re strong. We just have to keep showing them how much we care.