we were like that too


Sister and I were ordering food and the cashier asked if we were twins. We said yes. Her friend misheard it and was like “oh you two are girlfriends?”
Ofc we were like NOOO so a third cashier was like “haha sorry, she’s a lesbian so she sees dykes everywhere”
Naturally my sister and I were automatically like “NO WE ARE DYKES TOO just not together lol” so the lesbian cashier proceeded to point out and introduce all her lesbian co workers it was amazing


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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we were like gods at the dawning of the world

“We’re taking a walk in the park to talk things through. We broke up a couple days ago. I feel like she’s too possessive sometimes. We were at a party, she felt jealous, we started arguing, and I decided that I needed some time to breathe. But I only lasted a couple days. I started to think about a lot of things. And I balanced all the good and the bad. We have our issues. But she takes care of our home. She takes care of my health. When I was in the hospital, she sat on the floor all night by my bed. And she keeps me from falling into my old habits. When I’m with her, it’s all about family.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)


What rivalry?

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner

I’m crying, Pharah moved her spray around like 6 times so that it was perfectly positioned on Mercy’s face

Hiccstrid Appreciation Post

Okay so like many of you know now, Hiccstrid became official in RTTE S4.

I just would like to say some words about my ship I followed since 2015 now. 

Since the premiere of S1 all we had in mind during the serie was “When will we get this Hiccstrid kiss?”. Don’t lie, lot of us were like that and me too. Now that we finally get this Hiccstrid kiss, I would like to send a big thank you to the producters and especially John Telleguen who had to endure us during all those time during we were complaining.

I want to thank them too for not put Hiccstrid official since the beginning because if we think about it, it would have been a little strange and we certainly will not be able to appreciate this two as much as we do know.

So thank you to make this incredible evolution of Hiccup and Astrid becoming a couple cause this is this evolution that I enjoyed the most as many of you I think.

Hiccup and Astrid are such a beautiful couple cause they were best friends firstly and they became more than that. It’s an healthy relationship because of that. They’re acting like friends and not as a stupid couple when they had difficulties to deal with protecting each other during the last episodes of S4 for example. They speak about how they feel and don’t stay in their own and I really appreciate that cause as Hiccup said: “It’s what makes us, well, us.”

Also, I noticed, since I watch the serie, that the physical contact were really a good indicator of their relationship’s evolution. And I adore it. 

So I will let you with those images from S1 to S4.

S1 : “But I still have you.”

S2 : “What took you so long?”

S3 : “I can’t imagine a world whitout you in it.”

S4 : “There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid, always.”



Everyone seems to like Cordelia, so here are some new pictures I took today!


In the end, PJ did end up dragging the goop away from the previous area so

Surprisingly, they come to a mutual agreement later on if only to spare PJ from the discomfort that is FORCED HAPPINESS that poisons whomever this unlucky girl touches. Will they find the cure? Will there be another battle? Will @7goodangel and I EVER have another drawpile chance as RIPE as this one?

Hell if I know.

The thrilling conclusion and more! Stay tuned! Same bat time, Same bat channel!


I came across these two weeks ago and I think it’s the best day to post them haha 

Happy Birthday TaeTae  ♥

i’m really sick of bisexual being erased constantly like!!! leaf us alone!!!