we were us

We were the ones
Walking through hell,
walking out of it distorted,
and with our heads on fire.
The ones who died
a little each day
And had to learn how to
deal with it.
The derange.
The confused.
The lost, and the forgotten.
We were the ones they
Would call mad.
We were the fallen.
The ones who didn’t
Sleep, and still, would dream.
The ones no one else Understood.
We were sinking into
Each other,
And no one knew
how to save us.
We were the ones
who learned how to love.
—  R. M. Drake

So my grandmother said we couldn’t name our horse Francis on the grounds that it sounds “too f*ggy”. I mean. Did you… Did you forget your gay grandson is in the car or are you just trying to make a point? Well, I guess it was your daughter that said I couldn’t get a unisex sweatshirt with the Superman logo on the grounds that it made me “look like a d*ke”, so…

anonymous asked:

I recently came out to my family as demisexual and one member in particular tried to "prove" that I wasn't. It really made me upset because we've always been the closest out of all of our family and stood next to each other when the rest of them would be cruel to us. (We were the odd ones out) I don't know how to handle this and was wondering if you had any advice?

I think you should sit down with them and explain how you’re feeling and how hurtful they’re being. Talk about why you feel that demisexuality fits you and ask them to be supportive of you even if they don’t agree. 

it’s so funny how things work sometimes. my cousin and i were super close when we were kids. he used to protect me from my brother and we were best friends. when we became teenagers we became very apart and i stayed years without even seeing him or his brothers even though they lived in the same neighborhood i did. then he got married, had the cutest baby boy and moved in in the house in front of me. my great aunt was his greatgreatgrandma (2nd or 3rd degree cousins) and i only heard about him and his life through her, cause she lived with us and she would always tell about him. when she passed away 4 months ago we were so close supporting each other at the funeral cause besides my grandma she raised us in her backyard so the memories we got from her were pretty much the same and the pain was very alike. then we never saw each other again, he cheated on his wife, they separated and i ran into her at the bus stop, i helped her with the baby and the baby car, in 10 minutes we clicked so much she was telling me the whole story about the separation, planning afternoons smoking weed and being on the baby’s 1st birthday party and all of sudden my cousin is back in my life from a totally different direction. it’s so weird cause i feel 20 years didn’t pass, sometimes i completely forget i’m an adult, or that we stayed out of touch for so long, like we’re still kids and playing on that backyard and aunt Maria screaming at us. when i look at his son (who looks exactly like him) i get so lost in time like, what even happened in these 20 years? i’m adulting? what the fuck even happened, how did i get here. 

(i also feel time is not linear os cyclical, i actually believe that i will be a child again. eventually. cuckoo)

I really hope Taylor remembers us and would know who we were if someone mentions us and wants to meet us BCOS OH MY GOD GOALS



matt + senses

He dwells in eternal night- but the blackness is filled with sounds and scents, tastes and textures other men cannot perceive. For though attorney Matt Murdock is blind, his other four senses function with superhuman sharpness - his uncanny radar sense guides him over every obstacle!