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request: Hi! I’m in love with your writing and I was wondering if you could write something for Nolan based off these two from the dating headcanon (late night drives to the middle of nowhere and looking at the stars, soft sex)
pairing: reader x nolan holloway
warning(s): SMUT (please don’t read if you aren’t comfortable)
listen to: faux - ed tullett, novo amor
word count: 2.887
note(s): this is my first time writing smut so please FORGIVE ME BC IT’S PROBABLY TRASH, and also nolan isn’t a bad guy he’s just a scared little puppy fite me on thiS.

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“Look at him! Look!”

You were jolted awake by a yelp, followed by the sound of a young male yelling and people murmuring. Quickly moving the book off your lap, you stood up from the library floor and made your way to the where the commotion was coming from. You see Nolan, your boyfriend of almost a year, gripping Corey’s wrist in one of his hands, and a pen with blood covering the tip in his other.

Your eyes widen as you understood what Nolan had done and without a thought you quickly walk over to him. Nolan’s attention was averted from Corey’s ability to heal from a stab in less than 5 seconds to the sound of your heeled boots clicking against the wood floor, as he looked up at you. On your face he noticed a mixture of emotions; fear, worry, anger.

“Nolan, what the hell?!” you pried his hand from Corey’s wrist and dragged him out of the library, to the parking lot where you stopped, pinched the bridge of your nose and took a deep breath. “What were you thinking? You’re gonna get suspended!”

“(Y/N), you don’t understand! I’m trying to prove it.” Nolan stuffed his pen into his backpack and took a step towards you. But just as he took a step forward, you took one backwards.

“Prove what?” you shook your head as you scoffed.

“Corey isn’t just human. You’ve seen him disappear and then appear out of nowhere. Neither is Liam, haven’t you seen him throw a lacrosse ball into the net and it just– it just pierces through? And you know that the “wolf” on the lacrosse field the other night wasn’t just a “wolf”. And what about the thing in the lib-”

“Nolan, just let it go, please.” You stepped forward until you reached him and took his hands in yours, rubbing his fingers gently with your thumb. He roughly broke out of your hold and slammed a fist against the school wall.

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hi, i'm @sapphicships and you recently reblogged an edit i made of feyre and mor. since in the tags u thought it was a "friendship" (despite my blog being for f/f pairings and the post exclusively saying "f/f pairing"), i'd like to say, i definitely did not make that edit and ship name for them to be platonic buddies. it'd be fine, but i then saw that u ship moriel, and please never interact with my blog again. that is disgusting—mor is a lesbian and thinks of azriel AS FAMILY. thank you.

Wow I’m really sorry! I honestly didn’t notice it was a f/f post. My tag was just an innocent mistake and I honestly didn’t mean any offense.


// The One Where Y/N and Lip have sex//

//Part two of Gallagher’s Good Girl//

//Part One//

Her mother’s voice rang through the house, it was loud and overbearing especially when she wanted to put a point across. This week’s argument involved Y/N’s involvement and time spent at the Gallagher’s house, her mother barely got to see her growing child. Y/N sat there and let her rant, letting all her heartfelt emotions pour out of her mouth.

“I don’t want you seeing that boy lip” she finally commands, Y/N head snaps up, her eyes staring at her mother. She shook her head softly trying to process the words that were coming out her mouth. “His whole family- if you can even call them that- is horrendous, you’ve been picking up terrible habits from them!”


“No, I want what is best for you and that boy Lip is bad for you, he’s a distraction, a simple phase that your father and I let you play with for long enough” her voice holding great weight, her eyes tearing up at the thought of not seeing Phillip again, not feeling his warm hands wrapping around her cool body. Not smelling the stale scent of cigarettes on his body or the strong alcohol on his lips.

“Mom please” she tried begging but her mother held up hand, not wanting to her the please of her daughter.

“It’s for the best” her father commented, she stood up quickly, her eyes watching them.

“Mom I love him” she sobbed out finally, she scoffed at her ridiculous statement

“Love, what do you know about love? Please enlighten me on your take of love!” She laughed, Y/N knew it was sarcasm and decided to keep her mouth shut, she couldn’t disobey her parents no matter how wrong their opinion was.

Y/N has been avoiding Lip for a couple weeks, not returning any of his calls, ignoring his pleas at her door to open up. At school she’ll take a different route to class, completely avoiding his usual hand out spots. Her sudden disappearance from Lip’s life didn’t just affect him, it impacted Debbie whom continually curse at Lip for losing Y/N, not holding on tight enough. Carl missed having her around, all the pet names she’d call him brighten his day and she didn’t judge him when he told her his weird thoughts. Even Fiona missed the soft laughter and happiness she brought forth.

“Y/N!” Lip yelled, his eyes catching sight of her, she didn’t spare him a glance she kept walking ignoring his constant pleas. Finally his hand grabbed her bag, he swiftly yanked her back, with a soft thud she landed against him her body instantly relaxing into his embrace, God she missed it. “What the fuck Y/N, why have you been ignoring me”

She was now facing the Gallagher, “Phillip-”

“Don’t you fucking Phillip me! I’ve been worried sick wondering what I did wrong! I- just” he was now calm, he let his hand drop to his side, his face returning to its normal color. “Why have you been fucking ignoring me?”

“I want to break up” Y/N simply stated, her voice cold and harsh. Lip shook his head, his hand grasping her face forcing her to look at him

“No baby, you don’t want that! Just tell me how to fucking fix us and I’ll fix it! I fucking fix it” he cried out, she removed herself from his touch shaking her head softly

“There’s nothing you can fix” she mumbled lowly, trying her best not to break down it front of him. She adjusted her before walking away from him.

“But I love you” his voice whispered, she froze, she couldn’t help but let the tears run down her face. Sucking in a deep breath, she continued on.

Y/N sat on her bed flipping through the various magazines that lay sprawled on her bed. Her eyes scanning over the latest outfits and makeup trends. She gasped softly at the thump emitting from her window. A shadow laying flat across her floor. Slowly she got up, switching on the lights hoping the figure will disappear in the light. But it wasn’t a figment of her imagination it was Lip.

“Phillip!” She whispered harshly, her hand instantly running over his face and arms making sure he didn’t have in bruises on him. “What are you-”

“Y/N are you okay?” Her mother’s voice screamed

“Yes mom, just fell of my bed is all” she shouted back, her eyes staying on Lip.

“Phillip you need to go!” Y/N hissed trying to push him back out the window, he shook his head roughly moving past her. She watched him, analyzing his features, the redness of his eyes and how sunken in they appeared, his hair wasn’t in its usual disheveled stated but it was standing all over the place.

“I need to know I’m been trying wrap my head around it, I’ve been trying so fucking hard but I’m not understanding how you could just up and leave me! Debbie! Carl! Fuck even Vee and Kev has been asking about you, but you don’t fucking care do you?” Y/N looked away from him, she tugged on her bottom lip trying to fight the tears.

“You need to go Lip, please” she begged

“I just want to know why. Why?” He whispered, he moved his hand under chin forcing her to look at him. “I’ll know that this isn’t what you fuck want, for us to be apart” his lips slightly brushing over Y/N.

“Just tell me what you want” he whispers, Y/N grabs the sides of his face connecting their lips. Her body guiding them to the soften and comfort of her bed, her hands running through his hair. Lip’s hands resting on her waist running up her shirt feeling the soft of her skin against his fingertips, his hands cuffing her breast, she quickly broke away her breath against his chest as she watched his hands. Her eyes slowly flickered to his.

“If you want me to stop just tell me but know that I’ve been waiting for this moment when he walked in my house. I knew I fell in love with you, your infectious laugh-” he stopped, his lips falling to her neck before sucking on a sensitive spot she didn’t know she had. “To your hair, I loved the way you styled it, the way you stared at me but never said a word but I knew you felt the same way…” his hand slowly pushing off her shirt revealing her breast, his sucked on them gently, his tongue running over her lip before taking them lightly in his teeth. “To the way you say my name, you wouldn’t say Lip when we first start dating but I didn’t care. You were so innocent, pure, and mine”

“Just- make love to me Phillip” she moaned out, he smiled gently his lips resting on hers. His hand cuffing the side of her face before playing with the hem of her thin night pants, she shivered in delight, her breathing hitched when his lips kissed her pelvis. Lip’s hand pulling at her pants, she pressed her lips in a thin line, she slowly sat up, Lip’s naked form hovering over slightly. Y/N’s hand brushing down his chest before moving back to his neck. She flipped her around, her body positioned stiffly on top of his, Y/N’s hands placed on his chest while she fearfully looked at his enlarged cock.

“I’m not gonna hurt you Y/N, it’s will hurt yes but I promise you it will get better” she nodded slightly at Lip’s words. She sucked in a deep breath, she slowly grabbed his dick lining up him up to her entrance. She softly cried out when she encased herself around him. Her hand flew over lips, while she squeezed her watering eyes shut. Her body soon relaxed against him, she no longer felt a large foreign object inside of her but something pleasurable. Slowly she began bucking her hips, she couldn’t move any other pace in fear of hurting herself, she didn’t even know if she was doing it right. Y/N rested her forehead against Lip’s. His hand rested on her lips while he slowly moved in her.

“Phillip” she moaned softly against his parted lips, her hand caressing his cheek while his caressed her hips. She moaned softly when her ass met his hips. He moaned softly, he called out her name repeatedly. He gave a harsh thrust, she gave out a pleasurable gasp while throwing her head back. He promptly flipped her over, positioning himself deeper into Y/N. Lip watched Y/N her breast bounced back and forth, the way she gripped the covers tightly. He loved the way her body arched with each thrust he delivered.

“I love you Y/N” he whispered as he came, his thrust becoming harsh and sporadic. “I love you so fucking much” he cried out. Y/N moaned softly as she came, her arms wrapping around Lip’s body that was pressed against hers. “Please don’t leave me” he whispered out.

“I love you too Phillip” she breathed out, he rolled off of her, his eyes instantly connecting to her. She slowly moved on top of him letting her lips connect back to his, the kiss was slow and sensual, Lip wasn’t use to the neediness and comfort from a simple kiss, he needed more. No, he craved more, his hands gripping Y/N, bringing down on his member. She moaned loudly, her eyes tightly squeezing shut. She yelped out when he suddenly entered her, he brought down harshly, the smacking on their skin filled the air. “Phil-Phil-” she tried moaned out his name but was interrupted by his quick thrust in her.

He promptly slows down, his eyes watching over the moaning girl. “I don’t deserve you” he suddenly cries out, Y/N watches her eyes laced with confusion and solemn. “God, I’m such a fucking dick, how could someone like you possible love someone like me? Fuck tell me that! Why did fucking leave me?”

“Phillip-” her hand runs down Lip’s face, he shuts his eyes pressing his face against her cool lips “I- my mom she thought it’d be best if I had a better- that’s not important Phillip. I love you, my darling you are so special to me. No matter how many times you drop the f-bomb in a single sentence or how all your clothes smells like smoke. I freaking love you, you are so unconditionally kind even though your outlook life needs to change slightly, I still love how real you are, not afraid of telling me the truth. I freaking love you Phillip Gallagher”

Lip chuckled softly, his hand running up her body, he simple watched her for a moment taking in the beauty that was Y/N. “Are you leaving me?” He whispered, she shook her head softly, a small smile pressed on his lips, he pulled the naked girl down on top of him. Her head nuzzling into her chest, she gently kissed his neck “I love you” he repeats

Morning Bliss. {Elriel}

Waning: Smut ahead. Inspired by my recent Azriel headcanon, because writing about how Azriel sleeps nude is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Ask, and you shall receive…

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Since getting my own house in Velaris nearly five hundred years ago, I’ve liked the feeling of my bare skin against the sheets. Elain was appalled when we first began dating, from the first time she slept with me in my bed, at my old, ratty, cotton sheets that had been on my bed for decades.

“What?” I had said, genuinely curious what the big deal was. “I wash them.”

“You’ve washed them so much, they’re falling apart,” she had laughed, and I couldn’t help but join her. “I’m buying you new sheets.”

“Will it make you happy?” I had asked, then followed it up with, “please don’t get floral ones.”

She didn’t get floral ones. She got royal blue, silk ones instead.

At first, I laughed. Me? Sleeping on silk sheets? But, after one night, I never complained again.

Now, I could hear her walking up the stairs as my eyelids fluttered open. The sunlight was pouring through my floor length window, the curtain doing a terrible job keeping the light at bay.

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|| incompetence ||

this is the first time I’ve ever written something for bradley baker from {{edge of winter}}. Admittedly, the movie’s not perfect, but I still enjoyed it.

this story contains spoilers for the movie, just in case you haven’t watched {{edge of winter}} and want to avoid spoilers.

warnings: mentions of abuse

**don’t repost this story.**


We lit a flame in our bodies: I’m sure you can hear it well enough to drive you mad… It’s telling us to, “live”!

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Every morning and for one moment only the room turns brilliant and fills with your brightness. It used to be so easy to watch you drape yourself across the bed dramatically, wet hair and after-shave and so far already from what we once were. One innocent kiss and I could taste the storm in you and knew- of ruin and your own undoing and how destruction would follow and be inevitable.
—  Diana Perry
We were so young when we thought we knew how to love.
We were so innocent when we thought together we could do anything.
We were so young when we first kissed.
We both knew this wouldn’t work out.
But we were so young that we tried.
But it’s hard when you’re young.
—  I. A.


The 19 year old was small for his age, and hardly appeared to be a threat. However, anyone foolish enough to challenge him quickly found out how wrong that assessment was. Kefka had proven himself deadly time and time again, and so it was easy to see how he’d earned his spot as the youngest general in history to lead the Gestahlian army. Of course, this meant that his days were quite busy. He constantly found himself fixing someone else’s mess or being mobbed by requests from his soldiers. The blond even sometimes went out of his way to just stay out of the limelight. It was so hard to even think in the castle…

Oh this day, he decided to escape to a local Vectorian tavern. The men wouldn’t expect him to go there. No one would. He wasn’t exactly old enough to drink. Kefka knew this place was one of the hot spots for the soldiers, but they never went midday. Gestahl expected his men sober enough to function.

Ducking into the door, the young man first scanned the room to make sure he wouldn’t be spotted by anyone of any importance. It was basically empty, save the bartender, who he couldn’t help but notice was a rather buxom, rather hardened looking woman. He snorted to himself. No wonder the soldiers liked this place. Taking a seat in one of the booths so he wouldn’t be bothered, he pulled out the orders he still needed to fill and began working on them. Perhaps he could get a few hours of silence.

I tried to keep you close to me, I really did.

When we first met you were so sweet, you had the most innocent eyes I instantly fell in love with. We texted all night, you had the best personality, possibly out of everyone I knew. You asked me out to a date, of course I said yes. When I saw you, you just stood there smiling, god you looked so handsome. Everything about you was perfect, that night you held me and I felt as if you were scared to let go. I told you everything and pretty soon months and months passed. Things started to change. It went from ‘I love you’ to 'I miss you’. We could’ve texted for hours without an end then it started being days without a text or call from you. I saw you today, with a new girl. I hope you treat her good, without an end.

Robb Stark - It Wasn’t Me!

Words count: 1105

Warning: none



Requested by Anonymous 

11,16,17 with robbb pretttyy pllsss

11- “Spit it out!”

16- “Don’t blame me, I did nothing.”

17- “Are you serious?”

You’re the future lady of Winterfell. You and Robb are betrothed, thankfully you two knew each other before you knew about the betrothal and liked each other. You both wouldn’t admit that you liked each other though. But the betrothal gave you two the necessary push to confess your feelings. You and Robb’s siblings got along very well, you spent more time with the Arya and Bran. They both looked up to you, as you have a strong personality and not afraid to say what’s on your mind and don’t take shit from no one.

So one day while Robb and his parents were visiting the village nearby. You, Araya and Bran decided to play a game of hide and go seek. It was your turn to seek, finding those two wasn’t easy they took the gamer seriously and hid in places hard to find, and Bran would climb anything to hide. You were searching the castle unable to find those two.

“Arya! Bran! Come out, come out wherever you are.” You shouted giggling as some servants, pointed to the Robbs room. You walked to his room and opened the door to his room. “Are you two here?”

“NOW BRAN.” Suddenly those tow came out of their hiding and pushed you in the middle of the room, and held rope in their hands and tried to tie you. “You’re our prisoner now!”

“Never!” You shouted and tried to push the two Starks off you. You fell on the floor and the two Starks on top of you.

“Arya quick help me.” Bran yelled to his sister trying to tie your hands. You moved around trying to make it as hard for them as you could. Arya fell on Robbs bed and took his pillow to hit you when something fell on the ground. You all froze and Bran got off you.

“What’s that?” You asked and moved to take the leather bag from the floor. When Arya jumped to catch it before you. “Arya!”

You both moved to get it but Bran got it before you two and held it away from you.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.” Bran said quickly.

“Clearly it’s not nothing.” You said and held your hand out for him to give it to you. “Show it to me.”

“(y/n) it’s nothing, come on let’s go.” Arya said, you nodded but then got the bag from Bran when he wasn’t expecting it and a necklace fell from it, it had the stark sigil and a few now charms around it. It was made out of white gold and each snow flake had a diamond in the middle of it.

“Robb will kill us.” Arya groaned, you couldn’t take your eyes of the necklace. “Let’s go before he comes back, he and father and mother should be here anytime now.”

“(y/n) put it back.” Bran said and you nodded and did as he said.

“Arya put it where you found it.” You gave the bag to Arya and quickly. You and Bran arranged everything to the way it was before you came in the room.

Just as you all were done, the door opened and in walked the one person you didn’t want to find you here.

“Robb! What are you doing here?” Arya asked smiling. You shook your head and shared a look with Bran that said ‘we’re screwed.’

“This is my room.” Robb said confused, he looked suspicious of us.

“Don’t blame me, I did nothing.” You shouted, they all looked at you as if you’re crazy. “What?!”

“Bran, Arya can you give us a moment?” Robb asked his younger siblings.

“Arya, Bran don’t leave me with the direwolf.” You said faking scared.

“Sorry (y/n) you’re on your own.” Bran said and Arya smirked as they left.

“Now (y/n) spit it out.” Robb said once you were alone in the room.

“Spit what out?” You asked him playing dump.

“What were you, Arya and Bran doing in my room?” Robb asked amused, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“We were playing hide and go seek.” You said innocently.

“So why do you look guilty?”

“I do not.”

“Just say the truth.”

“… I may or may not saw a necklace that I shouldn’t have seen.” You told him looking at the ground.

“You should have seen it on out wedding day.” Robb said and took the necklace from under his pillow.

“Honestly Robb this is the worst place to hiding place ever.” You told him.

“I know but I was rushing this morning.” Robb told you and held the necklace in front of you. “Turn around.”

You did as Robb asked and turned around, you felt Robb’s hand touch your neck as he moved your hair to the side, it sent shivers down your spine. The clasped the necklace around your neck the cold metal making you shudder for a second.

“It’s a family heirloom it belonged to my mother, and my grandmother and her grandmother all the way to the first Stark.” Robb told you as he moved you to look at yourself in the mirror. But you were looking at him and not the beautiful metal work around your neck. “You’re supposed to have it on our wedding day three weeks from now, but if you hadn’t of seen it I would have been surprised.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, just don’t tell my mother, she wanted you to be surprised.” You smiled at him and nodded. You turned around to face Robb, your eyes met.

“I cannot wait for us to get married.” You told him smiling lightly.

“Neither can I.” Robb said and he captured your lips with his. You smiled into the kiss as your lips moved in sync. Your eyes closed and your hands on his chest while his around your waist holding you close. You pulled back for air after a while and took a second to open your eyes. The first thing you saw was Robb’s bright blue eyes.

“You have to give it back to me.” Robb said, you looked him eyes wide mouth open.

“Are you serious?” You asked him already attached to it.

“Sorry (y/n), its tradition.”

“Fine.” You said and gave it back to him.

“Now let’s go, father and mother want to talk to us about the wedding.” You two left the room after Robb put the necklace under the pillow to talk to his parents about the preparation to the wedding. You walked hand in hand smiling. You winked at Arya and Bran as you passed them. The laughed glad that Robb didn’t get them in trouble.