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Thor Ragnarok & Taika Waititi: gives us Thor and Loki reconciling, Loki doing the Right Thing™️, the two of them side by side again

Me, looking at Infinity War & The Russos:

i’m revamping my taglist

Writing is difficult, more so when you’re writing for a group of people who you’re looking for any sign of enjoyment from. When you ask people to read and they leave you with nothing in return about if they even remotely liked something that you’ve spent a long time on, it’s difficult to have any sort of drive to keep writing more.

The past fics that I’ve written have often taken me at least fifteen minutes just to tag everyone since I post my fics from mobile - it’s super discouraging when I’ve spent all that time tagging people and I receive nothing in return. 


add your url to the list on which you’d like to be included on here (some of my original permanent taglist has been left on due to their routine feedback - of course, if you’d like to be removed, let me know!)

  • please do not remove anyone’s url from any list
  • if you’d like to be on one of my taglists, please make sure that you are responding to my fics through reblogs, tags, comments, asks about the fic bc ikes don’t really let me know that you read it and they do not help me improve. feedback does.
  • i know sometimes that tags don’t work - that’s why i reblog my fics for different timezones so you’ll still be able to see it.

Please know that if you are not responding, I do reserve the right to remove you from my taglist.

alta verse because of course I had to do it to ‘em

  • Satya is, predictably, a waterbender. It just fits everything about her so well tbh, and she already moves in very graceful ways with her dancing & flow emotes and such.
  • Hailing from the Northern water-tribe she was originally from a rather poor family before her talent was noticed and her schooling paid for by a powerful family who ran a prosperous business. Of course, they were partners with Varrick Global Industries.
  • She uses ice quite a lot and makes sculptures with them, which is her “primary” source of income. Satya is known as an artist and runs in very dignified circles. In truth she was also something of a spy, working for the powerful family that patroned her & brokering shady deals for the expansion of their company and the like.
  • Also if I’m setting this in LOK a lot has changed in the Northern Water Tribe - specifically, the role of women. There’s no way Katara wouldn’t push hard & fierce & would not rest until women could be taught to utilize all aspects of their bending the same as men. And as old-fashioned as the family who patroned Satya was, they realized the virtue of having her trained in combat. Which she is very skilled at.

edit: added more examples!! dont use em they’re commissions


  • nsfw implied expressions(since these r only gonna be headshots)


  • oc’s
  • characters from different fandoms
  • etc


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“I did it for you.”

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