we were supposed to go on a case that day

These are the most interesting answers of the creators to the fans’ questions about the third season of Wander Over Yonder (my personal thoughts are indicated in italics):

1. Could you possibly give us a hint as to what sort of episode a 22 minute long ep in season 3 wouldve been like? wouldve there been another musical?

It was another four part serialized story that tied the season together.  Had talked about maybe making the last one an hour long finale special. (Hour episode of WOY! Imagine!)

2. Even if Disney wouldn’t immediately renew WOY can you still work on it when they change their mind, like a few years later?

Craig McCracken: If they change their mind someday I would most definitely work on it.

3. Did the cancellation change any plans you had for the story in season 2? Did you avoid starting any ideas for story or character arcs that wouldn’t have been satisfactorily resolved by the end of the season? Or bring forward some things so that it could?

Unfortunately, writing was wrapped on S2 five months before we received word of the cancellation, so we didn’t really have the opportunity to adjust stories. We also held off on telling some MAJOR stories for all four of our mains to have somewhere to go. Season two was a lot about testing Hater; three would have been about testing Wander in a really cool way. 

4. On the topic of the pirate ship shown briefly in The Waste of Time, does that ship belong to a villain or a hero or a neutral character?

Can say you’ve already seen the original owners, though. (Have we seen?)

5. That monkey pic on “the waste of time”…was that season 3 material?

That was a character called “Monkeyboy” who was going to play a big part in Season 3, yes.  

5. If Peepers recruits his species as an army for Lord Hater, what is his status back on their home planet? He must be pretty high up there to be able to do that. Is there anyone on the planet ranked above him or no?

Sigh. Season 3.

7. As the show went on and other villains and Dominator were introduced, Peepers ended up playing the hero more often. Yes for conquering reasons but still. Yet from early early days it’s always been stated that Peepers is more villainous than Hater. Had the show gone on, would we ever see anything come from that?

Most definitely.  Peepers had a heck of an arc planned.

8. What was Peepers’ story arc supposed to be like?

C. Peeps was going to be tempted by the dark(er) side (After these two answers, I start crying)

9. If Hater was reformed would Commander Peepers follow Hater? Or would he stay evil?

Cannot answer in case we get back to it. We had something planned

10. If Peepers and the watchdogs are native to the galaxy in the series, does that mean their home planet was destroyed?! Would we never get to see it?!


11. Will we find out what happened with Lord Dominator next? Or we have to forget about this character in the third season?

Dom was a big part of the third season plan. Craig had an amazing new angle for her that was delightfully petty but wholly Dominator.

12. Since the threats of season 3 are worse than Dominator, that has me wondering. Do they know more about Wander’s weaknesses and how to use them against him?

Dominator knew how to exploit everyone’s weaknesses. The S3 villain knew how to exploit everyone’s strengths. (I wonder, how it is?)

13. So like is there a whole planet of magical electric skeletons or is Hater special?

All will be revealed in time….Most likely.

14. That Hater’s energy that his max power created will have consequences? Like waking up certain monkey.

It would, in fact, have consequences, but not what you’re thinking.

So, it was a very long post! Thank you, if you have read this far. So, are you ready to put up with this? Are you ready to just let it go and never see these wonderful things? And I’m not ready. So that’s the reason for all of us to @savewoy!

Look Into My Eyes

Pairings: Dean x sister!Reader, Sam x sister!Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: Angst, jealousy, drinking, swearing, kind of stalking (you’ll see), death of a major character

A/N: This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s Danish Artists Challenge! This one was very different for me; it’s written in third person, and it’s a Winchesters x sister!Reader, which is something I haven’t really done before. However, I really enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoy it too! The fic was inspired by the song. I chose not to put the lyrics in because I felt that it didn’t really work well.

Prompt: Look Into My Eyes: Outlandish


Dean found out that he had a little sister when he was 32. Dad was gone and Dean had finally brought himself to read the last few pages of his journal.

Once he read those words, he sprinted off to find Sammy at the library, shoving the leather-bound book in his face. “Look at what I just found,” Dean said to his younger brother.

Sam’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he took the notebook from Dean’s hands. His eyes scanned over the words, realization crossing his face as he read.

The case they were supposed to be working on was set on the back burner for a moment.

“We have a little sister,” Sam said in disbelief. His head turned towards Dean, his eyes as wide as saucers.

“Looks like you’re a big brother, Sammy,” Dean said, ruffling the younger man’s hair.

“It’s Sam,” he grumbled, fixing his hair. “We are going to find her, right?”

Dean sits down across from his brother, “Hell yeah we are.”

Sam smiles at his brother and Dean smiles back.

They were going to find their baby sister.

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mike-a-liscious  asked:

Ah well! Uhm maybe n*18 of that writing a drabble post ("this is without a doubt the stupidest plan you've ever had, of course I'm in") and then like college AU? (you don't have to ofc I'm just weak for college AU luro) Honestly anything w college AU luro would be a blessing I was just looking at that posts Bc I'm bad w prompts lmao 😂 just do Whatevr you want I guess? I'm sure it'll be amazing either way 🙏🙏

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh-kay! This took a long time, and I’m really sorry bc finals, work and I was just generally exhausted bc im an anxious lil shit something but but!!! Here it is! 

I really hope you like it! It has no plot whatsoever but I think the interactions are pretty good and cute! First time writing Kuro so like, I tried??? 

Okay, I’m done rambling. OH OH, uh, not really beta’d at all. I apologize for any mistakes, hope u don’t cringe like agressively. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had, of course I’m in” // Luro

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had, of course I’m in.”

Lance flips his boyfriend off before he drops to his knees and takes a small bobby pin from the back pocket of his jeans.

“Keep talking, Tadashi, and this is the last time I do something nice for you.” Lance threatens, his hands still focused on pick locking the door.

“Well, that doesn’t sound good for future horny me.”  The young adult mumbles before frowning, “And stop calling me Tadashi.”

“It’s your birth name, Kuro.” Lance replies, nickname rolling easily on his tongue, and waves him off with a shrug, “But fine, your wish is my command, babe.”

Kuro pouts at him and kicks him on the butt from behind, smirking when Lance yelps in surprise.

“How long have you been planning this, babe?”

Lance hums. “A month before you graduated last semester.”

Kuro’s eyes snap open in surprise. “That long? Babe, you didn’t have to do this, I told you back then that I was okay not getting a photo.”

His boyfriend scoffs. “Hell no. You graduated with honors, love, despite the fact that no one believed you could do it. You deserved to have your picture with the Black Lion, your career mascot! It’s a College Tradition!”

Kuro chuckles softly at the passion in the brunet’s voice. “The Director didn’t like me, we all knew that. I’m just glad I was able to prove them all wrong.”

Lance looks behind him over his shoulder to met his eyes and then he smiles softly. “Yes…you did prove them wrong and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Kuro flushes at the praise and looks away, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. “Oh, hush.”

“But still, babe! You didn’t get to have a picture flying the Black Lion! So, that’s why we are here for!” Lance grins proudly and Kuro snorts.

“To break into the Castle of Lions just for me to climb over a rock statue?”

“Heck yeah, we are.” Lance smirks and Kuro returns the smirk.

Director Zarkon won’t be happy with the fact someone climbed over his favorite kitty.”

“Director Zarkon can kiss my ass.”

“Ew, babe, no.” Kuro laughs, “Just hurry up, before someone catches us.” He urges, leaning against the wall nonchalantly besides his boyfriend.

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A Dangerous Game (Suho Mafia!au fic) Chapter 10 - Cinderella

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Warnings: None

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11Ch. 12Ch. 13Ch. 14Ch. 15(M)Ch. 16Ch. 17(M)Ch. 18Ch. 19Ch. 20, Ch. 21Ch. 22, Bonus Chapter

The next morning it was difficult deciding on what to wear, I didn’t want to over dress, but I didn’t want to underdress, but quite frankly…I had no idea what Taekwoon and I would be doing so that didn’t help the situation. In the end I chose a nice pair of black jeans, a nice sweater, and some hightops. Casual but at the same I still looked night for a cool spring day.

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If you were a Gillovny fan in 2015 and early 2016…

then you should consider yourself lucky. I mean, the amount of entertainment we’ve managed to get from this very niche fandom is unreal. 

For example, The Cutting Room? I remember waking up in the morning at 4:30am for work and casually checking Twitter. All I saw was mass chaos. I still wasn’t able to find any video at that time, but do you guys remember the chaos over the kisses? How fun was that?! And then the video came out and I remember my second-hand embarrassment for Gillian until she really got into it. David looked like he was loving every second. We thought for sure Gillovny was confirmed right there. We never thought we’d experience such a golden nugget! How exciting was that?! Then David goes on the radio to say how special it was for him to have her there. Total fandom freakout! Not to mention his interview where he said, “I don’t see it happening but I’ve been wrong before” in regards to if he’d ever see him and Gillian dating.

Then we had the excitement of all of the photos they tweeted that summer during filming? It seemed like they were thoroughly enjoying every day together and we were all confident that eventually bits and pieces would spill to us in the form of stories, first-hand accounts and photos. And they did. 

Then NYCC. I mean, everyone remembers where they were when her tweet came out: “Miss you guys. Especially one of you.” I know I lost my shit. I mean, if you really think about that, it seemed so sincere. So private. Again, we thought she was confirming them. And in a lot of people’s minds still, that’s why they believe Gillovny was real - that single tweet. We’re so lucky to have that, you guys. Sure, she could’ve been trolling but to so many of us something about it just rang different than so many of her other tweets.

But the best was still yet to come.

Press week? Like seriously. I lost a full 10lbs of my baby weight that week. I forgot to eat, ffs. There were so many gems. We were a complete mess. Who remembers staying up ALL NIGHT because of her appearance on James Corden? I mean. I remember getting up to nurse my baby and checking my phone to a complete MELTDOWN in the fandom because she had shown her phone and all of those photos of her and David on the bed! That was unbelievable. We all turned into super spies, trying to analyze what the fresh hell was going on in them. Then there was, “be still my heart”, the golden globe photo on the hotel bed with David’s feet in the photo, “wear something nice for me” and “I’ll take it any way I can get it!”, the bed photos, Mr. & Mrs. Petrie 15 years later, “thanks for a fun ride david duchovny. Till next time xxx”. Jimmy Kimmel…nothing compares. Making out on the table, ass grabbing, and not to mention the couch hand-holding and eye-fucking. Then the red carpet. I mean. Pantsuits being “so cute”, “tiny waist”, asking in front of the cameras if he ever got with any of the girls in the hallway. The week was epic. We’re so lucky. 

Then we got the behind the scenes nuggets. How excited David was to see her sex scene, “Cute on the bed there”, “mmmm” while she watches him display his masculine skill, “I’m also looking at your tight pants”. 

What about WWHL? I managed to get that to stream SECONDS before it started. I watched it with earphones in while my husband sat beside me watching TV. I literally LOST MY FUCKING SHIT when Andy asked her if a relationship with David is ever a possibility. LOST IT. Her lack of an answer, I mean, that to me was HUGE. Her rating his kiss an 8. God. I loved that interview as awkward as it was.

Then he shows up at Streetcar. I was putting my kids to bed and my phone started blowing up with messages. When I checked it I had a message from a twitter friend, “stop mothering! David is at Streetcar!” LOL. I’ll never forget how much fun we had all night sitting around waiting for tidbits about his every reaction to her performance. That was so much fun.

Another was after David’s concert when he said, “Nate’s the single guy”, and passed the underwear to his bandmate. Guys. Do you even remember the amount of posts where the only line was, “Nate’s the single guy” sprawled across your dash?! It was a fucking celebration. 

The Mann photoshoot getting leaked? Yeah, sucked for the guy, but holy good fuckers did we have a good day with those photos at first! It was like we’d come across a goldmine, and I guess, in a way we did. That kind of thing doesn’t happen often for us…but guys, that day it did. We were never supposed to see those photos. We were lucky. 

Of course, there was so much more, but I mean, let’s be thankful because we were so lucky to have these amazing moments in our very peculiar fandom. One thing that remains the same each time something “gillovny happens” is the excitement and the crazy when we lose our collective shit. It’s what I enjoy the most about this group of people. And I even though we’re going through the worst-case scenario, I still feel very lucky that I was able to get so much excitement and entertainment from all of those moments, and from all of you.

What A Feeling #11 - Something Just Like This

Originally posted by harrys-wonderwall

*October 2017


You look through all of your clothes you had brought with you, but you groaned as you didn’t find anything appealing to wear later that night. 

“BLOODY HELL!” You shouted dropping the last item of clothing back into the suitcase. 

Harry walked into the room as he brushed his teeth and laughed. “I think you’ve been spending too much time with me,” he joked. “My Englishness is rubbing off on you.” 

You laughed laying back on the bed. 

“What’s wrong anyway?” He asked wiping toothpaste from his mouth. 

“I have nothing to wear tonight,” you groaned. “I mean technically I do, but nothing I want to wear.” 

“Babe, why are you so worried about what you wear for tonight?” He asked. “It’s just my sister.” 

“I know, I know, but we’re going out tonight and I want to look my best, but I also don’t want to look too revealing,” you said. “All the shit I brought to wear in case you took me out on dates is either short, low cut, tight, or all three.” 

He smirked. “And you looked fucking hot in all of them.” 

“That’s not the point!” you groaned. “I need to go shopping.” 

“But it’s raining. We were supposed to stay in today,” he groaned. “You don’t need clothes for that,” he pointed out. 

You rolled your eyes. “Maybe not, but I will need clothes for tonight.” 

“Just wear something of mine,” he said. “It’ll look better on you anyway.”

“It’ll look like I’m wearing a potato sack,” you laughed. “In case you forgot you’ve got a few inches of height on me.” 

“True, but still you can make it work,” he smiled. 

“You just wanna stay home and get laid,” you joked. 

“That’s not the only thing I wanna do,” he defended. “It’s just you’re going home in a few days and maybe I don’t want to share you all day.” 

“Aww isn’t someone just a little selfish,” you giggled. 

“Yep, not denying that,” he said pulling you over to him. 

You giggled. “We can go out for breakfast and just go to a few shops,” you said. “Then we can come back here and you can have me all to yourself before we have dinner with your family tonight.” 

“Hmm, sounds good,” he smiled. “But first… let’s have a little appetizer before breakfast.” 

“I don’t think that’s a thing,” you laughed. 

“Well, it is now,” he smirked pressing his lips up to yours. 


An hour later, you both were headed out for some real breakfast. You went to a nice little brunch place and sat down looking at the menu. After a bit, you decided on what you wanted and ordered. 

“So, have you talked with your brother recently?” He asked. 

“A little yeah,” you nodded. 

“He still doesn’t like us together does he?” He sighed. 

“He’s trying,” you sighed. “And it’s not that we’re together, he’s just still worried about all that shit from before.” 

“He doesn’t trust me,” he shook his head. 

“He doesn’t trust a lot of people,” you pointed out. 

“Well, I want to be someone he trusts,” he sighed. “I’m in this with you for the long haul Y/N, which means I want your family to like me. Hell, I haven’t even met your parents yet and what if Mitch is telling them all this bad shit about me or if they find out that he doesn’t like me with you, they’ll feel the same way.” 

“He wouldn’t do that,” you shook your head. “And they wouldn’t feel that way. Mitch has always been protective over me because we were always together when our parents couldn’t be there. They know sometimes he goes overboard with things.” 

You reached over for his hand. “We’ve talked about this. I know it’s hard for you because it’s hard for me too, but we have to just let him take all the time he needs and we’re not going to let that interfere with our relationship.”

“What if it’s not time he needs, what if he’s just waiting for us to break up and he can say I told you so,” he mumbled. 

“That’d only work if you see us breaking up anytime soon,” you said. “So, unless-” 

“No, I don’t,” he said. “Not anytime soon, not ever.” 

“Good because that was a different answer you wouldn’t have to worry about my brother kicking your ass, it’d be me,” you smirked. 

“Good thing I don’t have to worry about that,” he smirked leaning across the table and pressing his lips to yours. 


It was later that night and you were getting ready for your dinner with Harry’s family. Luckily you were able to find a new pair of jeans and a nice top that you’d wear under one of Harry’s button up shirts. You had finished your throwing your hair up in a bun and curling a few of the loose strands. You re-did your makeup while Harry got dressed in the bedroom. 

“What’s the name of the restaurant we’re going?” You asked applying your lipstick to your lips. 

“It’s a surprise,” he said zipping up his boot. 

“Interesting name for a restaurant,” you laughed. 

“You know what I meant,” he laughed leaning up against the doorway. “You look gorgeous.” 

“Thank you,” you smiled. “Does this outfit suit the Surprise Restaurant?”

“Yes, it’s perfect,” he said. “And like I said that shirt looks better on you than me.” 

“If you play your cards right, it might look even better on your bedroom floor when we get back,” you smirked. 

“Everything looks better on my bedroom floor,” he smirked. 

You laughed leaning up to kiss him. “Come on, we better go before we’re late.” 

Harry moved out of the way and let you pass by before he grabbed your ass a little. 

“Hey!” you laughed. “Keep your hands to yourself.” 

“I could, but I don’t wanna,” he smirked. 

“You’re such a child sometimes,” you joked. 

“I take offense to that,” he said. 

‘Yeah, yeah, let’s go,” you said walking down the stairs. 

Harry drove to the restaurant and gave his keys to the Valet and grabbed your hand as you both walked inside. He laced his hand with yours and you walked to the table they had reserved for Harry. You sat down, putting your bag on the floor in between your feet, while Harry sat next to you. 

“Mum texted, they’re almost here,” Harry said. 

You nodded looking around the place. “This place looks nice,” you said. 

“So, I did a good job?” He smirked. 

“Yeah, you did an okay job,” you joked. 

“You’re just all about teasing me today aren’t you?” He said looking over at you. 

“I believe you’re the one who is always teasing me,” you cocked an eyebrow.

“True, but at least it’s something you enjoy,” he smirked. 

You laughed. “I wasn’t referring to that, but okay.” 

He laughed kissing your head just as his Mom and Sister walked up. 

“Aww, look at the two love birds,” Anne laughed. 

“Mum!” Harry smiled standing up and hugging her. “I’ve missed you.” 

“Yeah, I’ve missed you too,” she said hugging back before pulling away and hugging you. “Y/N!” She said. 

“Heeeey!” Harry groaned. 

“Oh shush,” Anne said. 

“Hello, I am here too,” Gemma rolled her eyes. 

“Hey, Gem,” he laughed. “Gem, this is Y/N, Y/N this is Gemma.” 

“Nice to finally meet the girl both my brother and mother won’t shut up about,” she laughed. 

“Yeah, I’m glad we were able to finally meet,” you smiled. 

You all sat down at the table while Harry ordered some wine. You looked at the menu and decided on a few things to order. 

“How long are you in town for?” Gemma asked. 

“Only a few more days,” you said. 

“Oh, that sucks,” she said. 

“Yes, it does,” Harry groaned. 

“Well, you’ll be on tour,” Gemma said. 

“Yeah, I know,” he nodded. 

“Will you be going on tour soon?” She asked you. 

“Uh, yeah, we have a few shows coming up in November and December, but our actual tour won’t start until the new year,” you said. 

“How long is that going to be?” She asked. 

“Most of the year, but each leg of the tour is split up over a few months and then we have a few weeks off in between,” you said. “I’d love for you all to come when we have our London and Manchester shows. I mean if you’d want to come.” 

“Of course,” Anne smiled. 

You smiled back and Harry grabbed your hand from under the table and laced your fingers together. You smiled over at him and he squeezed your hand. Just as everyone was finished up dinner, Gemma looked over at you. 

“Uh, I need to use the ladies’ room, would you like to come with me?” She asked you. 

“What is it with women having to go in packs?” He joked. 

“It just is,” you laughed. “Sure.” 

You both got up from the table and headed towards the restrooms in the restaurant. While you both were washing your hands, Gemma looked over at you. 

“Thank you,” she said. 

You looked at her confused. “What for?” 

“For loving my brother and making him happy. I was a little skeptical at first because of how past relationships he’s been in, but seeing you both tonight I know this is a real thing. I’ve always wanted him to find someone and I’m glad you’re that person,” she smiled. 

“That really means a lot coming from you. I know how close you and Harry are,” you said. 

“Yeah, the little bugger annoys me at times, but I still love him more than anything,” she laughed. 

“We both have that in common,” you giggled. 

“Then I think we’re going to get a long just fine, Y/N,” she smiled. 

“I can’t wait,” you smiled. 

You both headed back out to the table and Harry looked over at you. 

“Really?” Gemma asked. “Did you think I was gonna jump her in the loo?” 

“What?” He said innocently. 

“We had a chat and we’ve discovered we’re gonna be great friends,” she smirked. 

“Yay,” he mumbled taking a sip of wine. 

“Isn’t that what you want?” She laughed. 

“It is, but he’s just bitching because he’s afraid you’re going to tell me embarrassing stories about him.” 

“Of course I am,” she joked. “That’s my job.”

“Great, now all three of you are going to make fun of me,” he groaned. 

“You’ll live,” you joked kissing his cheek. “Besides we all do it out of love.” 

He couldn’t hold back his smile and you took his hand back in yours. He squeezed it again and before ordering everyone dessert. When you all were finished, you walked out together and said goodnight before getting in the car with Harry and heading back to his house. 

For the rest of the night, you noticed the biggest smile on Harry’s face knowing that the two most important people in his life loved you and while you were grateful for that, you couldn’t help but wish your family felt the same way about him. 

You’ve Got One Voicemail

Prompt: Imagine Spencer leaving you a message when he develops anthrax poisoning.

“Umm, hey, Y/N. I hoped I never would have to do this, but here it goes. If you’re getting this, it means things have turned for the worse. I’m leaving this for Garcia to send you only if it looks like I might not survive this. We’re looking for an unsub that is poisoning people with anthrax. I’ve had a vaccine, but if you get this it probably means that the vaccine didn’t work.

“I just wanted to call you to let you know, well, do you remember that night a few weeks ago when we were supposed to meet up for dinner, but I had a case? Instead of pressuring me to go out you showed up at my place with some take out and the Doctor Who box set and we just sat around and talked and watched tv. There was a point in the night when you had just fallen asleep leaning against me and I looked down and I realized that I loved you and I wanted to spend my life with you. I went out and got a ring the next day.

“I just wish I told you how much I loved you, Y/N. You’re amazing: you’re smart, beautiful, and all around perfect and for some reason you choose to be with me. I still don’t know why you do, but if I do get out of this I’m going to make sure to cherish you everyday and tell you in some way that I truly love you. If you do get this message, please don’t blame anybody but me for being reckless when I entered this house. I just wanted to make sure you know how much I love you. If you get this message, you should go into my top drawer at work and you’ll find a ring. Please take it and remember me, but still live your life. I just-I-I love you, Y/N. Alright, Garcia, I’m done.”

End of message.

i’ll never send it, anyway

Aaron’s counsellor tells him to write a letter to Robert with all of his feelings.

(or, self-indulgent pain relief that i cried whilst writing. should probably come with a heartbreak warning.)

Word Count: 2,175

AO3 link here

There’s five balls of paper scrunched up at his feet already, another one lying aimlessly beside the door after having been catapulted across the room.

Aaron bites down again on the end of the pen – some freebie from a supplier that Adam’s probably had in his mouth at some point too, the realisation of which makes him grimace and pull the pen from between this teeth – and he taps the end of it at speed against his notepad.

He doesn’t even know why he’s doing this.

Well, that’s a lie.

He’s doing it because his counsellor told him to.

“It might help you get some clarity if you write it all down,” she’d said.

He’d resisted for three sessions, questioned what the hell the point was in writing things down when he’d said everything he needed to say to Robert already.

The look she’d given him at that point made it pretty clear she didn’t believe him for one second, and Aaron had sighed and dodged the question.

He’d carried on grimacing whenever she’d suggested it, until one not-so-special session where she asked him to write down the three most important things in his life onto a slip of paper, and he’d realised that seeing -

1.    liv

2.    mum

3.    me?

- written on a scrap of paper with some medical suppliers details on the header had actually managed to given him a little perspective.

So maybe his counsellor hadn’t been completely hopeless, after all.

So here he finds himself, pen in hand, wondering how the hell he’s even meant to start it.

Dear Robert seems too formal.

Hello too…not him.

Hi seems like they’re mates, and he’s not sure that’s the message he wants to be giving Robert right now.

He scrunches up another sheet of paper and fires it in the direction of the bin; misses.


He starts, staring down at the word until it becomes blurry between the feint blue lines on the page.

What now?

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Be Used (Jason Mccann) (Mature)

The slamming door was an usual, afternoon sound that came around whenever Jason Mccann felt angry, annoyed, aggravated or all of the above combined in one.  

The days were getting too stressful; especially with cops sniffing around, making it extremely hard to work for him and the boys. All the unfinished deals, unwanted people being killed, drugs and guns multiplied - this got to the stage, where it was simply too much to carry on an individual’s shoulders.

Y/N knew. She knew very well how emotionally drained her boyfriend was. All the signs of indisposition, both physically and mentally. He looked tired, exhausted. The bags under his eyes, messy hair, obsessed look as he constantly checked up on any news that the gang could bring in. Still, mostly it was the lack of interest he gave her.

Now, it wasn’t about what she wanted, what she needed, even though she was missing himself more than any words could ever describe. Not mentioning sex, what she craved the most was her boyfriend by her side, laughing, talking. The cuddles, the little ‘I love you’s & more. She ached for feeling him being a different Jason, a Jason that was carefree only with her.

Nevertheless, the sex part was what worried her the most. It was normal by now that Mccann was using her body as a getaway whenever he felt like he needs to. And for Y/N it was not a big deal, mainly because she was too disturbed by the fact that the love of her life could just go out and kill someone as an income of outrageous rage.

The shadow of his body has become now visible, as Jason took himself straight to kitchen, not even once looking around. His girlfriend, of good amount of time now, bit on her bottom lip, only imagining the frightening thoughts that were going through his head. The idea of all the demons he was forced to hold back inside made her really upset. And this was everytime she would see him in such condition. Once again, Y/N mentally cursed herself for overthinking the situation and finding her as a victim of it as well.

A deep, shaky sigh has left the plumpy lips of hers. She stood up, fixing her hair and clothes, just like she would be going to some formal meeting that was suppose to bring a crucial earnings. Her toes made their way to the kitchen as silently as it was physically possible, just in case. A muscular, male posture was turned back to her, focused on something below so badly that no recognition was given to an individual that just appeared.

“Jase? Can we talk?” Y/N asked silently, slightly afraid of the reaction she might receive.

This was a reminder of the days when the two were strangers to each other, when Y/N would be too embarrassed to even look at Jason, which only made him smirk and pay attention to the girl who he never thought would play a role in his future life.  

Good couple of seconds has passed, since the silence was broken down by little, non-understandable whimpers.

“Yeah, what is it?” He answered, looking back at her. There was no specific emotion hidden behind the look he was emitting, just like the two ball-shaped things inside of him lost the purpose utterly.

“Um, I-” She started, looking puzzled, just like her mind. Jason raised his eyebrows in confusion, looking at the body of his girlfriend carelessly. This never happened. Usually, he was being so nice, he was always being nice to her, unless they had a misunderstanding. But, even then. So bloody nice.
“I know how you feel. I cannot actually relate, but I understand completely. I know you hate talking about the emotions, that’s exactly why you are having cocaine on our counter, I’m not mad, like I said - I get it.” The sentence finally left her mouth, as Jason slid to the right, covering the illegal image that his girlfriend spotted. “I get it so bad, I am not here to make you talk or cry or complain or whatever. Just, um, let me help you, we both know what will help you, we can do it.” Her head nod, as the speech she gave had a more confident sound half way through.

“No, no way, I told we won’t fuck when I’m this angry.” He said almost instantly, shaking his head. “I’m all good, this baby will make me feel better and we can lay down later and watch you favourite, sappy shit, just give me time, I need that.” He mumbled, ignoring her presence by turning back around, guess it was just easier this way.

“Yes, we will, because you want it and I want it.” She said aggressively, getting annoyed with yet again - no interest she was given. Next thing she knew was her hand grabbing Jason’s one harshly, pulling it, to make him look at her and for once, be serious when it came to the stuff that came out of her mouth.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, huh? Fucking get off my dick!” Jason screamed out in frustration, not because of what Y/N did, but because he was just about to bend over and let the magic powder do its wizardry thing.

“You are so fucking irritating. Don’t you get it? You always fuck me when you feel angry, just because you feel extra angry doesn’t mean I can’t take it. Jason, I’m being for real, this is getting out of hand. I can’t have you slamming the door, breaking things, pretending I’m not here, I can’t do it anymore. I feel like fucking shit, you are all I care about and yet, I cannot help you. If you won’t let me be your therapist, just let me be your fucking slut.” The words came out with such great meaning behind them, showing how the struggle of one person can easily affect his closet ones.

“I don’t wanna use you.” Jason whispered, as soon as Y/N’s hands started to touch him up, scrolling through his chest, down to his pants, as she undid the belt.

The only reason he did not stop her was because of what she said, she made him feel as she is soon about to leave if the things won’t change, and that was not in his control at all. Yes, he was aware of the fact his girlfriend that he loved so dearly didn’t even come across to the thought of hurting him and it was his own, messed up thinking that made him believe in that.

“I want to be used.” She whispered back, as her shaking hands slipped down around his tight. Her chin moved up, looking at the face of the boy she loved, looking for answers. She was just too good to simply start with more without getting the permission, just like he would when he wanted to.

He looked at her with such an empty expression. Was it a yes, was it a
no? Y/N slowly, very slowly, stared going down on him, which made Jason furrow his eyebrows in such shock. As soon as he came into realisation, he grabbed her arm, pulling her little body up.

“If you wanna help me, jack me off. I didn’t have a time to do it myself.” He said firmly, sticking up to a plan he created in his mind. Mentally, he punched himself so hard, as he had a girl he adored trying to suck him off and he just declined.

“But, I-”

“No. You want to be my slut? Fucking be one. Shut the fuck up and do what I tell you to do. I don’t want your fucking cunt or you mouth or whatever, jack me off. Make me cum and then fuck off.” He spat, looking at her with no further feeling, which in some weird way had her turned on. She quickly just nodded, hating herself for the fact she enjoyed it. It was a first mini sexual interactions they had in so long, it felt like forever.

Y/N slipped both her hands slowly inside his boxers, massaging his length that was quick to become harder and harder, out of the total lack of touch he has been receiving recently. She looked down, licking her lips, as the tips of her fingers were making rounded moves on the tip of an impressive member, while the other hand landed on a pair of balls, caressing them intensively.

“Fuck, I’m actually close.” Whimpers hit Y/N’s sight, surprising the both of the two, as Jason was never the one to be at his pick point quickly.

“You’re so fucking big.” The moans came out, which made her boyfriend raise the corners of his lips, forming the smirk that was not welcomed on the handsome face since the start of all of his issues.

“Hurry the fuck up.” He muttered, feeling himself getting hot, as he moved his eyes onto a set of hands, satisfying him.

He regretted not fucking her now. What he would do to her. It’s probably what he wouldn’t do to her - that was a real good question. “Oh my-…Faster, harder, I want you to feel me, I want to feel my sperm landing right on your beautiful, tiny hand. Fuck, and you know what you will do later? Lick it all of so nicely, you will get what every slut is waiting for, is daddy fucking right?” He moaned out, restlessly moving his hips to signalise he needs and demands more.

She did as she was told, stroking his dick, up and down as her fingers pressed more force onto his balls, tugging them. The characteristic sound of moans fulfilled the kitchen, as the hands slipping on Jason’s dick made him ready to release and make himself feel better. He was so in the moment, so vulnerable in such state.

“Daddy, I want all of your cum, I’m so ready. I want you to see me tasting you. P-please.” She sobbed, letting out a moan in desperation, as her panties got soaked more and more with every minute.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” A loud, deep groan hit all the corners of their house as the Jason’s hands tightened on the counter behind him. his head threw back and his body became tremulous, when all the juices left his body, accompanied by his moans. Y/N bit the inside of her cheek, feeling the sticky substance on her fingers, slowly taking herself out of dark blue jeans. She waited a minute for Jason to recover and look back. Gently, the tongue was pressed onto fresh skin licking and sucking of all the white cum.

“So fucking hot.” He howled, pressing his thumb on Y/N’s chin, taking the little drop of his sperm left over, as he pressed it against her soft, warm lips. He sighted quietly, annoyed with the fact that he had so much love for this girl. That he loved her and he was tied up to her. That much, that he would happily just let her in. Because, there was a trust the boy had in her.

“You deserve my attention, I will tell you all that bothers me.” He said finally, smiling gently. He now felt bad for the insults and the attitude that somehow covered up the love he was having.

The girl didn’t need apologies to read it from his face. She quickly wrapped her hands around his neck, feeling the sudden relief that both of them really needed at the end. And even through, nothing was going to be easy in any way, she could sleep calmly from now on, knowing she was being a shoulder to cry on.

So I just posted another thing about where I work, and I mentioned that I’d seen some shady practices since I’ve been here. So the bakery is in a grocery store in the Midwest that used to be Pauls, and I’ve only been here for 2 weeks. Yet they have me alone running the bakery. I share a space with deli so my work area is legit one small table. My manager keeps yelling at me to help deli when they’re busy, despite the fact that I’ve barely been trained in bakery, and never trained in deli. I work 9 hour days yet i usually go over because it’s way too much work for one person. But the day before the Super Bowl takes the cake. It was my first day by myself, and we were out of French Bread and Ring Doughnuts. Like my manager never put in my order for more so I couldn’t even make more. So they go to a competitor grocery store, buy French bread from their bakery, and have me repackage and label them as ours. They also had me put Krispy Kreme doughnuts in our doughnut case, which is supposed to be doughnuts that we made. I doubt those are allowed for individual sale. So not only is that ethically so so wrong, I’m pretty sure that’s all illegal? Reselling an item as yours, especially a name brand thing like Krispy Kreme?
I don’t have to deal with customers, but I really dislike the job. I plan to leave soon, though that’s mostly because of health issues.

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Hope you feel better soon! Could you maybe write something with jealous Mulder?

I can’t believe I wrote dog!fic and that it ended up being slightly NSFW.

Naughty Boy

The drive back from Oregon is long, tiring. And smelly.

“Did you really have to bring that thing?” he looks over his shoulder at the dog staring back at him from behind the bars of his cage.

“Mulder, that thing is a dog. And how else am I supposed to get him back home?”

“I heard you can train dogs to ride bicycles these days, Scully. The return trip from Oregon to Washington is…”

“Mulder! You just saw a monster, a were-lizard, we solved a case, possibly prevented many more homicides, and,” she draws in a dramatic breath, “I had fun. Why do you have to rain on my parade now?”

He puts another seed in his mouth and turns up the air-conditioning. “You’re going to have to change its diet, Scully. That thing smells worse than the inside of my gym bag.”

“What gym bag?” she says, turning around to speak to the dog, “Daddy doesn’t have a gym bag, does he?” The dog yaps.

Mulder thrums his fingers against the steering wheel, flexing his jaw. “I threw it out. Along with the three pairs of unwashed socks that had stuck to the bottom of it.”

She chuckles and the car fills with light sparks and fresh air. He turns to her. “Daddy, Scully?”

He finds himself building a kennel for Daggoo, to a design that Scully clipped from Bark magazine, to which she subscribed for its ‘thoughtful and well-researched material’. He’s tempted to scrunch up the pages from the back-issues and use them to line the base of his handiwork. The kennel has a window and a front deck. For fucks’ sake. Why does this furball need a front deck?

“Because he likes to survey his territory, Mulder. And he can do that from the safety and shade of the verandah. Dogs can burn in the sun, Mulder. He’s got white fur. And unless you want to rub sunscreen into him every day, I think this is a great compromise, don’t you?”

“You never rub sunscreen into me, Scully,” he mutters, hammering the last nail into the wood until it pushes so far in that the timber splinters. He crawls back a few paces and turns towards her. She’s standing there, backlit by the late evening sun that picks out the gold of her hair. He sits on his heels and takes it in.

“Do you like this colour, Mulder? It’s called Aegean Teal. I thought it would be calming for him, you know? Considering his background, it must have been awful being in the shelter like that.”

“Aegean what?” He looks at the tin she places on the grass next to him.

“Teal, it’s a bluey-green. Like the ocean.”

Daggoo yaps and lollops over to him, leaping up and unbalancing him so he winds up on his ass with the dog licking his face. He pushes at it but it won’t leave him alone.

“Awww, Mulder. He really likes you. He doesn’t kiss just anyone like that.”

The dog’s tongue is sandpaper against his cheek and he rubs saliva off his skin with the back of his hand. “Give me bile, any day.”

“What was that, Mulder?”

He shakes his head. “I said, I can’t wait to get on with the painting, Scully.”

It’s not often Scully cooks. Especially not so early on a Sunday morning. The smell from the kitchen is thick and aromatic, and he breathes it in as he stretches sleep away.

“Scully, did you make meatloaf for breakfast?” he asks, pouring coffee into two mugs. “I’m not sure what I did to deserve the break from that chia gloop thing you keep giving me but I’ll take it.”

He slides a cup over to her and she folds the corner of the newspaper down to eye him. She slides a bowl of chia gloop over to him.

“I made meatloaf for Daggoo. He needs nourishment.” She looks at him and swallows a spoon of chia.

He rubs his hands over his gut. “Right. Maybe I’ll get myself another gym bag.” He pulls out his chair and goes to sit down. Daggoo looks up at him.

“He seems to have taken a liking to your seat, Mulder.”

“Right,” he says, taking the next chair. Daggoo leaps onto his lap. Scully smiles and his hammering pulse softens a little.

“He seems to have taken a liking to you too, Mulder. You love, Daddy, don’t you, Daggoo?” She shucks the dog under the chin and he barks on command, panting out meaty breath over Mulder’s face.

Sunday afternoons represent lazy paper-reading by the fire, or on the verandah, dependent on season. They represent pottering in the yard, taking the occasional run, surfing the net for cryptid sightings or unusual clusters of lights or weather events or Victoria’s Secret runway models and they lead to Sunday evenings which usually lead to good food, good red, her feet on his lap, shared showers and early nights. Which lead to…

           Or they used to. Now, they walk the dog, play with the dog, cook for the dog, shop for the dog. And then Daggoo sits on her lap and she gives him a bath then crawls into bed complaining that she’s exhausted.

           He pulls her to him, dropping a kiss to her head and massaging her shoulders. “Why so hard, Scully?”

           “I could ask the same of you, Mulder.”

           He chuckles. “And you, a medical doctor.” His lips find hers and she reciprocates with a long, long kiss. He breaks it to breathe and she whispers soft kisses over his jaw and chin. “Better than that dog,” he says.

           She pushes him onto his back and straddles him. “You like him, Mulder. You just don’t realise it yet.”

           “You mean it’s some kind of latent reaction?” He reaches under her vest and rubs his thumbs over her nipples which harden instantly.

           She breathes out, “Yeah.” She presses her fingers into his chest and finds his nipples with her thumbs, rasping her nails back and forth. She bends and licks each one. “Like that, Daddy?”

           He thrusts up and grinds himself into her. She pushes back down and the both moan into each other’s mouths. Daggoo lets rip with a cacophony of grating yaps from the yard. Scully pulls her head up and licks her lips. Mulder watches the pink of her skin recedes. The dog starts again and he curses.

           “He’s lonely,” she says.

           “Scully,” he says, letting his head flop back against the pillow. “He’s got more toys than Walmart. He’s got a McMansion and five acres. He receives better health care and nutrition than probably 50% of the population. He is not lonely. He is spoilt.” He can’t stop the pout as she climbs off him and grabs her robe.

           “Mulder, he’s a shelter dog. He comes with issues. You knew that when I rescued him.”

           “You didn’t rescue him, Scully. You stole him.”

           She looks over her shoulder at him. “What are you gonna do, Mulder. Arrest me?”

           “Only if you let me fleece you and handcuff you.”

           She walks to the window. “I think he’s running around out there barking at bats.”

           “Figures,” he says. He pulls her pillow over his lap and squirms.  “Can’t you lock him in his kennel?”

           “Remand him, you mean?” She gives him the eyebrow.

           He sighs out harder than he means to. “Scully…can’t you just, I don’t know, climb back in with me and forget the damned dog for an hour or so.”

           She eyebrows him again. “An hour, Mulder? Jeez, is that a promise?”

           He lifts the pillow and nods.

           She snorts and leaves the room. He leaves it a minute before getting up and limping over to the window. It’s cold and he sighs as his ardour cools along with his bare chest. He finds his tee-shirt and pads to the kitchen. He sees his jacket, draped over the chair with hers, and fishes into his pocket for the flashlight.

           “Scully? Did you get him yet?”

           “No,” she calls from the mid-distance.

The arc of his flashlight beam picks her out, angelic in white. Daggoo’s flurry of barks moves closer and she grabs him, picking up the furball and depositing it on the verandah of the dog house.

           “Now, you naughty boy. You stay here,” she says and pushes Daggoo away and he yaps, wagging his tail at the game.

           “You never call me a naughty boy.” Mulder pulls out the handcuffs and dangles them between the dog and Scully.

           “Mulder! Not out here!”

           He chuckles. “Who’s going to be watching?”

           She holds onto Daggoo’s collar and blows a strand of hair from her face. “Says Mr Paranoia 1994.”

           “I’ve got yours too,” he says, bringing out the second pair of handcuffs. “And I found a spare set.” The metallic jangle fills the momentary quiet.

           “Mulder,” she says, and her voice is hoarse. He can’t tell if it’s arousal or panic.

           “It’s okay, Scully. I’m not that desperate. I was going to link them together and make a chain to keep him on.”             She goes to speak but he cuts her off. “It’s only for tonight. Tomorrow we can get a proper chain leash and next weekend I can build a run for him. Imagine that, his own territory to patrol. I think he’ll like it, don’t you?”

           She rubs the dog’s ears and he whimpers into her hand. Mulder knows how he feels.

The straps of her vest slip down her shoulders and he exhales. Scully in white cotton is just about the sexiest thing he’s ever seen. He loves silk and satin and black and red but Scully is purest and most beautiful in white cotton. She sits astride him and he’s hard in an instant.

           “You promised me an hour,” she whispers and her hair brushes his face as she leans over to kiss him. Then she adds, “Daddy,” and he just about loses it there and then.

           She rolls her pelvis back and forth and Daggoo begins a soft howling outside.

“Naughty boy,” she purrs.

“Yes,” he says, “I am.”

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'Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep' with 'why did we have to have kids' with the case carrying wizard please :)

F/M: Favorite Movie

You had had such a long, tiring day. For some reason all the creatures were HYPER today and would just not sit still. Queenie probably slipped some extra sugar into their food. After finally getting all the beasts to be quiet and go to sleep, (which took well over forty five minutes), you and Newt crashed onto the bed, exhausted.

“Why did we have to have kids?” You joked tiredly.

Newt grinned at your comment.

“Well, I suppose I should probably jump in the shower, love,” Newt groaned and was about to stand up until you stopped him.

You grabbed Newt’s arm and pulled him down on the bed with an ‘umph!’. “Nooooo! Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep?”

Newt pecked you on the cheek. “I’d love to, but I don’t smell too good.”

“Shut up, you always smell good,” you replied cheekily and curled up into his arms. “It won’t kill you to skip a day.”

“Alright,” Newt said giving in to your adorableness. “What film shall we watch?”

Eventually you decided on F/M. You and Newt propped your pillows up in your bed and cuddled up to each other. You lay your head on Newt’s shoulder as he rubbed your arm up and down.

You both fell asleep about halfway into the movie, arms and legs tangled all over the each other.

When you woke up, your head was tucked under Newt’s chin.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he grumbled.

You were about to say the same, but then your nose wrinkled. “You were right, you do not smell good. Go take a shower.”

Newt scoffed. “Well I love you too,” he chuckled before going into the bathroom to bathe.

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BBC Sherlock is picking up where Casablanca left off. “The stage is set, the curtain rises, we are ready to begin…” Which is important, because before it was a film, Casablanca was an unproduced play.

First, I’d like to give credit to @deducingbbcsherlock for the original meta about John on the tarmac: ( x ) This post, is a follow-up of sorts, in that it deals with what happens afterward, and how we all land.

Take into account, that when Casablanca was made, the people we now think of as refugees, were still living the events. The film did create a rallying for those same people, and included refugees in its scenes. The LGBTQA+ viewers hoping for representation are the Sherlock refugees.

I included the images above, because of the blue/slightly rainbow lighting effect that occurs in the scenes, and due to pondering why they were having Mycroft watching an old movie (which we know was made for the show). Blue lights invariably spring up around anything involving Sherlock and John’s hearts (especially phones, bombs, and police lights). In the scene from T6T, the blue lights mimic a runway. In the first of the two images from TFP, after Sherlock breaks down the fourth wall, it even looks like he is coming down from a plane ramp.

From a previous piece I worked on:

Lights and Landing. I keep thinking it’s going to /come down/ to lights. On ASiB, Flight 007, the lights were out, and Nobody (TLD/Nemo TFP) was home (because they were all dead). During the stag night, Sherlock and John are drinking by a table, where Sherlock’s (heart) phone is left glowing blue next to four candles. If we’re still on the roof of TRF, John had his lights knocked out, but only after he and Sherlock escaped the police with their blue lights. In TEH, the lights are on the (heart) bomb. In HLV, Sherlock shoots Magnussen, and then a huge light lands on him from the helicopter. In TAB, Sherlock’s lights kept going out. In the flight of T6T, again everyone’s lights are out, except John’s. In TLD, Sherlock figures out the issue of the illuminated Miss Me from Eurus’s note, in the same way he noticed Help Me on the wall when Anderson missed it (which is also the text Sherlock sent Lestrade in TSoT that then results in blue lights through 221B’s curtains). In TFP, the little girl mentions seeing lights right before Sherlock figures out the code to locate John. We already know there is this recurring issue of projectors/projections/premonitions.

Which is why I don’t think it’s an accident that we go from the Casablanca-style scenes in HLV and TAB, to Sherlock and John beating Mary Rosemund to Morocco, in T6T. At the beginning of T6T, Sherlock says, ““I’m the target. Targets wait.” “How did you find me?” Mary asks. “I’m Sherlock Holmes,” he shrugs. He waited. For John. For her. There were premonitions…

Also, it works with the scenario of Victor Lazlo. Early in the movie, Victor Laszlo acquires a large scar over his left eye. The reason for the scar’s existence is never addressed in the movie. Likewise, @inevitably-johnlocked surmised that John has lost his left eye ( x ) In TFP, as a child, Eurus always has brown eyes–except in the scene where she is lighting the match. In that scene, it’s blue. I never understood why, until this.

The water scenarios we keep getting in S4, and the idea of TD-12 or a coma causing this to all be misinformation or somehow incorrect.

Captain Renault: What in heaven’s name brought you to Casablanca?

Rick: My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters.

Captain Renault: The waters? What waters? We’re in the desert.

Rick: I was misinformed.

We’ve already had a parallel between Rick and Sherlock from TGG, albeit in reverse.

Rick: And remember, this gun is pointed right at your heart.

Captain Renault: That is my *least* vulnerable spot.

Then, there’s John as Ilsa. A blonde married to a blonde, pining over a dark-haired man that is represented as anti-social. Renault has the ability to mirror Sherlock or John.

Ilsa: It’s about a girl who had just come to Paris from her home in Oslo. At the house of some friends, she met a man about whom she’d heard her whole life. A very great and courageous man. He opened up for her a whole beautiful world full of knowledge and thoughts and ideals. Everything she knew or ever became was because of him. And she looked up to him and worshiped him… with a feeling she supposed was love.

Now, we come to the parallels between the tarmac scene and TFP:

Another well-known story is that the actors did not know until the last day of shooting how the film was to end. (Delayed Sherlock scripts, and actors saying they didn’t know in advance where their story arcs were going.) In the case of Casablanca, this was later refuted… The original play (set entirely in the cafe) ended with Rick sending Ilsa and Laszlo to the airport. During scriptwriting, the possibility was discussed of Laszlo being killed in Casablanca, allowing Rick and Ilsa to leave together, but as Casey Robinson wrote to Hal Wallis before filming began, the ending of the film “set up for a swell twist when Rick sends her away on the plane with Laszlo. For now, in doing so, he is not just solving a love triangle. He is forcing the girl to live up to the idealism of her nature, forcing her to carry on with the work that in these days is far more important than the love of two little people.” (Remember, John is Ilsa) It was certainly impossible for Ilsa to leave Laszlo for Rick, as the production code forbade showing a woman leaving her husband for another man. (Much like the film code prevented TPLOSH from having Holmes and Watson as a gay couple). The concern was not whether Ilsa would leave with Laszlo, but how this result could be engineered. The problem was solved when the Epstein brothers, Julius and Philip, were driving down Sunset Boulevard and stopped for the light at Beverly Glen. At that instant the identical twins turned to each other and simultaneously cried out, “Round up the usual suspects!” (Which is literally what they did in S4, especially TFP. The key players are all rounded up, and we have our twins reference) By the time they had driven past Fairfax and the Cahuenga Pass and through the Warner Brothers studio’s portals at Burbank, in the words of Julius Epstein, “the idea for the farewell scene between a tearful Bergman and a suddenly noble Bogart” had been formed and all the problems of the ending had been solved.” (No loose ends…)

That issue of the Prime Minister, that came up in T6T? In the original play (the curtain rises, the scene is set), the correct PM is written: Weygand. In the subtitles for the English DVDs, it says De Gaulle. At the time of the film, he was head of the Free French government in exile, so a letter signed by him would have provided no benefit.

In the scene where Lazlo begins the national anthem, La Marseillaise, these are the lyrics:

Arise, children of the Fatherland! The day of glory has arrived! Against us, tyranny raises its bloody banner. Do you hear, in the countryside, the roar of those ferocious soldiers? They’re coming to your land to cut the throats of your women and children!

To arms, citizens! Form your battalions! Let’s march, let’s march! Let their impure blood water our fields!

John in TFP: Today, we have to be soldiers, Mycroft, soldiers. And that means to hell with what happens to us!

Sherlock: Soldiers.

John: Soldiers.

Going back to the first image, look at the name of the bar. The Attic. Where does Sherlock locate Eurus? In the attic (last image)…

Tellingly, this is what Umberto Eco said of the film (which originally, had a solid opening, but nothing meteoric) “Thus Casablanca is not just one film. It is many films, an anthology. Made haphazardly, it probably made itself, if not actually against the will of its authors and actors, then at least beyond their control. And this is the reason it works, in spite of aesthetic theories and theories of film making. For in it there unfolds with almost telluric force the power of Narrative in its natural state, without Art intervening to discipline it….When all the archetypes burst in shamelessly, we reach Homeric depths. Two clichés make us laugh. A hundred clichés move us. For we sense dimly that the clichés are talking among themselves, and celebrating a reunion. Eco also singled out sacrifice as one of the film’s key themes: "the myth of sacrifice runs through the whole film.” It was this theme which resonated with a wartime audience that was reassured by the idea that painful sacrifice and going off to war could be romantic gestures done for the greater good. (We’re back the Greek references that permeated S4, the status of Anteros at the beginning of the opening credits to the show, and the overall reception from viewers of TFP.)

Also, remember Mark saying: “I’m a gay man. This is not an issue. But we’ve explicitly said this is not going to happen—there is no game plan—no matter how much we lie about other things, that this show is going to culminate in Martin and Benedict going off into the sunset together.” Well, if John as Ilsa has vacated the premises, and left that part of himself with Mary, it makes sense. Because, at the end of Casablanca, Rick walks off into the fog with Captain(!) Renault.

Regarding the clues we’ve been getting about 6, 40, & 27. In the summer of 1940, the 27-year-old teacher Murray completed the play in six weeks with the collaboration of Joan Alison. It was never shown as such until London in 1991, for 6 weeks.

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Can I ask for 114 from the new list?? Please and thanks :)

“No, you’re MY bitch.”

“Why does your wife have Molly in a headlock?” Sherlock asked, pulling up short when he saw whatever was happening in the middle of the lounge in 221A.

“Tea with Mrs. Hudson turned into wrestling lessons.”

Sherlock opened his mouth, looked confused, and closed it again.

“Apparently George ‘The Animal’ Steele was her neighbour in Cocoa Beach, something about Hulk Hogan’s gym…  I stopped listening after she started talking about doing lines with Cyndi Lauper off Brutus Beefcake’s arse,” John offered anyway, watching Molly stamp her foot and reverse out of the hold.

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who? woozi and mingyu (i don't even know, i just imagined jihoon trying to kiss mingyu, standing on his tippy toes :)) ) where? the zoo :)))

A Date with Svt: Jigyu at the zoo 

  • okay but can you imagine Mingyu asking Jihoon out
  • Jihoon would be working in his studio as usual
  • it’s midnight but he is still determined to finish whatever he started
  • even if it means losing a few hours of sleep
  • and Mingyu would just come in right-on-time and check up on him
  • “ Hyung I was just about to head back to our dorm. And I thought that I should bring you some coffee before leaving. ” he said softly as he hand him a cup of coffee
  • that may or may not have a note written on it
  • “ Oh. Thank you. You should go back now and get some rest. ” Jihoon replies as he takes the coffee
  • “ Don’t forget to rest too hyung. ” he says with a smile as he leaves
  • Jihoon wouldnt notice immediately though
  • it took him 5 minutes before he sees the note
  • “ Jihoon Hyung has been working hard lately. I was wondering if you would want to go out with me some time this week. It could be like a break. But with me :3 ”
  • Jihoon would be blushing so hard
  • and him being a tsundere
  • he would text Mingyu
  • “ Yah. What’s with the note? ”
  • “ Does this mean you dont wanna go out? ”
  • “ ….I didnt say that. ”
  • “ Then great ! ^^ ”
  • “ Aish,,,you’re dead to me. ”
  • “ Get some rest hyungie~ ”
  • Jihoon would still be blushing so hard
  • and back at the dorms
  • Mingyu is trying to contain his screams or Jeonghan and Seungcheol will wake up and scold him
  • on the day of the actual date
  • Mingyu planned everything
  • he will be at the Zoo with Jihoon for the whole day
  • he made food so that they could picnic ∙ he even brought extra jackets in case it gets cold
  • even though he would prefer hugging
  • yet they arrived late smh
  • they both overslept
  • “Arent they suppose to go out today?”
  • “Yeah. They were suppose to leave like 30 minutes ago actually.”
  • and with that, Mingyu woke up
  • “We were suppose to leave 30 minutes ago?! Omo that’s how long the bus ride is.” he says with pure concern as he tries to wake up Jihoon
  • but oversleeping is not the main reason why they were late
  • they accidentaly took the wrong bus
  • “ I told you that we were suppose to ride the yellow bus.” Jihoon says
  • “ I was panicking. ” Mingyu protests
  • “ You have lived here for years… panicking wont make you forget which bus to take to the zoo. ”
  • “ Im sorry~ ” Mingyu pouted
  • “ Lets just wait for the next bus. ” Jihoon replied as he tried not to die from how cute Mingyu was
  • eventually they arrived at the zoo
  • their first stop was the pet animals
  • that part of the zoo are mostly for kids
  • so imagine seeing a tall person with a small person trying not to fight the little kids who wouldnt let them pet a cute puppy
  • “Will you let us pet the puppy too?” Mingyu asks the little kid
  • “Nope.” the kid answers
  • “Pretty please~” he tries again
  • and the kid would just walk away with the puppy
  • “It’s not yours. I hope you will cry later you brat.” Jihoon mumbles
  • “Okay okay lets just go find other puppies.” Mingyu says as he pulls Jihoon away
  • eventually Mingyu lost Jihoon
  • and he found him in a sea of puppies
  • “Jihoon hyung…”
  • “Mhmm?” Jihoon says as he looks up at Mingyu while petting all the puppies
  • “What are you doing there?”
  • “Playing with the cute puppies.” Jihoon replies and averts his attention back to the puppies
  • “Im a cute puppy,,,play with me.” Mingyu says with no jealousy at all
  • next stop is the wildlife section
  • the whole time they would just be walking around the enclosures
  • Jihoon would take minutes just to look at the animals
  • while Mingyu is following him and is trying to figure out how to use the map
  • “Look at how they feed the tigers Mingyu.” Jihoon says in amazement
  •  “Just a sec while I try to find where were going next.” Mingyu replies without taking his eyes off the map
  • when he finally figures out how to use it
  • he acted like a big ass puppy when he saw the animals
  • “Ahh hyung! Look at how big the elephant is!” He smiles as he watches the elephant
  • and Jihoon would just look at him with heart eyes and smile softly
  • “What?” Mingyu asks as he notices that he was looking at him
  • “Nothing. You just look adorable.” Jihoon replies
  • and boy did Mingyu become a blushing mess
  • when they have explored and seen all of the animal in that section
  • and when Jihoon got Mingyu to calm down
  • they immediately went to the sea creatures show
  • Mingyu didnt even think Jihoon would like the show very much
  • every time a animal does a trick
  • Jihoon would smile widely and his eyes would sparkle so much
  • and Mingyu would smile too
  • but not because of the animals
  • but because of seeing Jihoon smile so beautifully
  • when the dolphin jumped through the hula hoops and splashed water towards where they’re sitting
  • Jihoon just laughed and Mingyu thought it was honestly the most beautiful sound he has heard
  • “You look like youre enjoying the show hyung.” Mingyu says
  • “I am. I always have had a soft spot for animals.” Jihoon smiles, he continues to watch the show
  • “Probably why you like me.” Mingyu says in a teasing manner
  • Jihoon blushed so hard that he elbowed Mingyu jokingly on his stomach
  •  “Yah. Just watch the show.” Jihoon states as he tries to hide his rosy cheeks
  • the show had to end unfortunately
  • “We still have time to spare. Do you want to go to the zoo garden and have our picnic?” Mingyu asks
  • “Yeah sure. Im starving.”
  • it was just a normal picnic
  • Jihoon and Mingyu talking while eating 
  • feeding each other
  • and making the other catch the grape
  • “Ah hyung! You hit me in my eye again!”
  • “I told you to open your mouth.” Jihoon protests
  • “I wouldve if you didnt threw it immediately.”
  • “Yeah well thats what you get for being handsome and not opening your mouth. Suck it up.”
  • and them just cloud gazing while they talk about stuff
  • with their legs intertwined together
  • and their pinky fingers holding each other
  • “I really enjoyed today.” Mingyu says softly
  • “Me too. Thank you.”
  • “No problem. If you enjoyed today, does this mean we can go on a date again?” Mingyu teases
  • “Yah. This date hasnt even finished.”
  • “I know. But I can’t wait to spend alone time with you again.” Mingyu winks
  • and he got hit in the chest by Jihoon as response
  • and to Mingyu’s surprise
  • Jihoon reached up to grab Mingyu’s collar and pulled Mingyu down for a kiss
  • “Aish this kid. Fine fine. Lets go on a date again.”

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MASTERLIST (where the other date scenarios can be found)

FBIS Story ch.3

“The library should be closing soon,” Derek stated.

Stiles looked up from his hunched position over the book he was currently reading, “huh?”

“The library is closing. We have been here all day and we haven’t even eaten since brunch,” Derek said with a frown and closed the book he was reading, “Come on, we should go.”

“But Der, I have to finish this! Look,” Stiles pouted as he turned the book so Derek could see.

Derek moved closer in confusion when he didn’t understand a word, “what is this?” he asked.

“I don’t know! That’s the point. I think it’s a spell, I just can’t translate it. I have been trying to get the magic to work, but it is so protected the words won’t yield. I think it’s a blessing though,” Stiles babbled.

“How can you know?” Derek asked.

“Think of it as a virus or a program. The text I understand because of the magic is actually a less ancient version of the spell, so I am trying to find words to compare and decode it,” Stiles explained. Derek looked at him with an awed expression. Stiles smiled at him and leaned over to kiss him, “don’t be so surprised.”

“I will always be surprised about how amazing you are,” Derek admitted softly.

Stiles beamed at him, “I love you.“ He leaned back over the book, “I will try to read it out loud. Maybe the magic that helps us read it can help us understand the spoken version too,” he decided and did exactly that.

The foreign words filled the air and the scent of magic became potent in the air.

Derek’s instincts flared up, instantly getting on a fight or flight mode that forced his eye colour to shift.

“I don’t think you should be reading that,” he admitted, but Stiles didn’t even look up, “Stiles?”

Stiles stopped to look up at him, “what?”

“You shouldn’t read it anymore,” Derek said uneasily.

Stiles blinked and exhaled, “You are right. The rest is probably warnings or instructions or something anyway. Are you okay?”

Derek put the books back, his body tense and his eyes flickering. “I’m fine, I just never really liked the scent of magic. Come on, we should go now.”

“You are right, I’m sorry. Let’s go get some dinner,” Stiles agreed.

And so they did. They went to a place that served traditional food. They sat down by one of the tables in the back of the room.

The light from the tall candles cast a yellowish glow over Derek’s face, making his bone structure very apparent. It really was a masterpiece, and he didn’t talk about the old paintings on the restaurant’s walls.

Stiles realised he had been staring way too long. He looked down at his empty plate, a smile forming on his lips and his cheeks turning embarrassingly red.

Stiles licked his lips and met his gaze once again. Derek reached for Stiles’ hand over the table and gently stroke his thumb the same way he had done many times before with such affection. It always had the same effect on Stiles, it made his heart flutter and his mind wander. He thought about what he possibly could have done to deserve someone like Derek.

After the dinner and a romantic walk through the city, they went back to their hotel to sleep. They didn’t seem to notice the glowing in Stiles’ backpack as they cuddled up.

The rest of their days went by faster than they would have liked. They went sightseeing a lot, but they always ended up back at the library. Stiles was adamant that they should read all the books in the secret section and it wasn’t like Derek disagreed.

They really felt regretful as they were going back home, but it wasn’t much they could do to change the fact that they had to return.

“It’s not like we even have a case!” Stiles complained, “I am bored here, what are we supposed to do, train all week?”

“Well we do have a house to ourselves, I can certainly entertain you if you want me to,” Derek said with a smirk.

Stiles gaped at him, ”Oh my god, yes please!

What will happen next? Comment or reply to keep the story alive!

Here you can find Ch.1 and Chap.2

Read Ch.4 here


Summary: Oh, I really suck at these… You have been hunting with the Winchesters for years…You never knew how far you were willing to go to make Dean happy.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader, Cas, Crowley

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Word Count: 3600+

A/N: This is my first attempt at a reader insert. Hope you enjoy…I would love some feedback. Thanks for reading.

Warnings: Language, reader depression, alcoholism 

Strong arms tightening around your waist slowly brought you out of dreamless sleep. Blinking the sleep away, you survey the bare, grey wall of your room that you had never bothered to decorate. A small smile flicks across your face as you remember one of the biggest fights that you and Dean had ever had, you saying that you wanted a separate room. It had taken almost a week to get it through his thick skull that you just wanted him to have his own space because he had never had a room to himself. Though in all reality, you never slept apart.

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So imagine that James had tried to get over Lily sixth year and started dating another girl. He was claiming he was completely over her (which we all know is not true) but Lily had begun to believe it. Now this is the time Lily is just beginning to like James and she is terrified she had ruined her chance. Remus, on the other hand, is pining after Sirius who he thinks is Mr. Macho straight man because of all the girls he’s snogged and other nonsense. Remus and Lily are study partners and really close friends who confide in each other. Then they make their plan…

The next day Lily walks with the Mauraders to class which confuses the hell out of them. When they get there, Lily grabs Remus by the tie and snogs him right there. She leaves before the other Mauraders can react, but when they do, oh, it’s a shit-storm. James is going on about how Remus has betrayed him, Sirius is going off that Remus didn’t tell them he fancied Evans (Sirius honestly thought Remus was gay and was furious now that he realized that wasn’t the case), and Peter is just like “what the hell man we were supposed to be lonely old men eating pudding all day what gives?” Remus just tells James that he was over her so he didn’t see the problem, but he wouldn’t date her if it bothered him. Since he was dating another girl, he couldn’t exactly say it did. So he let it go.

Lily and Remus act really obnoxious about their “relationship,” especially in front of the others. James is just festering in his pure rage and Sirius is like “what the fuck Evans everyone knows I have dibs on the Moons back up bitch.”

It’s James who snaps first who starts telling Remus how he wasn’t over Lily and it was all a lie and the fact Remus had her was hurting his feelings and he should stop. Remus is trying really hard to keep a straight face while James is pouring his heart out to him but he caves and dies of laughter. All the others are confused and Remus just takes them down to Lily and tells her “you’re good girl.” James and the other girl broke up so it’s totally okay when Lily just kisses James and says “you’re mine Potter” and saunters away like the badass she is. They are all dumbfounded except Remus who just goes back up to the dormitory like it’s all cool. Sirius climbs into his bed that night and Remus tells him everything, even the whole making jealous part because “I’ve been in love with you since second year bro.”

Let’s just say they needed a very strong silencing charm for Remus’s punishment.

Badass!reader part 5 Imagine Jack frost almost kills you and Dean has to save you from freezing to death ♡♡♡♡

Word count: 4346
Pairings: Dean x reader
Warnings: usual, swearing, drowning
A/N: So anyone who read the pending requests knew that Dean was gonna save her haha, and to everyone else, it’s in the title, so I don’t feel that it’s gonna be a surprise to anyone. This was gonna be the last badass!reader part, but then I got another request for her, so there’s at least one more part coming, so this turned into more of a filler than an ending. So yeah, bear with it, and part 6 will have a better story to it.
Hope you enjoy :D
Dean only lay with you in the snow for a few seconds before he angrily swiped a hand over his face, wiping his tears away and clearing his vision.

“No!” He growled as he sat up, gently picking you up and then standing up, making sure he had hold of you properly before he started running through the woods, carrying you back the the motel.

“Just a little while longer, Y/N. Just hold on, baby. I’m gonna get you back,” he promised as he ran, and soon enough you were back in your motel room, Dean gently depositing you on the bed while he grabbed his phone and hit speed dial for Sammy.

It rang three times before Sam picked up, but in that time Dean had gone into the bathroom and started filling the bath with warm water and then had ran back to you.

As soon as Sam answered, Dean was talking, his voice rough from crying.

“Sammy! Get back here now. It’s Y/N…”

The line was silent for a moment but Dean carried on grabbing things, knowing that he had a narrow window of opportunity to act.

Sam spoke carefully, as if he didn’t want to hear the answer.

“Is… Is she dead?”

Dean shook his head.

“I’m gonna bring her back, Sammy. Don’t worry. She’s going to be fine. Find Bobby and bring him back here.”

Sam didn’t even bother replying, but just hung up. Dean knew that he could rely on his brother, so he threw the phone away and then picked you up off the bed, carefully carrying you to the bathroom.

Gently he placed you in the bath, the water cold, but not as cold as it had been outside.

He was going to try and bring your body temperature back up slowly, and then try CPR again.

After ripping his shirt off, Dean climbed in the bath with you, holding your head up and keeping you close to his body, trying to use his body heat to aid in warming you up.

He added a little more hot water to the bath, trying to warm it up as he rubbed your arms and back, quietly talking to you.

The water was working and you were getting warmer, so Dean didn’t wait any longer before he got you both out of the bath and then took a deep breath before starting CPR again.

He was keeping track in his head, sealing his mouth over yours once again to give you two breaths and then more chest compressions, feeling more desperate after each set and you still weren’t responding.

He had to remind himself to try and keep calm, or he was afraid he’d break your ribs in his desperation.

“Come on! Y/N come one! Come back!” He growled as he pushed down of your chest.

Suddenly you started coughing and Dean let out a sob, quickly helping you to sit up and cough the water up, rubbing your back and holding you against him as you got it up.

“Good girl. Good girl,” he chanted in between planting kisses on your temple and rubbing your arms.

You felt like you’d been hit by a bus.

Everything ached, and you were freezing cold, shivering violently in a familiar set of arms.

“D…Dean?” You stuttered and he nodded and then answered aloud too.

“Yeah baby, its me. It’s all right, I’m here.”

Before you said anything else, he was picking you up and carrying you back into the bedroom, both of you dripping all over the floor, but you were both past the point of caring.

You tried not to moan too much when Dean put you down for a second so that he could help you out of your wet clothes, quickly drying you off with a towel and then helping you into the bed.

The covers were heavy and warmed you up a little, but you were still shivering violently.

Dean quickly got out of his soaking jeans and then dried off before climbing in with you, pulling your shivering form towards him.

You buried your face in his neck, feeling how tense he was, and after a second, you looked up at him and saw that he was staring at the ceiling, water pooled in his eyes, spilling over when he blinked.

Feeling a little alarmed, you tried to talk around your chattering teeth.

“D…Dean…Why…are you… Crying..g?”

He pulled you even closer, wrapping his arms tighter around you, trying to keep you as warm as he could.

“Because for a second there, I thought I had lost you,” he explained, running a hand down his face to get rid of his tears.

You felt a lump in your throat and blinked the tears away.

“I think for a second there, you did,” you whispered, your shivering finally seeming to subside.

Dean started humming to you, and the sound was comforting, lulling you to sleep on Dean’s chest.

He played with your hair and watched as you relaxed, your breathing evening out as you drifted…

The door banged open and you opened your eyes and sat up, your thoughts going immediately to Jack, but it was just Sam and Bobby, their chests heaving after running all the way back.

When they saw you alive, you saw them both sigh in relief and Sam walked into the room and came over to you, giving you a hug before looking at Dean.

“We found Jack’s body and we’ve burned it. Juliet and Maggie are both safe, and Juliet says she wants to see her sister.”

Dean frowned.

Juliet had been getting on his nerves since before he had met her, and after he had he didn’t think she was much better. But you wanted to see her, so you nodded and Sam nodded and then left with Bobby, who sent a “good to see you still kicking, kid” your way before closing the door behind them, leaving you and Dean with some privacy for a few moments, so you figured that now was the time to swallow your pride and apologise.


He looked at you and you half smiled at him.

“Just for the record, I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have been so stubborn back at Bobby’s, and if I hadn’t stormed off earlier, this wouldn’t have happened…”

Dean quickly cut you off by moving forward and pressing his lips against yours and bringing his hand to your hair, holding you close as he kissed you deeply.

Every ounce of love and gratitude he felt about you was projected in that kiss, but you were interrupted by your sister walking in, so you pulled apart, reluctantly.

Juliet looked like she’d been crying, and she stood frozen in the doorway for a few seconds before rushing over to your side and asking you if you were okay.

Before you could reply, she had looked over at Dean.

“Thank you so much. Sam told me what happened, and Y/N would be dead without you. So thank you,” she smiled at him and he grunted a reply, but then felt guilty for your sake, and answered her.

“You’re welcome. Though with that said, I didn’t do it for you,” he added as he grabbed some clothes and headed for the bathroom to get changed.

Juliet watched him go and then looked at you with a little grin on her face.

“Trust you to be the one to make a Winchester fall for you,” she laughed, and you shrugged, wondering how she knew who the Winchesters were.

“How do you know they’re Winchesters?” You asked, and she pulled a face at you.

“Everyone knows about the Winchesters. They’re the best hunters out there. Mom knew John, and she used to talk about him and his boys all the time… Can’t you remember?” She asked, but you shook your head and then looked away.

“It’s not like me and mom were ever close. Small talk wasn’t one of the things she would bother with with me. But I guess I finally did something right by her standards if I found hunting partners she would agree with…” You trailed off, not wanting to think about your mother anymore. Your relationship hadn’t exactly been great, and you only felt worse when you thought about it.

Juliet sighed and then put her hand on your arm, looking you in the eyes as she spoke.

“Mom was proud of you. She always was…” She paused for a second and sighed, as if what she was about to say was difficult.

“Mom always knew that you were the better hunter. Even though you were younger, she always knew that she’d never have to worry abut you on solo hunts. You just had that spark that I was lacking. You two only clashed so much because you reminded her so much of dad. You always knew your own mind and strengths. Her death wasn’t your fault… There’s something I never told you…”

You held your breath as your big sister told you what she had withheld from you for years.

“Mom knew what she was doing that day. You were never supposed to fight Jack. You were the bait. We didn’t tell you just in case you gave it away. But Mom was never going to let you fight. You did nothing wrong…”

Juliet could see the way you were looking at her, and you couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

She had known how guilty you had felt after that hunt, how it had torn you apart for years, making you feel like everyone around you got hurt and left. You’d been too scared to get close to people in case you got them hurt, and now she was telling you that it had all been bullshit. There had never been anything wrong with you.

You didn’t know what you were feeling. You were angry, sure, and on a normal day, you would have likely smacked some remorse into her, but you had died that day, and you just felt tired.

She was looking worried now, and she touched your arm again, but you pulled it back out of her grip.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. Please say something…” She begged, so you obliged her and looked up.

“Get out,” you simply answered and she frowned but stood up, looking like she was going to say something else, but then she turned and headed for the door.

When she was gone, Dean came back into the room and sat next to you, taking your hand and smiling at you, waiting for you to speak. He had heard what Juliet had told you, but he wasn’t going to say anything about it until you had processed it.

Instead, he went and got your duffle, pulling some clothes from it for you to put on.

You looked outside and frowned.

“Dean, it’s the middle of the night. Where are we going?” You asked, not really feeling like going out.

Your body hurt, your mind hurt. Everything hurt.

You repeated your thoughts to him, hoping he didn’t want to go out and get food, but instead he nodded and handed you the clothes he had picked for you.

“I know. We’re going to the hospital.”

You groaned and lay back down, trying not to groan at the pain it caused in your chest.

“Dean, I’m fine! I’ll be normal again in a few days. Just let me sleep it off,” you tried, but he shook his head and pulled you to your feet, helping you into a comfy tee and then one of his shirts.

“Y/N, you died. Okay? Your heart stopped beating and you drowned… I don’t care if I have to personally carry you in there myself. You are going to that hospital, and you’re going to let the docs do what they need to to make sure that you are okay. Capisce?”

You glared at him, but didn’t argue as you stepped into a pair of jeans and let Dean do them up as you were shivering again and your hands were numb.

Dean left you to put your socks and shoes on by yourself as he went to tell Sam, and when he got back, you were just pulling on a jacket.

“Sammy is coming with. He’s in the impala already… Juliet and Maggie are staying here for the night, and Bobby is gonna watch them…”

You nodded and walked towards him, dragging your feet a little as your legs were feeling like they didn’t want to cooperate.

You felt so weak and you hated it so much. You were supposed to be a hunter, but you were about as helpful as a baby now that you’d been hurt.

Without saying a word, Dean walked over to you and scooped you into his arms, carrying you out of the door and pulled it shut with his foot.

“I said I’d carry you,” he explained, making you feel a little less useless, so you smiled and kissed his cheek.

Once you were safely in the back of the Impala, Dean climbed in the drivers seat and looked back at you once before starting the engine and heading for the hospital.

On the road, you filled the brothers in on all that had happened to you, and then Dean returned the favour and explained that the colt had worked and what had gone down between you storming off and Dean reviving you in the motel.

It sounded like it had been pretty close, and that made your sarcasm die down a little as you realised that you were lucky that you were still breathing. You owed Dean.

You had to come up with a cover story for what happened to you, so you quickly came up with that and then relaxed as you pulled up in the hospital car park.

You really didn’t want to get out of the car as it was warm in there, but Dean came around for you and scooped you into his arms once more, leaving Sam to close the door after you and then run ahead to get a doctor.

Once you were inside, you were met with a gurney and a group of doctors, all chattering around you as Dean placed you down.

Before you even had time to react, they were pushing you away, leading you away from Sam and Dean, behind a set of double doors that locked automatically behind you.

When you saw that Sam and Dean couldn’t follow you, you started freaking out, calling for them and trying to get off the bed, but a doctor restrained you.

You didn’t know where the irrational fear was coming from, because deep down you knew that the doctors weren’t going to hurt you, but you didn’t want to be separated from your friends, especially Dean.

You could see him at the end of the hall, trying to open the doors and shouting through to you, telling you to calm down and for the doctors to let go of you, but no one paid attention.

You were acting on instinct to protect yourself and so you ripped your arm from the doctors grasp and punched him in the face, screaming at them to let you go.

Two more doctors held you down and then you felt a scratch on your hip, and then darkness took you again.

Dean watched you relax through the window, wanting to break down the doors and come and rescue you, but he knew that you were in good hands, and you were only scared because you’d been through a trauma, and not because you were in any danger…

Still. He felt that he should be at your side.

Sam put a hand on his brother’s shoulder and squeezed it reassuringly.

“She’s gonna be okay, Dean. She’s strong and you did good. They’ll probably just give her a once over and release her. Until then, sit down, I’ll go find us some coffee and the doctor will find you when you can go and see her. Okay?”

Dean nodded and then took his brother’s advice, collapsing into a chair in the waiting room and quickly falling asleep.

The whole day had drained him, so when Sammy came back with two cups of coffee, he just smiled and set them down on a small table and then sat beside him brother, keeping watch for any news.

Almost an hour and a half later, a doctor emerged from the doors, a clipboard in hand as he went and spoke to the nurse on the station, who then pointed over to Sam and Dean.

Sam didn’t wake his brother, just in case there was nothing to report, and instead stood up and walked over to the doctor.

The doc regarded Sam carefully and then back at Dean.

“You two are the ones who brought in Y/N Y/L/N?” He asked and Sam nodded, lightly bouncing around on his feet.

“Yeah. Is there any news? Is she okay?”

The doctor nodded and sighed, looking at his clipboard.

“She’s very lucky. And strong. Her body was put through a lot, but she’s still fighting against it. Her brain activity is normal, and there doesn’t seem to be any permanent damage…”

Dean had woken up and walked over to where the doc and Sam were talking, eager for any news about you, and caught the back end of the doctors sentence.

“She’s okay then?” He asked, and the doctor turned to him with a slight smile on his face.

“Yes she is. Are you the one who pulled her from the water?”

Dean nodded, slightly nervous about what the doc was gonna say next. Probably about to have a go and say she should have been brought straight to the hospital.

He was surprised to hear the next sentence out of the doctors mouth.

“Then you are a hero. You saved her with your quick thinking and acting. You should be proud of yourself. She’s going to make a full recovery because of you.”

He shook Dean’s hand, and then told them where they could find you.

“She’s still asleep, but going on how she reacted before, it’s probably best that she wakes up to some familiar faces.”

The two Winchesters thanked him and then started heading for your room.

Sam stopped however and told Dean that he was gonna phone Bobby and Juliet to let them know the news. Dean nodded and then found his way to your room, opening the door quietly and sticking his head around to look at you.

You were sleeping peacefully on the bed, your hair fanning around your head, reminding Dean of how you had looked, face down in the water, so he quietly walked over to you and gently smoothed your hair down.

Even unconscious you responded to his touch, turning your face a little into his hand and he smiled and stroked your cheek before pulling up a chair next to you.

When he looked back up at you, he found that your eyes had slowly opened and you were looking at him, so he got back to his feet and kissed your forehead.

“How’re you feeling?” He asked, and you frowned and stretched, feeling how weightless your arms felt.

“Some douche stabbed me,” you frowned, making Dean laugh. The sound of it made you smile a little, and you bodged up on the bed so Dean could climb in with you.

Clearly you had been given some pain meds as you were struggling to stay awake, so you just snuggled into Dean’s chest and let sleep take you, Dean following soon after.

That was how Sam found you when he walked in, chuckling to himself as he snapped a picture to send to Charlie.

It all worked out, kid. She’s doing fine - S

The reply was almost instantaneous.

I’m at Bobby’s with Cas. They’re adorbs! Glad you guys saved her. See you in a few days xx -C


The next morning, you woke up to the sound of Maggie running in, shouting your name as she tried to pull herself up onto the bed, needing a little help from “unca Sammy!”

She started bouncing on you and Dean, waking you both up.

“Maggie, be careful. Aunty Y/N is poorly. She needs kisses and cuddles, not lots of noise,” Juliet warned as she came through the door, carrying a heavy looking box in her arms with a smaller box on top.

She put them down on a spare chair and then walked over to you, watching Dean play with Maggie as she took your hand and squeezed it.

You could tell that an apology was headed your way, so you shook your head and squeezed her hand back.

“It’s okay, Juliet. I forgive you,” you explained, having realised that you didn’t have enough family to hold grudges over childish mistakes.

To stop her from arguing with you, you quickly spoke to Maggie, putting your arms out.

“Well where’s my kisses and cuddles to make me better?”

At first she was a little shy, sticking to Dean, but when he told her that he’d kiss you too, she was suddenly game and jumped on you, showing you with little kisses and making everyone laugh, even Bobby who had followed Juliet into the room.

You were interrupted by a doctor who came in to check on you and ask you a load of questions before he signed a sheet and officially discharged you.

Juliet had brought some more clothes for you, so you closed the curtains around your bed and got dressed while listening to the others talk.

“What’s in the box?” You asked through the curtain as you pulled a t-shirt on, dumping the hospital gown on the bed and trying not to think of which nurses had put you in it.

Juliet was quiet for a moment, but then she cleared her throat and moved closer to the curtain and spoke through it.

“After we split up, I went back to the storage locker mom put our things in and I cleared it out. The stuff in the box is stuff that I thought you should have, and things that used to belong to you… A few pictures of us from the old house, and then some that mom took of us growing up on the road…”

You finished pulling up your jeans and then opened the curtain, thanking your sister, but not opening the box. You would do that when you were back in your room in the bunker, when you had the privacy to work through any feelings the contents of the box would drag up.

There was a moment of silence which was broke by Bobby announcing that you ought to be hitting the road soon.

Juliet’s face fell, so you stepped forward and hugged her, pickpocketing her phone at the same time.

When you pulled apart, you started dialling on her phone.

“We’re not losing each other again. You’ve got my number, and if I’m ever anywhere near here again, I’ll swing by. Okay?”

She nodded and then took Maggie back from Dean, stepping back to allow you all to pass.

You were a hunter. You never found goodbyes particularly hard, because you lived knowing that each day could be your last, and you were pretty much cool with that. Juliet however was not. She had been out of the life for a while, and so watching you walk out of the door again was far too much like a goodbye she might not again.

She was safe, but she knew that you weren’t. Not so long as you were hunting. And she also knew that she would never be able to keep Maggie safe so long as you were in their lives. So she smiled and waved as you got into the impala, knowing that as long as you were hunting, she wouldn’t know if you were ever going to come back, and if you were, what kind of trouble you might bring with you. So she waved goodbye, praying it would be the last one so long as you were hunting.


The next day, you pulled up in front of Bobby’s house, Charlie and Cas waiting for you on the porch, looking impatient as the engines were shut off and you all slowly climbed out, stiff from the long journey.

Strangely enough, Cas was the first of the pair to hug you, and you wondered if Charlie had been giving him more lessons on blending in with humans.

He frowned at you when he moved back though.

“You need healing. You are not well,” he observed before touching two fingers to your forehead, leaving a warm feeling to spread throughout your body.

“Thanks Cas,” you smiled, and he returned the expression, looking genuinely pleased that he’d been able to help.

Charlie nudged him out of the way and hugged you tightly, having not expected to see you again, so it was a pleasant surprise that you were alive.

In the back of her mind, Charlie was already wondering when she could get her hands on the next book. She wanted to know what happened, but Chuck hadn’t released another book, and hadn’t answered her questions when she had asked about it.

But the way you and Dean were looking at eachother was enough to give her hope that a happy ending was on the horizon.

With a laugh, she realised that you were truely one of them now, and she repeated her thoughts to you.

“Why’s that?” You chuckled, and she grinned and lightly punched you in the arm.

“Winchester final initiation test. You have to die at least once and be brought back. We’ve all been there!”

Everyone laughed, having to see the funny side to that twisted truth, and Dean pulled you close to him and kissed your temple.

“Yeah. Welcome to the family.”

September 18, 2016



With every passing year I am reminded of a few key dates, ones that mark the passage of time in a human life and were once entirely foreign in both concept and practice to me. Towards the beginning I had to be constantly reminded of this particular day and it’s sentiment, not because of the idea that I would turn one year older (because, frankly speaking, that does not apply to me), rather more because of the significance of the idea of a birthday.

I remember the day I was asked the question, after Sam’s birthday had come and gone in May five years ago. Sam had his soul once more and was celebrating a rejuvenation of life and emotion. Dean had made Sam go to a burlesque club in celebration, but he himself had chosen not to accompany his brother. Instead he and I continued working on the case we have been investigating during the time. It was when we were in the middle of looking through haggard books that he asked me about my birthday.

I told him that I suppose I did have one, but that day had never been bound to any sort of calendar in the past. I remember it vividly, the moment of my birth. Angels were created in our Father’s image, programmed to serve and already have a working knowledge of that which we were meant to protect. We did not know everything yet, of course. Knowledge comes with time, but we were far more advanced than a newborn baby.

I was not born like a human, was not raised like one either. I just… existed. For many years I existed and watched the phases of the moon turn, replaced by the blistering sun that looked upon a newborn world. There was day and night, only recorded history began to date days with actual references. My birthday could have been on a Saturday or a Thursday, the specific date could never be determined using contemporary tools.

Dean seemed to understand, but he asked for one anyway. “Just pick one then. One day out of this whole ‘contemporary’ life that you like. You’ve got the ultimate choice here man. Most people don’t get to pick when they were born.” he had said.

I did not know what to choose. There are 365 days, 366 on any given leap year, and yet I did not know what constituted a valuable choice for a birthday. I enjoyed all seasons, each had its own merit, therefore I did not have a preference. I suppose Dean had seen my struggling with the question and answered for me. September 18th. Today.

Today is a rather important day, but it was still that before Dean asked if I accepted this day as the date of my birth. Today, 8 years ago, I was going into battle to save the Righteous Man from the depths of hell.

I remember the preparation for the raid just as vividly as the day of my birth. Two squadrons would enter and combat the demons that held the gates of Hell, a smaller and more agile string of angels would then begin their descent and cover for those that would be extracting the Man from the chains that bound him, or rather, from the chains he himself had since created in the forty years he had been here. Time is not the same as it is on Earth in Hell. I was the one that managed to find Him first and carry him out, my wings nearly incinerated in the process. We lost angels in the raid, good and loyal ones, but there was not time to mourn respectfully. Their bodies remained in Hell, but their grace and essence returned to Heaven after I saw to it that Crowley stayed true to his word. I had been weakened by the fight, carrying the fate of humanity and the one that would stop the world from ending while also tasked with needing to put him back together again. To say the day was grueling would be a vast understatement.

This day is the day that battle took place, the day that I raised Dean from perdition and began a new life. I suppose that is why I accept this as my birthday. I was born again in the very fire I raised a soul out of. Today would be the day my life as I knew it would irrevocably change. Dean had been placed under my protection and I in turn began to learn just as a human child does when they open their eyes to this new world. I was born again.

So much has happened since then. War; Loss; Egocentrism; Grief; Death; A second chance; Falling; A third chance; Family. I lived my life on Earth and began to learn as a human in eight years what I never learned in 4 billion years. 2000 years mankind has lived on this Earth in recorded history, and yet they know so much more than any angel prior to the fall of Heaven.

This is my birthday, and true to his word five years ago, Dean and Sam have celebrated it, have made jokes about my age and partaken in ceremonies I had no concept of until recently. This day was no longer heavy with memories of war and losing my brothers and sisters in hell, of finding a broken body and attempting to put it back together into a man that thought did not deserve to be saved. This was a day to mark the celebration of birth, or in my case, rebirth, and for that I do not know what more to say, therefore I will smile and reflect on the events that have brought me here, to all that has happened these past eight years. I pray that I will be able to live many more.



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