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I just checked the other responses to that 'best 1D music video' post because I was ready to be all smug about a unanimous consensus on Kiss You, and, I mean, obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but can you believe how wrong everyone who chose anything other than Kiss You are?!?! I would die for Kiss You.

You are right, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I agree, Kiss You is the perfect One Direction video, and maybe the greatest music video of all time!!! I too, would die for Kiss You!!!!!  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to talk about it.

There is more than one reason I love it so much, but it really all comes down to this: the Kiss You music video lovingly sends up the idea of boybands and boyband music videos while truly celebrating them at the same time.  AND it does this in a way that effortlessly highlights what made One Direction so special in the first place – their genuinely charming personalities.  

Look at this shit, just from the first 30 or seconds of the video:

Right out of the gate, the mood and pace of the video match the mood and tempo of the song!! 

And everyone is a big, happy ham!!!  (Zayn has always been an underrated ham IMO)

Then, the camera pulls back and you see, OMG this is a video set!! it’s not real! This boyband of hams is making a music video, let’s see how they do it!! 

Back to Liam being cute in a sidecar!!!

And it only gets better from there:

A jailhouse rock homage.

Everyone’s Christmas card for the next 40 years.


Louis looking handsome while fake surfing. 

Harry and his nips!!!

I mean, I just want to thank the director, Mr. Vaughan Arnell, from the bottom of my heart.  It’s a wonderful music video with a fully coherent concept.  

When it first came out, @100percentsassy, made the point that there should have been WAY more posts on pop culture websites about what a funny, charming masterpiece it is. She was totally right!!!!! What more could you want??? 

So my mom is watching spn for the first time…

She’s in season 9.

Mom: *mentions early-season humam-Cas*

Me: *paragraphs of word-spew about the Fanfiction Gap and how awful it was that Dean kicked him out of the bunker and by the way did you notice be sexual subtext behind that burrito?*

Mom: *mentions something Sam was doing*

Me: idk it’s been a while since I watched that season

Happy Thanksgiving AFOOD nation!!!

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We’re so thankful for all of you and for One Direction for bringing us tighter. We’re sending our love to everyone all around the world, whether you’re celebrating with sweet potatoes and marshmallows or not.

Thank you for being our friends.

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Jon Bernthal showing up at the Netflix’s doorstep: so here’s my plan for season 2 it opens up to Frank and Karen on a date and then they go over to Micro’s basement while Micro is conveniently at his own house. They make out. The whole episode is them making out (and maybe something a little more) the next episode is also them making out but in a different location. They can make out in Frank’s car too. In fact each episode can just be them making out in a different location. Please I just really want to kiss Deborah Ann Woll. Also would you please check out my Kastle fic on ao3 and leave some kudos it’s titled Kastle one shots and my handle is Kastle5evah.

Me: *gets around to finally watching South Park and falls head over heels for Pip

Me: What a great and likable character! I should check out his bio. I just hope everyone appreciates him just as much as I d–

Me: Oh. Well, at least he has his parents to comfort him when–

Me: O-oh, um, well maybe he goes to Chef with his problems like all the others d–

Me: Uh……..Damien. What about Damien? I know this fandom ships them like crazy, there’s like no Pip fanart that doesn’t have Damien involved in some way or the othe–

Me: Oh, come on! He’s gotta have a purpose! No way did the writers just create him and then regret i–



Me: You know what? Fuck it. Pip may not be a popular character fandom wise or in the show or even with his creators, but at least he’s alive. When all else fails, at least I love him, and at least no one can tell me he isn’t completely, 100% ali

Me, flipping a table and reaching for my gun:


Thank You So Much!!!

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Me and Shaz are so grateful for all of the recent follows. We really appreciate all the support on our fanfics and we want you all to know that we do notice your comments and likes. It means a lot to us and we hope to keep growing this account. All the love!!

- Tee & Shaz

So today is Jack’s birthday as I’m sure all of you know and I just wanna say how happy he makes me even just through the screen. Something about Jack is different. I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels that way but he’s the only one that can make me grin until my cheeks hurt and bring tears to my eyes, all without acknowledging me. If there’s one thing I’m thankful for, it’s YouTube for allowing me and all of us to find people like J and feel that warm, bubbly feeling when he pops up on screen. Happy birthday Jack, we love you.

We must again interrupt your dash to bring you yet another very important special announcement

*Clears throat* Mireille can throw herself into a fucking fire.

We now return you once more to your regularly scheduled content.

Have a nice giving thanks day!✨✨✨

Heyo guys!

Just wanted to wish you all a great day of giving thanks! I’m not big on celebrating Thanksgiving, even if I had to go to parties in the past and today, but I sure love giving thanks. So even if you don’t celebrate this day, I hope you have an amazing day!!!

I’m definitely thankful for all of you magic peeps, you guys bring me lots of joy!!!

I love you guys so much and take care!!!❤❤❤✨✨✨

-Admin Signas and the MMPP Squad


i love one (1) man

Kicking off Thanksgiving with my best friend in the entire world by having a SL dance party and #Twinning! I am thankful for many things in my life, but I am truly blessed to have someone who knows me better than most, and accepts and loves me for exactly who I am. We’ve been through so much together, and I am glad to know you always have my back and can be someone I can truly trust and confide in. You never judge me for my thoughts and feelings, no matter how dark they might be, and I truly love and appreciate you for that and I would go to great lengths for our friendship. I love you so much and I’m so lucky to have you for a best friend. It is truly an honor!

And with that sappy shit out of the way, HAVE SOME DANCE GIFS.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! ♥ ♥ ♥