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My Angel Pt.2!

I begin kiss down her neck, and continue down until I reach her breasts. She leans back on the counter as my lips gently brush against her hardening nipples. My free hand roams over whichever one my lips aren’t giving attention to. I switch between the two, leaving her nipples just wet enough to make them tingle when I blow my cool breath on them. All the while, my thumb continues to rub small light circles below. I keep going until I can feel her getting anxious. Her hands going back and forth between holding herself up on the countertop and trying to feel my body, my abs, my shoulders. Our eyes meet as I start kissing further down her body, her lips part as she starts to breathe heavier. I flash a devious smile, watching her expression change as she tries to figure out what I’m doing next. The motions of my thumb are replaced by the warm soft sensation of my tongue, causing her body to relax and let her head fall back. I can tell the sensation is starting to build, while I alternate between harder and softer pressures, making my tongue feel like it’s pulsating. I continue doing that as she starts to climax. All the while I can’t help but start to get harder. Her hands pull me up to her kiss, and her legs find their place wrapped around my hips. I guide my cock inside of her, slowly as we both let out a moan. We both begin grinding together, her legs push against my lower back as I thrust deeper we maintain a perfect slow but powerful pace, and my hand returns to her clit as she starts to moan louder. I can feel her tighten around me as she gets closer, in turn bringing me closer and making me thrust harder. She welcomes this change, her legs releasing their grip from me and spreading wider. I place my hands on her hips and her breathing becomes louder and faster as we both get ready to orgasm. It isn’t long before my strong powerful thrusts pounding into her make her cum, causing her legs to shake, her nails to dig into my skin and claw my abs, forcing me to cum as well. We stay there for a moment, catching our breath. Our lips find eachother again. Our kisses that were passion filled just moments ago have returned to soft and loving. She pulls away for a moment and look at me, and both of us smile. “ wow”, we both say.

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Are you and Nina still together?

Nina and I decided it’s best if we both go our separate ways for now because life is hectic with school and work. Our lives just aren’t lining up well. But while working on ourselves and finding who we are eventually somewhere down the line if the timing is right maybe.. hopefully we will find our way back to eachother.. this wasn’t more than what I’m saying it was- it was mutually decided. so please don’t spam either of us with hate or anons. We both love eachother but this is what we had to do. Thanks everyone for the last year throughout this journey and may we meet again

Dear Journal,

Today Teddy, Sirius and I spent some time together to celebrate Father’s day. Teddy suprised us with breakfast in bed and cuddled us all morning.

“You guys are the best fathers I could’ve asked for. I can’t imagine what life would’ve been like if you never visited the orphanage that day…” he said, cuddling closer.

“Believe me Ted, we were all meant to find eachother.” Sirius said, running his fingers in Teddy’s hair.

“Plus you were the absolute cutest baby I had ever seen!” I said, kissing his forhead.

He chuckled and sat up, pulling his laptop on his lap. He clicked on a video folder and smiled to us.

“Arre you ready for your suprise?” He asked, eyes glowing.

He had made a short film of video of us. Starting the day we first held him.

“Look at him Remus.. He’s so small.” Sirius said, holding the baby Teddy in his arms.

“He is beautiful.” I said, looking at our son, a tears rolling down my cheek.

“C'mon baby say it! Pad-foot!” Sirius said, Teddy on his lap.

“Lala!” He smiled.

“Pad-foot!” Sirius said.

“Padda!” Teddy babbled.


“C'mon you can do it baby, just a few more steps!” Sirius said, his arms open.

Teddy was slowly walking to him.

“You can do it baby!” I said.

He reached Sirius hands and giggled.

“Goodjob my love!”

“It’s okay Ted, if you’re not in Gryffindor we will still be so proud of you.” Sirius said, knees bent in front of the small child.

“What if I get lost inside the castle?” Teddy asked, scared to start his first day.

“You can always ask the painting to help you!” I said, brushing my hand on his cheek.

“Okay.. I’ll miss you too much..” He said, with glossy eyes.

“Oh it’s okay my love, we will write to you everyday! And I put one of our shirts into your trunk so your bed can smell like us okay.” I said, giving him a kiss.


“You have your two plushies?” Sirius asked.

He nodded and the train was about to leave.

“Okay bye my love, we’re so proud of you.” I said, hugging him.

“We’ll see you soon okay?” Sirius said, hugging him too.

“Okay, I love you.” He said, entering the train.

“We love you too baby.” I said.

“CAPITAIN OF THE QUIDDITCH TEAM? THAT’S MY BOY!!” Sirius said, hugging Teddy who was home for christmas break.

“Yeah they don’t let a 5th year do it often but they said I was a leader.” Teddy smiled.

“I’m so proud of you Ted!” I smiled.


“Ta-da! You liked it?” He asked, turning off his laptop.

Sirius had his eyes full of tears.

“Awe dad don’t cry!” Teddy said hugging him.

“It was beautiful Ted.” I said, hugging him.

“I don’t want you to grow up..” Sirius said, hugging his Teddy closer to him.

“I love you two so much.” Teddy said.

“We love you too baby.”

June 18th 2014

The Girl on the Bridge

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Pre-Serum Steve x Reader

The Girl on the Bridge

Prompt: Pre Serum Steve in modern times and is self-conscious of what his significant other will think of him. Cute fluffiness please please please!

Note: This is suuuuper cute omg. I decided to put a bit of a soulmate twist on it, if that’s okay. Very cute.

Warnings: Precious baby Steve. Fluff. Very fluff.

Steve stared at the timer at his wrist and sighed, sitting on his bed in he and Bucky’s shared apartment in New York. Tomorrow. Tomorrow was the day. Or to be exact: 0 years, 0 months, 0 weeks, 0 days, 12 hours, 37 minutes, and 14…13…12 seconds remained. That meant tomorrow after lunch.

“Nervous?” Bucky asked, poking his head into Steve’s room.

“You think?” Steve chuckled softly. He pointed to the outfit hanging on the knob of his dresser. It was a light blue polo shirt and khakis with a pair of nice brown dress shoes. “Too dressy? Should I go casual?”

“Nah, it’s fine. I’m sure she’ll be dressed up just as much, if not more, than you.” Bucky assured him. He pulled out his phone and checked the weather for the next day. “Should be nice and sunny.”



“Do you think she’ll be okay with…me? You know, being the way I am?”

“She’s your soulmate, Stevie. She doesn’t have a choice.” He laughed. Steve went quiet, suddenly very serious. “Steve, lighten up. Of course she’ll love you. Who wouldn’t?”

“What if she’s taller than me? What if she doesn’t find me? What if we miss eachother?”

“Don’t worry about it, Steve.” Bucky smiled. “She’ll love you. I know it.”

“Okay.” Steve nodded. He laid down in his bed. “Night Buck.”

“Get some sleep, punk. God knows you’re going to need it,”


Steve didn’t get a wink of sleep that night. Every time he dozed off, he ended up having a nightmare about how horribly things could go the next day. When he finally got out of bed, he drank three cups of coffee to wake him up and then brushed his teeth four times to make sure his breath was minty and fresh.


“Buck, I can’t breathe.” Steve sighed, his heart racing. He checked the timer on his wrist. There was only an hour left.

“We’re going to the park. That’s the best place to meet people. Right on the bridge. Real romantic.” Bucky said. “Plus, it’s a nice day.”

“Okay,” he nodded. The park wasn’t that far away. Only a short walk. They could get there in no time. “Let’s get going. I don’t want to be late.”

“You can’t be late. She’s your soulmate.”

“I know,” he nodded. “I know.”


“(Y/N), you’re going to be fine,” your best friend, Sarah, told you for the fortieth time. You were strolling through the park, waiting in bated breath for your timer to run out. 5 minutes. You had five minutes. Your heart raced at the speed of light, and you felt like you might pass out. You were wearing a dress, a cute short lacy blue dress and black flats. Your hair was curled, thanks to Sarah, and your makeup was perfect.

“He’s going to love you.” she reassured you, rubbing your back. “I’ll wait for you over there by that tree,” she pointed to the tree near the base of the bridge. “And good luck. But it’s not like you’ll need it.”

Sarah walked away, her long curly red hair bouncing with every step. You glanced at your wrist, staring at the glowing numbers. You got chills. Any minute now.


Steve looked up to the bridge and swallowed nervously. He adjusted his collar and gripped the bouquet of flowers he had brought tight. A red-haired girl sitting under a tree looked up from her book.

“Are you here to meet a soulmate?” she asked excitedly. Steve nodded nervously. Bucky smiled softly. “My friend (Y/N)’s up there on the bridge. She only has a few minutes left.”

“So does he,” Bucky nudged him forward. “Go on, buddy.”

“O-okay,” he nodded and started walking towards you hesitantly. He could hear his heartbeat in his ears. He was shaking, blushing, nervous. He felt like he was going to throw up, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. Not now.

Once he was standing beside you, he tapped your shoulder. In that instant, both of your timers dinged together as they reached zero simultaneously.

“H-hi,” you greeted shyly, smiling brightly as you met his eyes. He smiled back.

“I’m Steve. Steve Rogers,” He introduced.

“(Y/N) (L/N),” you replied. He held out his hand to shake yours but you pulled him into a hug instead, holding him tightly. His eyes widened, not expecting to be accepted by you so quickly, but he embraced you nonetheless, his heart racing. “I was worried I would never meet you,” You admitted, beginning to cry tears of relief. “So, so worried something would go wrong. I didn’t get a minute of sleep last night.”

“Neither did I,” he admitted softly, burying his head in your hair. He couldn’t believe you were here. He couldn’t believe you were real and in his arms and so soft and warm. He held onto you like he would never get another chance. “I can’t believe you’re real. And you’re so, so beautiful,”

“Thank you,” You smiled, still not letting go. “Can I just hug you forever?”

“That’s fine with me.”

“Come on, lovebirds,” Bucky called from the tree. “Do you want to go out for lunch, or what?”

“That’s Bucky,” Steve explained. You finally stopped hugging him and just took a good long look at him. He was adorable. You didn’t care that he was kind of short or kind of skinny. He was your soulmate, and there was no one on earth you’d rather spend the rest of your life with.


So I had a AMAZING day today..~!

I was texting with a lovely friend of mine, and found out she was in Michigan for the weekend ~!

And I just so happen to live there!

So I immediately tell her that we had to meet in person! I mean it’s a once in a life time opportunity !! XD

So we meet up!!

And I got to spend the day fangirling, talking to and drawing with the talented and lovely @themarshmellowsnowqueen

It was a incredible day! We got to talk about ourselves and find out more about eachother, fangirling over our oc’s and other peoples characters, drawing etc. It was just a blast!! XD

She’s just the sweetest and funniest girl, absolutely precious and I adore her~ ❤️❤️❤️

So here’s some pics her and I took, along with a special drawing she did of my baby Anastasia~!! *squeals* I was so ecstatic~!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆

But I had a really awesome time, and hope to see her again soon~! :3

I just

I just fuckin love women who love women

I love us

We’re so strong and we deal with so much shit but we

We’re just so happy when we find eachother and we just

We’re a big ol sapphic community

We’re black, we’re latnix, we’re native, we’re Jewish, we’re Muslim, we’re Hindu, we’re trans, we’re disabled, we’re a whole big diverse, intersectional community and we just

We love eachother and we support eachother and we know that we have to do that

I love us

I love me

Note: Ah, thank you! I`m happy you enjoy my content <3


I think people often perceive him as someone who isn`t very cuddly but I beg do differ. To me he seems like a very affectionate person. He`d probably have a good time with someone who`s cuddly as well. His favorite thing probably being when you initiate skinship like holding hands or small kisses.

“Ah you`re just to cute when you ask for a kiss like that.”


Alright so I don`t know about you but doesn`t just looking at him scream cuddlebear? Like, he is so caring and has such a bright personality I can just see how much he`d love cuddling. He may not be the type to initiate a lot of affections so the fact that you are makes you two a perfect couple. His favorite thing is definitely cuddles on the couch while you watch a movie and he can stroke your back softly.

“Yes sure we can watch a movie. You want to cuddle too? Let`s do it!”


Probably not too into skinship in public. Anything over holding hands or a quick kiss is probably not into his lane. In private or when there aren`t too many people around however he`d be super into it. He`d love it if he can lay his head on your lap and you play with his hair. Or when you just suddenly came up and kissed or hugged him out of now where.

“Wha..? Oh haha. If you wanted a kiss you could`ve just said so.”


Most likely he`d like it. If it wasn`t super over the top to the point where he has you clinging to his leg 24/7 he`d be find it cute. Especially would like when you did those small everyday things like making him laugh with funny faces while the two of you brush your teeth or when you grab his hand to hold when you`re walking through a crowd of people so you don`t lose him.

“No worries y/n. I will find you in any crowd even if we lose eachother.”

how could you lose this boi he is so loud


Most likely the shy type. Like he wouldn`t not like the attention when you`re in public but he`d just be a bit shy about it. He`d love your hand holding and compliments you`d give him. In private he`d be a bit more comfortable. He`d live for cuddling in bed. Especially those lazy, sleepy cuddles in the morning after waking up or in the evening when you`re about to sleep. Melts everytime you`d randomly tell him you love him.

“I love you too y/n.”

josh imagine - hidden

“what if someone finds out about us?”

Breathy pants in the dark we stumbled, too intoxicated in eachother to separate for long enough to find a light. His hands explored over my body as we edged towards the back of the closet. The only noise audible was that of the occasional clash of a box behind my back as he shoved me lightly, hungrily. The danger, the sin, it was steaming, the temperature in the tiny room rising. As we heard the distant shout of a countdown I felt Josh freeze.

“Ready or not, here I come!”

He removed his lips from mine, his facial hair tickling my chin as he broke the contact.

“Y/n. This is bad.”

He stated the obvious. It was all we could say, really. I remained packed tightly against him, arms over his shoulders, his round my waist.

“I know, Josh.”

“So should we…”

Out of reluctance neither of us continued the sentence. We knew what we should do. We should stop. But I knew I didn’t want to, and I hoped; neither did he.

“I mean, we can stop?” I suggested somewhat reluctantly. His sigh was warm against my skin. In desperation I let my eyes fall to the floor, not wanting to continue eagerly watching his lips like a deprived school girl.

“I don’t want to…but it’s…” Searching for words, Josh bit his cheek. “Well, it’s wrong.”

“But why? No one has to know.”

“Y/n, I’m scared. What if someone finds out about us? What if he finds us now?”

“Josh, if I have enough of a relationship with him to be trusted setting up this event with you all, I doubt he’d care about what we’re doing.” I lied through my teeth. Mostly I was trying to convince myself. Reassuring him was simply a bonus. “Plus, Jide has a new girlfriend now. Why should he care?”

“You’re still his ex, Y/n. It’s a bro code thing.”

The underlying hint of frustration was somewhat clear in Josh’s voice. I felt my own irritation rise as I replied a small ‘sorry’. As if regretting his outlash, he placed a hand on my lower back, fingers tracing absent mindedly across my skin. My own hand trailed slowly down his chest in temptation.

His head fell back.

“Oh god Y/n. You’re killing me.”

“I’m not doing anything,” sweetly, I replied. He reguided his focus to me.

“Yes you are. You’re making it impossible to say no.”

Withdrawing all contact I shrugged.

“Josh, if you don’t want me, just say it. I’ll walk out and leave now. Its not the end of the world to me if I lose a game of hide or seek - in fact, that wasn’t really my motive for being in this cupboard, funnily enough.”

With a grunt of defeat Josh pulled me back into him.

“Fuck it. You’re trouble, Y/n.”

I did not reply before pressing my lips back to his, wrapping my legs round his waist and trying not to be aware of the sound of footsteps outside of the cupboard door.

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my gf is honestly so amazing !! even though we have a long distance relationship we've been dating for 6 months. she makes me so heckin happy !! we always support eachother when we're in bad moods and we always find a way to make eachother feel better. she's so nice and she deserves all the love i can give her. im honestly so in love with her,, like,, ahhh 💕💕💕


Do you guys ever…?

Just love someone so much? Like literally cannot imagine your life without them? And are grateful every day they’re in your life??

I have 3 people like that that aren’t immediate family.

My husband.

And my two best friends.

And dammit they all three get along amazing. I’m so so so lucky.

But one I’ve known the longest. Literally childhood friends. We’ve known eachother longer than we haven’t known eachother. We were confused for siblings once, even though we don’t look anything alike.

They were in the family pictures at my wedding, at my Dad’s insistence.

In another life I’m convinced we were actual siblings. Something’s always drawn us together. We’ve lost touch so many times only to find eachother again its hard to ascribe it to anything but fate.

I could write sonnets and poems and wax poetic for ages about them, how they got me through my roughest patches, how I’d anguished over distance when I knew they were hurting. How I get so excited when we do finally get to see eachother even though its sometimes only once or year or longer between.

There’s no special occasion for this. No reason behind the post.

I know you don’t always want compliments, but I think it’s important you know, you’re incredible. You’re caring, loving, and giving of yourself. You help others to the point of too much. You’re so so so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. I’m so proud you’re my friend.

I just wanted to say I love you.


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sorry to bother you, but as the one that remembers everything (or at least knows where to find everything) - how do we know they have eachother's finger print in their phone? I only remember dan needing (or at least pretending to need) phil's finger to buy the elf in the crossy road vid... thanks so much!!

I suppose I should have said passcode or fingerprint - but Dan took Phil’s phone with him to film the entire Pokemon Go Hong Kong video, so I’m pretty sure unlocking it wasn’t an issue for him And Dan also said in a livestream that they know each other’s codes, so acknowledging that wasn’t a big deal for him. 

Reaching for hope :: Closed RP


Riku sighed relieved as he finally stepped out of the airport. It had been a long time sense he’d been able to come to japan. He’d forgotten how frustrating customs was, even with his duel citizenship. Still, he was here now, that was the first step down. He’d gotten away from his father now. Next step, find his uncle and convince the guy to coach him again. Well maybe he was depressive, but he hadn’t given up. So he’d find his uncle and get the guy to give him a chance to show he hadn’t given up, at all.

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OK I NEED TO #EXPOSE ONE OF MY GFS CAUSE SJE HAD THE CUTEST IDEA THE OTHER DAY!!! OK so she said she was sad we don’t live by each other so we can’t do the “My girlfriend buys my clothes thing” AND THEN SHE SUGGGSTS WE FIND CLOTHES AND DRAW EACHOTHER IN THEM AND HDHDHD THAT WAS ADORABLE?? And she said it was “ultimate mode” cause there’s 3 of us HDHSHSHSHSH I. LOVE HER


Hmm this is probably a little late but I can’t get over this scene/sentence.

As a lot of other people have already said, this is a pivotal moment in Victor and Yuuri’s relationship as they’re beginning to open up to eachother. But I guess during translation some details got lost because I can see that translators made this sentence really poetic in the subs.

In Japanese, Yuuri says 「踏み込んだ分だけ踏み込んでくれる。」

Firstly, 踏み込む doesn’t mean “to open up”, it implies a way more intimate and personal kind of action and literally means “to step into” or “to break into”, and it’s more like they’re giving away a very important part of themselves to the other. We can also conclude that the stories they tell each other are very personal, and are stories they’ve never told anyone else.

In Victor’s case, there wouldn’t have been an appropriate place or time for him to mention seagulls ever since his move to this point, and besides this, none of the others would be able to relate to this experience other than Yuuri who lived in Detroit for 5 years. Yurio only came to Hasetsu briefly, and was concentrating on skating the whole time, and everyone else has pretty much lived in Hasetsu for their whole life.
In Yuuri’s case, we already know he’s not the type to express his inner emotions publicly (cried in the bathroom), and so when he mentions this girl who was interested in him, how he pushed her away and why he did so, it’s highly likely that this is a story he’s never mentioned before. This is further emphasised through his nervous and shy body language - he’s huddling in on himself, no eye contact, covering his mouth - he’s unsure of himself.

Rather than “he meets me where I am”, the Japanese (分だけ) suggests that Victor opens up to Yuuri JUST AS MUCH as Yuuri has opened up to Victor. Rather than Victor being patient and understanding with Yuuri, he goes a step further, and it’s really as if they’re both finding comfort in eachother. We can already see from the rest of this scene but this is a really personal development between the two of them.

Another thing that wasn’t translated was 「くれる」which pretty much means “for me”. Victor didn’t have to open up to Yuuri, but he did so voluntarily for his sake, because Victor genuinely cares about Yuuri.