we were way in the back

Throwback to last year’s Rogue One opening day bliss when we were all screaming about our brave and flawless Team™, watching the hammerhead corvette smash a star destroyer into another star destroyer, Daddy V fucking us all the way up, and that flawless ending with Leia that transitioned right into a New Hope!!!! Take me back babes!

I was having the worst mental health week and the PR team came through and posted that and now I’ve so many questions!! Is that D box? Were they discussing history? Is that a morning after or let’s go out tonight? Is that an buttoning up happening or an unbottoning? I. Have. Questions.

Is that a smile on my Magnus’ face or a smirk or a grim look? Is he sad or hurt or being sarcastic? Has he already seen the Head of the New York Institute looking all that??? That’s my baby boy who didn’t know how to wear any other color than black no matter how much his darling sister tried to make him!!!! A super proud mom moment here, ugh! Also not to ruin it or anything BUT DID THE ACTUAL MAIN COUPLE AND NOT THE CASSEROLE IMPOSED HET COUPLE GET BETTER LIGHTING??? HOLY FUCK! Gahh Magnus looks so good ☺☺💕💕💕💕 ALSO I love this purple theme that our otp has got going on. 💜💜💜💜


Took my babies Shadow and my three legged kitty Magnus out for a long walk to the beautiful Brindleton Bay beach, on the way there we found a few stray dogs, there was one that I wanted to adopt but I was planning on doing it on the way back home, but when we went back said stray dog was gone *sniffs*. The next day we went back and we found the sweetest most wrinkly cutest puppy and I decided I was going to adopt it, I named him Dakota <3 Shadow (my husky) Did not like that idea at all as you can see they were both racing back to get home and Shadow was giving Dakota the stink eye and the “Fight me bitch, Do you even lift” look in the last picture. Zero f*cks were given that day Dakota said xD 



I remember that day.  December.  The afternoon of the 11th.  Unseasonably warm, but the warm sun on my back had a sinister feel.  I knew it as soon as I looked at the data. 

La Niña had sent the K index way up and the lifted index deep into the negatives.  You could feel the instability in the air.  There were no other teams nearby, most had disassembled for winter.  When the first supercell formed I was called in.  I assembled my team and headed into the field. 

Two small tornadoes had spawned near Tulsa, but quickly dissipated.  We sped upwind as the system strengthened and headed toward Mirdan.  Sirens blared as we made it to the outskirts and took up a position to the storms east. 

The Doppler hooked, and I prepped my gear.  And there it was.  Advancing slowly on the defenseless town like a malevolent colossus.  The rotation was flawless almost a thing of beauty.  I knew it was an EF5 even before the radar confirmed it.  It was coming right at us and I knew we didn’t have long.  And then…. nothing.  The shear dissipated and the sun even came out.  Johnson had already packed up his camera when the sky went green.  I didn’t wait, I couldn’t see anything but radioed in to the local authorities to issue a tornado warning.  I knew it was going to drop, probably right next to us.  It didn’t.  It dropped right on us.


The cafe is by the super talented @something-wicked-sims 

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so whats this about ruling the sushi world

             “It’ll be easy, Iri.” Easy, even if he was technically ‘cheating’. What other humans didn’t know wouldn’t kill them. After all, there were other professions they could find after he took over. “I’ll catch all the fish, maaaaybe using an enchanted rod, &. it’ll be smooth sailing from there on out. No other fisherman can compare, so we’ll be loaded before the end of the year!”

He neglects the fact that her family was already loaded &. living in a ‘frugal’ castle. In this way he was helping, right? If he were lucky, he’d be able to plant a garden out back behind that ‘frugal’ castle &. live off the land. The money was a secondary goal. 

With that in mind, he reeled in another fish. Though it be large, he hardly seemed to show an ounce of strain. “Leave it to me, Iri! We’re gonna be just fine, I’ll take over the sushi world &. you guys won’t have to worry about anything again!…”

“Oh uh…Should ask though. Does Illya like fish?

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YOOOO how did you meet yo' boy? I'm so curious!!! You both are adorable

We actually met on tumblr, I was secretly in love with his aesthetic because we both have monochrome blogs and were mutuals, so I normally used to reblog quite a lot from him but in the most subtle way so he couldn’t realize I was going through his archive, ahsahbch.(OKAY BUT. CHECK HIM UP, THOUGH. GOOD SHIT @tsuxi-shima

I finally decided to shyly send him an ask on May 31st from last year telling him that I loved his blog and he eventually gave me the opening to message him personally. Our relationship developed since then, both of our personalities making it easier to interact. We had very long conversations and at some point he broke the ice between us by telling me something quite personal so we started to be more open to each other. At first we talked at least four times a week, mainly at night, then it just grew up to 5 days until I had to disappear for medical reasons for some months. After I got back, our relationship went from 0 to 100 real fast, he introduced me to his irl friends like at the very start of this year, we talked a lot more and nowadays for both of us is weird if we at least don’t talk for some hours each day or call just to hang around and do dumb shit together. He’s smart, mature af but also a weeb, patient, funny and a narcissistic asian boy with a prince complex and I love him so fucking much. 

My friends died of laughter for a solid five minutes (okay, maybe ten) when I casually mentioned I once ran a spice blog.

Tonight was so good. I volunteered with Becca at her friends job as they throw a holiday toy “store” for people who cannot afford gifts and let parents pick out presents for free. There were thousands of items we sorted and organized for tomorrow and it was awesome. I haven’t volunteered in a long time and have been wanting to do more. Might be my resolution for next year since I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now.

After we went back to her place, Kait came over, we drank hot toddys and spiked eggnog, and watched the new Netflix Christmas movie. The movie was Bad. Like, Christmas Prince was bad…but in the right way. Christmas Inheritance made ZERO sense. Crappy Christmas movies are best watched with friends honestly because you can laugh the whole time with them.

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If I may, what are your thoughts on Disney buying Fox, and bring the MCU and XMCU together? Personally I'm upset because I feel like it will take away from seeing more c-listers like x23, magik, Blink, etc who were all just making their way into the spotlight. We are probably going to go back to movies about Jean Grey and Logan again.

I feel this is what we all fear right now. The reason why FOX managed to get to the point where they started to get creative with X-Men franchise and reaching for characters like X-23, Legion or the ones we have in Gifted was they really fucked up with the big name X-Men in their older movies. Disney is probably going to reboot the franchise from the scratch and work it into MCU and MCU is such a giant these movies will be a huge success no matter how boring they are. I mean, the only surprise I’m expecting from MCU X-men is which character will be turned into quirky Tony Stark equivalent of this team.

 And this doesn’t extend just to concerns about the C-List X-Men. Remember when they got Spidey back and pushed everything further down the line to cram him a spot? If Marvel got Fantastic Four alone back, it would be the same for multiple movies (FF also mean Doctor Doom and Silver Surfer, each I certainly see carrying his own movie) and in X-Men’s case, they’re a juggernaut. Had they gotten these franchises earlier, I don’t think they would ever feel the need to greenlight Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones or Runaways or get characters like Ghost Rider into AoS. There is probably a considerable number of franchises waiting for adaptation that has been pushed back or outright removed from MCU next phase because there is now a ton of A-List X-Men movies and shows to make.

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I have a sneaking suspicion we're going to see their visions of each other in the novelization, but I also think they might save that "bomb" for the last film. We'll be theorizing about what they saw like crazy. Also on another topic I remember sitting in the theatres during the parent reveal and thinking "no way would they say "i'll come back for you sweetheart". I always thought the "her parents didn't say that line" was super weak but now it's a whole lot stronger

well I’m not sure about that? They could be the kind of parents that don’t realize how bad they actually are. The fact that they sold her for money doesn’t mean they mistreated her before that. Maybe they were simply intoxicated and really believed they could buy her back or something? People who are intoxicated don’t have a clear mind, and in a universe like that of Star Wars, in the reality of a planet like Jakku, maybe selling your own child isn’t seen as “that bad”. Just like Anakin was a slave and it was a completely normal thing on that planet. So maybe they really told her “we’ll come back for you sweetheart” and then they didn’t. I don’t think Kylo would ever say the word “sweetheart” so what are the other possibilities, honestly?

A fleeting light in faltering dark

The sounds of explosions and screams. The cries for help, the pleads for mercy, the prayers for life. The smell of blood and death, the touch of cold,sharp metal. It’s too much. I thought. I thought i was ready, turns out, i wasn’t

No man’s land



(An explosion goes off, war cries are heard.. And the slaughter begins) (Bullets whiz in each and every direction killing man and mon a like) (Soldiers of pokemon and men advance through the hell fire only a few make it)

The blood had soaked the sand and turned the water crimson,i looked back in horror, but i had to keep moving. I knew that i would end up like them if i didn’t keep pushing.We pushed our way up to the front only to find that we were the only ones left. Three pokemon against an entire empire.

???: Drake! Keep your eyes forward! We have to keep moving!

(Shots ring out)

{Drake throws himself to the ground only to see the mons next to him fall to the ground seeping crimson}

Drake: Oh god!

I stood up my once green slacks now soaked red, i began to run only to be thrown into the air by an explosion. My vision began to go black but then a bright light appeared and i heard a voice.

???: “You’ve faced many trials drake, here in this realm and back home, many of these trials have changed you, this one will too”

The light came and went just like it did before.

???: ”You’re back in the forest. Find me and i’ll explain what must be done.”

My vision finally faded, after a while i woke up, looked around and realized i was home, i thought it was a just a dream. but then i looked down and realized i was covered in dried blood and mud, i remembered the voice, and thus my journey began

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♥ hey it’s lyss, happy birthday love!!! my fave adjective off the list is “starry-eyed” + i’m sure you could already guess i want the whole thing from sam lmao i love u nana!! congrats + hbd again :-))

Dearest Lyss,

It’s Sam. I know it’s been some time since I’ve written a letter to you. Here’s hoping you read it and write back.

I wanted to say I’m sorry. I’ve been too busy and that’s no excuse but I need you to know.

I love you. I love you so much it hurts.

Not a day goes by where I don’t think of you: your laugh, your smile, the way your body used to fit so perfectly in my arms.

I remember that night in September, the two of us on a blanket right outside my Uncle’s farmhouse. We were young and fooling around and making some joke about sheep.

But I’ll never forget the way you looked, starry-eyed and beautiful under the sky, and I swore in that moment I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, if you’d let me.

I miss you, Lyss. More than words can say.

I hope I can see you soon.

Your Sam

want one?

list of favorite gay films

I wanted to make a list of my favorite gay-themed films for reference. A lot of these tend to be coming of age stories, which I tend to have a more personal connection with. Hopefully you guys enjoy some of these films as much as I did. 

In no particular order…

Short films:

-Ronny & I (2013) 

-Lloyd Neck (2008)

-I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone (2010)

-We Once Were Tide (2010)

-Protect Me From What I Want (2009)

-Prora (2012)

-Uitgesproken (2013)

-Homophobia (2012)

-Slow (2011) [NSFW]


-The Way He Looks (2014)

-Jongens (2014)

-Out in the Dark (2012)

-Shelter (2007)

-Prayers for Bobby (2009)

-Brokeback Mountain (2005)

-North Sea Texas (2011)

That’s it for now! Will probably be updating in the future. 


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’

Fave reylo moments in TLJ (spoilers)
  • The first time they see each other through the force bond and they both freak out, especially Kylo, oh my god he just rushes out of the room searching for her 
  • Kylo basically being stuck with an angry scavenger girl in his head who’s constantly throwing vicious insults at him 
  • Rey being haunted by a man with one HELL of a body who just won’t get dressed 
  • … a man who doesn’t seem to mind at all how his body affects her, that smug little bastard 
  • The “this is not a good time”/”WELL NOT FOR ME EITHER” thing that could have come straight out of a force bond fanfic 
  • let’s not even talk about the way he looks at her, the expression he makes every time he sees her, oh my god 
  • The way SHE looked at HIM in the elevator scene?? ? She did The Thing. The stare into eyes/glance at lips/meet eyes again thing. SHE DID THE THING. Oh, Kylo, you’re FUCKED and you know it. 
  • The throne room scene. Kylo picking a side. Kylo choosing Rey. Holy mother of god, that scene. 
  • the way she tossed him the lightsaber so he could kill that red guard was a turn on in a very, very weird way 
  • “not to me”
    I died, I’m dead, I’m writing this from reylo hell 
  • The “let’s rule the galaxy together” speech happened. It actually happened. The scene we’ve all read fics about. The scene we’ve all written fics about, me included (x)
  • (we were right we were right we were right this whole fucking time)
  • Rey’s dejected “gdi y u gotta be like this”
  • “please”
  • The rejection that really, really cemented the love/hate-tension. I know some reylos were really disappointed with that turn of events, but I LOVE it. I love that tension. They’ve decided to hate each other, that they’re mortal enemies now, but will they be able to actually stay away from each other? Nooooo. Noooooo, they won’t. And it’s gonna be glorious. IX is gonna be glorious. 

right so here’s my very first thing and it’s about poe’s and finn’s arcs. you’re just fucking led on for the first three quarters of the movie and made to believe that like, what they’re doing is important, and that it’s actually gonna save everyone. poe goes behind holdo’s back and sends finn and rose to shut down the first order’s cannons and its like….they get in. they’re really gonna do it. and theyre gonna save holdo’s dumb ass and the entire rest of the resistance (which is next to nobody, by the way, and we’re forced to watch COUNTLESS fucking resistance members die horribly and as far as i can remember, almost ALL of them were poc which made me feel really fucking sick)

and they’re SO fucking close and then benicio del toro’s lando-esque character sells them out, they get captured, and the FO learns that holdo is evacing the remaining resistance members on transports and it’s supposed to be like this…gotcha moment for poe where for the millionth time the shit he does fails and gets everybody killed. in the same breath they make you fucking watch finn get kneeled before hux and SLAPPED by him. finn and rose are seconds away from getting executed by phasma, the FO is taking out all of the resistance transports, and it’s framed as poe’s fault because he sent rose and finn on this mission and they got captured and that’s the only reason the FO knows about holdo’s plan to evac the resistance. and how do they get out of this? holdo fucking sacrifices herself by jumping to lightspeed through the star destroyer.

so it all comes down to the fucking white woman who we’ve never fucking met before this movie telling poe he’s wrong and – here’s a verbatim quote, “trigger-happy, arrogant, and dangerous” – after we watch poe (assumedly) take back his autonomy and (presumably) show her that he’s not any of those things, it gets turned back around on us and nope! he’s been all of those things the whole time! he’s still stupid and wrong and almost get the entire resistance wiped out! that doesn’t even take into ACCOUNT the abuse he and finn are forced to endure for the sake of “““comedy””” or i don’t fucking know, drama???? from strangers, from the first order, from other resistance members like rose, from fucking LEIA? LEIA ORGANA WHO VIEWS POE AS A SURROGATE SON BUT HITS HIM AND STUNS HIM? OKAY RIAN!

like fuck dude! i knew about 99% of all that going into the movie, i read the reviews about the canto bight plot with finn and rose feeling inconsequential and pointless, and i STILL sat there like oh my god! they’re going to do it! the legends! because that’s what it FUCKING FEELS LIKE! and then all of a sudden, nope, it really was all for nothing and if it weren’t for admiral fucking holdo poe would have gotten his friends and comrades killed and lost the entire fucking war for the resistance!

honestly it’s not even them being sidelined, it’s two thirds of the MAIN TRIO being fucking thrown under the goddamn bus. it’s not that they don’t have iconic moments during their arcs. they absolutely do, but then rian tries to make that fucking irrelevant, because while we THOUGHT they were being icons, surprise! they were really making the wrong decisions! when everything was said and done they had no fucking bearing on the outcome of the movie WHATSOEVER. the MAIN TRIO. and not just anyone, but the two poc. i’m fucking livid

I’m not one to rant about topics like this, but Net Neutrality is something important to me; I am able to escape from the world that had isolated me since childhood, draw whatever I want and post it when I can, and so much more. 

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai claims that the internet was better in the Clinton era of the 90′s. I wasn’t around when the internet was just starting up, but I do know that the internet at the time was dial-up, and it would take sometimes HOURS just to visit one website. The internet at the time was more of a LUXURY at the time.

Nowadays, it is a UTILITY! Schools, businesses, the government, news media, and ordinary citizens now use the internet on a daily basis. The world is becoming a more knowledge-based economy; and if Net Neutrality is removed; than we won’t reach the economy that has been growing.

People left cable television because they were extremely limited on what they could watch. And if there’s something they want to watch that’s on a channel that’s exclusive; they have to buy a whole package for just a few extra channels. Cablizing the internet will just go the way of cable TV; people will leave and will find some other way of entertainment.

People of all parties agree that Net Neutrality should be left alone. And there’s just one more thing I have to say:

We told you once; we’ll tell you again, leave the internet alone! Even if you take Net Neutrality away, we will fight to gain it back; even if it takes years!

 The people are speaking; and you are not listening Ajit Pai. What you are doing is corporatism, not capitalism. You have admitted that you are doing this to benefit your former employer; Version, and other ISP’s. Even laughing at the Telecom Prom about the more than 22 million comments that were sent to you and the other members of the FCC; as well as laughing at someone who is not afraid to speak out against your actions.

You think that we, the citizens of the United States of America are less than you, but I will tell you; WE ARE NOT LESS THAN YOU! WE FOUGHT TO SEPARATE FROM A POWER THAT SAW US AS NOTHING; AND WE WILL FIGHT A POWER THAT OPPRESSES US AGAIN!

Mikasa meets the cruel world: Attack on Titan in a nutshell

More intelligent people than me have probably pointed this out long before me, but it still amazes me how much Mikasa’s upbringing truly is a metaphor for the entire series.

We start of with this carefree, peaceful family living in this isolated cabin in the woods, distanced from the outside. A comfortable existence, but their family is well aware that beyond their warm home lie problems: the Ackerman clan is still thought to be prosecuted, and Asians are sought by traffickers for their rare appearance and blood–they’re a different race, and this is useful to some.

And then one peace is interrupted: three men break in, destroying comfort and killing innocent people, and they’re there solemnly because of the physical aspects of the family, their rare appearance. Through this experience, Mikasa lost her hope and will to live, and also got to understand the cruel nature of the world she lived in. 

And then, a sudden event that changed the course of that day. The young Eren Jaeger barges in, takes out the oppressive intruders, and most importantly, restores hope to her. Just like the kidnappers, Eren came from outside of her world…but instead of bringing her more cruelty, Eren brought Mikasa a way to go against said cruelty–to fight back. The world is cruel and brutal and it crushes the weak–thus, the only way to survive is to fight back against the oppression–and that’s what Mikasa proceeds to do.

This precise event can be translated with total accuracy into the entirety of the story–it’s the exact same thing the walled world went through. The walldians lived in peace and comfort (more or less), isolated from the rest of the world, because the outside meant danger for them. We’ve always known this danger to be the titans–the basement taught us the reality though. The entire outside world has a pre-determined relationship with the walldians–not because of who, but because of what they are. Some see them as danger and want them extinct for safety measures, some see them as useful tools for their own purposes. 

Does this sound familiar? Ackermans are prosecuted because they’re a danger to the kings rule, and Asians are sought after because their origin makes them different. Mikasa’s family is a metaphor for all walldians, for all those wanted dead by the world or used as weapons in Marley’s titan army. Their situation is identical too: they live excluded from the outside world, in a pseudo-peace, which is one day interrupted by the arrival of three outsiders (kidnappers, RBA). Through their actions, those outsiders remind the inhabitants of the cruel, oppressive world they find themselves in (a grim reminder). And then, another outsider appears, restoring hope and teaching the oppressed how to free themselves: to fight. This is Eren when he barges into the cabin, and Grisha, originally from beyond the walls. when he entrusts the founding and attack titans to Eren, who would later become humanities hope and, in some way, inspires them to fight back. Both of these stories are perfect parallels.

It’s also definitely not a coincidence that the Eren-saves-Mikasa flashback was included in Isayama’s first draft of chapter 1, in flashback format. All the dialogue about Mikasa being part of a nearly extinct, different race, and Eren telling her to fight back, were there from day one. In the present time she even says that she believes Eren has the strength to overcome the world’s issues and bring hope to mankind–an even stronger parallel between her situation and all of walldia. 

Heck, it certainly isn’t a coincidence either that, during ch 14, primordial desire, aka humanities first ever victory against oppression and the first climax of the story, Eren flashes back to that very moment

On one hand it sets up other humans, aka Marley as antagonists, who’re oppressing Paradis due to the blood flowing through its inhabitants. At the same time, it redraws all the parallels mentioned beforehand by straight up comparing humanities struggle to that struggle in the woods. 

These two panels really affirm everything I mentioned above–Mikasa’s “origin story” is it’s own microcosm that foretells the entire core struggle of the series: Eldians seeking freedom from oppression. And the fact that such an early scene remains a total metaphor to the story even 90 chapters and a ton of plot twists and revelations later, just goes to show how much of a thought out story attack on titan has been for the longest time. 

BTS Reaction ;You Finding Out About Their Erection

Requested by Anonymous, “my request for you is a bts reaction to their girlyfriend finding out about their erection??”

Jin ➳ “Are you okay?”

Inside the very stuffed movie theater crowded with various human beings, Seokjin could only nod to your whispered question. No, he wasn’t okay — he could feel his thing practically spring to life for some freakishly unknown reason, and the feeling of being squished by the close proximity of others wasn’t helping either. Putting the bucket of popcorn onto the ground as he began to squirm in his seat, your hand instantly reaches out to jab his clothed erection in your attempt to get some popcorn — immediately retracting your hand as you look to him in horror.

But, his head only lowers as his eyes narrow, whispering a “sh” whilst you snapped your head back to the screen and became unable to focus on the film at all.

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Suga ➳ Stumbling inside the crowded subway, Yoongi held your hand as he led you to (by some miracle) a vacant seat near the end of the train. As he sat down onto the only seat, you try to let go of his hand to hold onto something — that is, until he pulled you onto his lap and instantly slipped his fingers through the loops of your jeans. “Hey,” you growled, turning to look him in the eyes, “I can stand perfectly fine–“

But he only placed his pointer finger against his lips, shushing you as more people squished their way into the metro. Pressing your lips together into a thin line, you feel Yoongi wrap his arms around your torso to pull you closer to him —  and in the process, something stiff rubs beneath your bottom, and the soft grunt escaping Yoongi’s lips did not go unheard. “I-is that your–?”

“Yes,” he smiled, “yes it is.”

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J-Hope ➳ It was just a glance inside the rambunctious party, but your eyes were not mistaken. He was bulging.

Sitting in the sofa with his legs pressed together, his teeth were gritting together as he clenched his fists — wondering why and how everything down under decided to join the party as well. His cheeks were flushed, his hands were clammy, and he was uncomfortable; especially when Jungkook decided to throw his arm around your shoulder and pull you way too close to him. “C’mon, (y/n),” the younger chuckled, “learn how to have fun~!”

And next thing you knew, you were pushed into Hoseok’s lap as you felt it poke the back of your thigh as your boyfriend laughed. “Oh, we will.”

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RapMonster ➳ In his eyes, amongst the family ball and the various acquaintances, you looked fucking beautiful.

Yet, dwelling in your thoughts, you were becoming annoyed. There Kim Namjoon was, avoiding small talk with his own family and only shoving his face in the snack bar. His walking was weird, his attitude was way too abnormal, and you were so close to evaporating into thin air from your bubbling anger. You were trying to impress his family, but without the man to introduce you — it was just a fruitless dream. So, you grabbed his arm and dragged him to the hallway and before you can give him a piece of your mind, you find his pocket stuffed.

“Seriously? So your fat ass was hiding food?” You snapped, reaching into his pocket only to nearly rip out his clothed erection.

And there he stood, flushed as hell with unshed tears stinging the back of his eyes. “I swear,” he whispered, “it’s not my fault.”

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Jimin ➳ “Wow,” you commented inside the dark living room, television painting the room with soft hues, “this movie is so bad.”

And it was true, Fifty Shades of Grey was way too cheesy for you. Here you were watching it with your boyfriend, pizza being inhaled in seconds as you tried your best to avoid the plotless film and scroll through your phone.

“Yeah,” it was soft, followed by Jimin clearing his throat as his voice got deeper, “so bad.”

From the sound of his voice, your eyes perked up just to find the boy’s eyes clouded with a curtain of lust, quickly looking to his tinted cheeks and finally, acknowledging the large tent in his gray sweat. “Oh really?” You cooed, capturing Jimin’s attention as his eyes widened once you began to lean closer with a teasing grin, “but it looks like you’re enjoying this, Jiminie.”

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➳ “We should go.”

He only blinked, face blank as the wandering humans pushed and shoved to get through the crowded place. It was your idea to come to Lil Tokyo, a small area littered with goodies and amazing food but, little did you know that everyone and their mothers were going to be here! You were annoyed, ripping a bite of your frozen mochi as Taehyung only sighed, leaning back into the bench as he closed his eyes. “Now now.”

“But–“ And that was all you got out, all you could get out before you were rudely pushed into the sitting Taehyung, stumbling not so fabulously into his lap whilst he groaned loudly.

You weren’t stupid enough to question him, only mumbling an apology as your cheeks flamed from feeling his erection rub against your clothed core. “Yeah,” he grunted, “we should go.”

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Jungkook ➳ Watching Jungkook as he walked into the kitchen with tired eyes, yawning whilst he sat on the stool of the island table before laying his head down — you had to do a double take.

You knew he didn’t know despite his compression shorts being damp and his best friend still living the life of whatever he had dreamed. And suddenly, you became nervous, unable to even look at his form as you poured his coffee into his favorite mug. Grabbing a coaster, you avoided glancing at his legs while you tried your best to place the cup of coffee before the man; only for the gods swimming in boredom deciding to spice up your life at that moment.

Jungkook quickly got up, knocking the cup out of your hands before all it’s flaming contents landed between his legs as the mug shattered on the ground. “Oh shit,” you whispered, “I–I tried so hard not to—“

“Maybe,” he whispered with a pained smile, “maybe we should go back to the bedroom.” And immediately, you comply.

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what is the cutest thing you've ever done in public 1 2 3 go

shit uh okay well this one time me and two of my friends were walking to town and I defaulted to walking behind them because that was what I was Trained To Do in school so as to not block hallways but they were like nope no we’re in a park c’mere so they both held hands with me either side so basically we walked around this whole park in a three-man chain occasionally skipping and no further mention of this was made by any one of us