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This Is What the Resistance Sounds Like
Governor Jerry Brown says in this rousing, confidence-inspiring speech that if Donald Trump shuts down satellite collection of climate data, “California will launch its own damn satellites.”
By James Fallows

That’s my governor.

mochiiswan  asked:

request: what if gaston and the reader are in love (but not a couple) but had to move to paris because of something? and they're like 14 and 15 so they're young and in love. so they make a promise to come back to each other in a few years. gaston goes to war and the reader goes to paris with her family - then seven years later she comes back to see if gaston is back and yep, he is!! fluff!! like, he was in love with belle (while the reader was gone) but completely forgot when you came back.

omg this is so cliche but i loVE IT ANYWAY OKAY LET’S GET THIS THING GOING

word count: 2847


“Promise me you’ll come back in one piece?” 

Gaston chuckled. “That I’m afraid, I cannot do.” Kissing your knuckles, the teen smiled sadly. “However, I shall try my best to do so, should you promise me one thing in return.” 

“And that is?” You inquire of your admirer, raising a brow. 

“Wait for me,” Gaston responded, keeping your hands in his as he looked into your eyes. “If you could do just this one thing, wait for me, I should be a happy man going to war.” 

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HIGHLY REQUESTED: Part two of “The Ultimate Mistake”

I could feel his presence before I could see him, every inch of my body standing straight at attention as his familiar ‘Versace’ cologne tickled my nose, waiting for any form of recognition from the boy it had learned to crave, for the touch it yearned for. He was standing directly behind me, his soft warm breath tickling the back of my tanned neck, brushing loose strands of hair over the flowers inked into the delicate skin. “I know you said you didn’t want to talk,” he began, my body shivering at the sound of his voice as I kept my eyes glued to the music video set before me, begging myself not to turn around. “So I’ll talk, you can listen.”

The pain in his voice shatters my heart into smithereens, the feeling like a knife being stabbed into my gut, twisting to make me feel the guilt I’ve been trying so hard to ignore. He hit me. He hurt me. And yet I feel like I’m the one who should be apologizing, the effect he’s always had on me. Despite my better judgement, I turn, my eyes landing on his golden orbs of emotion and I immediately want to break down into tears. “You haven’t been sleeping.” I state quietly, my gaze studying the dark bags that were almost impossible to notice if I wasn’t studying everything about him.

Justin nods his head as my left hand reaches up, my hand holding his cheek as my thumb traces softly under my favorite feature of his, wishing a single swipe of my finger could take away the imperfection that had been put there because of me. “There’s been a lot on my mind,” Justin trails off, his eyes avoiding mine as I quickly drop my hand from his face, realizing what I’m doing. No. He doesn’t get to get away with this that easily. I lick my lips playing with the bandana on the top of my head as I study the rest of his appearance, noting the intense shake of his hands and the constant fidgeting as he stands in front of me dressed in his music video outfit. “Sleeping hasn’t seemed important.” He continues softly, taking a step closer to me as if he doesn’t want anyone else to hear.

“You’re shaking.” I say, realizing his usual anxiety meds that I make sure he takes with his morning coffee hasn’t been in his system for days.

“No shit,” Justin spits, agitated as he runs his hand over the top of his head, letting out a huff of air. His words don’t catch me off guard like they used to, when his anxiety takes over, there’s a new side to Justin not even his mother knows. The words fill the space between us and i roll my eyes, annoyed at his childish outburst as his eyes fill with regret. It’s always the same game. “I’m sorry, that came out wrong. I’m just, I don’t know, I just, I miss you Y/N.” His response makes me push him away from me by the stomach, standing up from the barstool and walking away from the day that was suppose to be a day to get away from the Justin drama.

“Yo, JB, what the fuck man?” I hear Quavo yell as I push past the cast and crew of the music video, heading for the gate that will lead me to the outside. I just need to breathe, I need to be alone. From behind me Justin is yelling my name, calling for me to turn around, to come talk to him, but the thought of facing someone that cares so little about me makes my blood boil in anger.

Finally breaking through the gate I slip the red and white pack of cigarettes from the back pocket of my skin tight blue jeans, already flicking the cheetah print covered bic lighter and lighting the end of the orange and white stick, loving the feeling of the familiar taste soaking down my throat as i inhale deeply. “You’re smoking again?” Justin asks, coming up next to me as I feel a tear fall down my right cheek. I snatch my arm away from his grip as he tries to take the cigarette from between my manicured fingers. “Give it to me, Y/N.”

“Or what? You’ll hit me again?” I spit, my eyes staring into his, both of us filled with anger. “Fuck off, Justin. You lost any bit of control you had on me the moment you gave me a black eye.” I continued, remembering how I wore dark sunglasses for the first 3 weeks to cover the bruise. I put the cigarette to my lips, taking another drag as Justin inches closer to me, so close that when I exhale, i carelessly release the smoke into his face, knowing it will fuel his fire. “You’re an asshole.”

“And you’re a bitch.” Justin says, so calmly as if it’s the easiest thing for him to say. “What?” He smirks, when my jaw falls slightly in shock. “I thought we were stating facts.” Before I know what I’m doing, my right hand is dropping the cigarette to the ground and connecting with the side of his face, the sound echoing throughout the empty parking lot. Justin nods his head, his jaw tightening as a red hand print starts to form on his face.

Tears leak from my eyes as Justin checks for blood in the corner of his mouth with the pad of his thumb. “Stay away from me.” I retort, pushing past Justin, my shoulder bumping into his. I get only a few steps before his grip is on my wrist, roughly turning me around to face him.

“What do you want, huh? Tell me what you want.” He yells as I cry mercilessly, trying to pull my wrist from his hand. “Tell me what you need me to do. Tell me what I need to say for this to all go away.” Justin knew that I wasn’t upset with being hit, although it was the biggest mistake he could have made, he knew, as stupid as it was, my love for him was much greater.

“I want you to love me!” I scream, louder then i wanted it to be. “I want you to treat me the way you treat, Selena. I want you to think more of me then the scum on the bottom of your shoe.” I cry, as Justin slowly let’s go of my wrist, his eyes searching mine. “I want to not feel like I need you to breathe, but I do don’t I? You are so far under my skin, I don’t know what it means to live without you.”

Justin’s places his hands on both sides of my face, his forehead dropping onto mine. “I love you,” Justin says, so softly i almost didn’t hear him. “You mean more then you could ever imagine to me, I’ve been a mess without you. But as much as I love you, I still love her.” My heart falls into my stomach as he makes his choice, I was stupid. He would always pick her. “I love her, but I can’t lose you.”

“Fuck. You.” I finally whisper, shaking my head as I back away from Justin. Realizing he doesn’t care, he never cared, so why should I? “I’ll never be enough, huh? I’ll never be like her, so what’s the point? Why even try?” The tears fall harder from my eyes as I watch Justin, yet again, stand and do nothing but watch as I fall from his grip. “When the anxiety is too much, don’t call me. When Scooter’s on your case, don’t call me. When you need a good fuck, don’t call me. You know what, just don’t call me, k, ever again. Everyone was right about you. You are the prick of pop music.”

Home, Thomas

Request: A fic where Tom and “you” had been friends for a really long time and just suddenly realized that you loved each other

Summary: Childhood friends until one day, one of them realizes they have grown a bit fond of the other.  

Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Word Count: 1550

A/N: I seem to have lost the message with the request in it, but I hope this satisfied it! Sorry! Also, the phrase at the end is an old saying, so… Yeah.

“Put me down!” _______ screeched.
“Make me!” I responded, a smile creeping upon my features.
“Oh, I don’t think you want me to do that,” _______ boldly stated.
“Then I suppose you won’t be getting down any time soon,” I remarked with an audible smirk.
Suddenly, two fingers were jammed onto a pressure point in my neck.
“AH! Really?” I asked incredulously as I plopped her on the ground. I can’t believe she did that, I thought with a silent chuckle.
“I warned you that you wouldn’t like it,” she replied, arms folded across her chest in triumph.
“Well, I thought we were having fun,” I stated in a matter-of-fact way. Well, I was at least.
“Your definition of fun has always been a little off the mark,” she retorted, an eyebrow quirking up.
“Well, I do protest,” I responded in mock suffering, “Your definition of fun is reading newspapers in ridiculous voices.”
“Don’t you bring up my newspapers,” she commanded with finger pointed at me. She sure is cute when she’s feisty— What are you thinking, Tom? She’s like your sister. Pull it together.

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interrupted (M) part II

pairing: reader x ???

genre: Lil but of angst but mainly SMUT. OLUWAUNNIE I FUCKING WARN YOU NOW. DONT SAY I DIDN’T.

summary: part two of this jikook love triangle lmao.

word count: 2.2k (specifics: 2,263)

warnings/triggers: this is some sinful badly written x-rated shit okay. and and it swears a lot like me lol.

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Seventeen going to the Bank

Episode Six: Seventeen visits the bank but encountered a robber.

Jeonghan: “Finally my baby dino is old enough to open his own personal bank account”

Dino: “How many times do I have to tell you hyung, I’m 18”

Jeonghan: “Hello miss, my son here would like to register his first bank account”

Dino: “I have like 3 bank accounts hyung I do not need another one”

Jun: “Are you going to start an account too Wonwoo?”

Wonwoo: “Nope, I already have one”

Jun: “Then? are you going to put money into your account?”

Wonwoo: “I don’t have any savings, I spent it all of it last week on that haircut remember?”

Jun: “Then why did you bring your bank book with you?”

Wonwoo: “Mingyu told me not to tell you”

Jun: “Mingyu?! What did the tall thing tell you!”

Wonwoo: ….

Jun: …

Wonwoo: “Okay fine. Mingyu told me to withdraw money from my account to buy him more food”

Jun: “He did what now?”

Mingyu: “I said not to tell him Wonwoo…”

Jun: “Stop using Wonwoo’s hard earned money to buy snacks! you have like 10 boxes of chips that haven’t been opened”

Mingyu: “One can never have too many snacks Jun”

Wonwoo: “So… do I withdraw the money or not?" 

Jun: "No”

Mingyu: “YES!”

Jun: “Why can’t you use your own money?”

Wonwoo: “Cause he has no money in his account?”

Mingyu: “thanks a lot wonwoo”

Jun: “You don’t even have a single cent in your account?”

Mingyu: “It was well spent!”

Jun: “It was on food wasn’t it?”


Robber: “Put the money in the duffel bag now, the rest of you get down and put your hands up where I can see them!”

Seungkwan: “I’m too young and fabulous to die!”

Joshua: “In the holy name I pray, please protect us dear lord”

Hoshi: *puts hands up* “Mansae-”

Robber: “Who the hell said that?! If any of you make a sound and I’ll put a bullet through your head”

DK: “Just a clarification though Mr Scary Robber, are you going to cut open my head with a scalpel and put the bullet in or-?" 

The8: "Seokmin, now’s not a good time to be curious”

Robber: *puts gun at dk’s temple* “Do you want to find out?”

Woozi: “Well good riddance”

DK: “Honestly?" 

Robber: "Yes, strange horse-looking boy”

The8: “Are you serious right now?”

Hoshi: “Must. Fight. Temptation. To. Dance. To. Mansae. GAHHHHH”

Scoups: “Hosh. NO”

DK: “In all honesty, I actually really want to know though” *smiles*

Robber: “Okay, I’ll grant you your wish and let you find out”

DK: “I didn’t wish for it but alrighty!”

Robber: *pulls trigger* 

Scoups: "Alright! Hold up! Hold up! Sorry Mr robber-nim, please just ignore him, he’s my child and he is a little… you know” *circles finger around his head*

DK: “What does that mean?”

DK: “Are you implying that I’m crazy?!”

Scoups: “Omg Seokmin…”

Seungkwan: “Yeah Dorkyeom, he’s calling you crazy” divaboo alert

Vernon: “Not now kwan… bad timing to be sassy" 

Hoshi: "Must. Contain. The. Need. To. Swing. Arms. In. The. Air.”

Seungkwan: “What? I’m just stating a fact, we were all thinking it, I’m just saying what everyone else was thinking out loud!”

Vernon: “Divaboo tone it down will ya?”

DK: “You want to know what crazy is? I’ll show you crazy!" 

DK: *gets up from floor and starts doing his horse dance while screaming*

Seungkwan: "I can do better than that" 

Seungkwan: *takes something from the floor as a microphone and starts singing and dancing like it’s his solo debut*

Robber: "What is this situation?" 

DK: *scREAms*

Seungkwan: *starts high note battle*


Jeonghan: *screams from over the counter*

Woozi: *screams a note so high that it made the robber drop his gun*

Robber: “What in god’s name was that?!”



Jun: *hits robber in the eye as he swings his arms*


Jun: “Sorry?”

Jeonghan: *giraffe mode on*

The8: *dabbing mode on* stop Minghao 2017

Dino: *Michael chanson mode on*

Wonwoo: *gives deep stare to robber*

Robber: "AHHHHH what is this noise? What is this stare… it makes me feel somewhat emotionally detached…?? it makes me reflect about the despicable life I’m living…”

Robber: “Why are so many children dancing about?! OMG are they multiplying?!?! How many are there? 10? 20? 30?!!” *collapses*

The Po-Po: “You have the right to remain silent, whatever you say may be used against you in court” *handcuffs the robber*

Robber: *still counting*

The Po-Po: “Well done kids, I don’t know how you did it, we’ve been trying to catch this robber for a year now" 

Scoups: "Oh well, my kids just did whatever they usually do at home… and also in every public place known to man-kind, so don’t worry too much about it Mr Officer" 

The Po-Po: "You guys make a good squad, maybe after your career ends you guys can join the police force, we’ll call you squad number 17" 

Dino: "Woahhh I always wanted to be a police officer hyung! I can have guns and shoot people-” *pew pew*

Jeonghan: “No! Gun’s are too dangerous for toddlers!”

The Po-Po: “As a reward, here’s some vouchers to a buffet, please accept it and enjoy your day”

Wonwoo: “I know someone who would be very happy to accept it” *glances over at Mingyu who is currently stuffing free mints into his pockets*

Mingyu: *whispers* “Wonwoo can I borrow your pocket?”

Woozi: “I have an idea, if you want an eternal endless supply of mints, why don’t you just take that empty cardboard box there and sit in it and stay there?” 

The Po-Po: “Thanks once again boys!”

Scoups: “No, I should be the one thanking you police officer, with this buffet vouchers I saved almost $130 on expenses for their food!”

The8: “Actually Sir can I have your number, I have something important to discuss with you about, it’s regarding a boy named Kim Mingy-“

Scoups: *covers Minghao’s mouth*

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Read the previous episode: Seventeen going to the Hair Salon

Shocked out of his System

I’m so sorry this took longer than it should have and this is way longer than it really should be. Didn’t get the chance to edit this perfectly, but if there’s odd mistakes critique is always welcomed. thanks…

this is part 2 of a story i wrote before entitled Ripped. So someone messaged me a request to continue it and to add a lil kink in there. so here it is. a way too long part two of a story that i never intended to make a part two for… 

enjoy the smut ;)

It’s the first time they met after their little incident on Skype. And by incident Jack means that one time his best friend took his shirt off i front of him and commanded him to wank off to each other… and he couldn’t say no.

It’s been a little over a month since then. They had kept in touch of course. A couple of tweets here and there, an e-mail or two. But no skype. Not right now. Everytime his skype would ring he’d jump in his seat, scared that it might be the American. Whenever it ended up being someone else he’d breath a sigh of relief, but deep down there was a hint of disappointment.

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Things to understand about an ENTP

1) We usually don’t mean things personally.

2) Don’t feel offended just because we were honest and stated basic facts about what is realy happening.

3) When we ask “why”, it is to understand more about things and not attack.

4) its true, we prefer rationality over feelings however someone else telling us how they feel is a very interesting thing for us. We try to help them logically.

5) a lot of things suddenly pop in our heads. we get a bit too excited and jump up with a topic. if we accidentally interrupted its not because we dislike you. Its something stronger than us.


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Pairing: Reader x Kim Junmyeon (EXO) / Reader x Park Chanyeol (EXO)

Genre: Angst with the smallest hint of fluff, I am so sorry

Word Count: 2,992

Plot: The last words he told you before he left were “I’ll see you tomorrow”. Sometimes tomorrow is further than just one day and by then many things have changed.

A blissful sigh passed your lips at the sight of your boyfriend’s car parked in front of your house. It was rare of Junmyeon to be at home, much less to have time for you. Especially as of lately.

He was always putting his career first, as though you weren’t even there. He was gone so often that you began to wonder whether you were in a relationship at all. It wasn’t until he saw you hug or talk to another guy that you received confirmation of your current relationship status. Taken

You loved him. You really did. And you knew that he loved you equally as much. It’s just his own pride that always got in the way of your relationship.

Maybe if he paid you more attention, maybe if he would have stopped thinking that he was the only man you could ever look at, maybe if he actually bothered to look up from his lyrics to take a glance at the progress of the relationship – maybe then you wouldn’t have found yourself thinking those thoughts. But he never did and so you let the destructive, jealous and frustrating thoughts invade your brain.

Thoughts of breaking up. Thoughts of him cheating. Thoughts of cheating on him even. You just never took them seriously – you weren’t that kind of a girl and would never be.

Instead you pushed the ridiculous thoughts at the back of your head, where they would stay until your boyfriend’s departure once again, and walked into your home with a smile on your face.

Your smile faded soon as you caught sight of your boyfriend sitting on the couch, dressed in what seemed to be his clothes from the day’s schedule. It took you a minute to read his facial expression: you weren’t sure whether he was angry or disappointed or perhaps even jealous. Whatever the emotion, you knew your day would end with a fight if you brought it up.

Deciding to leave Junmyeon alone, you walked up the stairs to your bedroom to change out of the uncomfortable clothes. A part of you hoped Junmyeon hadn’t noticed your arrival but another part wished he would walk into the room and give you a tight hug to tell you that he had missed you just as much as you had missed him.

And soon you heard his unmistakable steps coming towards you as you washed off the make-up from the day. You were expecting a kiss, a hug or at least a ‘hello’, but you got none. Instead he spoke, “Where were you?”

“At work.”

“It’s 11 pm,” He snapped, “Do you expect me to believe that you actually had work until 11 at night?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m expecting you to believe. I had a lot of paper work that needed to be finished before tomorrow morning,” You explained while looking him straight in the eye.

He bit the inside of his mouth in irritation and rolled his eyes as you gave him a look of pure disbelief. Junmyeon was usually very patient and kind but there were times when jealousy and stress got the best of him. You tried walking past of him once you grew tired of glaring but he wouldn’t let you.

Once you did manage to pass him, you grabbed a blanket and a pillow before heading towards one of the spare bedrooms. This time Junmyeon followed you, a stoic expression still on his face, “And where do you think you’re going now?”

“To sleep,” You replied without missing a beat. Knowing your boyfriend, chances are that he needed some more time alone to realize what exactly he had said. Despite him actually saying it, he had very clearly accused you of cheating on him.

“Why sleep in a different room? Am I not good enough for you? Am I not as good as the other guy?” Poison laced each and every single word of his and you had had enough.

You turned on your heel and glared at him, “You think I’m cheating on you? Do you know me at all?”

“Well, I thought I did since I am your boyfriend, but I guess I am not the only one!” Junmyeon raised his voice quite a bit and it took all of your self-control to not snap back at him with the same volume. Instead you took a deep breath and tried reasoning with him, “Why would I cheat on you? I really did have work all day. A few other employees bailed on us and now I have to do most of their work too. That’s why I was so late.”

“Sure,” Sarcasm was evident as he continued speaking, “Perhaps a part of the work you had to do was fucking some random guy behind my back? Your boss perhaps?”

That’s when you finally snapped and pushed him out of the room, slamming the door in his face and locking it, only for him to pound his fist on it so hard that you were worried it would break for a moment. You sighed and held back the tears.

What had happened to your sweet boyfriend? What had happened to the man that bought you a red rose for every day he spent away from you? What had happened to the relationship that you shared – the relationship based on trust, love and passion?

The next morning you woke up and headed to the kitchen for breakfast, nearly forgetting that you had a fight just the previous night. You saw your boyfriend sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and his phone in his hand and chose not to bother him.

It was as if the two of you had made a mutual decision to not speak to each other at all throughout the day.

The only word that was spoken was, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” as Junmyeon kissed the top of your head and headed out for yet another schedule. For a moment it seemed as though your old sweet Junmyeon was back to fix things but you told yourself that it was nothing but false hope.

He expected you to stay at home and wait for him, just like you always did, but you had grown tired of waiting. It was as if your whole relationship was suddenly based on it, yet you couldn’t find it in yourself to wait anymore.

Instead you took a piece of paper and wrote down every single thing that had bothered you since the last time when your boyfriend was truly your boyfriend, not Suho of EXO. After about an hour you had written down each and every single doubt and thought of yours that concerned your relationship with him and had to find a way to end the letter.

You had already made up your mind but it was so hard to tell him it, even if it was by letter. Perhaps you should just walk out the door and hide in hopes that he wouldn’t care enough to start searching for you, but no. For all the years that he did treat you right, all five of them, the man deserved an explanation and a proper ending.

So you ended your letter with, “I’m sorry it had to lead up to this. I just can’t do it anymore. We’re over.

Tears smudged some of the blue ink as you signed your name, folded the paper and left it on the dining table.

The next step was packing all of your things and finding a place to stay until you got your life together again. And so you started folding all of the clothes that you had bought for yourself and left behind everything that was in any way associated with your boyfriend, or well ex-boyfriend.

Once you finished you found yourself sobbing and crying as you held your phone in hand and stared at the1qa< contacts, trying to choose which one of your friends would allow you to stay with them. Fate made the decision for you and the piece of technology started ringing.

You didn’t even hesitate as you answered the call, “Chanyeol.”

“Hey, (Y/n)! I was wondering whether- “He cut himself off as his brain registered your sobs, “Is everything alright?” His voice grew softer as he spoke and you shook your head, forgetting he couldn’t see you, but he knew you well enough and took your silence as confirmation.

“Do you want me to come over?” He asked but you knew that it was more of a statement. You could hear him grabbing the keys of his car and rushing out the apartment he lived in.

No more than five minutes after the phone call the tall boy was hugging you on the bed, trying to calm down your frantic sobs. He didn’t question you, neither did he try to stand up for his bandmate. Instead he just held you and let you rant, because he knew it meant that you trusted him.

“Are you sure you’re completely fine?” Chanyeol frowned in worry as he watched you throw up in the bathroom once again. You had barely lived with him for a week and you were already sick and for some reason the boy considered it his own fault.

You chuckled and nodded while wiping your face clean, “Yeah. Probably just food poisoning.”

“Food poisoning? But from what? I mean, you’ve eaten so much,” Chanyeol laughed in disbelief, “It’s like you’re pr- “He trailed off as his eyes widened before he said, “I’m taking you to the doctor.”

“Chanyeol. I said I’m fine,” You protested, refusing to believe it was something serious, “It’s just food poisoning. I mean, think back about all of those weird things I’ve eaten this week.”

“Exactly!” Chanyeol snapped his fingers, “Think about all of the weird things you’ve eaten, how much you have eaten and what you were doing just moments ago.” You stared at him with a blank expression. You were still sleepy and Chanyeol was naturally very hard to understand so you couldn’t really say that you were catching onto his thoughts.

He sighed and motioned for you to get dressed, “I’m taking you to the doctor’s office and if I hear once more single protest from you I will call Kyungsoo and Baekhyun,and they won’t be as kind as me.”

“I can’t believe this,” You gasped and mumbled through tears as your roommate held you close and rubbed your back, “How is this even possible? We were always so careful…”

“I recall a fact stating that nothing is a 100 percent efficient,” Chanyeol tried reasoning but you weren’t hearing any of it as you continued ranting to yourself in the living room where your emotions finally got the best of you after visiting the doctor. You were pacing back and forth and your roommate was slowly starting to consider buying a new carpet in case you broke the one he had.

You had been so sure that it was just food poisoning or in other words – nothing too serious. But this? This was serious. This was very serious.

“How am I supposed to grow a child when its father has left us completely alone?” You continued ranting and pacing around the room, Chanyeol still holding you and following your every step in order to calm both you and himself.

“Is this child supposed to grow up fatherless?”

“So I’m guessing you want nothing to do with Junmyeon,” Chanyeol muttered to himself and continued trying to calm you, “It’s alright. You’re strong. And you have me!”

Hours passed and soon you fell asleep on the bed Chanyeol had given up for you. He watched as you slept and played with your hair gently to not wake you up. He wanted nothing more than to pay a visit to his leader and flick his forehead at least, but he knew it was for the best if he just stayed by your side when you needed it and didn’t mention your location to Junmyeon.

Instead he leaned really close your belly that was going to be swollen in the matter of months and whispered, “Don’t worry, little guy. I will take care of you, okay? I will be your father instead, I promise.”

And he kept that promise.

Years passed and you never left Chanyeol, just like he never left you. He took care of the two of you like he truly was the father of the child.

At first you promised to yourself that you wouldn’t fall for another celebrity after Junmyeon but after living with Chanyeol for so long it was hard to keep that promise. He was always there for you and he always put your needs first. There were times when he needed to stay away for a longer period of time but he always came home straight after them.

Your heart fluttered a little every time you watched Chanyeol play with your little son, Junmyeon. The two of you agreed to name him after his father because even if the man wouldn’t be present in your son’s life in physical form, it just felt wrong to leave him completely out of it. Chanyeol even felt guilty for taking the place that was supposed to be his leader’s in the first place.

Soon the hole Junmyeon had left in your heart was filled with two young men that both took good care of you. Chanyeol and you became an official couple just a few months before your son came into this world and now all of your mutual friends (which includes most of EXO) were betting on when the tall man would propose to you. You never saw Junmyeon again before that one day at the grocery store.

“Myeonie, get over here right now!”

“But eomma, I want cookies,” The little boy cheered from a few feet in front of you. Chanyeol chuckled by your side before kissing your cheek, “I’ll go with him.”

“And buy him cookies?” You asked him with a glare, “I don’t think so. You know what sugar does to him!”

“Come on,” Chanyeol pouted, “The little guy wants cookies. I want cookies. I bet the little girl wants cookies as well!” He rubbed your flat tummy affectionately and widens his eyes to resemble a puppy.

“How do you even know it’s a girl?” You wondered and he shrugged, “Father’s intuition?”

You rolled your eyes and pushed him forward, “You better buy the ones with chocolate chips, you hear me?”

“You heard that, buddy? We’re getting cookies!” The two boys high-fived before Chanyeol picked up the small child and carried him to the sweets section of the store.

You shook your head with a seemingly permanent smile stuck on your face as you made your way over to the milk section. That’s where you met him and Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo’s first instinct was to offer you a bright smile and give you a tight hug. You laughed and motioned for him to release you, afraid his strong hold might actually crush the small bean growing inside of you like Chanyeol and Baekhyun always called it.

“Oh, sorry. I forgot,” Kyungsoo gasped but his smile returned soon, “How have you been?”

“I’ve been great,” You replied with a bright smile before you caught sight of your ex-boyfriend who offered an awkward smile, “Hey.”

“Hey,” He said and looked around, “Are you here alone?”

“Not really, no,” You shrugged, “The boys went to search for cookies.”

Junmyeon had no idea of his son’s existence and you hoped he would never find out because that would only complicate things. Perhaps if he saw the little Junmyeon he would mistake him to be Chanyeol’s instead. You shook the thought off and continued to smile, “How have you been? It’s been so long since I last saw you.”

“Pretty well, actually. I just got married a year ago,” He grinned at the thought of his wife and you expected to feel a pang of jealousy hit you but it never did. You could officially declare that you were over him for good and you wouldn’t be lying anymore. Junmyeon asked you, “But what about you? Anyone in your line of sight yet?”

“I’m actually in a relationship right now.”

“Anything serious?”

“I’d say we’re pretty serious. We have a son and another child coming soon,” You replied with a chuckle and your hand on your tummy. For a moment you saw a flash of realization in your ex-lover’s eyes. Realization that you really never waited for him; that you weren’t going to be running back to him ever; that you were happy without him and he wasn’t the only one that had moved on; that this was your tomorrow and it didn’t include him.

You conversed with the two men for a few minutes before Junmyeon received a call from his wife and excused himself and Kyungsoo. A part of you was glad that you saw him again and that there were no regrets. You had made the right decision by leaving him behind.

Chanyeol’s voice sounded throughout the store and you smacked your forehead in annoyance before he reached you, “Sweetheart. I know you always say that too much candy is bad for Myeonie but would you mind if I bought him gummy bears just this once? He really wanted them!”

“You’re spoiling him, Chanyeol,” You giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Can you blame me? He looks so much like you, it’s unfair. I swear, if the little bean grows up to look like you as well I will need to go and rob a bank.”

“Chanyeol,” You groaned and continued going through your grocery list as he kept your son busy by pointing at big signs and making the child read them.

Yeah, this is definitely the tomorrow that you wanted for yourself.

Dark & Wild - V (Fluff)

“TaeTae, where are you taking me?” You asked for the thousandth time that day.

“Hey, you talk too much, you know that?” he scolded, not taking his hands from off your eyes.

“And you’re too cliché,” you stick your tongue out, although he probably couldn’t see it since he was behind you.

“You’re too impatient,” he retorted.

“You’re too ugly,” You counter.

“I thought we were stating facts here,” He laughs. “In that case, you’re hot.”

“Are we still stating facts here?”

“You wish,” he scoffs.

“I love you,” you tell him.

“I’m going to assume that’s a fact considering you took a vow to spend the rest of your life with me.”

You put yours hands over his. “It’s because I love you.”

He stops. “Aw, really?”


He scowls. “Give me back my diamond ring, then.”

“You wish,” you tell him, imitating what he said earlier.

He laughs and kisses the back of your head.

“I love you, too,” He says gently before releasing you.

As his palms fell from your eyes, your eyes widened.

He had taken you to his recording studio at the BigHit Entertainment building.

“Wh-what are we doing here?” You questioned. “If any of your fans see me here-”

“I don’t care,” Taehyung, or as they call him here, V, told you. “I have something to show you.”

“How about your manager, he said if-”

“- I got permission,” He interrupted. “Now stop worrying, jagi.”

And with that, he grabbed your hand and took you to Bangtan’s studio.

The first thing you saw was a large poster that portrayed the seven boys of BTS with the words Dark & Wild at the bottom.

“Is-Is that-”

“The new album.” He told you excitedly.

“Oh my god.”

“You’re the first person outside of BTS and our staff to know about this,” He told you with his excited grin.

“Taehyung..” You turned around and looked at him with loving eyes.

“Mhm?” He wrapped his arms around you, enwrapping you in a back-hug.

“The album name, it’s-”

“The same title you gave me last week when I was giving you “the look”? My seducing dark stare with the power to make ladies and even men go wild? Yeah, pretty much. We were stumped for a name and that seemed perfect, so technically, I guess, you named our album.“

You laughed. "That means, I’m like- it’s mother.”

He frowned. “Um, no, that’s a problem because that would imply all seven boys of Bangtan are the father, er fathers? You’re MINE.”

You leaned up and pressed your lips against his. “Taehyung, I-”

He smiled and pulled you closer. “You’re at a loss of words?”

You huffed and smacked his head. “No, you idiot. Let me finish my sentence for once.”

He stroked your stray hair strands and rocked the two of you back and forth.

“Fine, what did you want to say, love?” He asked softly.

“You always manage to make me feel like the happiest woman in the world when I’m with you,” you kiss him again.

“Well, what’s a man without his other half?” He smiles warmly at you. “Thank you for agreeing to be mines.”

You stood there for a few seconds basking in the moment until Kim Taehyung suddenly grinned wildly.

“Say, babe…” He smirked.

“Hm?” You looked up at him.

“Shall I show you the other reason we called the album Dark & Wild?” He asked in a suggestive tone.

You barely got to say anything when you hear Suga and Jungkook.

“Ew, hyung, you’re getting way too comfortable for a guy in his recording studio, don’t you think?” Jungkook peeked from the half-open door.

“Get out!” Taehyung yelled.

“And, by the way, you really are ugly,” Suga added.


Taehyung chased after them with you still in the room doubling over with laughter.

“That idiot,” You giggle.

“TaeTae, (Y/N) called you an idiot!” You heard Jimin shout. “And she’s kinda right,”

You scream as the boy appears from under the table. “Jimin, when the hell did you even get in here?!”

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