we will find eachother

Squid boyfriends are cleaning the Inkopolis streets from the undead! 

@ink-da-squimp and I were playing EU splatfest together (yes, we managed to find eachother) as Taloupe and Cosmo and kicked some zombie ass.


We even had matching miiverse posts. (posted with her permission). 

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For every 🎊 I get I’ll recommend a blog || open

  @celebrityvictim|| follow jug’s au mom , the best sidney , the best mom everyone deserves tbh. Blythe is the literal best 

@blamemovies​ || tbh val is like … we always find eachother one way or another. Before we used to rp best murder friends now its au murder dad and emo son tbh. follow val to the end of time tbh. The best billy what up.

@vanityriot || “It’s called necrophilia reggie, can you spell that ? “ always testin jughead on indie and in the group rp im in, FOLLOW THEM I GUESS.

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Okay so I've been planning to ask out my friend on Monday, when I'll next see them in person, but I kinda fell in love with my internet friend over the last few days? She's just so pretty? And kind? And caring? And soft? And it's odd cause she said she also has fallen in love with me but was planning on asking someone out?? So we agreed that if our potential dates reject us we'll totally date eachother. I find this a combination of cute, romantic, and strange.

omg!! this is cute ^^

Suffocated by my own mistakes,
Memories not worth keeping,
The pain of tomorrow,
Full of danger and sorrow,
Prevent me from turbulent weeping,
Held and besieged,
In ice and prestige,
Trying to find the way home,
Honored forever,
With every endeavor,
All the lies and denies left to roam,
Breathing is scarce,
Hearts are forgotten,
The moment is dark,
The water has hardened,
The whimper continues,
The world goes silent,
And with one final heave,
It comes down to violence,
In the end we can pray,
That maybe one day,
We’ll find eachother again,
Though in this war,
We may never win.

Dragon species blogs.

Hello! Fae-appreciation here! I’m searching for all the other species specific flight rising blogs. The ones I know of are:

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If you are a flight rising breed-specific blog please reblog this with a comment to let me know you are! Spread this so we can all find eachother! 

i need more trans girls mutuals if you’re a trans girl around my age (16) please reblog this and i’ll check out your blog, also not trans girls please reblog this to boost and tag it as such since its kinda hard for trans girls to find eachother considering that we’re relatively few

Okay so Pokemon go came out so me and a group of my friends, like 10
of us in total, decided to run around town at 11 pm searching for Pokemon. Honestly this has been one of the best nights of my summer so far.

Yesterday I got to see Shelly in a dress for the first time since we’ve been together. To say the least, she would’ve been the first person in the whole room I would’ve seen if I didn’t know her.

I never put anything up on this site that’s really sappy, because I don’t believe you have to share everything you feel, you just find it for yourself & keep it a secret. It’s just no secret though that I love this girl more than anything in this world. About a year ago we were just finding out about eachother & by Christmas she was in my arms. Since last year, this girl has done nothing but support me through every single thing I’ve tried to do & have done. She inspires me to my core. Not only do I feel like a growing human being every day that I’m with her, i notice it consistently as we function together like a team.

It’s very rare that you find someone willing to go out of their way at all times to make sure you’re happy, and Shelly’s first instinct is always to make me happy before herself. No matter what’s going on with her life, no matter the differences, if I need anything at all she’s there for me in full & I hope I genuinely am giving her enough in return.

For anyone out there with a girlfriend, take a few minutes to stop & look at the person you’re with. Recap on all the things they do for you. Think about times like this, where lucky people like me get to witness their girlfriend completely out of her comfort zone, just thriving with absolute beauty.
This is my girlfriend in a dress, & this is me fangirling over her / using this pic as an excuse to show you all how great she looked.

Let me repeat myself, you looked absolutely stunning yesterday…. But I still like the part where we go home & you put on your laziest clothes the best. theywerekids

I’m going to miss you while I’m in Texas.

Hola! I’m really happy that you enjoy the list…. Please send all teh love to the writers nad remember that if you want to tag me on you work you can do it.

We’ll always find eachother by almaharperlee —> The Team Arrow, wants to travel in time to avoid that Thea gets hurt by Ra’s Al Ghul, but they end up in the future..

How You Bring Me Back to Life by yespleasehawkeye —> oliver almost lost Felicity in a mission.

Not Running in the House by yespleasehawkeye —> Ava and Tommy (Oliver and Felicit’s daughter and son) adventures.

Oliver Queen Dragon Slayer by yespleasehawkeye —> Imagine how Oliver will explain to his childrens the scars that he had…. Also a really good suprise!!

Blast by yespleasehawkeye —> Olicity and bombs…. This is so cute because these two are cute hahaha.

Let yourself be at peace by ah-maa-zing —> One of the Olicity trip, in which Oliver open up to Felicity about of what happen in HK.

The Return by outoftheclosetshipper —> Roy is back!!!

Daugthers by outoftheclosetshipper —> Sara resurrection

Quite Dreams by hopedreamlovepray —> Olicity Road Trip… and it is always good to see Oliver happy.

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Honey, The Baby is Crying by yespleasehawkeye —> I love when Oliver is joking, so this is one short fic about that.

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Guns by dust2dust34—> (So do you remember the trailer???) Felicity telling Oliver that she has to shoot a gun.

In This last of meeting pieces by soldieronprincess  —> Felicity decides to break up with Oliver… “This isn’t working”…. (Long fic)

Time for a story - Changes by smkkbert —> A multi chapter fan fic… really like it we have felicity pregnant dealing with a serious problems. (Conforting gone wrong, Mothers, Fatherly advice, Something wrong with me, Monsters in my head and Back to Normal)

Mini Golf by dettiot —> The onlu thing that you need to know is that Olicity is in a date in a Mini Golf.

Anything Like Me by yespleasehawkeye —> Felicity and Oliver discover that they are having a baby boy, and Oliver is overthinking this.

Put a ring on it by jedichick04 —> In this one Thea represente the whole Olicity fandom!! Ilove the fics btw the two Queens.

Please Don’t go by felicitylovesoliver —> two things I belive I like to suffer and please have the teasues close to you.

Time for a Story - Being a Family by smkkbert —> Bonus!!! 

If I Die Young by felicityollies —> (Did I told you that I like to suffer) weeding day!!!!

Throw Roses in the Rain by theshipsfirstmate —> Oliver and Donna relationship base of the recents spoilers.

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My fics (I pretend to write sometimes)

So for one of my projects I’m doin a little Steven universe animation and a lot of people complemented on it cuz they seen the show but this one girl was like ‘okay but mystery girl tho’ and I was like ’ oh hell yeah where can I find one at a convinence store’ and we both looked at Eachother and I swear we had like a mental gay high five in that moment

(( screwfears ))


  “ I do not disagree but I am here to speak for my people
    and the problem is. Words might not be enough to make
    them believe it is real and this time things don’t get ugly
    in the end. Maybe there is a symbol of unity we can do.”

      Like usual in history for years. Kings who forged peace
      often did an act of alliance. “I trust you but I know that a
      proof to see for all of your clans woul how how strong
      our alliance is. And hopefully remind them that their heda
      is a wise leader.” He said polite but lowered his head.

“ Perhaps — “ Echo started, not quite sure how her idea would sit
with the other two, “ Perhaps, we could find a way to live with each
other. Maybe, some of my people, and some of your people, “ she
said turning to Lexa, “ could stay within your camp. “ She turned to
Bellamy, hands clasping in front of her. 

“ I know it’s risky, and not everyone of our own peoples will agree
with it, but I don’t see this alliance happening any other way. “ She
finished, continuing to glance between Lexa and Bellamy.


Sorry for all the updates posts and pictures. I have everything set. We have a secret code and I will be screaming TAYS LEGS SLAY ME so you can find me. EVERYONE WEAR A BLUE RIBBON ON YOUR WRIST SO WE CAN FIND EACHOTHER. We are meeting in front of the waterfall wall and we will be taking a picture there between 6:00pm 6:30pm. We can chill talk and head to our seats. If you have any questions or would like to be added to the squad message me and I will add you.