we were on a break!!!

My best friend and I are studying at my aunt’s bookstore and we were taking a break, he’s flipping through Blue Exorcist manga, and I’m sketching Kuroshitsuji (in particular, that panel with Sebastian holding up the contract mark in the first volume) and this girl walks up to us and literally just said “I go to your church.” I swear I tossed my sketchbook across the table and Seiji caught it and just slides the manga underneath the table. Long story short, I basically got told I was going to hell.

you and i
   were never made to last
we were made of
   silent screams
and broken promises
   and tear-stained cheeks
and sleepless nights
   and false hope
and empty words
   and doors slammed on fingers
we were made of fear
   and rage
and loneliness
   and jealousy
and bitterness
   but we were never made of
—  we were only ever made to fall and break

fucked up 1d things 

  • when we found out louis was pregnant and nobody confirmed it and there was a show the next day and every time louis spoke it was dead silent 
  • when zayn literally left the band and they just posted a fb status like oh btw lol
  • when zayn literally left the band and none of them mentioned it for like 6 months afterwards
  • when they cancelled a show minutes before doors with hardly any explanation other than like ‘liam has the shits’
  • when they were like we’re breaking up but not really breaking up but we’re kind of breaking up but also not really
  • when zayn just didnt show up in orlando and we were like where is he??? and they were just like.. idk!
  • when otra started and there was like 1 song from four on the setlist
  • when they finally caved and added stockholm syndrome and none of them knew the words apart from harry (who wrote it)
  • when they dropped drag me down out of nowhere and literally rolled around in their millions laughing at the stress they put us through

there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

Hubble is spending spring break at the University of South Florida.

A campus canine catching up on studies and playing in the leaf piles!

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

In response to this prompt I saw from @werewolfzeroSterek fic, future or AU possibly all humans, where Scott is getting married and his best friends Stiles and Derek are the two groomsmen and they both love Scott but HATE each other, everybody knows this, until suddenly they don’t know anything because Erica Reyes just walked in on the two in a closet goin’ at it with suits around their ankles and even though Scott is getting married in 30 minutes the only thing all his friends and family can talk about is how his best friends are hiding a torrid love affair and isn’t that just so interesting?

Erica closed the door to the bridal suite and sighed at the sight in front of her. “Oh my god, you two are pathetic.”

Scott and Allison both just grinned up at her from where they were sitting on the carpet, on opposite sides of the propped-open bedroom door. They were even holding hands around the door, Jesus Christ. 

“We’re not breaking the rules!” Scott protested. “I can’t see her.”

She rolled her eyes and stepped over to the full-length mirror to check her hair. “The cake is fine, by the way, it looks great. It’s all set up.”

Allison breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank goodness. Thanks so much for checking on that.”

“Could you try to find Stiles and Derek?” Scott asked, puppy eyes out in full force. “They’re not answering their phones and no one has seen them in a while, so there’s a decent chance they’ve killed each other.”

Erica scoffed. “You know it was probably a terrible idea to pick two best men in the first place, let alone two best men who hate each other.”

“Yeah,” he said, sighing. “I know. But it’s my brother and my best friend! I couldn’t pick one over the other.”

“Even though they almost got into a fistfight at the engagement party?” she said dryly, and Allison stifled a laugh.

“They’ve pushed each other’s buttons since we were kids, it’s weird. I was hoping that they could put stuff aside for the wedding, but clearly that was too much to hope for.”

“Did you decide which one would get to stand next to you?”

“No,” he said sulkily. “It started a fight every time I brought it up. They said they’d figure it out between themselves.”

Erica rolled her eyes again and headed for the door. “Fine. But if I have to break up a fight and get blood on this dress, I’m gonna be pissed.”

“Thanks, Erica!” Allison called out, and she tossed a halfhearted wave over her shoulder.

Erica took the elevator down to the hotel lobby and sighed, her hands on her hips. She had no idea where to start looking for two feuding best men. Lydia probably would, though, and since she was surely whipping everyone into shape in the ballroom, Erica headed in that direction. There was a long hallway connecting the event center to the hotel, and Erica paused when she heard a suspicious thump coming from…was that a door? 

Unable to resist her curiosity, she very gently tried the handle. Unlocked. Grinning, she pulled it open with a flourish. Erica was greeted by a manly yelp, and she blinked, trying to adjust to the darkness and pick out the two figures who were frozen in front of her.

Holy shit. It was Stiles and Derek, and from their messy hair, loosened ties, and undone pants, it wasn’t exactly a tough mental leap to figure out what they’d been doing. She laughed and stepped in closer, trying to get a better look, but Derek scowled fiercely and shoved Stiles behind him.

“This isn’t what it looks like!” Stiles called out, from behind Derek’s shoulder, and Derek rolled his eyes.

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Throwback to a year ago, when I drew Baz and Simon staring longingly at one another across a restaurant placemat.