we were such derps

One with Luke him being a drug dealer reader falls for? Please?

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AN So I have been told numerous times to make my Demon!Luke and Killer!Calum into fanfictions so that I’d update a lot more frequently, so if you want that to happen, please like/reblog this ask here. I’m trying to see how many people would like to see that happen, and if I get enough, I’ll make them official fanfiction, and post links to the chapters on this blog. Sound good? Meanwhile, I still need to catch up on everyone’s requests, so thanks for bearing with me, friends. Since school starts (tomorrow actually pls kill me)I’m going back to my one every other day schedule (but if you also happen to follow my ATL blog as well on the off days of this one, I’ll try to post on that one so you’ll get an imagine from me no matter what). Updates for fanfics would probably be on Saturdays, so that’s just being put out there. Thanks for sticking with me friends, carry on.

Warning: smut

Your POV

“Y/N, it would be much appreciated if you’d go out and get us pot,” my friend Michael told me. We were currently sitting on my couch, and I was told I had to go out and get the weed this time. It had always been Michael or Calum, but never me. I was a moocher, what could I say.

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Voiceiyuu SNK Shenanigans

OKAY LET ME EXPLAIN. We (Voiceiyuu Members) were all on skype randomly derping around and suddenly Peter sends us an mp3 titled “ErenNO” and we listen and die and then we all piled on reactions and responses and eventually this happened xD;; SORRY TO THE MASSES <3


  1. Peter - Eren
  2. Michaela - Fem!Eren
  3. Jonah - Jean
  4. Helene - Mikasa
  5. Peter - Eren
  6. Michaela - Mikasa
  7. Helene - Annie
  8. Chris - REINER?



OAO uhmmm…I don’t remember exactly how this happened xD. At first I was derping with my friend Gabi and then we were (agonizing) talking about the death of hanji’s squad…so I came up with the idea that It was just as if Levi had a litter of puppies, then he lost them (or they died omg) and he felt a bit depressed so hanji gave him a few more on her own and…yeah It happened again Dx (sorry Levi you stink as a nanny)…

Then Gabi was like: asgdfag that’s so mean! you must draw it xD

aand I couldn’t draw puppies…but I made chibi sad faces (don’t wanna see my old dorks crying)…and a tiny reference to commander hanji huh: It’s my way of represent how much she will have to stand from now on, starting with this, now that Levi seems to be reaching his limit (besides that was for cheering him up on the gifset lol)…enjoy? sorry they’re sketches xux. Click to see the captions °v°)

I suck at angst okaaaaay OTL

more comics o vo


As people seem to like the t-shirts I had made for Eren and myself I thought I’d share the only video taken during the whole trip that shows us actually wearing them; we were derping around with our adorable Marco and Jean babies enjoying a relaxing break after the convention and adventured to one of the large shopping malls and ended up skating 

~ Ravioli