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Perfect match >> Suho, You

Hello, everyone. As I can’t stop thinking about this, I thought maybe a small part as a prologue would be a good idea. 

So this a combination of two requests. Requested by @cloud9suhooppa and @bomsenpai (Arranged marriage and being mean) 

I hope you will like this part…

It wasn’t easy to say ‘Yes’ at first, but it was all business anyway. And you had to. For the sake of your family.

Looking in the mirror, you saw a girl you hadn’t imagined to exist before, a girl you didn’t know. This wasn’t the girl you imagined in a white dress walking down the aisle to her soon-to-be husband. This girl was someone who accepted her fate and that she needed to do this.

A white fishtail dress that engulfed your curves, perfectly. Lace sleeves and bare back. Looking once again in the mirror, the girl was beautiful. With a white flower crown on your head, you looked as if you came out of a magazine.

If you married someone else, you wouldn’t afford a dress like this for your wedding. It was a fact.

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todo era mejor cuando no nos conocíamos, cuando ni uno de los dos se decía una palabra, somos ni nada más ni nada menos que unos desconocidos, compartimos tantas risas, cigarros y te quiero que con el tiempo se convirtieron en “te amo”. Es así, no porque ya no hablemos ya no te ame, es más, te amo y deseo verte feliz con o sin mi, quizás esto no tenga tantas notas o quizás tu ni lo leas, porque no tienes tumblr pero si te sabes mi url, y si en algún momento llegas a ver esto, quiero que sepas que fuiste, eres y serás la más linda casualidad.