we were thugs

okay story time

After me and Chelsea finished dinner (we didn’t even eat like we just sat down, talked and took our food in to-go boxes) Chelsea was supposed to meet up with this nigga and we were expecting it to be a fun situation, perhaps a threesome. She was supposed to meet him at the library, then we were gonna follow his car to his house(?). We met up with this black SUV at the library and followed it downtown where he said he lived, the SUV kept driving and we followed it and followed it. We were just blasting young thug and she was telling me how thirsty this nigga was. As we were driving we noticed we were in another city, then the SUV started making these sharp ass turns and we were just following because we had an adrenaline rush. We were going into these secluded areas, through the cemetery and everything! Finally the SUV turns into the police station, we realized the person we were following wasn’t the nigga and I just started yelling GO GO GO ! We got out of that mess and ended up with the nigga, I stayed in the car while Chelsea talked to him for a little and apparently he was boring and that was it.