we were taking my graduation photos so

Why does this look like a family portrait? Is that what they were going for?

Minjun looks like a proud Mom in that cardigan; “Look at my handsome sons; I’ve raised them well….”

Chansung is the Dad who’s like “yeaaaah, she’s forcing me to take this photo, but she promised we’ll get food afterwards soooo…”

Wooyoung is the eldest son who just finished law school and is opening up his own law firm…

Taecyeon is a junior in college majoring in History so he can be a Professor…

Junho is a senior in High School who’s in AP classes and who will graduate with honors…

and Nichkhun just got promoted from Kindergarten into first grade and he couldn’t be any more excited…

“I was born in a small town in North Carolina, but my family moved north when we were young. After I graduated from college, I went back for a visit. I thought it would be fun to make a bit of a triumphant return to my hometown. I was driving a new car and had a City College sweatshirt, so I was feeling pretty good about myself. As soon as we arrived, we got out of the car to walk around a bit. We were acting a bit too self-assured. My brother started taking photos of signs that said ‘Negro Entrance.’ We were gone for a couple hours. When we got back, a young white teenage mechanic was shouting at us from across the street. ‘Don’t get in your car!’ he screamed. ‘Don’t get in your car!’ He brought his truck over and towed us back to his garage. He explained that he’d seen the police disconnect our muffler so they could pull us over and take us to jail. After he fixed our muffler, I drove all the way back to New Jersey and didn’t return for 40 years.”

My college friends decided to randomly start commenting on photos from our senior year. Mind you, I graduated college in 2010 so these pictures are old.

This is how the thread goes:

Friend 1: I just looked at all these pictures and I realize that they summarize our college experience. Jen you are the only one who looks normal.
We were such weirdos!

Friend 2: Good times! I miss you all!

Friend 3: By normal you mean drunk. We are literally intoxicated in all these photos. Why didn’t we take any sober ones?

…and this is when my addiction had spun out of control. College.

It’s upsetting because I don’t really remember college because of my alcohol abuse. It’s a blur. Everything is a blur up until the past 2 years. I lost so much of my young adult life to this disease. I just want it back.