we will find eachother

I just

I just fuckin love women who love women

I love us

We’re so strong and we deal with so much shit but we

We’re just so happy when we find eachother and we just

We’re a big ol sapphic community

We’re black, we’re latnix, we’re native, we’re Jewish, we’re Muslim, we’re Hindu, we’re trans, we’re disabled, we’re a whole big diverse, intersectional community and we just

We love eachother and we support eachother and we know that we have to do that

I love us

I love me

The Girl on the Bridge

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Pre-Serum Steve x Reader

The Girl on the Bridge

Prompt: Pre Serum Steve in modern times and is self-conscious of what his significant other will think of him. Cute fluffiness please please please!

Note: This is suuuuper cute omg. I decided to put a bit of a soulmate twist on it, if that’s okay. Very cute.

Warnings: Precious baby Steve. Fluff. Very fluff.

Steve stared at the timer at his wrist and sighed, sitting on his bed in he and Bucky’s shared apartment in New York. Tomorrow. Tomorrow was the day. Or to be exact: 0 years, 0 months, 0 weeks, 0 days, 12 hours, 37 minutes, and 14…13…12 seconds remained. That meant tomorrow after lunch.

“Nervous?” Bucky asked, poking his head into Steve’s room.

“You think?” Steve chuckled softly. He pointed to the outfit hanging on the knob of his dresser. It was a light blue polo shirt and khakis with a pair of nice brown dress shoes. “Too dressy? Should I go casual?”

“Nah, it’s fine. I’m sure she’ll be dressed up just as much, if not more, than you.” Bucky assured him. He pulled out his phone and checked the weather for the next day. “Should be nice and sunny.”



“Do you think she’ll be okay with…me? You know, being the way I am?”

“She’s your soulmate, Stevie. She doesn’t have a choice.” He laughed. Steve went quiet, suddenly very serious. “Steve, lighten up. Of course she’ll love you. Who wouldn’t?”

“What if she’s taller than me? What if she doesn’t find me? What if we miss eachother?”

“Don’t worry about it, Steve.” Bucky smiled. “She’ll love you. I know it.”

“Okay.” Steve nodded. He laid down in his bed. “Night Buck.”

“Get some sleep, punk. God knows you’re going to need it,”


Steve didn’t get a wink of sleep that night. Every time he dozed off, he ended up having a nightmare about how horribly things could go the next day. When he finally got out of bed, he drank three cups of coffee to wake him up and then brushed his teeth four times to make sure his breath was minty and fresh.


“Buck, I can’t breathe.” Steve sighed, his heart racing. He checked the timer on his wrist. There was only an hour left.

“We’re going to the park. That’s the best place to meet people. Right on the bridge. Real romantic.” Bucky said. “Plus, it’s a nice day.”

“Okay,” he nodded. The park wasn’t that far away. Only a short walk. They could get there in no time. “Let’s get going. I don’t want to be late.”

“You can’t be late. She’s your soulmate.”

“I know,” he nodded. “I know.”


“(Y/N), you’re going to be fine,” your best friend, Sarah, told you for the fortieth time. You were strolling through the park, waiting in bated breath for your timer to run out. 5 minutes. You had five minutes. Your heart raced at the speed of light, and you felt like you might pass out. You were wearing a dress, a cute short lacy blue dress and black flats. Your hair was curled, thanks to Sarah, and your makeup was perfect.

“He’s going to love you.” she reassured you, rubbing your back. “I’ll wait for you over there by that tree,” she pointed to the tree near the base of the bridge. “And good luck. But it’s not like you’ll need it.”

Sarah walked away, her long curly red hair bouncing with every step. You glanced at your wrist, staring at the glowing numbers. You got chills. Any minute now.


Steve looked up to the bridge and swallowed nervously. He adjusted his collar and gripped the bouquet of flowers he had brought tight. A red-haired girl sitting under a tree looked up from her book.

“Are you here to meet a soulmate?” she asked excitedly. Steve nodded nervously. Bucky smiled softly. “My friend (Y/N)’s up there on the bridge. She only has a few minutes left.”

“So does he,” Bucky nudged him forward. “Go on, buddy.”

“O-okay,” he nodded and started walking towards you hesitantly. He could hear his heartbeat in his ears. He was shaking, blushing, nervous. He felt like he was going to throw up, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. Not now.

Once he was standing beside you, he tapped your shoulder. In that instant, both of your timers dinged together as they reached zero simultaneously.

“H-hi,” you greeted shyly, smiling brightly as you met his eyes. He smiled back.

“I’m Steve. Steve Rogers,” He introduced.

“(Y/N) (L/N),” you replied. He held out his hand to shake yours but you pulled him into a hug instead, holding him tightly. His eyes widened, not expecting to be accepted by you so quickly, but he embraced you nonetheless, his heart racing. “I was worried I would never meet you,” You admitted, beginning to cry tears of relief. “So, so worried something would go wrong. I didn’t get a minute of sleep last night.”

“Neither did I,” he admitted softly, burying his head in your hair. He couldn’t believe you were here. He couldn’t believe you were real and in his arms and so soft and warm. He held onto you like he would never get another chance. “I can’t believe you’re real. And you’re so, so beautiful,”

“Thank you,” You smiled, still not letting go. “Can I just hug you forever?”

“That’s fine with me.”

“Come on, lovebirds,” Bucky called from the tree. “Do you want to go out for lunch, or what?”

“That’s Bucky,” Steve explained. You finally stopped hugging him and just took a good long look at him. He was adorable. You didn’t care that he was kind of short or kind of skinny. He was your soulmate, and there was no one on earth you’d rather spend the rest of your life with.

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Hi Jen! Love your tumblr, you keep my Olicity love going! Anyway, my question for you is, what do you think is the main reason Oliver and Felicity have been so robotic and cold to eachother this entire season...We'll find out in 5x20, but I"m dying to hear your theories. Thanks!

Unpopular opinion: Olicity’s distance hasn’t bothered me that much. 

I don’t feel like they’ve been as cold or robotic as some feel. But the distance between them felt realistic. They broke up over some serious issues and they haven’t resolved those issues. I think it would concern me more if Olicity could just go back to the way things were in Season 2. Maybe even Season 3. To me, it says the romantic relationship meant something that they were so impacted by the break up. That feels true to life.

Since there’s flashback sex I feel like the rest of the fandom does. There was a “slip” of sorts. I think it would be very easy for Oliver and Felicity to get back together because they love each other deeply. Love was never the problem. However, if they simply slip back into the way they were without addressing what really went wrong, then there won’t be change. And that’s not good. They’ll repeat the same mistakes. And I think Felicity especially wants and needs change. So, maybe the distance was necessary to push them forward rather than going back.

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Me and my boyfriend always burp around eachother cause we don't care and sometimes we find it sexy... do... do we have a thrueef kink.

what you got is a lack of jesus in your heart

hi there, everyone!!
so, me and @subaruisbestgirl have made a re:zero discord server! since the re:zero fandom is a really small fandom, we wanted to find a way to get to know eachother better!! it’d be nice to talk together and share our thoughts, opinions and dank memes (????) on a series we all love and enjoy!

if u r interested in joining, please, send us an instant message! we’ll give u the invite to join the server!

alright, thanks for ur attention!! if u have any questions about it, don’t be afraid to ask!

have a wonderful day and stay safe ❤️

Reaching for hope :: Closed RP


Riku sighed relieved as he finally stepped out of the airport. It had been a long time sense he’d been able to come to japan. He’d forgotten how frustrating customs was, even with his duel citizenship. Still, he was here now, that was the first step down. He’d gotten away from his father now. Next step, find his uncle and convince the guy to coach him again. Well maybe he was depressive, but he hadn’t given up. So he’d find his uncle and get the guy to give him a chance to show he hadn’t given up, at all.

Hmm this is probably a little late but I can’t get over this scene/sentence.

As a lot of other people have already said, this is a pivotal moment in Victor and Yuuri’s relationship as they’re beginning to open up to eachother. But I guess during translation some details got lost because I can see that translators made this sentence really poetic in the subs.

In Japanese, Yuuri says 「踏み込んだ分だけ踏み込んでくれる。」

Firstly, 踏み込む doesn’t mean “to open up”, it implies a way more intimate and personal kind of action and literally means “to step into” or “to break into”, and it’s more like they’re giving away a very important part of themselves to the other. We can also conclude that the stories they tell each other are very personal, and are stories they’ve never told anyone else.

In Victor’s case, there wouldn’t have been an appropriate place or time for him to mention seagulls ever since his move to this point, and besides this, none of the others would be able to relate to this experience other than Yuuri who lived in Detroit for 5 years. Yurio only came to Hasetsu briefly, and was concentrating on skating the whole time, and everyone else has pretty much lived in Hasetsu for their whole life.
In Yuuri’s case, we already know he’s not the type to express his inner emotions publicly (cried in the bathroom), and so when he mentions this girl who was interested in him, how he pushed her away and why he did so, it’s highly likely that this is a story he’s never mentioned before. This is further emphasised through his nervous and shy body language - he’s huddling in on himself, no eye contact, covering his mouth - he’s unsure of himself.

Rather than “he meets me where I am”, the Japanese (分だけ) suggests that Victor opens up to Yuuri JUST AS MUCH as Yuuri has opened up to Victor. Rather than Victor being patient and understanding with Yuuri, he goes a step further, and it’s really as if they’re both finding comfort in eachother. We can already see from the rest of this scene but this is a really personal development between the two of them.

Another thing that wasn’t translated was 「くれる」which pretty much means “for me”. Victor didn’t have to open up to Yuuri, but he did so voluntarily for his sake, because Victor genuinely cares about Yuuri.


Anakin Skywalker x Reader

Prompt: Can I request an Anakin oneshot where he and the reader are trapped during a mission and he tells her he is in love with her and they kiss and end up getting caught by Obi-Wan when he finds them?

A/N: such an original title, I know. I have a feeling the story may seem rushed a little and if it does I’m so sorry. I’m working on slowing it down and trying to make things flow better. Please let me know how I did, it’d mean a lot! I hope you like it :)

Four hours ago, if someone told you that you were going to be trapped inside a cave with Anakin Skywalker for possibly a day or more, you would have honestly believed them. That kind of thing happened to you all the time and you weren’t sure if it was just really shitty luck, or if the galaxy was just trying to fuck with you. Whichever it was, that didn’t change the fact that you were indeed trapped inside a cave with Anakin Skywalker, your best friend. You sank to the floor with a hiss, hitting your blaster wound. In the dark, you heard Anakin trying to make his way over to you.

“Y/n, are you alright?” he asked, seemingly still a few feet away.

“Yeah. Yeah I’m alright. Got hit by a blaster though.” you explained, trying to get him to follow your voice. A few minutes later, you felt Anakin slouch down next to you.

“How long do you think we’ll be stuck in here?” you asked, leaning on his shoulder and sighing.

“I’m not really sure. It might be a few hours.. it may be a few days..” he muttered. You tried to shift to face him but any movement of your leg hurt like a bitch. Anakin turned towards you, causing you to stop moving.

“Let me take a look at it. In a place this dingy, dirty, and wet it could get infected.” Nodding, you slowly pushed yourself up, careful not to jostle your leg too much. Anakin helped you get into a position where he could be able to see the wound. Pulling his lightsaber out of the folds of his robes, he turned it on and hovered it above your blaster injury carefully, not wanting to injure you further.

“Why didn’t we think of using our lightsabers for light when we were trying to find eachother?” you asked with a small laugh. He chuckled himself and you smile looking up at him. You notice he looked slightly conflicted which caused you to get rather nervous. Sensing your worry, he threw up a brilliant smile.

“It looks fine. It was a clean shot and I’d say all we need to do right now would be bandage it.” You sighed in relief, thankful nothing serious was wrong.

“Force, it smells worse than Bantha fodder in here!” you laughed, laying your head on Anakin’s lap.

“Well y/n, you aren’t wrong.” he answers, playing with your hair. The two of you sat in a comfortable silence for a while, and when you had just about fallen asleep, Anakin spoke.

“In the possibility we don’t make it out…” he started, before being shushed by you.

“None of that now Anakin. I’m sure they will get us out of here.” you said, struggling to believe it yourself.

“Sure, but just in case we don’t..” he whispered, looking down at you.

“Anakin.. you’re beginning to scare me.. what’s going on?” you asked, voice laced with worry. Sitting up to face him, your eyes began to water as you thought of the worst possible outcomes.

“Y/n.. I have felt this way for quite some time now.. I had hoped to be able to put it behind me so I wouldn’t jeopardize anything for either of us but I can’t help how I feel. “ he took a deep breath before continuing, “y/n.. I’m in love with you. I’m so deeply in love with you it hurts and I wanted you to know in the event one of us doesn’t make it out alive.” you didn’t respond. You didn’t know how to. Anakin let out a soft sigh.

“I had expected you not to feel the same, but for fucks sake y/n, please, say something, anything..” He murmured, needing to hear your voice. Still uncertain of what to say, you did the only thing you could think to, which was at the time, leaning up to kiss him. Kissing him was something you had never imagined, but it was definitely something you would dream about. He was gentle but it also seemed like he was hungry for your touch. The two of you got so caught up in the moment, you didn’t realize when light flooded the cave until someone cleared their throat. Jumping away from eachother in surprise, you looked towards where the light was coming from and realized it was Obi-Wan. He was standing atop the rubble that had been the blockade and he looked anything but pleased to see the two of you in that moment.

“If the Jedi Council finds out, you will both be screwed. You’re lucky it was me who got to you and not Master Windu,” pushing yourself up on the wall to gain balance, you nodded.

“I’m sorry Master Kenobi. You’re right. It won’t happen again.” you spoke strongly, trying your hardest to ignore the heartbroken look on Anakin’s face.

Squid boyfriends are cleaning the Inkopolis streets from the undead! 

@ink-da-squimp and I were playing EU splatfest together (yes, we managed to find eachother) as Taloupe and Cosmo and kicked some zombie ass.


We even had matching miiverse posts. (posted with her permission). 

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Funny, I just realized you were the only bot officially queer person I followed and now it turns out, you're actually bi. It's a bit random, but I thought it was funny bc we queers, we always find eachother. ily <3


hello, my name is em/vince and here are a few things about myself:

• i’m an artist and writer from phoenix, AZ.

• my timezone is mountain standard time (MST). however, my schedule is very erratic and i rarely sleep long. essentially meaning i can reply almost every hour of the day - if i’m not busy.

• i’m upfront, i’m straightforward, whatever. if i don’t like something i will let you know and i expect you to do the same. can’t have a good roleplay without satisfaction from both parties.

• i don’t care to share too much about myself. don’t find it important. if we write with eachother long enough to get to know eachother, then i guess it happens. otherwise it’s irrelevant to me.

• i do m/m exclusively. nothing else. i don’t play bottoms. top or switch, sure, but not full-fledged bottoms lol.

my partner needs to…

• be 18+ or of legal age in your country.
      -  if underage, i will be willing to work around it but there will be no sexual content in the roleplay. let’s keep my pretty ass out of jail, yeah?

• be patient and willing to both understand and work with my busy schedule. of course i will do the same. there will be times where i’ll reply multiple times a day, and there will also be times where i won’t reply for days. if this bothers you, please don’t hit me up as i don’t like being pestered for replies.

• write in the third person. past or present tense. i normally write in and prefer present but i know most people write in past, so that’s fine by me.

• understand that most, if not all, of my roleplays contain upsetting content. non-consensual sex, physical and emotional abuse, gore, drug/alcohol use, manipulation and more are common themes for me. if you have ANY triggers or anything that bothers you at all, i need to know beforehand and i cannot stress that enough.

• be competent on some level. please. i can understand a grammar or spelling mistake here or there but i’d like my partners to at least be high-school level writers. i would prefer one eloquently written paragraph over anything else. quality over quantity. and i don’t mean OOC, just IC! i could care less about how you type out-of-character. really.

as for roleplaying specifics, i enjoy realism, a lot. i’m not a fan of sci-fi and not usually a fun of supernatural/mythical shit but i can be convinced, especially if it has to do with human v creature segregation. and werewolves. especially werewolves.

i have one character that i usually play, he’s flexible and i can easily fit him into a wide range of roleplays. however, if he’s just not what you like or what you’re looking for i can create one solely for our roleplay. i would rather not though, i’d prefer to tweak my main. but it’s about both of our wants right? originally he’s a serial killer but like i said, don’t mind changing him.

i prefer 1-on-1 but it’s been years before i’ve been in a group roleplay so i can definitely be convinced.

i don’t have any specific plots that i’m looking for, just genres and general ideas. i forgot a few because i can’t name everything lol, too airheaded for that.

• genres (kind of grouped up, and we can obviously do multiple genres for a single rp)

— slice-of-life, casual, modern day

— suspense, horror, thriller, mystery, dark/macabre/gritty realism

— apocalyptic, dystopian

— maaaybbee fantasy/werewolf thing idk, we gotta talk about it

i can be contacted on…

skype @ trill___bandit (three underscores, i should come up as VT).

discord @ yungjima#5443