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Hey There, Neighbor! : 6

Summary : Lucy lives a very successful life. But others would call it a ‘business-over-pleasure’ lifestyle. When she gets a new neighbor her life turns upside down. He does everything he can to show her what life is like outside the stuffy suits and lonely offices.

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                                                   The final chapter!

Lucy stood there, mouth gaping open, her eyes as wide as saucers.

“Natsu?! He’s the restaurant owner?!”

“Neighbor?” Erza questioned, she must have forgotten all about him.

“Yow!” Natsu yelped, reaching for his leg underneath the table and glaring at the man sitting next to him, who glared right back.

“Pardon him,” he stood and walked, more like glided, across the floor before stopping in front of Lucy, holding out his hand, “my name is Zeref Dragneel. It is an honor to finally meet you,” he then gestured to Natsu, “this is both my partner and my little brother, Natsu. But I believe the two of you have already met.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well,” Lucy shook his hand, forcing down her shock, “and um, yes. We are neighbors.”

Lucy missed the look of disappointment that crossed Natsu’s face.

“Oh!” Erza snapped her fingers, “You’re the one who fixed our plumbing a few months ago! You’re Wendy’s cousin!”

“Uh, yeah…” Natsu’s grin was a little strained.

“Natsu does tend to do various jobs when he’s not cooking,” Zeref chuckled.

“So… he’s a chef?” Lucy smiled, Erza was asking Zeref and herself to sit so they could begin when Lucy remembered, “The coffee! They’re famous for tit! Is that what Natsu has been bribing me with? Was all for this?!”

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Wedding Series: First things first.

After the magazine article released both Harry and I were being constantly swarmed by paparazzi every time we stepped out of our house. All of them were hoping to get a closer look at the ring despite a picture being posted to my Instagram, they still hounded me.

They wanted details about our wedding. It’s been two weeks since Harry and I had gotten engaged and we were still yet to make any decisions other than the date which was set in just a short five and a half months’ time. We didn’t want Adie to be too old and it was the best time to do it before Harry started his new tour.

The second we got engaged we had started the planning and set the date. It was only going to be a small wedding consisting of both our families and close friends. When Harry had taken me out for another surprise a couple of days later to a vineyard on top of a cliff overlooking a beautiful blue ocean, I didn’t expect him to tell me that it was where we were going to get married. If he hadn’t had Adie in his arms I probably would have jumped him right then and there.

Other than the date and a location nothing had been planned. I tried to hide Adie’s face as I place her into her car seat, trying to keep her away from the always watching lenses of the paparazzi cameras outside the front of our house.

Today we were having a busy day and so glad Adie was quiet, content with the rattling toys on her carrier and snuggles down near her feet. We were meeting Harry at the bakery where he used to work as his old boss was going to make our wedding cake and she wanted us to taste flavours and to see our baby girl as well.

After that we were hoping to throw the media off and head to London for lunch with the boys who were Harry’s groomsmen as well as Gemma, Anne and my mother as well as Lou and Lux. Harry and the boys were going to go get there suits fitted while us girls went wedding dress shopping.

Truth be told, I had never been so nervous to go dress shopping before. I had been to red carpet events with Harry a number of times and whatever I wore was attacked by thousands of fashion critics and photographers right there in front of me. This dress meant so much more than the others. This was the dress that I was going to wear on one of the best days of my life next to bringing Adie into this world. Harry’s opinion mattered so much to me and all I wanted to do was make him happy on the day I could finally call him mine.

Adie’s loud squeal of delight snaps me back to reality as I finish strapping her in and getting in the driver’s seat of the car sending a quick text message to Harry telling him I’m on my way. When I get to the bakery Adie has managed to slobber everywhere. As I get her out of the car I remember to get the ice tether out of the baby bag to soothe her gums were her teeth were coming through.

When I enter the bakery Harry is already talking to Barbra behind the counter with a tray of small slices of cake in front of him with dollops of icing as well. He looks too involved in his conversation he doesn’t notice as I walk into his teenage work place.

Adie gets the both of their attention, disrupting there conversation as she spots her father. The loud squeal she lets out next to my ear causes me to flinch slightly, glad that I have a finger locked around her tether because she would have thrown it to the floor as she reached her arms out towards him.

“Here are my gorgeous girls.” When he takes Adie from my arms he takes the tether as well making sure that she can still have it in reach so the ear splitting screams of pain don’t leave her mouth instead.

He leans over and presses a quick kiss to my cheek as I sit the baby bag down and lean in to give Barbra a hug. She leans against the counter when she pulls back watching Harry with me as he pulls faces at his daughter, swaying lightly as he does. Adie giggles pulling at his hair lightly as she holds the tether against her aching gums.

“It’s really strange to watch him with her.” She says suddenly after a while causing Harry to look down at her from his towering height above the both of us. “You’re all grown up now.” She continues her voice tearing up lightly.

With a shake of her head Harry leans around me to wrap an arm around her shoulders to give her a reassuring squeeze. He switches Adie over into her arms as she begins to explain to us the flavours on the tray in front of us.

Half an hour later Adie has grown comfortable in Barbra’s arms and Harry and I have decided on a simple chocolate cake with vanilla icing. It was going to be five tiered with flowers of whatever colour scheme we had decided on, placed around it.

With a quick goodbye to Barbra, Harry carries Adie out to the car, keeping her hidden from the fans and paparazzi that have now flocked themselves out the front of the store. He gets in the drivers’ seat as I quickly get in the passenger seat trying to keep calm as we head towards the airport where a private jet is waiting.

We’re the last to arrive to the airstrip due to the delays in traffic and the crowds that had prevented us from moving. A man is quick to get out bags from the back of the car as I grab Adie and the carrier from the backseat as Harry talks to one of the hostess’ and what must be the pilot with his usual calm and polite manner. His hand is light on my lower back as he finally leads me up the stairs to greet the others.

Harry sits down near the window with Adie now buckled in on his lap with his mum next to him. I’m across from him with Lou on my other side, the boys; Gemma and Lou are spread out over the seat that runs along the opposite wall of the plane.

Throughout the flight Harry moves to sit with the boys as Gemma takes his place with Lux on her lap as Anne holds onto Adie. Lou had bought a number of bridal magazines with her and through the short flight we were going over possible colour themes and themes. Harry had said that whatever I wanted he wanted which the others were taking on hand but I was going to ask for his opinion later.

By the time we land Adie has fallen asleep in my arms and I have a couple of ideas in my head that I’ve dreamed of since I was little girl to run by my soon to be husband.


Was going to make this longer but I’m sleepy anyway. Don’t know when I’ll be up dating but hopefully it will be soon. It will be dress shopping so send me what your dream dress is like (strapless, a-line, mermaid). Love you peanuts.