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Art and The Artist(A Richonne AU One-Shot)

A/N: This is a one-shot told from Rick’s POV. I hope you enjoy and as always, thanks for reading.

I liked her style. She walked into my studio with blue jean overalls and a plaid black and white shirt worn over top of them. A red lace bra could be seen poking from underneath. It wasn’t a form-fitting, skin tight, pair of overalls either. She looked like she was from the 90’s. Her eyes were expressive and danced around my studio with interest. I was interested in her. It was my first time seeing her face to face. We had only spoken on the phone briefly.

“I’m glad you decided to do this, Michonne. Not many people who answered the ad from the art school wanted to pose nude, but it’s the only way the thing is gonna work. I’ve been seeing these images in my mind for days,” I told her excitedly. And I had. When I worked on something it consumed me. I thought about it day and night.

She shrugged her shoulders like it wasn’t a big deal. That made me hopeful. Like I said before, I liked her style, her look. It was unique without being unique at all. Suddenly, the images I had for the shoot were turning into something else. It was becoming something better.

“I need the money to help with next semester, and I get Art and the Artist who makes it. I love Art. I don’t mind what you’re trying to do. It seems dope,” she told me with a reassuring nod. That made me nod my head along with her as I fiddled with my camera. I’m glad she got it. I’m glad this wasn’t going to be weird or awkward.

“Well, we should get this started. I have somewhere to get to afterwards,” she said cheerily, looking around. “So how do you want to do this?” she asked me. The question confused me for just a second. My mind went completely blank. Images of her unhurriedly disrobing right now made me stare at her for longer than I should. I was thinking, I hope she doesn’t think I’m a creep. I was also thinking, she should get naked. Now.

“Let’s take a couple of test shots,” I told her. She nodded her head and asked where she could sit her things.

“The table over there is cool,” I said pointing to a round glass side table. We were in my small studio apartment that I was renting in Brooklyn. The walls were stark white and large paintings I had done myself were scattered randomly on them. She sat her things down and slowly walked my studio. Her hands skimmed along the wall as she found a painting she really liked, and stopped to look at it. I grabbed my camera and took the cap off the lens, focusing on random objects until I found her. One painting caught her eye and she started asking me various questions. Breaking the ice, you could say. She took her plaid shirt off, tossing it onto the couch. I took my turn at asking questions.

“You ever model before?” I asked her. She had the face for it. I’m pretty sure under all that baggy denim she had an amazing body. Her arms and shoulders looked great and her skin was the best canvas. So blank and like chocolate. All colors would look good on her.

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“I was born in a small town in North Carolina, but my family moved north when we were young. After I graduated from college, I went back for a visit. I thought it would be fun to make a bit of a triumphant return to my hometown. I was driving a new car and had a City College sweatshirt, so I was feeling pretty good about myself. As soon as we arrived, we got out of the car to walk around a bit. We were acting a bit too self-assured. My brother started taking photos of signs that said ‘Negro Entrance.’ We were gone for a couple hours. When we got back, a young white teenage mechanic was shouting at us from across the street. ‘Don’t get in your car!’ he screamed. ‘Don’t get in your car!’ He brought his truck over and towed us back to his garage. He explained that he’d seen the police disconnect our muffler so they could pull us over and take us to jail. After he fixed our muffler, I drove all the way back to New Jersey and didn’t return for 40 years.”

GACKT Tweets 2014/02/14

Morning. Is everyone well? It’s been a while. I finished filming for a drama. It’s really snowing hard… Well, I wonder if I can get to Shibuya in this snow… Hm, I guess there won’t be many people because it’s snowing.

Ah, I made it…

[Gacchan, the trains are delayed and it’s hard to get home]@.cure_shindy Is the situation really that bad?

[I’m going to watch King’s Brunch]`.ytuakii Look forward to it. By the way, what group were those three… It seems like they still hadn’t reached Shibuya… [I am not sure who he’s talking about so this tweet is confusing]

[I’m listening to P,S. I LOVE U right now, I get goosebumps every time]@.gacktvrock I see. I hope that song can be the one to give you a push forward at times when you can’t move on your own.

[Have you found the Starbucks in Shibuya?]@.KamuAyuD_L No, we went to the Starbucks somewhere else. It seems like there’s still a little time before we get to Shibuya. I haven’t been there in forever…

[Hey GACKT, what are you doing?]@.GbGackt I’m talking to you. For as long as time permits.

[Take out your Magnum!!!]@.ahaanxx I’m not taking it out for you!

[Are you good friends with YOSHIKI?]@konohaaan Ahahahahaha. What the hell is this question? We are. We fight occasionally. But somehow our bond is unbreakable. I don’t think we’re alike, but people around me sometimes say we have similar parts. I’m more earnest. Ahahaha. Well… seems like we’re at Shibuya

[It’s Valentine’s Day. Did you get chocolate?]@.xLovers18x I don’t know how many boxes I got. Well, I’m going.

[Shibuya is in chaos!]@.HaruGo74 I couldn’t do anything in Shibuya… There were so many people… Despite the snow.

[Today is my graduation, please congratulate me!]@.bikiee_kyanatan Is that so? Congrats. It starts from here. Put more KiAi into it. Don’t slack off! KiAi!!!

Nevertheless, you guys managed to take a ton of photos of me…

@.ohgacktyoudidn’t @.l_lonelygirl To all the fans who waited for me in the snow, take care going home. I would have liked to stay longer, but I left right away because it seemed like there was going to be a panic. That said, has everyone listened to the song?

[Could you come to Shimane while you’re at it?]@.hinnuuun Shimane, huh… Maybe I can go. I think I’m going close to there very soon… maybe I’ll drop by.

[It’s because you announced it beforehand! lol]@.miku_GY That’s right… Once in a while, I have to do something fun like this. It’s no fun if the city is gloomy. I’m providing fun. To the currently gloomy Japan. Let’s get excited. Playtime for grownups.

[Why did you decide to go to Shibuya?]@.yukinko_dears I came back from overseas for the first time in ages. At least let me go to Shibuya. Well, Nishi-Nippori would have been good too… but it was kind of far away.

[I’m blasting the new song in my car, it’s like an advertising vehicle]@.shou4Dnao6 Hey, hey, don’t listen too much in the car. You won’t be able to see through your tears.

That said, you guys took so many photos but you aren’t tweeting me any of them… so that’s how it is…

[GACKT-sama isn’t on Twitter much so today is a good day. Please say, “Shut up you, piece of crap!” I will die of moe]@.barunyan_2525 So put crap on your head and appear in front of me. Then say it. “I love you”. Then I’ll definitely say it to you, “Shut up, you piece of crap!!!”. I promise.

[I saw the video for P.S. I LOVE U. I remembered my late girlfriend and cried… thanks for the wonderful song. I’d like to see you do another show as S.K.I.N.]@.86_lost Really? I hope it can be food for your soul. A song can be a key to a drawer in a person’s heart that they can’t open themselves. You have a lot of wonderful memories of her in your drawer, right? Good smiles? Do you best and move forward.

[I got Godiva chocolates and P.S. I LOVE YOU as a surprise present from my beloved. The packaging was wonderful, and I was so happy. I love the new song]@.soleil7nx It’s because I wanted girls to give it to their loved ones, boyfriends, parents, siblings and friends instead of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. This song is like a chocolate that will restore your kindness. Eat it bite by bite. Because you’ll become more kind.

[GACKT-sama is so cute pic.twitter.com/3BPwFpWKlt]@.hiyoko_haha I like this photo. That said, my staff member, Awazu’s head is shining. It’s all sparkly.

[I found this… pic.twitter.com/yOoM3Twz7u]@.xmarina_DEARSx I’m kind of suspicious looking, aren’t I… it makes me think,,, I’ve got to start looking more normal… I’m like a demon…

[You were so close I felt like I was going to punch you in the face with my phone! pic.twitter.com/zyy2y6pTZV]@.Rsdears That’s right… you’re too close. You were almost attacked. Be careful. I’ll attack if you get within my firing range…

Upload some photos of me standing in front of the cardboard cutout in TSUTAYA. I’m going to post them in the blog magazine.

Well, it’s almost time…

[Aiko Uemura came 4th in the Olympics and missed out on a medal, but I was touched by her sunny smile. Did you see it?]@.kaoru Really? She fought with this country on her back. I have to thank her. When I see her next, I’ll thank her for her hard work. I guess I’ll go see her for the first time in ages.

[What should I put in my pocket as I go home in the snow?]@.michannyari A little kindness, and a copy of P.S. I LOVE YOU to give your beloved. That’s all you need.

[Is Tower Records okay? pic.twitter.com/FGQvaNZ37V]@.yo_u5910 I see. Tower Records would have been good too. I might go there next time.

[Your singing style is evolving!!!]@.miraclewanko Evolving?… How should I say it, this is what you call “maturing”. GACKT is still in the middle of maturing, I’m in training to become a cooler man.

[GACKT was an interesting person. I thought he was a regular prince]@.with_sim I’m not a prince. If I have to say, I’m a demon. Sometimes I’m unpredictable and do good things. That’s only SOMETIMES though. Cause I’m unpredictable. Everything about me is.

[I found this. pic.twitter.com/jG2YB9eZmA] I like this one… why? It’s just nice…

[Finish up by saying “I love you” to all your LOVERS]@.kirara0307 Right, I’m going now. Everyone take care not to catch a cold. Don’t forget that your smiles will make flowers bloom in this gloomy Japan. “There’s no such thing as an unneeded smile”. All my LOVERS, I love you, Bye.


hello :> My name is Emma, and this is my humble little studyblr. i had been pondering if i should make this whole introduction post thing since im not that good with introducing myself but i just really wanted to make this post since ive reached a 100 followers recently.

i also really wanted to thank this studyblr community for contributing advice, tips, which actually motivated me to study. i used to be such a lazy person and would sulk at the thought of making notes for my subjects, but after the discovery of studyblrs????? it sparked my interest in note making, bullet journals, and i guess just keeping organised in general! so thank you :3 i posted a photo of my geography notes and i got so many praises and words of encouragement which really made me sosososo happy that people actually found my notes to be an inspiration as i didnt think it would ;_;

if i were to name a few of my favourite blogs it would have to be 

@elkstudies ( we have the same name and age but she’s goals af :< and she’s sooooo friendly )





im currently taking the ib diploma and i’m in the graduating class of 2016

the subjects i take are:

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so if anyone else here takes the ib diploma, lets cry together shall we :”(  hmu hahah

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