we were us (p)

Hufflepuff: We have places go

Gryffindor: People to see

Ravenclaw: Spells to cast

Slytherin: Bitches to poison

yall i wore my binder the entire time my family was here holy shit


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This was my first Black Veil Brides concert. I went to the show on December 8th, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I live pretty far so I miss a couple days of school and my family got a hotel room. My older sister took me, and after our parents dropped us off, we were half way into the v.i.p. line, almost right away I got compliments on my outfit, and I made a few new friends. I felt very comfortable, but I was super nervous and excited. After being inside for a few minutes (it was FREEZING), the guys walked by and through my small panic attack of excitement, I saw Ashley point out me and my sister (I’m 14, she’s 25) to Andy and Jinxx. They all smiled and waved, but Ashley kept looking at my sister’s butt (lol she has a big butt and small waist). After like 30 minutes, we got to the front. CC being first, I gave him my letter (I wrote one for each member), and after he said “Oh a letter!” and said thank you he started reading it, which I didn’t expect. Half-way through I saw him crying. He called me back over and gave me a hug. (In each letter, I explained how each of them gave me hope and something to hold me up through my self harm and suicidal attempts). By this pint, I balling. But I as I passed through the line to Jake and Jinxx, they read the letters as well a signed my batman hat and leather jacket, they both gave my hugs over the table, I felt so loved and happy it was hard to talk. When I got to Ashley, I gave him the letter which he promised to read later, and then he asked me and my sister our names. He called them as beautiful as both of us, and looked at me and said “Judging from what my band mates read, I helped you?” I answered, “in ways I can’t explain, yes. thank you for that.” Without hesitating he got up and hugged me saying that he was glad I’m here to meet him and that he helped me. When I was going to Andy, I over heard me sister talking to Ashley about how she saw me go through it, and without them I wouldn’t be here. I found out later on she said this to everyone. Anyways, I gave Andy my letter, and as soon as he was done with signing my things, he asked my name, and I told him. I couldn’t control it and started crying again, saying he saved me. He got what I meant, glancing at my letter, but I think to cheer me up, said “wait did I save you from a burning building? I think I would remember. I mean I would gladly save you from a burning building.” I started smiling and laughed at his Andy-ness, and I snort when I laugh so he starting cracking up, so did Ashley and Jake, who heard me too. Embarrassed but happy, I said “ I love your beard you have finally grown.’ He laughed and said Stop making fun of my facial hair!” and me laughing and snorting, before I could reply, my sister mumbled; “I’ll sit on your facial hair.” A lot of people heard this, the band and fans included, and soon the whole room was laughing. I was holding up the line, but Andy insisted and keeping me there for another minute, and nobody really seemed to mind. After he asked me a thing or two, and I asked him a question, he gave me one more hug and I went to in the line to wait for pictures (the security told us to) and my sister following, grabbed my arm and started squealing and jumping around. After I got her to calm down, I asked what had happened, and she said the Ashley, when she was walking away, reached for her and colored in a hole in her pants on her butt that she didn’t know was there. We both fangirled for a minute, then started to talk to our friends we made earlier. When we got up, I took the picture with the band first, and when I walked up all of them came over and hugged me, then Ashley randomly said I smelt good, so I laughed (and snorted, LOUD) again, and CC and Jinxx, almost died in laughter. After everyone stopped, I got three pictures, and Andy, noticing he had his ankles crossed, laughed and said “does anyone see this? Guys what am I doing?” Everyone just laughed and I said “ THIS. This right here is why I love you guys. You’re more than a band, you’re a family, and all of fans feel comfortable and loved when we hear your music, watch your videos, anything really. Hell I even ramble on and on about you anytime you guys are mentioned by me.” They just smiled and said thank you, gave me one last hug, and I was back in line to go in the concert room. I had a blast, crowd surfed twice, sang my butt off and smiled so much my face hurt. I hope I can get to see them again someday.

Do you ever miss someone with your entire being but you’re afraid to tell them in case you scare them away forever

im goin by ken now and he/him pronouns btw


While you were with us we loved you and we are so sorry to have to say goodbye. Sleep was a beloved necessity to all swifties that unfortinatley will end on May 5th 2015 when The 1989 World Tour starts.

I very randomly had a dream last night that I was a Power Ranger and so was @troglobite so that was a thing