we were looking at a powerpoint

Bts as things me,my friends,and teachers say

Rap monster:You see us people are like broken pencils,always replaced when we can’t fix them…

Other friend: can you just sharpen the damn pencil?!

Jin: why can’t we all just be a normal class for once?! Look at him flipping the trifold like its WWE and that girl looking like a flying squirrel in a blender!Then we have you always on that damn phone and her being her weird self!I don’t even know what he’s doing!

Jimin:You see that! That’s me 100% look at these calfs!Not to much but thick enough damn I’m hot!

J-hope: Why do you all swear so much! Can’t we just speak without having holy water thrusted into our mouths!Rainbows and sunshine,Rainbows and sunshine

Taehyung:So…um *points to PowerPoint* “How to be police”

Jungkook:I really am great at everything. The best in drums,basketball,track and cross country. What can you say I’m the best you wish you were me *walks into wall*

Suga: Yo, I don’t care.Fuck math!*falls asleep,passes all exams with ease*


Can’t We Make it Up to You?

Anonymous asked: Can you please do a threesome smut with Jimin x reader x V? Also can the story line be you are working on a group project at your house ?? Pleaseeee 💜

Warnings: SMUT, just some nasty threesome smut, language you know the drill

Note: THIS IS REALLY LONG FOR ME,  ,95 line, ouch (why do i picture 95 line like the twins from ouran….so mischievous.. ) this was so fun tho THIS IS A LOT OF SMUT OKAY

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“Guys, can you listen for like five seconds? We really need to finish this, I don’t want to be stuck procrastinating and doing it the night before its due, I actually want it to be good.”

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Yellow: Part 2

Part 1

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam Winchester is fresh out of rehab after overdosing and scaring his family half to death. High school isn’t the best place to recover, but there’s something about the new girl that gets him through the day.

Tags: AU: High School, punk!sam, Dean is only one year older than Sam, Mary is alive, horribly awkward teenagers with big ole crushes on each other.

Trigger Warnings: past drug abuse/overdose, drug addiction, depression, past parental death mention

Words: 2577

A/N: Finally, the Sam installment to my Punk AU collection. *Sam is more depressed than scary/angry*

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Roommates With Benefits

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{this leaf boi is evil… but we all know: love is evil backwards}

[leafyishere x reader]

TITLE: roommates with benefits

GENRE: smut, fluff

WORDS: 4 879

WARNING: mature-ass content, filthy dirtiness, sinful, fuck, escape now

AUTHOR: leafyisherefics

REQUEST  Anonymous said: Okay I have a request 😏 You and Leafy are roommates in college and you both like each other, so one day you guys are studying together and it leads to sex😂Yeah, but I’m not into daddy stuff or dominance kink stuff. Yeah so uh I’ll be checking to see when it’s done 😏 Thank you!

Your name: submit What is this?

You hurriedly wrote down the notes that the teacher had somehow written on to the whiteboard in inhuman speed, your finger starting to hurt from writing in your notebook for forty-five minutes straight.

Several students in the classroom had already grown bored of listening to whatever repetitive and boring history-stuff the teacher was on about and had started whispering and even watching videos on their phones. But you were determined to get all the notes since you really needed a good grade on the next test.

“Could you pass the eraser?” Calvin, who was sitting on the seat next to you, asked, but you would not let it disturb your concentration.

“Help yourself.” You were quick to answer, unconsciously biting your lip as your head swung up and down, changing focus from notebook to whiteboard in a steady rhythm.

Calvin slightly stretched over and grabbed the eraser as you had to tilt a little to the side since he got a little in the way. You thought you heard a small giggle on your right, but ignored it completely.

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Always a Bridesmaid 1/3

Felicity must return to her hometown for the first time since high school to stand in her friend Sara’s wedding.  While many things have changed for Felicity some have not and she has begun to wonder what happened to her old high school crush Oliver Queen.

This is for all, who like me, have had the privilege of being a bridesmaid.

Thanks so much to @mel-loves-all for the beautiful edit and to @almondblossomme for proofing!  Also available on AO3.

                                   Chapter 1: Will You Marry Me?

May 2017

Felicity Smoak walked into her empty loft, kicked off her shoes and threw her keys on the hallway table. Her week was done and she could not wait to slip into her comfy clothes, sip some wine and watch TV. The weekend was hers for the taking!

She had just settled into her couch, where she spent far too little time, when her phone buzzed. She actually contemplated not answering, but when she saw it was her high school best friend Sara Lance, she rushed to answer.

“Hey you! Feels like I haven’t talked to you in forever. What’s new?” Felicity really did miss Sara. She was one of few people, she felt truly understood her.

“I have news!!!” Sara sounded so excited.

“Oooh do tell!”

“I’m getting MARRIED!!!!”

“OH MY GOD! Sara I am SO happy for you and Nyssa!!! Tell me all about it! Who did the proposing? I need details!! Remember I live vicariously through you!”

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Hoseok: Emergency Personnel Meeting

Genre: AU, fluff, business man Hobi (feat. Namjin)

Summary: A mandatory company meeting gets spicy when someone shows up late.

Word Count: 2.7k

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There are three words that every employee dreads. Three words that turn the stomach of every person no matter their position, pay-grade, or prestige. Three words that make you groan as soon as you open the email titled “Monthly Memo.”

Personnel Performance Review.

Beneath the big, bold, Copperplate fonted title is the expected mandatory public relations bullshit.

“Dear valued employee,

It has recently come to my attention that… etc etc… there has been a trend of decreasing sales, profit, employee satisfaction, and other important statistical figures… etc etc… so this Saturday, I will be hosting a mandatory workshop… etc-”

Wait. Saturday?

He wants you to come in on a Saturday? If you’d thought Kim Namjoon couldn’t be any more of an asshole than he already was, you were wrong.

The man couldn’t even use an autofill application to input individual names? No, he had to use a general “Dear employee.”

You huff, closing the email and opting to forget about it for the next few days. At least you’ll be getting overtime and hopefully they’ll buy those ridiculously good donuts that they served last time…

“A veggie plate?” you lament as you stare at the refreshment table.

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I’ve Got You (part 18)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Smut

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too often. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad.


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20,

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So someone asked me how I revise (I love questions and messages by the way, please send me them if you want) and whilst I answered their question privately I figured I could do a more detailed one here.

My way is by no means the best; it is very time consuming actually and I’m not too sure how effective it will be because I have yet to do the exams, but this is just my method. Other people do other things, and different exams demand different techniques, so whilst this way works for me for general exams, I have different processes for other types of exams, and my friends have other ways as well. (For example- I hate flash cards, they irritate me so much, but my friend and sister love them).

So, here we go. I am using tort as an example- specifically Occupiers’ Liability which I just started so the process is still incomplete for this topic. The photos are in order of the steps.

1. I highlight the course notes. We were given quite extensive notes from our lecturers for most of our modules, but if we weren’t I would go back to the PowerPoints or my own lecture notes.

2. I write my notes in my notebook using the highlighted material from the course notes. I also use my notes from my tutorials, which generally provide super succinct answers to essay type questions.

3. I read parts of the textbook for sections that aren’t very well explained, or I’m struggling to understand. If I am still struggling I will also look online for answers or definitions- some law firm websites are actually really good for basic concepts, especially in contract law. The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) website is also excellent for criminal law- at least for the UK.

4. I then read all the important cases and write basic summaries in a different notebook- I try and keep it to one page, so normally it’s just the legal principle from the judgment. Quotes go into my main notebook and are in red.

5. Once all my notes are complete I will either make a mindmap or start to do essay plans, if I have time. Otherwise I will get my friends to test me in the last few days before the exam, or talk with others about the subject and discuss the different cases and statutes I read about so I can remember them.

And then I do the exam and hope for the best :)


Peter X Fem!Reader

Requested By Anon

“Hey Peter.” You sang as you walked up to the boy, leaning against the locker next to his as he got his things from his locker and slammed it shut.

“Hey, you coming over to mine later, my Mom’s cooking.” Peter smiled hopefully but you gave him an apologetic look.

“Sorry I’m going out tonight but I might be free on the weekend.” You linked you fingers with his as you both made you way through the corridors of Hemlock High, smiling when waved goodbye to him and he bowed dramatically.


“See you at lunch.” You called after him as he jogged off to meet Roman.

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One day last semester I was on the bus heading to class and I was like ‘fuck class started ten minutes ago I’m going to be late again.

And then I looked down and realized that my professor was in the seat in front of me editing his powerpoints for the class that we were both supposed to be in.

I fucking hate this site. When i logged on and this new tging where if the pic doesnt load fast enough all you seen is a gradient made me tgink that this was the new meme and we were all just expessing ourselves in a set of shitty blavk to pastel gradiens that look like they came from a powerpoint designed by a 70 year old levturer thats struggling to engage the youth

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Ravi x You

Warnings: None

AN: Another one and so quick? haha Even I’m surprised. This was a request from gonna-be-your-hero who requested for fluffy Ravi! Or well, Ken, but I was in the mood to write some Wonshik. Again. Anyway, I don’t have a title yet, so right now I’ll leave it blank until I can think of one ^^

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“Alright guys, settle down” (TC/N) said, “I know it’s a very exciting day, but shut up.”
I sat in the front row of (TC/N)’s Biology class. Normally we would’ve been looking through microscopes or studying the anatomy of a fish, but today was different. Today was the day administration had chosen for the infamous Sex Ed class. Having never been through Sex Ed before, my thoughts on it were mostly based on second hand accounts. Common sense, though, made it obvious that there would be snickers throughout the duration of our lesson. 
“This’ll be fun for you,” my best friend, who sat next to me, whispered. I shoved my elbow into her side. 
“Ladies,” (TC/N) said, staring at the two of us. 
“Sorry, sir,” I said, my face turning red. 
(TC/N) nodded and turned towards the class to start the lesson. 
“Sex,” he started, “it’s how many living things reproduce. Of course it is also a very common part of human relationships.”
As (TC/N) went on, he began to stutter some, his face slowly turning a bright shade of red. 
“Sex feels good,” he glanced over at me, and his breath caught, causing him to go into a coughing fit. 
“Woah, (TC/N),” one of the guys sitting in the back said, “I think you need some lubrication-”
“Shut the hell up,” (TC/N) strained between coughs, “I’m fine. Ugh, anyways, administration has provided me with a PowerPoint I am required to show you. So, uh, here we go, I guess”
The first slide on the PowerPoint had a video, (TC/N) sat down in a chair close to my desk. The video talked about sex from a scientific stand point, not surprising since they decided to show it in Biology. Common sense proved to be right, as all the boys in the class were whispering snide comments to each other and snickering. I glance over at (TC/N). He was staring at me, with the most stressed and uncomfortable look on his face. Everything about him now seemed very nervous; the tone in his voice, body language, etc, gave it all away. Finally the video ended, and (TC/N) stood up to continue the presentation. 
“So,” he said, loosening his tie, “let’s start off with the basics. In order for sex to be a reproductive process, you need a male and a female-”
“What about artificial insemination?” a girl in the back asked. 
“Well, we’re not focusing on that right now, are we Becky?” (TC/N) responded, then quickly caught himself, “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. This is just a little uncomfortable for me to talk about.”
(TC/N) turned and looked at me. I gave him a reassuring smile, trying to help him continue with the lesson. He just stared at me, and gently licked his lips. I realized why it was uncomfortable. 
“Are you a virgin or something, (TC/N)?” the boy in the back asked. 
“Ok, fuck this,” (TC/N) said, throwing his hands up, “I’m not talking about this anymore. Don’t have unprotected sex, STDs are everywhere, say no to drugs and all that. I’m going to my desk, don’t bother me for the rest of the class period.”
(TC/N) walked to his desk, sat down, and laid his head down for the rest of class. 
When the bell rang to go home, everyone left immediately. Everyone except for me. 
“(TC/N)?” I said, walking over to his desk. 
“I told you not to bother me,” he mumbled. 
“Technically you said until the end of class, so I can bother you now.”
(TC/N) lifted his head and glared at me, “What do you want?”
“I just wanted to let you know that your presentation was good, even if you messed up a lot.”
He sighed and rubbed his face, then smiled. 
“Thanks, (Y/N). That means a lot to me." 

can you write an optional bias scenario that really makes my heart flutter?! Thank you:)

(_____)= Bias


[_____]=Another member

“And this is where your desk is! Mine is right here, a few desks away.” [______] gestured towards his place.

He putted the box at your feet and smiled at you. “If you need help for anything, you know where to find me.”

You looked around your new office, smiling at all the new faces that were surrounding you. You started to make yourself comfortable, placing your laptop, pencil case and whatnot on your table. A few employees would come by and welcome you to the office, asking you to grab some coffee with them after from time to time. They were all very nice and warm about your presence.

“[______]! Do you know how to work this printer?!” An unknown voice called.

You look around, searching for the stranger that owned that voice. You never saw him nor met him and you would love to know everyone that you were working with. You see [______] walking towards some boy that you’ve never seen before. He was pretty attractive, at least to you he was. The other ladies around you would run around [______] but that boy, the one that didn’t know how to use the printer, seemed way more attractive.

You kept staring at him, not realizing that you seemed quite creepy for looking at him with an intense stare. The man looked back at you and frowned, poked his friend and pointed at you. [______] chuckled and started mumbling about you, then you realized that they were walking towards you. You look down, acting as if you didn’t know they were coming for you.

“_______!” [_______] said proudly as he looked at you. “This is (______), and (_______), this is-”

“Yes, I know, it’s _______! The new girl, right? It’s a pleasure to meet you.” (______) smiled at you warmly.

“Yes, hi, hello!” You answered nervously. “I… Same to you too I mean it’s nice to meet you..!”

“She’s pretty cute.” (_______) said to his coworker that was standing next to him.

[______] nodded in agreement. “Anyways, want to go try the new coffee machine, later? I’ll wait for you at 10, in like, an hour.”

You accepted the meeting with them, then started working on a project that you wanted to present at the end of the next month. You wanted to show off a good image of you to your co-workers. hoping they would all love to work with you in the future and you’d hopefully get promoted for being so good at your job.

The first few weeks went by pretty well, you didn’t finish your personal project yet but there were a few touches to do and you were done, ready to present in a few days. You reviewed each slide you made, checking for any mistakes that you may have done. You also grew closer to (_______) and [________], you’ve started taking breaks with them and earning all of their support when needed. It started to become a thing where the three of you would go out and eat at 9 PM, every Wednesday. As time went by, you started developing a few feelings for (______), yet you convinced yourself it was just a fling since you were either in love or not in love with him.

“Finish your thing fast! I don’t want to miss out on the special chicken they have every Wednesday!” (______) whined as he taped on your desk.

“Dude calm down, they have a stock of that animal over there, don’t worry about it.” [_______] answered calmly, checking the time on his phone.

You sighed. “Okay, don’t worry, I’m almost done.” You typed a few words before shutting your computer down.

You were finally done with those little edits of your Powerpoint, (______) was done complaining about your slowness. The three of you headed downtown, ordering the same thing every time you go there.

“What have you guys been doing lately?” [______] asked as he took his coat off.

“I started the project our boss gave us two months ago.” (______) laughed as he played with his chopsticks.

“What?! Isn’t it due by the end of this week?!” His friend gasped.

“You’re so unorganized, you should do your things earlier and get over with it.” You commented, placing a napkin in front of you.

“What do you know? You’re still the little new girl in my eyes.” (______) said as he ruffled your hair as if you were a child.

“I may be the new girl but I am way more responsible than you are!”

“She’s not lying, you should learn from her, (_______).”

“Don’t worry about me, who said that I just finished one part of the assignment? I did more than half of it already! It’s for Friday anyways, I have time.”

“What about you, ________? Did you start anything?”

You grinned. “I finished my project today! The personal project that Mr. Haemin told me to do, I’ll be presenting it Friday!”

“Ah, that’s nice! I hope you’ll get extra points for that.” (______) smirked.

“Of course she will, she’s ________! She has a lot of potential and experience!”

The following day, you got to work and the first thing you did was check your schedule. You were going to present first on Friday, which you looked forward to since you were excited to show your work of art and every second you used to work for hard on it. You took some time to look through some articles that should be worked on since you already had the confidence you needed for tomorrow. As you were working, your gaze suddenly shifted, your eyes looking at (_______) that was taping his foot against the ground as he bit nervously his bottom lip.

He’s so cute


Wait, why am I calling him?! What the hell??

He looked around then saw you looking at him. “Yeah?”

“I- Uh… Can you help me? I don’t know how to…. Uh, do this….”

“If I don’t finished my project in time, I’ll blame you.” He said as he walked towards you to give help.

He looks at your screen, his hand landing on yours as he tried to get the mouse. Without even asking you to get rid of your hand, he used the mouse anyways, as he didn’t want to lose a second to tell you to get away. His eyes locked themselves on the screen,as you gazed at his features, the way his eyelashes go down then up when he blinks, the way he mouthed the words written on the screen.

“Hey, _______?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“Can you go get me something to eat? I’m hungry.” He asked suddenly.

“J- Yeah, sure.”

You left the office to get downstairs, to the cafeteria where you bought his favorite snack as you ran back to the elevator to get back to your place. You saw [_______] walking by, sending you a friendly smile.

“Well, hello young lady! Taking a break already?” He chuckled as he entered the enclosed space with you, pushing the number ‘8′.

You giggled. “No, I just bought something for (_______) since he’s hungry.”

He frowned. “What about me? I’m hungry too.”

“Ah…. Maybe next time! Unless you want half of this?”

“No way, (______) is going to whine if he doesn’t get it the way it was made.”

You agreed with him. “Well, at some point he’ll hate this pastry and he’ll get over it.”

You got to the office with [______], (_______) was typing furiously on your computer. You walked up to him, as soon as he saw you, his expression went from angry to nervous, as he tried to close some tabs he opened while you were gone.

“What are you doing?” You asked as you faced the screen.

“Oh, well… I just repaired it.” He took the food in his hands.

You smiled. “Thanks! You can go now, thanks for helping me.”

He gulped his saliva down. “Y-yeah, sure! Anytime.”

It was almost the end of the Thursday, you couldn’t wait to get home since you were almost done and your shift ended at 8. You smile at the few employees that were heading towards the exit since they were all pretty much done. [______] passed by you, waving a goodbye before leaving the office.

“What are you doing?” His voice asked as you felt his figure lean next to yours.

“Well, just… Finishing a few things.”

“You’re not nervous for tomorrow? Don’t you want to revise a bit?”

You nodded. “Hm, that sounds like a good idea, I’ll probably just check a few things before going home.”

He went back to his seat, continuing his work until he was done. While he was busy, you closed the work you just finished and opened your Powerpoint, searching for the file you called ‘Personal Project’. It was no where to be seen, you scrolled up and down, looking desperately for it. You were suddenly on the verge of tears, the amount of time you took to work so hard on it suddenly disappeared, all your effort was just gone.

“No… Where is it?? This can’t be happening…”

“What’s wrong?” (______) asked as he approached you.

“My… It’s gone! My project is gone! I’m ruined,what do I do? It took me weeks to finish it! I only have a few hours before we close!”

“You can just bring your laptop home.”

“That’s not the thing! I worked so hard on this and everything just… Disappeared!” You started crying.

“W-woah, okay…. Just… Here, let me help.” He started typing a bunch of computer things that you didn’t know about. How can a guy like him know so much about technology?

You were wiping your tears away, hoping the ball of nervousness in your stomach will finally leave. “It’ll take me some while to find it again, go wash up okay? Go drink some water or something to calm down, don’t worry about it, alright? I’ll work on it.”

You nodded as you got up from your seat to get to the bathroom. You weren’t necessarily ready to face the fact that you completely lost your work and you were doomed, you somehow had this tiny seed of hope that would hopefully grow, if (______) actually tried to find it.

After washing up and drinking water to calm your nerves, you went back to your desk, where he was still working on your laptop. You sat down and frowned, he still couldn’t find them.

“Uh… I think you’ll have to start working on it again…” He sighed.

You started crying again. “No… What, please find it I’m… So nervous and scared what do I do?”

“Maybe make a resume of your thing? It’d be way shorter and easier to understand.”

You didn’t want to work on it but it was the only way to be able to present tomorrow. It took you hours to make half of all your slides, you still had more to do. Everyone in the office left, except for you and (____), that were still busy. Halfway through your work, your screen suddenly went blank, dark. It just crashed right in front of you, sudden random words popped up on the screen, asking to press on F7, escape, and other buttons that you had no reason to touch. You started wailing at your dumb computer that was ruining everything for you.

“Why are you crying again?” (____) got up from his seat to see what the problem was.

When he got to your desk, he analyzed the scene then smirked. “Do you watch so much porn that your viruses invaded your computer wildly?”

“It’s not funny! I don’t watch porn! I’m doomed, what do I do?!” You cried even louder.

He checked his phone then gasped. It was 11 o’ clock, meaning the office was closing in an hour, you had no time to restart it nor to get your computer to its right state. “Wow, today isn’t going so well for you. Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get a promotion, you can try again in two months.”

You felt anger boil deeply inside of you, you were unsatisfied with his comment and the situation you were in right now. One of your nerves just broke down, you got up and started screaming.

“Are you serious?! You don’t understand what working hard on something meaningful is, do you?! You’re a stupid dumbass that barely cares about his work, how long have you been working here? A year? Two? And you still never got promoted, did you?!”

You saw his body stiffen under your words. “What?! Do you know who you are talking to right now?! Yes, I have been working here for two years, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about my job! Or else I would have quit! Where is your logic in this?! And do you realized that you’re talking informally to a senior?! And why should I care so badly about getting promoted?! I’m not the kind of person that wants to be higher than everyone so they can all kiss my ass!”

His words were knifes that stabbed your heart deeply. Did you actually look like the kind of person that wanted to be superior than everyone else? You let your tears rush down your warm cheeks as you grabbed your coat and bag, ready to leave and avoid him. You turned away from him, walking towards the glass doors.

“No, wait! ________!” He shouted.

The lights suddenly turned off, you saw the janitor walking towards the doors as he locked them, he didn’t notice the two silhouettes that were in the room. He turned away and walked in the hallways, then went down the stairs without turning back. You tried to turn the knobs, but they weren’t helping, the door wasn’t opening.

“_______, listen, can I apologize first?”

You ignored his request as you tried desperately to leave the enclosed room. You didn’t want to spend a night with a guy that you liked yet hated. “Open up!” You shouted.

“______, we’re the only ones here.” He reminded softly.

“Well I’m not going to stay here with you.” You spat furiously, shoving your hand in to your pocket to fish your phone out, attempting to call [____] only to realize that your battery died and your charger was at home.

“Just listen… I’m sorry…”

“Sorry for what?!” You wanted to cry again because of the stress. “Why do you want to apologize when it’s clearly not your fault that my computer is shit? Fine, I accept your apologies for insulting me earlier but it doesn’t matter, I’m ruined.”

You could feel him tense up at your words, as if he had some kind of angry aura floating around him. His hand grabbed your wrist as he pulled you away from the door. “What are you doing?!”

“You’re too concentrated on that thing, I need you to hear me out and clearly on what I’m going to say.”

He let you go when you got to the end of the room, far away from the door. The two of you stood there as he tried to find his words before making sentences. He sighed, opened his mouth then started talking.

“It’s my fault, actually. I’m selfish and stupid, but before you hit me or kill me any second now, I have everything backed up, okay?” You tilted your head at his words. “Well, first off… I finished the project due for today, since you know, it’s 12 o ‘clock so it’s Friday now, I finished it long ago, weeks ago when I found out that… I liked you. And I wanted to come up with a reason to stay longer with you without seeming obvious about it. When you needed help for the other stuffs, and you were gone to get me food, I saved your thing in my USB key, then deleted your file so you would be able to stay longer in the office with me while you remade your slides. I wasn’t working on anything, I was just waiting for you. When you were gone to wash up, I fucked your computer up so I would have more time to stay with you. And… Everything didn’t go the right way.”

You had mixed feelings about what he just said. He came up with some kind of plan to stay with you, a plan that actually made you stress over nothing since he had your project. But the only thing you kept in mind was that he liked you.“Wait… So… You like me?” You grinned.

“Oh, that well.. Yeah, I mean, I’m not in denial.”
You nodded. “Nice, give me my Powerpoint back.”“Not until you give a comment about my feelings, I just confessed to you.”

“I said ‘nice’, which means that it’s nice that you like me.”

“Yeah, but I like you more than friends.”

You scoffed. “So? Me too, now pass me the USB key.”

“What?! Really?! Only if we spend the night together, then.”

You sighed. “We have no choice anyways, we’re locked in here.”

He chuckled. “True… What do we do when the others find us here? You know, a man and a woman in an enclosed space… In the dark…”

You felt some blush creep upon your cheeks. How can he think that way?! “What are you saying?! You sleep over there and I’ll sleep over here.” You gestured to separate directions.

“Oh, no! I want to cuddle with my girlfriend!” He whined as he took you in his arms.

“What girlfriend?! I’m not yours!”

“Well, you might want to say that to the dude on Facebook that I messaged.”

You raised an eyebrow. “What dude?”

“The one you sent a ‘Thanks, love you!’ this afternoon!”

You gasped. “Did you tell my brother that you’re my boyfriend?!”

“That was your brother?! Oh, I didn’t mean to insult him, oh my god.”

“Did you insult my brother, thinking I liked him or something?! Didn’t you read the conversation?! I thanked him for bringing my clothes to my apartment since I left some at our parents’ house.”

“Our? We’re already married?” You could feel him smile since his cheek hit your face.

“I said ‘our’ as in my brother and I’s, I’m not sharing with you!”

“We may not be sharing parents now, but one day we will, we just have to share apartments first! Then we will share beds, then bathrooms, food…”

You rolled your eyes at his words as you got down to the floor, ready to fall asleep. He followed you down, securing you with his arms as he buried his face in to your hair.

Baby, Now We’ve Got Bad Dubs: The 2015 MTV VMAs Review

Well, to start…

Nicki went to her roots…had an awkward K.Michelle and Tamar moment…and then went straight gangsta after thanking her pastor.  

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So during her performance, I was like…

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And then Taylor Swift popped up and I was like..

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But then Nicki walked UP to the stage..

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And then I was like…

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But then..

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh boooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….

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and I was like…

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The Downtown song is dope, but it’s time for Melle Mel to close that shirt.

Miley hurt my eyes when she walked out

Britney isn’t there

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The stage is dope

Miley…what do you have on?

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I want The Weeknd to do those moves from the video

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Oh! He did it!

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I wonder if they know this song is about cocaine…hmm

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At least he’s singing live…at times

If one of these hand dreads catch on fire, I’m rolling

Kanye was grooving lol

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Oh, my bad, Kanye.

But, Kanye. What was that?

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Like…How, Kanye? What was that. I felt like you had a message, but then you thought of a bird…a happy bird. That bird messed up your thoughts and you started to wing it. I thought he was going to tell us the Bush’s baked beans recipe, the 11 herbs and spices…I thought he was going to bring out Tupac. I mean….geez….It was like listening to your drunk uncle give you life advice…but, in the back of your mind, you’re not listening because he still lives with your grandparents and works at Dollar Tree.

I went from being…

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But let’s face it…the tribute they did for him was lackluster…ok…horrible.

I can’t vote for THIS Kanye…nope

Everyone was looking at Kanye when Taylor won lol

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But then, Pharell made it all better

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What is a Demi Lovato?

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Where did they find Iggy?

No..I’m not gonna mention the Fanta Boys and Girls she had on stage. That was a lot lol

Beiber…this is my song….he sounds bad though

 This is one boring powerpoint presentation

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What is he crying for? Ahhhh…the Chris Brown approach the dancing and lip-syncing. Gotcha

“Jussie Smolley’ Who?

Kanye dresses like my dad

When Kim Stood up

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And Miley’s Last performance…

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But I can’t end this without talking about Tori Kelly. 

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The Show was actually better than I thought it would have been. But it still wasn’t much.

Until the next time,

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anonymous asked:

So there's this piece of crap kid at my school who is first in our class, very educated, but also very conservative and close minded. We often have impromptu lunch debates about racism, sexism, etc. and he always brings up statistics and things that bulldoze over my points. Recently we were talking about the wage gap and he kept bringing up things like men taking more hours and specifically this Harvard professor (a WOMAN) who disproved the wage gap. Could u look into that for me? Thanks x

Hi there. I won’t “look into it for you” because I’m not a personal assistant, but you’re in luck! 

The facts have already been compiled by the American Association of University Women. You can download the full report and even a Powerpoint doc on the topic.

“You’ve probably heard that men are paid more than women are paid over their lifetimes. But what does that mean? Are women paid less because they choose lower-paying jobs? Is it because more women work part time than men do? Or is it because women tend to be the primary caregivers for their children? AAUW’s The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap succinctly addresses these issues by going beyond the widely reported 78 percent statistic. The report explains the pay gap in the United States; how it affects women of all ages, races, and education levels; and what you can do to close it.”

The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap

More posts to learn more: http://profeminist.tumblr.com/tagged/gender-wage-gap 

the essence of an idea

this is actually one of the very first bellarke fics i ever wrote; obviously i reworked it since my style’s changed, but i saw no good reason to let almost 1.4k of perfectly good fluff go to waste ;)

for @bellarkestrash who absolutely deserves a pick-me-up after everything that’s happened lately <3

Rated: General Audiences
(Read on AO3)

It was a well-established fact that, while Bellamy took decent notes in class, they were utterly useless to anyone up to and including himself. For one thing, they were always covered in scribbles — attempts to revive half-dead pens, memos to self, ideas he wanted to explore further. For another, he had a habit of tossing them aside carelessly the minute he got back to the apartment, where they joined the haphazard mini-piles littering the floor until one of his roommates tripped on them and exasperatedly deposited them on his desk.

But finals were coming up, so Saturday found the apartment even messier than usual as Bellamy and the friends he’d managed to recruit waded through papers to find the relevant notes.

A neatly lettered title caught Murphy’s eye, and he bent down to scoop up a worn notebook. He flipped idly through the pages, pausing at one with especially note-dense margins. As he skimmed the lines taken down in Bellamy’s note-taking scrawl — usually his handwriting was artfully messy, almost elegantly so, but he chose speed over legibility during lectures — Murphy resisted the urge to laugh.

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Someplace to Call Home

Summary: Phan Highschool AU. Phil is somewhat reluctant when he is forced to do a project with the lonely, quiet kid. But soon enough, he realises that Dan is so much more than that. He has so much potential but unfortunately, the ghosts of his past stop him. Phil promises to help Dan.

Words (Chapter 4): 3k

TW: angst, self-harm, smut and mental illnesses.

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Tumblr: I | II | III

Chapter 4

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This is actually a story coming from a former really bad weeb. Not bad enough to say, grope or steal or some crap, but I was pretty bad. I think I was about eleven at the time, and so completely into anime and tv and cartoons that I was constantly on about Hetalia.

For those who don’t know, Hetalia is an anime about personified version of countries, and the only parts of it I bothered to watch were part of the Axis Powers bit. (Segment? Season?) 

These were the 5 minute episodes devoted to talking about WWII and back, though I only ever remember the WWII bits.

And what hell that was for my history teacher.

Oh my god I was constantly on about how I learned things from anime, and I was so damn close to putting a CLIP FROM HETALIA into my powerpoint presentation about WWII, just thinking about it makes me want to throw up.

I actually got so into it I tried to force my friends into it. I mean, we’re still very good friends, but we all look back on my ‘watching yaoi on youtube’ and ‘trying to trace over art from DA’ phase with collective grimaces on our faces. 

Ps this is something I wrote about furry leg warmers on fb that not enough people appreciated so I’m making you guys read it as a reward for encouraging me to be a healthily medicated non-depressed person:

Seriously I took a poll of men once and I’m pretty indifferent to what customers think but in the cause of getting those monstrosities out of the club I can listen. I thought I could maybe make a PowerPoint, some diagrams, “you could be making this much more money if you didn’t look like disco mr tumnus,” and the guys were all like “we don’t like them, but we can still see the important parts.”

My favourite comment was this bro who was like, “it’s like a present. Maybe it’s wrapped in ugly wrapping paper with a weird bow, but it’s still a present underneath! There’s still boobs!”

Okay then. This has been an abject lesson in how little aesthetics actually matter to men, internet memes about how they don’t like high waisted shorts aside.