we were so innocent

I pictured us growing old together.
I mean, imagine that; two high school sweethearts with love that failed to perish though set on fire many years back.
I could see it, you know. It was almost like it was a monochromatic flashback set in slow motion; a vivid memory although yet to happen.
It was the most perfect thing I could think of seeing your stupid signature smile everyday, you know, the one that brightens your whole face, and kissing the map of wrinkles that had resided with age that also told countless stories about how far we had come and the journey in which we had taken. We had the most beautiful children: Asiariyanne, Jupiter and little Jaxon that looked at us as if we were superheroes battling the night. Their eyes so innocent, not yet debased by this world of pain. Fractions of our cells that had collided transforming into the most perfect human beings with nothing but the incredible feeling of unconditional love running through their veins.

I used to think the problem was that we met too young. And so it was inexorable that we would not grow together and instead grow apart.
And that was partially true, I guess.
You had your demons and I had fought mine and we never really took the time to find ourselves before we found each other.
Had we met a different time, say 20 years from now, in an obvious place like a bookstore or a coffee shop, then maybe we could have had a chance of real, genuine happiness.

Maybe, someday we will meet again.
Stumble across each other after doing a double-take. And you say
“excuse me miss, have we met before”
And we will soon fall into old habits with the same undying love that was once a small flame.
Maybe then, that “flashback” [more like flash forward] I had of the future, that I could picture so lucidly
could finally set in motion.

—  it’s 01:22Am 26hours and 14minutes since I left you. How long until the pain stops? Why do I feel like I need you? Why can’t we fix what we had? “Maybe in another lifetime” (Y.A)

You know what? There’s nothing more repellent than a pompous male academic who tries to cover up his misogyny with “intellectualism.”

Today my English professor used the word “whore” to describe the adolescent protagonist of a short story. Several of the girls’ jaws dropped in alarm. He flashed a proud smirk and chuckled about how he “forgot everything has to be politically correct nowadays.” He said real writers aren’t afraid to be “provocative.” 

That’s what makes me sick–redefining classic misogyny as somehow edgy and outrageous. It didn’t occur to him that some girls were uncomfortable because he used the word “whore” to describe a young character; he was convinced it was because we were so shocked by his wild, cool profanity. Because we were too innocent and provincial to appreciate his intelligent remark. 

To really drive home the point that good writers are always provocative, he posed the question: “So, how many of you think a pedophile kidnapping and repeatedly raping a 12-year-old girl would make a good topic for a comedy?” He smiled as he scanned our horrified expressions. 

“Well guess what? One of the most successful books of all time was a comedy about that very subject. It’s called Lolita.”

I almost lost it. First of all, Lolita never read as much of a comedy to me. But this isn’t the first time he’s defended sick misogynistic, rape-apologist ideology in the name of “good literature.” Last month he criticized my narrow-mindedness for bashing a male character (a pedophile who fantasized about the middle school girls on the softball team he coached and beat up his son for being gay), because I was ignoring what a “complex, three-dimensional character” he was. 

On countless other occasions he’s dismissed sexism and rape because he isn’t afraid to be “politically incorrect.” Like he’s some fucking trailblazer or something.

I’m so sick of it. Being educated doesn’t make your male chauvinism progressive. And using your job as an educator to convince girls they’re stupid for not agreeing with it is deplorable. You don’t deserve to teach.


“The things we’ve seen and done… we aren’t who we were the first day we went out to find Dad. We won’t ever have that kind of innocence again. I’m almost jealous of her, Dean.”

“Don’t be. As hard as we try, we can’t protect her forever. Pretty soon this life will kick her while she’s down. It always does. All we can do is be there for her through it. It’ll hurt like hell… but I have a feeling it will hurt us more to watch.”

“It’ll be hard, but her goodness isn’t weakness. She’s strong. I have faith in her, that she’ll do better than we did.”

I tried to keep you close to me, I really did.

When we first met you were so sweet, you had the most innocent eyes I instantly fell in love with. We texted all night, you had the best personality, possibly out of everyone I knew. You asked me out to a date, of course I said yes. When I saw you, you just stood there smiling, god you looked so handsome. Everything about you was perfect, that night you held me and I felt as if you were scared to let go. I told you everything and pretty soon months and months passed. Things started to change. It went from ‘I love you’ to 'I miss you’. We could’ve texted for hours without an end then it started being days without a text or call from you. I saw you today, with a new girl. I hope you treat her good, without an end.

sometimes i like to fondly reminisce about how the worst thing mitt romney ever said about women was that he had binders full of them. it wasn’t that long ago… now i just scream silently as a burnt umber hobgoblin who brags about sexually assaulting women has taken his place. we were all so innocent before this

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so the karusono vball club decided to have a sleepover, and at said sleepover, there was a twerking contest. tanaka and yachi cant twerk for shit, daichi and tsukki refused, hinata and kageyama tried but got too embarressed (hinata was rly good tho, kags doesnt even have a butt), ukai got his own twerk action from takeda, asahi /fainted/, noya did a horrible wall twerk and suga, yama and kiyoko were in perfect sync and twerked beautifully ((gay queen, p1/2))

((gay queen, p2/3. i lied)) everyone was shocked, and it turns out that they practice dancing a lot together. then, karusono later found out that every single club had done the contest too. Nekoma was kenma, lev and yaku, Fukurodani was akaashi and bokuto, Aoba Joushi was only oikawa.

((p 3/3, gay queen)) it was decided that the vball clubs should have a twerking tournament. its the day of the tournament and all the contestants are in booty shorts with their schools colors and their vball number on their cropped shirts. let the games begin! (ill let you decide who won)

So ZNT is getting adapted into a stage play


And I know several of you already know, but the news got out when I happened to be out of town and away from the computer (which is very rare, so yay for my luck). I couldn’t even fangirl properly when I found out. What even, world? don’t you realize I live off everything related to ZNT?!


Now if only Soma, Kaito and Atsumi were reprising their roles that would be awesome but I understand stage acting may not be their area of expertise, and I have to say, the cast members of the play look great for their roles so I’m very excited.

Just look at these absolute cuties. I’m already in love. 



I wonder how they’ll work all the actions scenes and the explosions. And OMG the Ferris Wheel scene. AND TWELVE RIDING HIS BIKE.

I can’t wait to see this adaptation and pick at the differences between the anime and the play, and fangirl over both, and have my heart broken all over again (masochism to the max) and just… gimme!!! I CANNOT WAIT.

Guys these are great news for our tiny fandom. WE ARE GETTING A STAGE PLAY. I certainly did not expect this. I really never thought we’d get anything more once the anime was done, and then this happens.  I’m so, so,soooo VERY happy and excited!!!