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Tiny Receipt

Okay so I’ve been sitting on this receipt for a while now. I wasn’t even going to post it because I didn’t want to deal with like a thousand anti’s swarming my inbox calling me a liar. I have told this to a few people who I talk to regularly. Believe me or don’t I’m only posting it because people’s spirits are low because of the baby stuff. ANYWHO…

So a few months ago I went up to NYC to stay with my moms friend. I’m gonna put it out there, she’s rich. Like very very rich, penthouse rich. They live on the upper west side. Basically they have money. Anyways while I was there I was walking around the city with my mother and her friend who we were staying with. My mom is like high key tourist, she’s not a city person to say the least so she asked her friend, “do you ever see any celebrities walking around?” Her friend said that she wouldn’t know them even if she saw them, she doesn’t know who like any celebs are but that they did see jake gyllenhaal at a doctors office once with her daughter. Then she proceeded to say, “but ask (her daughter) because she knows them all”.

I Skyped with her daughter a couple weeks later for help with a resume thing and while we were chatting I brought it up, just curious to see who she had seen because her mom made it seem like it was a few people. She said a few names, one of them being one direction. She then said a few more but of course my ears only heard one thing. I calmly tried to ask questions without being too obvious. She’s a fan, not an intense fan like she doesn’t have a tumblr or anything but she knows who they are. She said one day about a year ago she was running and at the end of her run she was headed back towards her parents apartment when she saw two members of one direction. She’s like “Lauren unless you knew them you would never in a million years guess it was them. The only reason I knew was because I was a fan.” She said at first she spotted Harry because “he’s tall and he didn’t have a hat on but he did have sunglasses, so I could see his hair that’s how I recognized him”. She couldn’t tell at first who he was with. Only that it was someone small, as they were walking on the other side, farthest from the street, and Harry was almost blocking them.

Eventually she noticed that it was indeed Louis. And that they were both very dressed down. She basically said that they were walking down the street very close together, Louis was holding a cup in his hand, she said he looked very tiny and vey cute. They were in a conversation and that she could hear them laughing. At one point Harry took the cup out of louis’ hand and drank from it. She said they looked very sweet and very cozy, like they were in their own little world. I asked her why she didn’t go up to them and she basically said 1) she was gross from running and 2) she didn’t want to bother them because nobody had recognized them and they looked like they were just enjoying their time together uninterrupted. So yeah nothing major but a cute little receipt. Like I say believe me or don’t. I personally trust her, she has zero reason to lie she knows who they are but could care less about their lives. Up until then she thought Harry was legit out of the closet. I had to let her in on a few things. 🙂🙃🙂.

Back home in Sydney! Thanks for being patient, everyone who messaged me; I should be getting through everything over the course of today :)

let me tell you about the messiest travel experience i just had on my journey from vancouver to washington DC

  • I arrived at Vancouver Airport a couple hours early because security for flights into the United States takes a long time. Border agent asked me “why the fuck” I was in Canada. Got through security, found my gate about 2 hours early, and noticed that the flight was delayed by an hour.
  • Realized, oh god, I’m going to miss my connecting flight. About 25 other people at the gate also realize something similar at the same time. There is no flight agent at the desk. We all panic. We panic for about an hour and a half. I tried to make casual conversation with an elderly couple next to me. Expressed that I would miss a number of classes the next day if I missed my flight and I was upset about that. Old lady responds, and I quote, “yeah, well, my vacation is a bit more important than your education.” Briefly wondered if I lost my grip on reality because surely that’s only something someone in a political cartoon would say or something
  • Flight agent arrived 30 minutes before the flight was supposed to leave. We all descended upon the poor person, panicked and all clearly operating on various levels of sleep deprivation and stress. The flight agent were awesome and got my connecting flights changed. The problem: my original connecting flight was the last flight of the night. I’d have to wait until the next day to fly to DC. I could take my first original flight and then take a bunch of different flights the next day in order to eventually reach my destination. Frantically emailed all of my professors and some classmates
  • Flew to San Francisco. Got a free hotel room from the airline. Went to my hotel room but realized it didn’t make sense to go to sleep because I had to get up and go back to the airport in like 5 hours anyways. So, I took a bath with every free hotel bath product I could access and watched I Love Lucy for 5 hours. Drank instant coffee at 3am to stay awake. Felt very unwholesome. Kinda felt like I peaked and hit rock bottom in life simultaneously at that moment.
  • Got on my flight to Chicago around the time I should have originally been back home in DC. Fell asleep on the plane for about 4 hours after being awake for 23 hours- so technically my record of never pulling an all-nighter during college still stands. Landed in Chicago and ran to my next flight: DC!!!
  • Checked my emails and texts. Found out we had a pop quiz in one of the classes I missed. Came to terms with the fact that I will not be receiving an A in the class. Mourned, grieved, accepted, and moved on.
  • About 30 minutes after we were supposed to land in DC, we all noticed that we were A. late and B. circling in the air. Then, we got an announcement from the pilot: we flew to the wrong airport
  • I shit you not
  • There are multiple airports around DC and we flew to the wrong one
  • the wrong airport
  • Between laughing my ass off every time the pilot made a new announcement detailing how fucked we all were, I gathered a bunch of tourists around me like a mother bird wrapping her wings around her baby birds and I explained how to get to DC from the (wrong) airport
  • 30 minutes later we land (in the wrong airport) and we are all given the option to either get off at the wrong airport or stay put on the airplane and eventually fly over to the correct airport, where all of the checked bags were hanging out
  • I got the fuck off the plane because I only had a carry-on bag and holy fuck I was NOT about to stick around and see how else this airline could fuck with me today
  • Decided that although it was cheaper to take a bus and then take the metro home, I would avoid it. The metro would probably catch on fire. Defeated, and in DC about 12 hours later than originally anticipated, I request an uber
  • My uber driver was a very nice Greek man who got a master’s degree at my University back in the 70’s. Only a couple problems: 1. he has been back in DC for about 1 week and has not visited since the 1970’s. DC is very different now. He does not know his way around DC now.  2. he doesn’t know how to use a smartphone or the uber app
  • He threw his smartphone at me and asked if I could help him use the uber app and figure out what we were doing
  • I don’t know how to drive but I know how to use the uber app as a driver now
  • idk I’m home now and I’m not totally sure what day it is
  • I kinda want to watch i love lucy rn

Story time: a few weeks ago me and my sister went to London and we’d been listening to the beginning of hp and the prisoner of azkaban on audible together on the journey down and we’d just heard about the dementors on the train. so when we got there we went straight to the tube station and after a few minutes of being on the train, it got stopped and held and we didn’t know what was going on. then these policemen got on and searched our carriage without saying a word and looked at everyone’s face as they passed. and me and my sister just looked at each other because right then we were living the True Harry Potter Experience and I thought fuck that warner brothers bullshit, they’re looking for sirius black, this is the real deal

The George Harrison Interview

Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 2 September 1967

“You may think this interview is of no importance to me,” said George Harrison across a table in NEM’s Enterprises Mayfair offices. “But you’d be wrong. It’s very important. We have realised that it’s up to everyone—including the Beatles—to spread love and understanding and to communicate this in any way we can.” George, radiant in flowered shirt and trousers, long flowing hair and bushy moustache, lit up a dismal wet London day by his clothes, his friendliness and the warmth of his replies. George spoke quietly but frankly about many subjects—from God to LSD—and the 90 minute conversation examined the whole existence of the most introspective Beatle.

YOU HAVE just returned from Haight-Ashbury. What were your impressions of life there?
Well, we were only in Haight Ashbury for about 30 minutes but I did see quite a bit. We parked our limousine a block away just to appear the same and walked along the street for about a hundred yards, half like a tourist and half like a hippie. We were trying to have a look in a few shops.

Who was with you?
Pattie, her sister Jenny, a friend of Jenny’s, Derek Taylor, Neil Aspinall, our road manager, and Magic Alex, who’s a friend. We walked along and it was nice. At first they were just saying “hello” and “can I shake your hand”… things like that. Then more and more people arrived and it got bigger and bigger. We walked into the park and it just became a bit of a joke. All these people were just following us along.

One of them tried to give you STP, I believe?
They were trying to give me everything. This is a thing that I want to try and get over to people. Although we’ve been identified a lot with hippies, especially since all this thing about pot and LSD’s come out, we don’t want to tell anyone else to have it because it’s something that’s up to the person himself. Although it was like a key that opened the door and showed a lot of things on the other side, it’s still up to people themselves what they do with it. LSD isn’t a real answer.

It doesn’t give you anything. It enables you to see a lot of possibilities that you may never have noticed before but it isn’t the answer. You don’t just take LSD and that’s it for ever, you’re OK.

A hippie is supposed to be someone who becomes aware—you’re hip if you know what’s going on. But if you’re really hip you don’t get involved with LSD and things like that. You see the potential that it has and the good that can come from it, but you also see that you don’t really need it.

I needed it the first time I ever had it. Actually, I didn’t know that I’d had it, I’d never even heard of it then. This is something that just hasn’t been told. Everybody now knows that we’ve had it but the circumstances were that somebody just shoved it in our coffee before we’d ever heard of the stuff. So we happened to have it quite unaware of the fact.

I don’t mind telling people I’ve had it. I’m not embarrassed. It makes no difference because I know that I didn’t actually go out and try to get some.

You’ve never deliberately set out to take LSD?
No, not really. For me, it was a good thing but it showed me that LSD isn’t really the answer to everything. It can help you to go from A to B, but when you get to B, you see C. And you see that to get really high, you have to do it straight. There are special ways of getting high without drugs—with yoga, meditation and all those things. So this was the disappointing thing about LSD.

In this physical world we live in, there’s always duality—good and bad, black and white, yes and no. Whatever there is, there’s always the opposite There’s always something equal and opposite to everything and this is why you can’t say LSD is good or it’s bad because it’s good AND it’s bad. It’s both of them and it’s neither of them all together. People don’t consider that.

Haight Ashbury was a bit of a shock because although there were so many great people, really nice people who only wanted to be friends and didn’t want to impose anything or be anything, there was still the black bit, the opposite. There was the bit where people were so out of their minds trying to shove STP on me, and acid—every step I took there was somebody trying to give me something—but I didn’t want to know about that. I want to get high and you can’t get high on LSD. You can take it and take it as many times as you like but you get to a point that you can’t get any further unless you stop taking it.

Haight-Ashbury reminded me a bit of the Bowery. There were these people just sitting round the pavement begging, saying “ give us some money for a blanket.” These are hypocrites. They are making fun of tourists and all that and at the same time, they are holding their hands out begging off them. That’s what I don’t like.

I don’t mind anybody dropping out of anything but it’s the imposition on somebody else I don’t like. The moment you start dropping out and then begging off somebody else to help you then it’s no good. I’ve just realised through a lot of things that it doesn’t matter what you are as long as you work. It doesn’t matter if you chop wood as long as you chop and keep chopping. Then you get what’s coming to you. You don’t have to drop out. In fact if you drop out you put yourself further away from the goal of life than if you were to keep working.

Have you any defined idea of what your goal in life is?
We’ve all got the same goal whether we realise it or not. We’re all striving for something which is called God. For a reunion, complete. Everybody has realised at some time or other that no matter how happy they are, there’s still always the unhappiness that comes with it.

Everyone is a potential Jesus Christ, really. We are all trying to get to where Jesus Christ got. And we’re going to be on this world until we get there. We’re all different people and we are all doing different things in life, but that doesn’t matter because the whole point of life is to harmonise with everything, every aspect in creation. That means down to not killing the flies, eating the meat, killing people or chopping the trees down.

Can we ever get it down to this level?
You can only do it if you believe in it. Everybody is potentially divine. It’s just a matter of self-realisation before it will all happen. The hippies are a good idea—love, flowers and that is great—but when you see the other half of it, it’s like anything. I love all these people too, those who are honest and trying to find a bit of truth and to straighten out the untruths. I’m with them 100 per cent but when I see the bad side of it, I’m not so happy.

To get anywhere near what you are talking about, do you believe you have to be a hippie or a flower person?
Anybody can do it. I doubt if anyone who is a hippie or flower person feels that he is. It’s only you, the press, who call us that. They’ve always got to have some tag. If you like, I’m a hippie or a flower person. I know I’m not. I’m George Harrison, a person. Just like everybody else, but different to everybody else at the same time. You get to a point where you realise that it doesn’t matter what people think you are, it’s what you think you are yourself that matters. Or what you know you are. Anyone can make it. You don’t have to put a flowery shirt on.
Could, a bank clerk make it?

Anyone can, but they’ve got to have the desire. The Beatles got all the material wealth that we needed and that was enough to show us that this thing wasn’t material. We are all in the physical world, yet what we are striving for isn’t physical. We all get so hung up with material things like cars and televisions and houses, yet what they can give you is only there for a little bit and then it’s gone.

Did you ever reach the point where you considered getting rid of the material wealth?
Yes, but now that I’ve got the material thing in perspective, it’s OK. The whole reason I’ve got material things is because they were given to me as a gift So it’s not really bad that I’ve got it because I didn’t ask for it. It was just mine. All I did was be me.

All we ever had to do was just be ourselves and it all happened. It was there, given to us. All this. But then, it was given to us to enable us to see that that wasn’t it. There was more to it.

Where do these beliefs fit in with the musical side of the Beatles?
I’m a musician. I don’t know why. This is a thing that I’ve looked back on since my birth. Many people think life is pre-destined. I think it is vaguely but it’s still up to you which way your life’s going to go. All I’ve ever done is keep being me and it’s just all worked out. It just did it all… magic… it just did it. We never planned anything. So it’s obvious—because I’m a musician now, that’s what I was destined to be. It’s my gig.


Hey everyone! Few days ago I posted some photos with volleyball players and now it’s time to tell you about my eurovolley trips! 

On Wendesday, 30th of August I went to Katowice. To be honest, I’ve never gone by train alone before so I was a little stressed. It’s because I got used to go on volleytrips with my boyfriend. That time he couldn’t go with me because of the exam he had to retake (UPDATE: he passed it hehe). I got on a train at 7 am and arrived in Katowice at 12. Kinga had already been waiting for me so I found her and then we could start our volley adventure! 

We weren’t VERY excited at the beginning because it was our first visit ever in Katowice. We spend some time searching for the right tram and then – for our hotel. 2 hours later we decided to go and eat lunch in McDonald’s because we didn’t have much time to find something better. Why? Cause we had to hurry up for the playoffs! 

 Actually we bought those tickets just to spend one more day with volleyball. We had our seats in one of the higher sectors so we went there and enjoyed Italians who played the first playoff. I’m not gonna lie, it was very boring. The most exciting moment of Italy-Turkey match was the end of the 3rd set. Turkey was close to win it but luckily Italians won the whole match. 

When the second playoff started it was getting worse and worse. We were too tired. We just wanted it to end. ALSO France lost so ??????????? and Poland in Kraków ???????????? Nevermind. Playoffs ended and we came back to our hotel. 

The second day in Katowice was way much better. We woke up quite early and decided to go sightseeing a little. We really felt like tourists. Especially because we were there for the first time :D 

After eating delicious italian pizza we went to buy italian flag and then returned to our hotel to get changed before the quarterfinal matches. Do I have to tell you how excited we were then? Our seats were the best. We were sitting in the second row, behind the referee. Also the camera man liked us because they showed us in TV couple of times hahaha. 

The first match Germany-Czech Republic. I can say that we were one of the few who supported Germany. They won so we were very very happy. After the match we wanted to take some pics with players. We saw that Christian Fromm went to take photos with german fans so we went there too. I took my selfie and then I tried to take a photo for Kinga. She nearly fell down the stairs lmao but she has it. 

Later we went to another sector because we knew that Lukas Kampa was there. Also we met there Salvador Oliva, our plusliga star so we took pics with him too. 

After that we came back to our sector close the court because Italians had already been Warming up. I took a few photos of them. 

The match didn’t look like we wanted to. The second set was a complete disaster. They tried their best and fought but they couldn’t do anything. When the match was over we came closer to the court. We didn’t even think that we could have any photos with italians because they lost their match. We were just standing with other italian supporters. The thing which surprised us was that there were only few people (not like in Kraków haha). 5 minutes later Massimo Colaci came to us and took photos with us!!! We thought that he would be the only one to do that but after a minute we saw Simone Giannelli, Luca Vettori and Matteo Piano. We were in shock because they really seemed to be grateful for the support. We were so happy. Beside Italians, Sam Deroo was close to us. Kinga did something weird with her hands and waved to him ???? and didn’t tell anything ???? but he smiled and took pics with us

We felt very fulfilled and went out of Spodek. Actually we couldn’t believe that was happening. Moments like that show how true volleyball love is. THAT made us fall in love with Italy even more. Despite of the defeat, despite of absence of Ivan. We just can’t wait to see them again! I think that’s it. 

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when we were taking that group photo these two girls arrived and like…got in it and their mum came and took a photo of them with us like we were some kind of tourist attraction it was very weird

Flappy Bird in Paris

A/N: *ducks away from fruit being thrown* Hi lovelies!! So sorry this took forever! Trying really hard to squeeze in some writing whenever I get the chance. I hope you like this little one-shot, I thought it was such an adorable idea :) ( And the anon who asked for flappy bird, here you go ;))

AND OH MY GOSH. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS READ โ€œDYLANโ€™S BEST FRIENDโ€ IT HAS OFFICIALLY RECEIVED OVER 100 NOTES!! I canโ€™t even process this. You guys are awesome and I love you all.ย 

Enjoy!! x

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SoMa Valentine Challenge- Day 10, Sweetheart

Here is a thing written in second person, featuring snarky Soul and copious amounts of cute. Enjoy.

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A civ walks up to you andyour meister, and you almost bare your teeth at them in warning but Maka givesyour hand a squeeze and you are instantly placated. It seems being newlymarried gives her special powers over you, though itโ€™s not like you werenโ€™t acomplete sap for her before.

The civ gushes over how cute the two of you look, are you dating? Married! But so young! Then comes the question of โ€˜when did you meet?โ€™ and Maka smiles as she answers with a simple โ€˜we met when we were in high schoolโ€™.

A high school like the poor middle-aged tourist would never be able to dream of in their wildest nightmares.

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